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BIG BOY 4-8+8-4

Rummaging around for other old photos ca. 27 Aug 03, I ran across this series taken of #4012 (not in the order shown) at the old Steamtown at Bellows Falls, Vermont, in the Fall of 1964 (all are thumbnailed - click on the picture for a larger image):

40126407 40126416
(don't even ask who the people are)




The left side was not very accessible (left) but this was the trip when Nelson Blount made me watch his silly evangelical film and, in return, allowed me to climb up on 4012's tender for some very unique shots - the middle one shows the pistons and rods in the floor of the tender and the right shot is the famous "miles and miles and miles" or "on a clear day, you can see forever" or "from here to eternity" photo:

40126413 40126411 40126408

Next, two views of the collection from up topside, over the cab roof and tender:

40126409 40126412
(Fall 1964 photos by and © 1964/2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[thumbnail images - click on the pictures for larger images]

Thanks, Nelson, wherever you are!

Inkadinkly, the UP moved their sole remaining ALCo Big Boy #4023 by road in Omaha on 12-13 Mar 2005; you can see this on my Road Loads page 4.  Further up on that same page is the earlier (21 Feb 1999) move of Northern #833 in Ogden.

Big News!  On 23 Jul 2013, the Union Pacific Railroad announced it reached an agreement with the Southern California Chapter - Railway & Locomotive Historical Society in Pomona, California, to transfer ownership of Big Boy #4014, back to the Union Pacific.  UP has since relocated #4014 to Cheyenne, Wyomimg, where UP's Heritage Fleet Operations team is busily restoring it to operating condition!  Yee-hah!  Mayhap I'll live long enough to see her scoon.   added (31 Oct 2014)

ALCo FA Love Song

FA-1, FA-2, and FPA-4 Cowl A-Units

(and FB-series B-units)

The Canadian Locomotive Works FPA-2/4 is by far and away the handsomest of the PA's four-axle baby sisters, with the ALCo-built FA-2 running a fair second and the FA-1 last, but by no means least; it's just an esthetic matter of length.

As noted elsewhere, I have lived for many years now within a few blocks of the Sea Cliff Avenue Station on the LIRR's Oyster Bay line, one of the last stomping grounds for the 19 Power Cars the LIRR made from FA-2 and FA-1 units and it was always a joy to see them and to hear their Nathan chime whistles daily.  They ran from 1971-1974 until the LIRR DM/DE-30AC loco fleet was acquired.

One might reasonably argue that I, as a dedicated LIRR fan and Long Island resident, should have coverage of the FA-1/2 Power Cars on my LIRR pages.  However, since the LIRR reworked them so heavily for Push-Pull service as Head-End Power and then got rid of them, my loyalty to ALCo outweighs that to the LIRR and here we go.

Of the 19 units, road nos. 600-618, only 7 kept their 244 prime movers; some were rebuilt with Detroit Diesel HEP sleds (see below).  They have been dispersed all over the map but the good news is that four (601, 602, 611, 614) are still in the general area (southern New Jersey) in private ownership and are being rebuilt back to working locomotives (!), some with their 244s and some with 251s from old RS-3s.  Tim Darnell (TAD) sent me these photos of #602 being lovingly restored:


(Nov 2002 and Apr 2004 photos by and courtesy of TAD (T. Darmell) - all rights reserved)

Tim advised that the 602 basically only requires a truck swap and that the owner plans to restore the FA-FB-FA-1s to L&NE and the FA-FPB-FA-2s to PRR livery!  There was an article on this by the owner in a recent issue (#127) of Extra 2200 South.

Wonder how they're coming along?

- - - * - - -


[The following information is taken largely from the late John Scala's book, "Diesels of the Sunrise Trail", as well as from my LIRR Continuation Page 2, Converted LIRR HEP/Cab Control Units, supplemented by Bob Losse, Jr.'s article on pp. 29-31 of Issue 127 of "Extra 2200 South".]

LIRR ALCo-GE FA Cowl Units
Converted to HEP/Control Cabs

Road #	Class	Builder	Model	Serial	Built   Acquired	Reblt.*	Previous Road & #

600	PC-6	ALCo-GE	FA-2m	79301	Oct 51	03/06/74	-	NYC 1102 -> PC 1302
601	PC-6	ALCo	FA-2m	81964	Jun 56	05/06/71	-	L&N 317
602	PC-6	ALCo	FA-2m	80903	Jun56	06/30/71	-	L&N 309
603	PC-6	ALCo	FA-2m	81087	Jun 56	08/04/71	-	L&N 315
604	PC-6	ALCo	FA-2m	81086	Jun 56	09/07/71	-	L&N 314
605	PC-7	ALCo	FA-2m	80904	Jun 56	11/01/71	Nov 81	L&N 310
606	PC-7	ALCo	FA-2m	81968	Jun 56	01/03/72	May 81	L&N 321
607	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-2m	78606	Jan 51	05/02/72	Dec 83	WM 303
608	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-2m	78607	Jan 51	06/19/72	Aug 82	WM 304 (now LIRR #3100)
609	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-2m	78494	Jan 51	09/23/72	Sep 83	WM 301
610	PC-6	ALCo-GE	FA-2m	78495	Jan 51	10/20/72	Sep 83	WM 302
611	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	76672	Feb 49	08/07/72	May 83	SP&S 857 -> BN 4102
612	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	76671	Feb 49	11/27/72	Aug 82	SP&S 856 -> BN 4100
613	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	78286	Jun 50	02/14/73	Sep 83	SP&S 866 -> BN 4126
614	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	76673	Feb 49	03/07/73	Feb 83	SP&S 858 -> BN 4104
615	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	76838	Feb 49	04/18/73	Mar 83	SP&S 864 -> BN 4116
616	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	76675	Feb 49	07/29/73	Jul 83	SP&S 860 -> BN 4108
617	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	75425	Oct 47	04/29/74	Feb 84	NH 0428 -> PC 1333
618	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-1m	75276	May 47	06/17/74	??? ??	NH 0428 -> PC 1333
3100	PC-7	ALCo-GE	FA-2m	78607	Jan 51	06/19/72	Aug	82	(this was 608, q.v.)

Road #	Class	Builder	Model	Serial	Built	Acquired	Reblt.*	Previous Road & #
* - The PC-6 classification applies to units retaining their old 244 engines.  Class PC-7 applies to units rebuilt with Detroit Diesel sleds.

All units were rebuilt at the GE Apparatus Shop in North Bergen, New Jersey, with the traction motors removed and generators wired directly to jumper receptacles.  All were powered by ALCo 244 engines derated to 600HP and governed to a constant speed.  Control stands were wired directly to 27 point jumpers for "Push-Pull" service.

606 and 605 were heavily upgraded by the LIRR with "sled" configurations and WABCO 2161 brake systems and the midships door was moved to the rear of the carbody.  The air compressor in 617 was salvaged from an M-1 M-U car.

    [I had forgotten from whence I got the #3100; it was the #608, rebuilt by, and still running on, the LIRR.]

Bob Losse's article in "Extra 2200 South" gives the full story on what has happened to these FA units; rather than plagiarize, I'll simply summarize it:

- - - * - - -

Disposition of ex-LIRR ALCo-GE FA Cowl Units
Previously Converted to HEP/Control Cabs

Road #	Class	Model	Power	Date		Disposition

600	PC-6	FA-2m	244			Western New York Railway Historical Society (Lackawanna, NY)
601	PC-6	FA-2m	244			Engines Preservation, Inc. (Delaware Valley)
602	PC-6	FA-2m	244			Engines Preservation, Inc. (Delaware Valley)
603	PC-6	FA-2m	244			Anthracite Railroads Historical Association (Winslow., NJ; to be NYC 1111)
604	PC-6	FA-2m	244			Illinois Railway Mueum
605	PC-7	FA-2m	sled			private owner (stored in Nashville)
606	PC-7	FA-2m	sled	25 Aug 88	last FA-2 built; wrecked at grade crossing
										in Huntington, LI; scrapped
607	PC-7	FA-2m	sled			West Virginia Central
608	PC-7	FA-2m	sled	?? ??? 91	still on LIRR property as Power Car #3100
609	PC-7	FA-2m	sled	?? Oct 98	scrapped
610	PC-6	FA-2m	244			Mohawk Hudson Chapter, NRHS, then
								Western Maryland Railway Historical Society
611	PC-7	FA-1m	sled			private owner {---}
612	PC-7	FA-1m	sled	?? ?? 93	scrapped
613	PC-7	FA-1m	sled			last FA-1 built; Northwest Rail Museum (under restoration)
614	PC-7	FA-1m	sled			private owner {---}
615	PC-7	FA-1m	sled	?? ??? 01	SEPTA (same road no.)
616	PC-7	FA-1m	sled	?? ??? 01	Touristiques des Chaudieres Appalaches (same road no.)
617	PC-7	FA-1m	sled			Danbury Railway Museum
618	PC-7	FA-1m	244			Railroad Museum of New England (as NH 0401)

Road #	Class	Model	Power	Date		Disposition
(to be expanded)

    [Bob Losse is one of the owners affiliated with Engines Preservation, Inc.]

The Western New York Railroad Historical Society in Hamburg, New York, which is restoring 1923 Baldwin PRR Class I1sa 2-10-0 #4483, was asked what kind of "tracktion" motors they were going to put back into their HH660; how stupid can anyone get?  EVERYONE KNOWS that ALCo HH660s used General Elecktric tracktion motors!  :)

RS-1/RSC/RSD Love Song

Heck; if I can write a "Love Song" for the PAs and the FAs, I certainly can do the same for the RS-1 and the RSC-x and RSD-x which share the S-series yard switcher overhanging roof and sharper hood contours.

The same Harvey Henkelman who is credited all over my RR and ALCo pages is also noted as a LEGO® block freak par excellance; he made up a rather-strange-looking RSC-3 ALCo Roadswitcher (a LEGO®creation); since the model{?} has sharp edges on the ends and roof (even though there's no overhang), I'll enshrine it here, with the original first:

brickRSC-3front brickRSC-3rear
(photos H. Henkelman - all rights reserved)

This rugged locomotive, recalling legendary ALCo diesels, is loosely based upon ALCo/MLW RSC-3 locomotives exported to New South Wales, Australia.  Combining their best attributes to create the locomotive shown here, Harvey incorporated new rounded bricks into the cab roof, updating the design by eliminating the blocky roof of the original incarnation, as well as replacing the old gray elements with bluish-gray (known derisively by some LEGO® fans as "bley").  Since the prototype NSW 40 class lacked handrails for much of their service lives, Harvey had a perfect excuse to omit them from his model as well.

The resulting low-profile carbody (the model's cab is just high enough for a mini-figure in the sitting position) implies brute strength, combined with the "dashing good looks that only an ALCo product could embody" (tell it like it is, Harv!).

Here it is with the revised cab roof:

brickRSC-3front brickRSC-3side brickRSC-3rear
(photos H. Henkelman - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed images - click on pictures for larger images]

Not bad; not bad at all!

Hey; that hood would make a perfect Milwaukee Road Bi-Polar! (21 Jun 2008)

Now, if only LEGO® would come out with a red brake wheel; heaven forfend that a brickie would ever paint a brick!

Here's an RS-1 image from my newRR Humor Page:   new (06 Feb 2016)


I do this all the time!

Speaking of "if only", if only ALCo had made more RSD-1s with the old cab, instead of the "Teheran Taper" {my coinage}.  Here are three views of the DoT's #012, probably out at their 52 square-mile Transportation Technology Center (TTC) near Pueblo, Colorado (21 Jun 2008):

RSD1leftfront RSD1side RSD1rightfront
(LF photo courtesy of the late John Campbell*;
side and RF cropped from photos courtesy of W. D. Volkmer - all rights reserved)
[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]

[* - at least I think I got it from John; if not, please advise
and I'll re-credit it at once.]

[Sure looks like a GE side-rod 45-tonner beyond her.]

Well, the cab looks as if it had been squashed inward at the top, so the Berlinerwerke got busy and rebuilt it:

(BW Art Dept. revision {redrawn 06 Feb 2016} of photo courtesy of W. D. Volkmer - all rights reserved)

Ah, now THAT's a proper RSD-1 (it says here)!

Six-Axle ALCo RS-series Units (21 Jun 2008)

A note on six-axle RS nomenclature (repeated and expanded from Model RR page 3 - as you can see, ALCo really did build 6-axle versions of the RS-1/2/3/3/4/5 series; illogically, however, they called the A-1-A versions the RSC-series and the C versions the RSD-series.  The A-1-A truck has equally spaced axles because it only has traction motors on the end axles, facing inward, whereas the C truck has one axle far away from the center axle because there are motors on all three axles and the greater spacing accomodates two motors back to back -

    RSC = A1A = 0o-0-o0 vs. RSD = C = 0o-0o-o0

(got it? - there'll be a test!).

Here's an airborne ALCo S1 (or 2 or 4 - ?) , at around 115-tons, being slung in or out of a ship like a small toy by Weeks Marine's big 750-ton #533 floating crane:

[Photo courtesy of Weeks Marine, Inc., by permission - all rights reserved]
(Click on thumbnailed image for larger picture]

Now here, courtesy of Wayne Koch, is the ALCo Builder's Card, front and rear, for the Birmingham & Southern's HH900 (DL-460) pair #81 and #83 (21 Feb 2008):


[Photos courtesy of W. Koch - all rights reserved]
(Click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures]

Oddly, Marre (in Diesel Locomotives - The First 50 Years), notes these units (pp. 215-218) but only as HH900s, not as DL-460s.  Obviously, the back was pasted to something and did not come free very well, but it's sure better than nothing!  Thanks, Wayne!

How about this ALCO DISCOUNT STORE at 510 North Bisbee Avenue in Willcox, Arizona?   new (31 Oct 2014)

(29 Oct 2014 photo by and © 2014 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Too bad I never knew about this before; I'd have bought at least a dozen or so!

Speaking of "love" and "ALCo PAs", how about this unprovenanced old shot in my files of D&RGW PA(-1?) #5013 on the "Yampa Valley Mail" back ca. 1960 or so?  It was taken in Craig or Meeker or thereabouts on the Yampa Valley line in Colorado and is pretty much the way it was when my brother-in-law, who was from that area, and my sister happened on it at one of those locations and he wangled a brief stint at the control stand for my sister to run back and forth in the yard!   new (07 Jan 2015)

(from the collection of, and © 2015, S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Who, me, jealous?  Nah!  No way I'd ever be jealous of my little sister (like when she conned the Goodyear blimp!).  And if you believe that - - - .

As an ALCo-aside here, this is how the Mail usually ran:

(from the collection of, and © 2015, S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

but note the B-unit!

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