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Automotive Continueation Page 4


A fourth continuation page to tie in my
    Chrysler page, et seq.
(with the Walter P. Chrysler story).
    Mercedes page, et seq..
    SS and Jaguar Cars, et seq.
    Civil War era Dudgeon (really!) Steam Automobile - still operable!
    the Long Island Motor Parkway page, et seq.,
    and the L. I. Motor Parkway Panel
(convened to keep the LIMP alive in situ and in minds and museums).
    LIMP-Vanderbilt Cup Race page:
    Tractors page.
    Road/Highway Schnabels (giant road loads/heavy haulers).
and other related pages, plus a place to put more auto apocrypha
  including the CYCLOPS,
  the ALCO,
  and a HELP Section.

Automotive miscellany on the Main Automotive Page is unindexed; please scroll away!

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  Automotive Apocrypha - continued.
  An Odd NY City Street (moved again, to Odd Streets page on 16 May 02),
  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!, and
  Old 16 Locomobile

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  Gasoline Brands (moved from main page 25 Jan 2003 and to this Page 4 on 23 May 2007),

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  Classic Cars.

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  Gasoline Brands (moved from main page 25 Jan 2003 and to this Page 4 on 23 May 2007).
  Old Gas Stations.
  Wood Cars   new.gif (20 May 2013)

Odd Streets - highways and byways.
    An Odd NY City Street
    Nassau Boulevard.

The Dudgeon is for real; it is an 1866 steam auto,
one of which survives in running condition!

Adtranz, formed Jan 1996, merging rail transportation activities of ABB Ltd. and Daimler-Benz AG took DaimlerChrysler into the railroad business and the sale of the venture to Bombardier, announced 04 Aug 2000, apparently takes them right out again!

FIRST I.C. LOCO! - Gottlieb Daimler built an internal-combustion- powered locomotive ca. 1890!  For more information, click HERE!

Also, Exxon and Mobil merged as of 01 Dec 98;
two of my most favo(u)rite gasolines (petrols)!*

There is also a lot of automotive material on my ORDNANCE and HISTORY pages.

Also, if you like automotive history, see the links on the Dudgeon page.

Other good places for automotive history are Kevin Walsh's Forgotten NY site, Steve Anderson's excellent NYC Area Roads, Crossings, and Exits site [where you will also find info on, and links to, Web Rings (not my thing) for East Coast Roads, Interstate Highways, New York City, and Long Island], Mike Natale's The Road House, Dave Schul's North American Auto Trails, and Jeff Saltzman's Streetlight Site, each with all sorts of old highway information and more links.

A new automotive museum is just opening in the old Saratoga Bottling Plant in historic Saratoga Springs, New York, the Saratoga Automobile Museum, which bids fair to be quite a winner!  I said to put it high on your agenda for May, 2002 and after; I did (and forgot!).

Speaking of automotive history, how many of you even knew that Fred and Augie Duesenberg's chief engineer went to Arthur and Louis Chevrolet's Chevrolet Bros. Mfg. co. and helped Louis Chevrolet design and built the Frontenac 16-valve dual overhead cam head conversion for the Ford 4-cylinder Model T engines that won at Indy many times?  This little tidbit was sent to me by Dr. Mark Desantis, a Long Island Motor Parkway Panel associate who kindly also sent along this early ad for a SOHV head conversion for a side-cam "T"-engined "Fronty Ford":

Fronty Ford ad
(ad courtesy of M. Desantis)
[thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image]

Here's an odd one to "bug" you:

VWBugRoadster1 VWBugRoadster2
(17 Oct 2007 photos by and © 2007 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

This custom chop job VW Bug "Roadster" was spotted on a street in Westbury, Long Island, New York, on 17 Oct 2007 - pray for no rain!

* - Gasoline Brands

(Moved from main page 25 Jan 2003 and then here on 23 May 2007)   rev.gif (23 May 07)

Speaking of "Who remembers?" and the Exxon-Mobil merger, who remembers Standard Oil?

Here's what I remembered without looking in any reference work, plus what turned up in a 14 Dec 98 U. S. News & World Report article sidebar (p. 27) on the breakup occasioned by the 15 May 1911 Supreme Court order:

Exxon = Humble = Esso = Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (S O)
    (with Anglo-American Oil Company) - merged with Mobil on 30 Nov 99.
ExxonMobil - formed by merger of Exxon and Mobil on 30 Nov 99.
BP = British Petroleum = Sohio = The Standard Oil Company.
  (of Ohio - the original Rockefeller company).
    (with Solar Refining Company).
Enco = a brand name of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey.
Imperial Oil (Esso Canada) = Standard Oil Company of Canada.
Mobil = Socony-Vacuum = Standard Oil Company of New York (SO Co NY).
    merged with Exxon on 30 Nov 99.
Chevron = Calso = Standard Oil Company of California.
    (with Standard Oil Company of Kentucky).
Amoco = American Oil Company = Standard Oil Company of Kansas,
    Standard Oil Company of Indiana, and
    Standard Oil Company of Nebraska
  [BP acquired Amoco ca. 2002].
Arco = Atlantic Richfield Company = Atlantic Refining Company
    (with Prairie Oil & Gas Company).
Pennzoil Company = South-West Pennsylvania Pipe Lines,
    National Transit Company, South Penn Oil Company,
    and Eureka Pipe Line Company.

And then there's always ES2O (the Stranded Oil Company); see my Berlinerwerke-Z Saga!

I also note that Chevron has merged with Texaco (Texas Oil Company) and BP (British Petroleum) with Amoco (American oil Company).  In addition, Shell has a licence to sell Chevron Texaco brands.  As if that isn't confusing enough, Conoco Inc. (the old Continental Oil Co.) is now Conoco-Phillips, having bought out Phillips Petroleum Company, and they are in some way tied in with Sunoco (Sun Oil Company), which in turn owns the Phillips 66 brand.  Whooie!

People interested in old oil companies should visit the Primarily Petroliana site.


To go along with the list of old gasoline brands, above, here are a bunch of nostalgic old gas stations sent along, unattributed, by some Long Island Motor Parkway friends from the Motor Parkway Panel:

The multiple forwards involved included these texts:

"This will bring back old memories"

"A LOT OF HISTORY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Look at the ole architecture!  Look at the '50's real motor vehicles.
    You'll see an Olds, a Chevie and some gorgeous ole Ford trucks too."

"Boy, do these ever bring back memories!!!"

Ayuh; they sure do!

"Old American Gas Stations from all around the country.
Some are abandoned, some are restored and many are still in use."

[These came to me in no particular order that I could discern,
so they are simply presented in hexa-decimal file name order.]

OldGasSt10 OldGasSt11
Old Gas Station Picture 10 | Old Gas Station Picture 11

OldGasSt12 OldGasSt13
Old Gas Station Picture 12 | Old Gas Station Picture 13

OldGasSt14 OldGasSt15
Old Gas Station Picture 14 | Old Gas Station Picture 15

OldGasSt16 OldGasSt17
Old Gas Station Picture 16 | Old Gas Station Picture 17

OldGasSt18 OldGasSt19
Old Gas Station Picture 18 | Old Gas Station Picture 19

OldGasSt1A OldGasSt1B
Old Gas Station Picture 1A | Old Gas Station Picture 1B

OldGasSt1C OldGasSt1D
Old Gas Station Picture 1C | Old Gas Station Picture 1D

OldGasSt1E OldGasSt1F
Old Gas Station Picture 1E | Old Gas Station Picture 1F

OldGasSt2 OldGasSt20
Old Gas Station Picture 2 | Old Gas Station Picture 20

OldGasSt21 OldGasSt22
Old Gas Station Picture 21 | Old Gas Station Picture 22

OldGasSt23 OldGasSt24
Old Gas Station Picture 23 | Old Gas Station Picture 24

OldGasSt25 OldGasSt26
Old Gas Station Picture 25 | Old Gas Station Picture 26

OldGasSt27 OldGasSt28
Old Gas Station Picture 27 | Old Gas Station Picture 28

OldGasSt29 OldGasSt2A
Old Gas Station Picture 29 | Old Gas Station Picture 2A

OldGasSt2B OldGasSt2C
Old Gas Station Picture 2B | Old Gas Station Picture 2C

OldGasSt2D OldGasSt2E
Old Gas Station Picture 2D | Old Gas Station Picture 2E

OldGasSt2F OldGasSt3
Old Gas Station Picture 2F | Old Gas Station Picture 3

OldGasSt30 OldGasSt31
Old Gas Station Picture 30 | Old Gas Station Picture 31

OldGasSt32 OldGasSt33
Old Gas Station Picture 32 | Old Gas Station Picture 33

OldGasSt34 OldGasSt35
Old Gas Station Picture 34 | Old Gas Station Picture 35

OldGasSt36 OldGasSt37
Old Gas Station Picture 36 | Old Gas Station Picture 37

OldGasSt38 OldGasSt39
Old Gas Station Picture 38 | Old Gas Station Picture 39

OldGasSt3A OldGasSt3B
Old Gas Station Picture 3A | Old Gas Station Picture 3B

OldGasSt3C OldGasSt4
Old Gas Station Picture 3C | Old Gas Station Picture 4

OldGasSt5 OldGasSt6
Old Gas Station Picture 5 {rev'd 18 Feb 08} | Old Gas Station Picture 6

OldGasSt7 OldGasSt8
Old Gas Station Picture 7 | Old Gas Station Picture 8

OldGasSt9 OldGasStA
Old Gas Station Picture 9 | Old Gas Station Picture A

OldGasStB OldGasStC
Old Gas Station Picture B | Old Gas Station Picture C

OldGasStD OldGasStE
Old Gas Station Picture D | Old Gas Station Picture E

and last but not least:
Old Gas Station Picture F

However, there was one more image in a duplicate set sent to me on 17 Feb 2008 by D. Prohaska:
Old Gas Station Picture 340

(plus a better copy of Picture 5, which I've substituted, above).

Picture 1B is kind of obvious but I think pictures 22, 32, and 35 take the cake for originality!  I hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane.

May I deviate a bit here; for most of my long adult life, I have been driving fairly often between Long Island, New York, and Beverly or Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Since I-84 was opened ca, 1963, I have run up the Hutch(inson River Parkway) onto 22 or (as of 1974) I-684 to Brewster, NY, and thence north-easterly on I-84 to the Mass. Pike.  About 18 miles south of the Pike (about 10 miles south of the CT/MA state line), just off I-84 at the Ruby Road exit, was Red-Art's Service station, actually at 11 Mihaliak Road in Willington, Connecticut:   new.gif (22 Jul 2013)

Red-Art's Service as Citgo Station
(from Google Maps)

When last open, it was a Citgo station; ca. 10 Jun 2013, I noticed it was closed.  Another icon falls!

Of course, I only used it a few times in all these many years; no wonder they closed!
[Actually, they may have relocated to downtown Willington.]

BUSES - Metro North Commuter RR's Wayne Koch was at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Bus-Fest and Roadeo at Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field on 21 Jun 2008 and snapped one of my favorite Fifth Avenue buses and somewhat more modern #3100:

5thAv1263rf 5thAv1263rr

NYCTA3100lr NYCTA3100rr
(photos by and courtesy of W. Koch - all rights reserved)

Now, you may think those vents at the back of #3100 are A/C fan ducts, but I know better.  They are really hidden turbojet exhausts and you'd better be far behind this baby when she revs up!  The Berlinerwerke Art Dept. turned up this shot of #3100 accelerating:

(photo by BW Art Dept., after W. Koch - all rights reserved)

Whoosh!  Where is Ralph Kramden when we need him?  Wouldn't old Ralphie be thrilled with this beast!  And AWAAAAAY we go!

Wood Cars

This came in via e-mail: "Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.  Finally a use for red cedar.  Probably never have to worry about moths eating the upholstery, but watch out for termites!  NO SMOKING ---- PLEASE!"  The owner supposedly "turned down just under $10,000.00 on eBay.  Beautiful Custom-Built 2009 Wooden Car rides on a 1986 Toyota truck frame and gets power from a Chrysler 318 engine.  It is driven by an automatic transmission and has merely 1,800 miles on its speedometer.  The whole body is made of cedar and its interior is just as over-the-top as the exterior."   new.gif (20 May 2013)

OlWoodie1 OlWoodie2 OlWoodie3 OlWoodie4 OlWoodie5

OlWoodie6 OlWoodie7 OlWoodie8 OlWoodie9 OlWoodie10

The styling may leave a bit to be desired but the workmanship is superb!

Vasily Lazarenko of the Ukraine built a car of wood on a 1981 Opel, with a definite split personality - half two-door sedan and half convertible:

NewWoodie1 NewWoodie2 NewWoodie3 NewWoodie4

My first reaction to this oddity was, "Why?"

The most famous wooden cars are probably those made by Dali-esque Italian sculptor Livio de Marchi (it seems as though he makes everything he uses in his life out of wood):

deMarchi0 deMarchi1 deMarchi2 deMarchi3

As if being made of wood isn't enough, some of de Marchi's cars are even amphibious!

There are two kinds of classic woodies on my Chrysler pages - Chrysler Town & Country cars and Dodge Power Wagons.

Gigantic rail cars for carrying enormous loads like nuclear reactor vessels and transformers (800 tons worth!) are covered on my Schnabel page, et seq.; roadable versions of these monsters now have their own Road Loads page, et seq.

Please visit the main Automotive page.

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