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Other Notable Berliners
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Limitations on size of any single page forced me to split off the
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and this page from the Berliner page.


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OTHER NOTABLE BERLINERS PAGE and Continuation (this) Page:
Additional Berliners of Note - A to M
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(with alphabetical quick-index)

Emile Berliner, inventor of the carbon microphone, disc gramophone, and helicopter! (following)
Nipper, "His Master's Voice", and a surprise!
Henry Adler Berliner - aviation, helicopter, autogyro, Berliner-Joyce, Ercoupe/Aircoupe, etc.
Emile's Biography and annotations in my copy
Milk and Sanitation

Other German Berliners

Additional Berliners of Note

(Fascinating, the number of times "RESEARCH" appears in this listing!)

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Nancy Berliner, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine (Hematology) and Genetics, Graduate Program in Genetics and Development, Department of Genetics, Yale University School of Medicine.

Nancy Zeng Berliner, author and historian, "Beyond the Screen: Chinese Furniture of the 16th & 17th Centuries".

Nancy is also the name of my ex and of one of our daughters
    (just no imagination, like my dad, and like my grandpa before him).

Neil Berliner3, M.D., psychiatrist and national lecturer on psychopharmacology, as well as the writer and manager for "The World's Oldest Rapper", Fruity Nutcake, The Rapping Granny.  Featured on MTV, VH1's "Rock & Roll Record Breakers", Sally Jessie Raphael, and Howard Stern radio and television shows.


Oscar Berliner - see Alan.
{no other "O's; no Olympia or Othmar Berliner?}


Patricia Anne (Mrs. Walter) Berliner3, d. 28 Feb 01, an exemplary Taxpayer Advocate at the Holtsville (Long Island) IRS Center.  What makes this Mrs. Berliner of great note is not just her faithful adherence to the idea of service, but her expressed fondest wish "that everyone would perform an act of kindness in her memory".

Paul F. Berliner, associate professor of ethnomusicology at Northwestern U. and author of "Thinking in Jazz" and "The Soul of Mbira"; recipient of ASCAP-Deems Taylor award for outstanding writing in music.

Paul M. Berliner, founder and president of The Berliner-Schafer Group, a network of airline pilots and aviation professionals helping their clients obtain airline and corporate pilot jobs.

Dr. Pedro Berliner, Ch., Wyler Dept. of Dryland Agriculture, Blaustein Inst. for Desert Research, Ben Gurion University of the Negev-Israel (looking for pre-1805 roots).

Peter Berliner, Danish candidate for a degree in psychology at a Denmark's Copenhagen University's Psychological Laboratory.

Berliner Pharmacy, Los Angeles, California, (listed URL, "http://www.berliner.qpg.com", doesn't work).


{none, to date - no Queeny or Quincy Berliner of note?}


Richard Berliner, DPM at Northern Westchester Hospital Center (NY).

Robert W. Berliner3, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and Medicine, Dean Emeritus of Yale University School of Medicine (a LI Berliner); past President of The American Physiological Society (1967-68).

Robert W. Berliner, Esq., of Robbins, Berliner & Carson, Intellectual Property Law, Copyright, Trademarks & Patents, Los Angeles, California.

Roger A. Berliner, of Brady & Berliner, Washington, DC, a law firm and registered lobbying agent.

Ronald R. Berliner, Adjunct Associate Professor and physics researcher at The Missouri University Research Reactor.

Rose Berliner, sister of Mike and Joe (q.v.), noted motorcycle importers.

Roy Berliner, senior consultant at Independent Computer Consulting Group, Warminster, PA,; father of "Smoke Truck" Jonathan.

My great-uncle, Rudolph Berliner (NOT Victor!), brother of my grandfather, was Fiscal Agent for the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, in NYC (see wild yarn about his brother, my great-uncle George Berliner).


[Then (alphabetically), there's me, SB,III, of course - of such great note!]

In San Antonio, Texas, ca. 1885, one Sam Berliner, with one Billy Simms, conducted the "White Elephant," with a gambling emporium upstairs and bar downstairs!  Oh, I like this one!  Bob B. in Denver, take note! (04 Dec 2000)

There's a Sam Berliner in Savannah, Georgia, who appeared in a survivors list in a 21 Aug 1998 obituary for one Victor S. Leaf - hi, Sam!
  He is Samuel Abraham B. and IS the brother surviving Sylvia B. Whiteman, who died 07 Jun 1998
    in Hollywood, FL; his wife, Victor's sister, checked in with me on 17 Feb 2001.
        [Oddly enough, I also have a relative-by-marriage surnamed "Leaf" but there's no relationship.]

Another Sam Berliner, then of Astral Film Enterprises, appeared in the KENNETH AGUILLARD ATCHITY COLLECTION FOLDER LISTING, whatever that might be, at Georgetown U.; this Sam Berliner turns out to be a Canadian attorney, active in film and television law, and a Montréal city councillor from 1982 to 1986.  Sam Berliner turned up as a member of l'Académie canadienne du cinéma et de la télévision, section Québec and lives in Montréal and is a partner at the law firm of Heenan Blaikie.  These are all one and the same Canadian Sams Canadien.

Does anyone know of a Sam Berliner of Los Angeles, who, with his brother, was a hand bag merchant?

Sandra Rosenthal Berliner, Rabbi of Temple Menorah Knesset Chai and director of Jewish Hospice Service, in Philadelphia, mother of "Smoke Truck" Jonathan.

Sandy Berliner publisher of a magazine called Furniture Design & Mfg. in the Chicago area.   new.gif (23 Aug 2013)

Sanford A. Berliner, Real Estate Attorney with Berliner Cohen in San José, California (they own berliner.com).

Sarah Berliner - there is an American Association of University Women Sarah Berliner Postdoctoral Fellowship; this was endowed by Emile B. to honor his mother, née Sarah (or Sally, NOT Esther) Friedman.

Stan Berliner, developer of the Take Charge Trainer, 30 years as a training design and development specialist.

Steve Berliner of Portland, Oregon; brother of Karen I. Berliner.  Interesting genealogy.  Forcreeks@aol.com

Susan Berliner, PR contactperson for MediaSource at Middleberg Interactive, NYC.

Another (?) Susan Berliner runs in Arizona road races.


Todd Berliner, Assistant Professor of English, English Department, University of North Carolina, Wilmington.
{no other "T"s?  No Tilly or Tessie or Thomas Berliner?}


{none, to date - no Ursula or Ulrich Berliner of note?  No Uriah - in a heap or Heep or no?}


{none, to date - no Victoria or Victor Berliner of note?}  I had a great-uncle Victor - ta, ra!


W. Berliner of Berliner Classic Motorcars, Inc.
(his idea of "classic" and mine don't necessarily agree)

William Walter Berliner, 45, a hotel auditor, died 10 Aug 1997, at a Fort Worth hospital - I like the sound of the name - one wonders about this gentleman - who was he, would he have been interested in all this nonsense?

(and, of course, the William of Long Island note3.)


{none, to date - no Xaviera or Xavier Berliner of note?}


{none, to date - no Ykaterina or Yevgeny Berliner of note?}


{none, to date - no Zenobia or Zacharia Berliner of note?}

3.  Great Neck, Long Island Berliner (see top of Berliner page, about Long Island Berliners).

APOLOGY - I added a number of other Berliners 17 Jan 98 and e-mailed some of them about links and then lost the listings; I will be happy to restore links to anyone who e-mails me back; otherwise, I'll recreate them as I have time.

There was a Berliner who was a mathematician in Development and Proof Services back in the early '50s at Aberdeen Proving Ground when I worked there; wonder what happened to him?

You might wish to visit my other Berliner pages noted on the INDEX, above.

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