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I-R 60-ton Demo

A new type of locomotive!
Ingersoll-Rand 1925 Demonstrator #9681
(later CNJ #1000)
(ALCo builders photo S-1484 - source uncertain;
possibly from 1980s AAR flyer)




Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotives

(American Locomotive Company - General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)

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GE-IR Foley Bros. #110-1 BOXCAB
Oil-Electric Locomotive

(General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)


(Image from TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA #43 - restored 14 Aug 2004)


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[in no particular order (yet) but eventually to be in order built]

This page is a special page added 02 Jul 2000 just to feature the Foley Bros. 1929{?} Boxcab Oil-Electric Locomotive #110-1, which, amazingly, survives today exactly as when her engine was last shut down ca. 196_{?}.

SPECIAL COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  Please be advised that the images shown on this page, unless otherwise noted, are reproduced here by special permission of the Portola Railroad Museum and may NOT be reproduced further in any form, or for any purpose, without without prior written permission of the photographer, S. Berliner, III, AND of the Feather River Rail Society or the Portola Railroad Museum.

(corrected Portola's URL 13 Mar 01)

The 60-ton, 300-hp CNJ #1000 at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, is the very first production diesel locomotive and the Long Island Rail Road's (now-scrapped) 100-ton, 600-hp, #401 was the very first diesel road switcher, the first production locomotive to haul a revenue train over a long distance on a Class 1 main line [the LIRR later got a second 100-tonner #402 (2nd), to which the later #110-1 was very similar, as was The Red River Lumber Co. #502*].  After GE and ALCo parted company, GE built several 100-tonners, one of which was for Foley Bros., built under GE Builder #11047 and completed during October 1929.

* - for more on other 100/108-tonners and RRL #502, see LIRR #401 and Sisters page 1, 100/108-ton boxcabs page (with #502), and Boxcab Cooling Problems on page 4.

The #110-1 survives at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, California.  She was moved there, 150 road miles SW, in December 2011, after previously being at the Portola Railroad Museum in Portola, California, 'way up over Donner Pass in the High Sierras, near Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  The Portola Museum is operated by the Feather River Rail Society, a group primarily devoted to the Western Pacific RR (title formally passed in Feb 2012).
  rev (10 Aug 2013)

She has a 24' 2" total wheelbase, 7' 2" truck wheelbase, 36" wheels, 124,000 lbs. total weight, 37,200 lb. starting force, and was built in December of 1929 but placed in service in January 1930.

Foley Bros. #110-1 is the only surviving 100-ton (nominal - actually 108-ton) oil-electric boxcab!

Foley #110-1 at Portola
(photo © 1998 Samuel Herschbein - all rights reserved - taken Sep 1998 -
photo reproduced from S. Herschbein's Portola RR Museum/FRRS site
by specific permission of Samuel Herschbein).
[Thumbnail image; click on the picture for a larger image.]

Here is my own photo taken on a cloudy, overcast day (I wasn't so lucky):

Foley #110-1 at Portola
(photo taken 13 Aug 98 at Portola Museum by and © 1999 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on the picture for a larger image.]

You can, however, rent locomotives to run around their yard and one is an Alco, VIA's #6776, an FPA-4!

[My apologies to the great folks at Portola; the pictures I took out there had vanished in one of my subsequent moves; they turned up in an unmarked box on 08 Nov 1999 and you can now see more of #110-1 than you ever wanted to see!]

A Portola volunteer advised that #110-1 now (Feb 2000) "sits in the diesel shop instead of outside and is getting some TLC.  It will eventually be displayed with three period log flats to illustrate the Red River Lumber company operation."  To which I replied "Hoorah!"

Here she is on an exceptionally clear day when a visitor was able to catch her unimpeded by other rolling stock (wish I'd been so lucky!):

Foley Bros. 110-1 at Portola
(photo courtesy of FRRS 31 Jul 00 - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image.]

There are several other survivors listed on the Survivors page, notably the very first, CNJ #1000, an early B&O engine, #1/195/8000, and three other I-R engines.  In addition there is also an even earlier GE gas-electric and several more of other makes.

Sam Herschbein unlimbered his camera again, ca. 30 Oct 01, and here she is in three more similar views:

Foley Bros. 110-1 Portola ~10-01 1

Foley Bros. 110-1 Portola ~10-01 2

Foley Bros. 110-1 Portola ~10-01 1/2/3
(cropped and enhanced from photos courtesy of S. Herschbein Oct 01 - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images; click on pictures for larger images - restored 15 Jun 2005)]

She was getting a wee bit rusty up there in the clear mountain air; at least it was far from the salt!  Obviously, she was out of the shop again.   rev (10 Aug 2013)

Now, at long last, the photos I took (except for the roof picture taken for me from the cab roof of the adjoining switcher by a staffer) in Portola on 13 Aug 1998 are scanned and up; because they are so IMAGE-INTENSIVE (meaning BIG!), I've created a separate photo page to which you should only go intentionally by clicking HERE!

I had mentioned a third roll misplaced somewhere, but it turned out not to have the Portola trip on it.

Big news! - I drove the 260 miles out to Portola from my daughter's place in San Carlos on 04 May 2004 and got a fairly complete set of pictures of the roof details, especially the transverse blown radiators; they appear on yet another page (also photo-intensive).   rev (10 Aug 2013)

I'll have to look at (and to scan in) that I-R manual and see if I can identify some of the details about which I am unsure.

Each survivor has, or will have, its own separate page on this site.

Assuming possible duplications are wrong, there are at least 8 ALCo-GE-IR (and just GE-IR) boxcab units surviving and, if they are all right, there are at least 7 units surviving.

In addition there are three (3) Baldwin-Westinghouse ARMCO units and CNR #77 and CP #7000.

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There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.


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