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Boxcabs Page


I-R 60-ton Demo

A new type of locomotive!
Ingersoll-Rand 1925 Demonstrator #9681
(later CNJ #1000)
(ALCo builders photo S-1484 - source uncertain;
possibly from 1980s AAR flyer)




Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotives

(American Locomotive Company - General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)

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Pneumatic, and Steam Boxcabs!

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On Boxcabs Page 5:
  Odd Boxcabs
  TEXAS-MEXICAN BOXCABS (moved to its own page on 12 Apr 03.

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  ODDER BOXCABS (moved from Boxcabs Page 5 on 18 Jan 2006).


   (separated out from this page on 07 Jan 00)
Piedmont & Northern #5103

ELECTRIC BOXCABS - There were (and even are) jillions and zillions of other boxcab electrics; the Pennsy specialized in them and the Great Northern wasn't far behind.  However, the previous page overloaded, so I've separated out the electric boxcabs and created a new page, ELECTRIC BOXCABS, et seq.

OLD LINKS now directed to ELECTRIC BOXCABS Page:

MILW #102000.

Piedmont & Northern #5103 N&W's ELECTRIC BOXGON!

Odd Boxcabs

The previous page overloaded, so I moved the Tex-Mex coverage to its own page.

Now for some more even odder boxcabs (moved from Boxcabs Page 5 on 18 Jan 06):


In the 1927 section of TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA No. 20, Waterbury Tool Company also had a hand at a boxcab loco {who didn't?}; No. 1, a small (19' 6") gasoline-engined unit with a variable-speed oil transmission (how civilized - a forerunner of Chrysler's Fluid Drive), utilizing a Waterbury swash-plate hydraulic pump and motor and built by The Universal Engineering Corporation.  This loco would appear to be Canadian, the cars immediately behind are a Canadian Government Railways stock car and several heavily-loaded Grand Trunk gons:

Universal/Waterbury Oil-Drive Loco
Universal/Waterbury Oil-Drive Loco w/o Cab
(Photos from TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA No. 20.)
[Thumbnail images - click on photos for larger images.]

Here is either a motor car with a box cab or a boxcab with a motor; I'm not sure which; it looks like a boxcab that slipped backwards on its chassis (maybe the traction motor blower blew too hard or the radiator fan blew backwards?):

1923 BLW Dinger Sugar/Java gas

This unit hummed along at the Dinger Sugar Mill in Java; did that make it a "Humdinger"?

[Otherwise, I'd call it a "Bummer Hummer"!]

And here is the sad case of an Alaskan boxcab loco which lost BOTH its motor AND its boxcab, went totally loco, and then went completely to the dogs!

Seward Pen. 3' dog car

(both images from Bruce Pryor's Narrow Gauge Pictures From Off The Beaten Path site).


[Yes, I know; I'm pushing the envelope, here!]

{Or should I say I'm stepping "outside the box"?}

Relax - relief is only a moment away; here is what looks so much like an odd boxcab locomotive:

B&O CT Trm Spdr 4 - Wayner 38b
(from Railroad Work Equipment and Special Service Cars, Robert J. Wayner, NY, ca. 1989)
[Thumbnail image - click on picture for larger image.]

It really isn't; it's B&O Chicago Terminal Speeder #4, a perfectly ordinary track speeder with a box body on it.

Here's another odd boxcab, American Aggregates #638:

(Photo from Superior brochure courtesy of W. B. Davis - all rights reserved)

American Aggregates #638 is rather odd looking because it was originally built as an interurban freight motor, owned by the Cincinnati & Lake Erie.  It was sold to American Aggregates, which converted it from external (trolley wire) power to internal diesel-electric power (American Aggregates made many other such conversions but this is the only one known to have been equipped with a Superior diesel engine, possibly ca. 1945-46 (see the Superior brochure on RR page 1).

There was nothing funny about 9/11/01, but a spate of anti-terrorist humor arose that is unparalleled for originality and cleverness (laughter IS the best medicine).  Here's a picture that someone sent me on the Web that actually turns out to be a terrorist boxcab:

Terrorist Boxcab

Don't let appearances deceive you; the motive power is NOT a Mother Hubbard but a true camelback.
Notice that it's a Stealth Camel; no shadow!
Notice also the small as{h} hopper under the back end.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.

There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.


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