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    GE-716 Truck.

[First of all, I want to credit Bill Russell, Penny Bridge; we seem to be linking back and forth but he has the most compendious site about NY-area railroading, where most boxcabs lurked, with tons of information.

Second, take a look at Mark Laundry's Yard Limit Diesel Switcher Spotter's and Reference Guide, a site about early diesel switchers, especially a 1994 paper by Benn Coifman on "The Evolution of the Diesel Locomotive in the United States", with an excellent history of the ALCo-GE-IR consortium, as well as McKeen, Westinghouse/Baldwin, Hamilton/EMC/EMD, and Pullman's efforts.]

Since Sep 2000, there has been an extremely detailed and accurate site focusing exclusively on the earliest history of the ALCo-GE-IR (AGEIR) locos, the late John F. Campbell's "ALCO / General Electric / Ingersoll-Rand (AGEIR) Diesel-Electric Locomotives" site; I heartily recommend it to you!  John Campbell added a complete roster of all the ALCo-GE-IR boxcab locos built in the first production run, totalling 33 units, from 1925 to 1930, but not the later Bi- and Tri-Power or GE-IR units.

GE Boxcabs - Continued:

Because these pages kept overloading as more and more information dribbled (or crashed) in, I was forced to create new pages.  There were a whole slew of General Electric boxcab locomotives that did NOT fit the standard AGEIR (ALCo-GE-IR) mold and they are/will be covered on the main GE Boxcabs page and here as I move what already exists on my site to these pages and add new information.

Among the biggest and last "regular" boxcabs GE built, were a pair of odd transfer locomotives for the Illinois Central in 1936, #9200 and #9201; they are covered on the main GE Boxcabs page, but they had a unique truck design with Talgo-style coupler mounting:

(Image of #9201 from Train Shed #20)
[Thumbnail image; click on photo for larger image]

The GE traction motor model number for both units was GE-716, with 62:15 gearing to 39" wheels.  A correspondent is interested in these trucks and their development, but hasn't seen any textual info. anywhere on them.  They appear to be the direct predecessor of General Steel Castings trucks later found under Baldwin, and some FM, locos, but are quite unique to the #9200 and #9201; the upper inner ends of the side frames are sloped down to clear the carbody frame, whereas the GSC trucks all have flat tops on the side frames.

From early GE files, here are some drawings and documents about the GE-716 trucks (I note that GE used the hyphen); I could not make out the margins and so cropped them down to the images and text.  They are pixellated but are as good as I got.  First the outline drawing, P-4740789, the date of which I can't read but it appears to have been revised into the 1940s:

[Thumbnail image; click on photo for larger image]

Next are the longitudinal cross section drawing, TT-6751754, and the transverse section drawing, T-756685, again with illegible dates:

GE-716LongitudSect GE-716TransverseSect
[Thumbnail images; click on photos for larger images]

[The latter was a blueprint (or, at least, a whiteline image on a black background);
that holds no magic for me so I am showing it as a whiteprint.]

These are various forms, Form 600 and others, relating to the GE-716 trucks, dated 1935-37:

GE-716Form600 GE-716Forms4

GE-716Forms5 GE-716Forms6
[Thumbnail images; click on photos for larger images]

Note that the last image also includes info. on the 5GE-716 #1 truck first used on the CB&Q.

[I am sorry to give these short shrift; this level of detail exceeds my interest level.  If anyone cares to give me excerpted highlights, I may post same.]


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.

There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.


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