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Boxcab Models Continuation Page 2


I-R 60-ton Demo

A new type of locomotive!
Ingersoll-Rand 1925 Demonstrator #9681
(later CNJ #1000)
(ALCo builders photo S-1484 - source uncertain;
possibly from 1980s AAR flyer)




Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotives

(American Locomotive Company - General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)

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        The Weathering Man Custom HO Boxcabs, and   new.gif (30 May 2013)
        CNJ 1000 in G!.   new.gif (30 May 2013)

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  new.gif (19 Oct 2010)
    Large-Scale Hoosac Tunnel Box Motor Model

Large Scale GE 20-tonner - Tom Yorke, critter fancier extraordinaire, who is the publisher of the "Light & Industrial Railway Quarterly", with back issues available on a CD, is working up a GE 20-ton boxcab compatible with models in 1:22.5 and 1:20.3 scales  While based on the GE 20 ton Box Cab built in 1939, a rather plain prototype, it follows the prototype closely in most areas, but will have revised window locations, an external radiator, and a roof overhang at the sides:

(Artwork by © 2006 Thomas A. Yorke - by specific permission - all rights reserved)

The kit, in resin with white metal details, is made to fit the AristoCraft Liíl Critter motor block, and will include most of the details including an internal combustion engine and generator, along with a seat, electrical cabinet, and instrument panel.  The floor casting will be complete with textured details.  Real see-through screen will be included for vents and the end beams will have no coupler openings so you can choose your own height.

Tom has posted photos of the model which he has kindly allowed me to reproduce here:

TomYorkeGE20t-a TomYorkeGE20t-b
(Photos by © 2007 Thomas A. Yorke - by specific permission - all rights reserved)

TomYorkeGE20t-c TomYorkeGE20t-d
(Photos by © 2007 Thomas A. Yorke - by specific permission - all rights reserved)

TomYorkeGE20t-e TomYorkeGE20t-f
(Photos by © 2007 Thomas A. Yorke - by specific permission - all rights reserved)

(Photo by © 2007 Thomas A. Yorke - by specific permission - all rights reserved)

That engine-generator set is priceless!

Monsieur Bernard Dropsy wrote from France where he has built a big freelanced boxcab in 7¼" gauge:



(2007 photos from B. Dropsey - by permission - all rights reserved)

Whooie!  That's quite an oeuvre, hein?  But what I don't quite understand is whether the engineer is driving or that big guy riding in back is.

Here was a vendor who was new to me as of 19 Nov 2011 - The Weathering Man, who specialized in HO AGEIR boxcabs (and electric counterparts thereof) (30 May 2013):   rev.gif (05 Ar 2018)

WeatheringMan014 WeatheringMan079

WeatheringMan235 WeatheringMan252

WeatheringMan236 WeatheringMan237

WeatheringMan019 WeatheringMan249

WeatheringMan250 WeatheringMan251

WeatheringMan6766 WeatheringMan6766


(Photos courtesy of and © 2011 Weathering Man - all rights reserved)
[Those last two are thumbnailed - click on them for larger images.]

That Devil's Gulch & Hellangon unit (shades of John Allen) is narrow gauge.  Quite an impressive lineup, eh?

Uh, oh; The Weathering Man fell into the trap of centered stacks on some units - they should be offset.

Unfortunately for anyone who'd like to order one of these gems, the Weathering Man has ceased production; his new site tells how he built them.   new.gif (05 Apr 2018)

CNJ 1000 in G! - Dick Wing chimed in on 23 Nov 2012 (so I'm a little behind on all this!) with a photo of {paraphrasing}, as far as he knew, the only G-scale model* of the boxcab in 1:29 scale, handmade - of wood - as a prototype for Aristocraft (Polk's), but never manufactured.  Dick bought it years ago at the Amherst Railway Society train show at the Big-E fairgrounds in West Springfield, Mass.  When he saw this out of the corner of his eye, He stopped and said, "I know what that is; it's a prototype from an Aristocraft catalog from the 1990's".  The young-to middle-aged man said, "That's right - my father used to make the prototypes for Aristocraft; do you want to buy it?"  How much?  $150?  Sold!   added.gif (30 May 2013)

(Photo by and © 2011 R. Wing - all rights reserved)

Look at that wild Kadee conversion!  As I pointed out to Dick, the truck side-frames are completely wrong (AND roller bearings, to boot), as are the radiators ('way too high and too far inboard).  Also the side door should have a window.  Those sides sure look like metal to me.  Dick advised that "the man used worn, old, power-trucks that Aristo used on several small products.  He's sure that Charlie Ro or even Aristocraft has trucks that would be more appropriate.

Dick has another one-of-a-kind.  It occurred to him that if two Aristo diesels were cut in half and mounted back-to-back, and a couple of pantographs were put on top, you'd have a pretty fair representation of an EP-5, a "Little Joe."  Charlie Ro said that he had already done that because he thought he might manufacture an EP-5 and he needed a prototype, but he decided he would never get his tooling costs back from the project, so he gave-up on the idea.  Did Dick want to buy it?  How much?  He named a price that was less than the two Aristo diesels he had cannibalized, so Dick got it.  Also 1:29.  For some reason, the master model-maker who did the work did it in Pennsylvania livery; there never was an EP-5 in the Pennsylvania roster, but it looks great running on his layout which is Harrisburg in 1941 {it wouldn't be so bad as Penn Central - SB, III}.

    [Naturally, I've asked for a photo of the so-called "EP-5"!]


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There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
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