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Continuation Page 1

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    NYC Steam Heat Trailers.

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Our late, great boxcabs guru, John Campbell, asked "What can you tell me about the attached image of New York Central Box Cab #H-4... ???"  Answer - nothing.  This one was a new one on me and really odd; it looked to be a 40/50-tonner or so and the "H" could well stand for Harmon, but the "4"?  That implies three others!  So I passed it along to you folks out there; what could YOU tell us about this oddity?

NYC H-4 Boxcab Old BLW Logo
Cropped from image courtesy of J. F. Campbell - all rights reserved)

All I could see is that it is the "#2" end of the "A" side.  How about that tri-power jobbie lurking in the background?

Whoa!  No end windows?  That's no loco; betcha it's a train heat car!

    "I got steam heat - - - - !"

Well, how about seven others, eh?  Thanks again to the great courtesy of the Denver Public Library and its Western History/Genealogy Photograph Collection, noted above, from their Otto Perry Collection, they have allowed me to reproduce this Perry photo here, showing both #H-2 and #H-7 at Harmon Yard on 12 Aug 1932:

(Otto Perry photo courtesy of the Denver Public Library, Western History Collection
Call number OP-13647, from the Otto C. Perry Collection.

That appears to be the "#1" end of the "B" side of H-2.

Kevin Endriss confirms (06 Jan 03) that "H-4 is indeed a Heat Trailer (built from some sort of old electric boxcab).  Same story for the H-2 and H-7.   Some of these heat trailers lasted into PC days as I found one in Sunnyside in the mid-70's."  Thanks, Kevin!  Who has more info.on these gems?

Well, Kevin did; he wrote that these are heater cars, built at Harmon to run with R-2 units (which had no boilers) in passenger service (series H-1 through H-8)"  Kevin was sure that he had read that these were converted from boxcabs but both his references say "Built at Harmon".  Yes, but does that mean built from shapes and sheet or from old boxcabs?

John McCluskey says they were built to work with electric passenger motors {locos, that is} that were not equipped with steam boilers.   new.gif (17 Mar 05)

Kevin sent this photo of XH-6 which he took in Sunnyside Yard in Jun 75 (I tried to "pop" it up a bit but the contrast was simply too great to show any underbody detail):

NYC XH-6 Steam Heat Trailer
Enhanced slightly from photo by and courtesy of K. Endriss - all rights reserved)

Kevin was curious and now so am I; were all these units scrapped?  Anyone know?

Tim Darnell (TAD) came up with another photo, this one of two units, a 126 Instamatic slide of a NY Central boxcab #X-10 (he thinks) from 1975 at Sunnyside Yard; it was converted to a steam generator car, and went to Amtrak.  He believes it is one of these two (I also lightened it to see the right-hand unit better):

NYC X-10? Steam Heat Trailer
Photo by and courtesy of T. Darnell - all rights reserved)

NYC X-10? Steam Heat Trailer
Enhanced greatly from photo by and courtesy of T. Darnell - all rights reserved)

Tim adds that Amtrak had five, #16250-16254, and the above lo-res scan is of #16250 and #16251; he also has a far away shot of #16253 at New Haven, and is 99.9% sure all were scrapped.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.

There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.


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