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Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotive

(National Steel Car, Ltd.)



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One of three (3) surviving boxcabs at the Canadian Railway Museum/Musée Ferroviare Canadien in St. Constant/Delson, just south of Montréal, Québec.

(The other two are the CLW {B-W-style Visibility Cab} CNR #7700/77and the 1914 GE electric boxcab #6711.)


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C.  122-ton, 550-hp CP #7000 - [Ref.]

CP #7000 at MFC/CRM
(photo courtesy of the Canadian Railway Museum, Delson/St. Constant - all rights reserved;
photo cropped from slide by P. Excell and artificially lightened and color-balanced by SB,III 01 Aug 00.)

#7000 was photographed by P. Excell at the Museum in 1999.

Here, also, is a picture of #7000 taken by Bruce Pearson, and posted at NE Railfan which he kindly gave permission to reproduce here:

CP #7000 r.s. - RBP
(photo courtesy of R. Bruce Pearson - all rights reserved.
[Thumbnail image - click on picture for a larger image.]

Builder's Plate Data

{to follow}

122-ton, 550-hp Canadian Pacific Class ____ #7000 at the Musée Ferroviare Canadien (Canadian Railway Museum) at Delson/St. Constant, Québec, built in 1937 for a consortium headed by Stone Franklin of Canada, Ltd. by National Steel Car Works of Hamilton, Ontario, largely from imported parts, to a design by Harland & Wolff (remeber the Titanic!) of Belfast, Ireland, with an engine built by them (H&W).  The electrical equipment is from Laurence, Scott and Electromotors of Norwich.

#7000 was the Canadian Pacific's first diesel and was an "oddball" or "one-off", but it has been suggested that it "is in fact a unique example based on a pioneering British/Irish design".

She was sold to Marathon Paper (Marathon Pulp and Paper Mill) of Marathon, Ontario, in 1943, and then donated by Marathon to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) and repainted in its original livery in 1964.  #7000 is curently on display at the St. Constant museum, as noted above.

This engine is shown on page 381 of Louis A. Marre's "Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years - A Guide to Diesels Built Before 1972, Railroad Reference Series No. 10, Kalmbach Publishing Corp., 1995, ISBN 0-89024-258-5, but did not obtrude on my consciousness until July 2000; although it is not a true boxcab, having a version of a "visibility cab", it has no true walkways and so I happily include it as a surviving boxcab.  I made in(en)quiries about this engine, the museum came though handsomely, and I expect to have even more information about #7000 in the near future.

Per the museum, #7000 was "built by National Steel Car 8 years after CN #77".  "#7000 is Canadian Pacific's first diesel locomotive."  "Although historic in Canadian Pacific's history, #7000 is a one of a kind 'oddball'; it was outdated and inefficient when built."  "However, it still positively influenced the introduction of the diesel in yard switcher service on Canadian Pacific."

There are seven (7) ALCo-GE-IR (and just GE-IR or GE alone) boxcab units surviving and four (4) B-W (or B-W-style) units, one EMC unit, plus two (2) "home-grown" Anglo-Canadian and English units and two (2) electric boxcab survivors, for a total of sixteen(16) known North American and British survivors.  new.gif

CNR #77 in Montréal appears to be a Baldwin-Westinghouse Visibility Cab unit.  Their third boxcab turns out to be a 1914 GE electric.  Gotta get me up there with my digital and a notepad.

More photos hopefuly will follow (as of 01 Aug 00).

Notes on surviving ALCo-GE-IR (and just GE-IR or GE alone) boxcabs on Survivor Boxcabs Notes page.

Other surviving gas/oil-electric/diesel boxcabs (including +, @, and *, on map) are noted on the Other Boxcabs continuation page.

Other surviving electric (and any other odd) boxcabs (including e and ?, on map) are noted on the Odd Boxcabs continuation page.




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There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
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