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Boxcabs Page


I-R 60-ton Demo

A new type of locomotive!
Ingersoll-Rand 1925 Demonstrator #9681
(later CNJ #1000)
(ALCo builders photo S-1484 - source uncertain;
possibly from 1980s AAR flyer)




Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotives

(American Locomotive Company - General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)

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DL&W 3001 TSC#43

BEEN THERE - DONE THAT!  01 Jul 2000 - just back from Boxcab Trips 2a and 2b and have now visited and documented all surviving U.S. boxcabs!  Montréal, anyone?

More photos were taken and will follow (as of 01 Jul 2000).

Other surviving gas/oil-electric/diesel boxcabs (including +, @, and *, on map on main Survivors page) are noted on the Other Boxcabs continuation page.

Other surviving electric (and any other odd) boxcabs (including e, on map on main Survivors page) are noted on the Odd Boxcabs continuation page.

7.  60-ton, 300-hp DL&W #3001
(later I-R #91).

Builder's Plate Data

Class 4HM840G
(from IRM roster)

(from info. plate hung on engine)

I-R Engine No. 41150   \
     I.R. List No. 5894      \_ (from IRM,
G.E. Loco No. 10026     /   20 Sep 99)
Type of Loco - 300 HP. /

60-ton, 300-hp DL&W #3001 (later I-R #91) at Illinois Railway Museum (@ and see note* below).

DL&W #3001/I-R #91 at IRM
(photo © 1999 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved - photo taken at IRM, 24 Aug 1999.)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for full image.]

She's inaccessible and the trucks are out (one traction motor is burned out); here are some boxcab views you aren't likely to see normally - of a bare truck frame, the wheelsets, the top and bottom of two journals, and a detail of one wheelset:

DL&W #3001/I-R #91 truck frame at IRM   DL&W #3001/I-R #91 wheelsets at IRM

DL&W #3001/I-R #91 journal top at IRM   DL&W #3001/I-R #91 journal bottom at IRM   DL&W #3001/I-R #91 wheelset at IRM

(photos © 1999 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved - photos taken at IRM, 24 Aug 1999).
[Thumbnail images; click on picture for full image.].

Look at the wheels; they are SPOKED!  Duh, I never knew that!  CNJ #1000's are definitely SOLID!

Note also the beautiful condition of the drive gear (other than a light rusting) after a long lifetime of continuous service!

Whil(e)(st) we're noting things, please note that the temporal indicators herein, such as "shortly" or "soon", are quite evidently inaccurate!   new (26 Nov 2012)

I-R #91/DL&W #3001 NOTES:

DL&W #3001 at Ill. Rwy Mus.
{photo from IRM site from IRM Museum in Motion Booklet}.

@ - The above photo of the 60-ton, 300-hp, DL&W #3001 (B/N 6683/10026z0, at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois (off I90/US20 3/4 of the way from Chicago to Rockford), appears to be an early photo of a later ALCo-GE-IR boxcab; it has the as-built tube radiators but a center door on the end, a hallmark of later units; the CNJ #1000 does not and LIRR #401 did not have end doors, but the LIRR (second) #402, et seq., did.  My thanks to Mark Laundry of California for tipping me to the existence of this additional ALCo-GE-IR boxcab, of which I had no prior knowledge.  IRM now has a great page just on #91, with photos of its move from I-R to the IRM.  #91 started out as the sixth boxcab built, was sold to the DL&W in June of 1926, and bought back by I-R in 1951 to become their second Phillipsburg shop switcher, #91 (to keep I-R's own #90 company?).  I-R staffers claim it once fell in the drink while soldiering on the DL&W (shades of B&O #1/195)!  DL&W also bought another 1926 unit (a twin, #3002, B/N 66684/10027 - both June production) which it sent to subsidiary Harlem Transfer as HT #2.

Out at the IRM on 24 Aug 1999, I found #3001/91 up on blocks in the repair shop, with her trucks disassembled and the frames, journals, and axles sitting in the mud and weeds; the "most unusual photos to follow shortly" are now posted above!

[There IS one odd thing that worries me, though; Hilbert's Funny Farm
 appears just southeast of the Museum on the IRM map!]

Here, thanks to Mark Laundry's advice, is the I-R #91 soldiering away at Phillipsburg ca. 1940:

I-R 60-ton #91 at Phillipsburg ca. 1940
(photo from JMech ALCo site)

    There's another photo of #91 at the IRM on Arnold Hans Morscher's (Arnie's) great site:

I-R 91 IRM
(photo © and courtesy of A. H. Morscher - all rights reserved)

12 Nov 2001 update - she's to be fully restored to operating condition and a fund-raising drive will begin soon.  More on this to follow shortly!

Ron Titus, who worked at I-R's Phillipsburg facility (as did his father before him) and who furnished photos of the plant (see the I-R Boxcabs page, recognized the crew - he worked with them; {edited slightly} "braking on the front is Tom Lilly, operating is Lawrence 'Hamie' Hamilton.  Tom is dead but Hamie is still alive.  It was taken in front of the Loco Shed ('Garage').  The building on the left behind the loco is the power house coal elevator to the rear of the power house.  The building on the right is #13 or Forge Shop."

21 May 2020 - along comes RR buddy Wayne Koch with an unprovenanced photo of I-R #90, apparently at Phillipsburg one snowy day:  Let's compare #90 with #91:   new (22 May 2020)

I-R 90  I-R #91 Pburg ca. 40
(left #90 photo courtesy of W. Koch /
right #91 photo from JMech ALCo site)

all rights reserved

You can readily make out the differences in radiators, stacks, and cab-side vent panels, but not much else.

There are seven (7) ALCo-GE-IR (and just GE-IR or GE alone) boxcab units surviving and four (4) B-W (or B-W-style) units, one EMC unit, plus two (2) "home-grown" Anglo-Canadian and English units and two (2) electric boxcab survivors, for a total of sixteen(16) known North American and British survivors.

Roster of surviving ALCo-GE-IR (and just GE-IR or GE alone) boxcabs on Survivor Boxcabs page.

Other surviving gas/oil-electric/diesel boxcabs (including +, @, and *, on map on main Survivors page) are noted on the Other Boxcabs continuation page.

Other surviving electric (and any other odd) boxcabs (including e, on map on main Survivors page) are noted on the Odd Boxcabs continuation page.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.

There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.


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