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ALCo-GE-IR Survivor
Boxcab UC #11 Page
(E.M.Co. #11 / UC #3/#11)


I-R 60-ton Demo

A new type of locomotive!
Ingersoll-Rand 1925 Demonstrator #9681
(later CNJ #1000)
(ALCo builders photo S-1484 - source uncertain;
possibly from 1980s AAR flyer)




Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotives

(American Locomotive Company - General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)

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Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotive

(American Locomotive Company - General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)

E.M.Co. #11 / UC #3

UC #11

This page has been ANNULLED;
all material was transferred to
on 04 Dec 2000 to reflect the one-time
Union Carbide locomotive numbering.

I had stated here that the Union Carbide locomotive number was never #11; that number was applied only by E. M. Co.

That is, unwittingly, complete and utter nonsense!  See the photo, above, and the boxcbuc3.html page.   rev (08 Mar 2014)


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.

There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.


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