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Berlinerwerke-HO Continuation Page 2



Continuation Page 2

NOTE:  HTML originally limited my pages to 30kB!  Thus, I was forced to add separate pages to fit the lengthy stories of the prototype and HO (1:87.1) Berlinerwerke; both the Berlinerwerke-HO (HO-Scale - 1:87.1) and Berlinerwerke-Z (Z-Scale - 1:220) stories are now on their own separate pages.


NotaBeneThe series of pages on this site relating to the actual/prototype Pennsylvania RR's Horseshoe Curve, the HO-scale Berlinerwerke as it was developed from its inception ca. 1960 through it's dismantling in mid-2010, especially the projected scale reproduction of the Horseshoe Curve, and the current, reduced Berlinerwerke-HO ended up being badly scrambled.  Accordingly, the prototype PRR Horseshoe Curve coverage will now be consolidated on this Prototype Horseshoe Curve Story, et seq.; that relating to the old, pre-2010 Berlinerwerke-HO will be moved to the Berlinerwerke-HO pages, and that relating to the current Berlinerwerke-HO Saga will appear on the Berlinerwerke-HO Saga page, et seq.  Please bear with me through this complicated rewerk and link updating.   new (08 Dec 2016)

On the Berlinerwerke-HO Page:
    Berlinerwerke-HO Saga.

On the Berlinerwerke-HO Continuation Page 1:
    Update of the Berlinerwerke-HO Saga through 15 July 2010.

On this Berlinerwerke-HO Continuation Page 2:
    Update of the Berlinerwerke-HO Saga from 15 July 2010.

On the main Horseshoe Curve Page:
    Prototype Horseshoe Curve Story

On the Continuation Page 2:
    Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve - with HO (1:87.1) Scale Equivalents -
        a mile-by-mile and even foot-by-foot guide to the Curve.

On the Continuation Page 2:
    {no content yet}

On the Continuation Page 3:
    Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve in N (1:160) and Z (1:220) Scales

On the Continuation Page 4:
    Satellite Photo of the Horseshoe Curve, with description of features.
    Muleshoe Curve (New Portage Secondary).

For other PRR and RR links, see the main PRR and RR pages.

The BERLINERWERKE (HO - 1:87.1) Story, the story of the HO Berlinerwerke pike.
The full prototype story will appear shortly.
The Z-scale (1:220) Berlinerwerke-Z Saga is on a separate page.

Berlinerwerke (HO) Saga


UPDATE to the Update:

As I said in the preceding story about the HO Berlinerwerke, "it didn't quite work out that way and the layout has still not been expanded through the Curve but it is great for dreaming and armchair railroading and now I'm back in the house and so it may yet happen.  Major changes in the track plan include putting in three more scissors crossovers between the primary and secondary off-table tracks and the primary, secondary, and tertiary loops on the table (yes, there is now a third loop inside the other two) and dropping the diamond crossing so that by having all the scissors crossovers set reverse one can run a single engine all the way around all five tracks without ever touching the panel!"

Well, it isn't even vaguely like that at all, now.  Ca. July 2010, we moved from Long Island's North Shore to Boston's North Shore and the Berlinerwerke-HO was disassembled in December and is just now (Feb 2011) being reassembled in reduced size.  Any dreams of the Horseshoe Curve being modeled are not going to be realized in HO (or, most likely, in any other scale - except, perhaps, in T) up here due to lack of space.  The layout itself had to be shrunk from 8' x 31' to 6' x 17' 9" (not that 34" nominal radius is so bad).  All, or nearly all, of the features on the old table have been, or will be, carried over.

As the rebuilding progresses, I will add more material here or on additional pages to document the progress (or lack thereof).

Big day!  On 20 Feb 2011, the left "half" of the old BW-HO was re-erected!  Here is as good a place as any to explain why "half" is in quotation marks.  'Way back when the BW-HO graduated from being "merely" a 4' x 6½" piece of ¾" plywood (from an aborted headboard project) covered with ½" Homasote, it "grew some":   new (16 Apr 2011) and rev (08 Dec 2016)

2011 BW-HO Layout Growth
[08 Dec 2016/03 Nov/17 Apr 2011 BW-HO Layout Growth by and © 2016/2011 SB,III - all rights reserved]
{Drawing revised 08 Dec 2016 to show original 6½" sections at turntable end (left).}

The previous incarnation or third expansion is documented elsewhere but basically involved adding 8' banjos at each end; all that extra benchwork is now gone.

Shortly after the left "half" was erected, the framing for the left extension, 1' and 2', fastening the whole works to the wall was completed.

Bigger day!  The right "half" of the old BW-HO was erected and joined to the left "half"!

Now, all I have left to do is to build framing for the right end, put plywood and Homasote on the two ends, reconnect the tracks in the middle and add tracks at the ends (plus reconnect the maze of wiring underneath - "Spaghetti Junction" - HA!).

Tabulation of Prototype Horseshoe Curve Dimensions with N and Z Equivalents.

{see Continuation Page 3}

On my Model Railroad page 4, I added a Railroad Grades chart, with the major Horseshoe Curve grades included.

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such,
visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.

If you like this sort of nonsense, take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible

and at the AW NUTS Magazine site, "A Publication of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society".

You may wish to visit the Railroad Page, et seq.

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