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Making the "Famous" Berlinerwerke Railroad

[The HO-Scale Version]

NotaBeneThe series of pages on this site relating to the actual/prototype Pennsylvania RR's Horseshoe Curve, the HO-scale Berlinerwerke as it was developed from its inception ca. 1960 through it's dismantling in mid-2010, especially the projected scale reproduction of the Horseshoe Curve, and the current, reduced Berlinerwerke-HO ended up being badly scrambled.  Accordingly, the prototype PRR Horseshoe Curve coverage will now be consolidated on this Prototype Horseshoe Curve Story, et seq.; that relating to the old, pre-2010 Berlinerwerke-HO will be moved to the Berlinerwerke-HO pages, and that relating to the current Berlinerwerke-HO Saga will appear on the Berlinerwerke-HO Saga page, et seq.  Please bear with me through this complicated rewerk and link updating.   new (08 Dec 2016)

continued from material already posted at:
    Berlinerwerke RR, Business, and Place Names (on main BW-Z Saga page),
    Berlinerwerke-Z Names Continuation Page,
    Horseshoe Curve Page,
    Horseshoe Curve Continuation Page 2,
      including a Tour of the Berlinerwerke-HO.

But first, a summary of unique


the Original Set (BW HO):

Berlinerwerke - the Berliner Works.
Lattingtown, Landing, & Locust Valley Light 'Lectric Line - The 'L - "Go to 'L!".
DD Diesel Delivery Dept. - Dependable Drayage,
    and it's new subsidiary:
        ALCo Haulers {ALCos hauling ALCos, etc.}.
Skunks Misery Excursion RR
    (there actually IS a Skunk's Misery Road near here! - see below) *.
North Fork & Western RR.
Norfork nor Wetson, The Burgher Line of Commodore Vanderbuilt's Patroon System.
        (strictly York Stater humor!).
Wopsononock Northern RR (Wopsononock actually exists in central Pennsylvania!).
Paumanok and Conodoguinet RR (Paumanok is Algonquian for Long Island and
    Conodoguinet is a creek in Pennsylvania near Enola, across the Susquehanna from Harrisburg).

Wrong Island RR (there is a LI model RR club by this name, but I used it long before they did).
D&RGW - Diaphragm and Rubber Goods Works - the Yampa Valley Male,
  Route of the Chauvinist Pig.
    To which I really must add my ecologically-oriented@ subsidiary road, the Big G -
    Long Island - End to End:
Greenpoint, Greenvale, Greenlawn & Greenport!
    @ - These are REAL Long Island place names, oriented from the far west end to the east end,
        and there's a pun in there as well;
        Orient is a town out at the far northeastern tip of LI, just past Greenport!
    (the greening of Long Island?)

* - Skunk's Misery Road signs at West End Avenue and at 10th Street in Glen Cove and at Overlook Road in Lattingtown (on Long Island, NY):
Skunk's Misery at West End Skunk's Misery at 10th St. Skunk's Misery at Overlook
It's Lattingtown Road on the south side in Glen Cove and Skunk's Misery on the north side in Lattingtown.

If you like this sort of nonsense, take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible
and at the AW NUTS Magazine site, "A Publication of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society".

    NOTE:  In what follows, kit numbers are from Märklin unless otherwise noted.

[This is the latest story, as of Nov 2011, started just after re-erecting the BW-HO ca. Summer 2011 after dismantling the entire (nominally) 10' x 31' layout and moving it piecemeal (in 12 major pieces) from Glen Head, New York, to west Medford, Massachusetts.]

First of all, in order to fit the BW-HO into a portion of a half-cellar in our new house, it had to be drastically reduced, down to a simple rectangle of 6' (~28cm) width by 17' 9" (~84cm).  Quite a "come-down" from the projected exact-scale Horseshoe Curve, eh?  Well, I'm grateful to have room for any fairly-decent-sized HO layout at all.  On top of these restrictions, I also have to shoehorn the ~3' 2½" (~97cm) by ~4' 1½" (~126cm) BW-Z layout alongside!

Secondly, the second-generation BW-HO exists substantially unaltered.  Originally, ca. 1960, it started as a 4' x 6½' piece of ¾" plywood with a ½" Homasote overlay, to which was soon added a 4' x 6" extension on the right.  Feeling greatly restricted by 22" maximum radius curves, I split the entire thing lengthwise, cutting 18" back at the left and 24" back at the right, and adding 24" filler strips.  After moving to Glen Head in 1968, more bits were added, culminating in adding 8' banjoes at each end and allowing for handsome 46" maximum radii.

Stripping off the banjoes and such and adding 36" x 72" at the left (fixed) end and 27¼" x 72" at the right (free or peninsula) end results in the new 6' by 17' 9¼" layout, allowing a maximum radius of 34", still reasonably generous:

2011 BW-HO Layout Growth
[08 Dec 2016/03 Nov/17 Apr 2011 BW-HO Layout Growth by and © 2016/2011 SB,III - all rights reserved]
{Drawing revised 08 Dec 2016 to show original 6½" sections at turntable end (left).}

The turntable and roundhouse stay as before and I still have room to insert the proposed (but never completed) 21" x 24" transfer table:

2011 BW-HO Layout Diagram
[02 Nov 2011 BW-HO Layout Diagram by and © 2011 SB,III - all rights reserved]

The diagonal scribble at left is the pixellated image of the proposed BW Foundry (two old Suydam corrugated American Chemical & Potash Co. kits with two AC&P Annex extensions).  The diagonal scribble in the center should read "REVERSING LOOP".

Because there is no room anywhere for the huge Z-scale (1:220) Anhalter Bahnhof (the gigantic former Berlin RR station) model, all 18" x 34" of it, plus approaches, I put it on the ledge above the BW-HO and will run Z gauge track from the BW-Z at upper right down along the right wall, left along the ledge, and back, for some scale miles!

[More to follow.]

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such, visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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