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Making the "Famous" Berlinerwerke Railroad

[The Z-Scale Version]

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    Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 3,
    Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 4,
    Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 5,
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      including a Tour of the Berlinerwerke-Z.
    Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 8.
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For details of each page, see the A HREF=bwz-saga.html#bwzindex>BW Saga Master Index at the bottom of this main BW-Z Saga page.   new (05 Dec 2016)

But first, a summary of


the Original Set (BW HO):

Berlinerwerke - the Berliner Works.
Lattingtown, Landing, & Locust Valley Light 'Lectric Line - The 'L - "Go to 'L!".
DD Diesel Delivery Dept. - Dependable Drayage,
    and it's new subsidiary:
        ALCo Haulers {ALCos hauling ALCos, etc.}.
Skunks Misery Excursion RR
    (there actually IS a Skunk's Misery Road near here! - see below) *.
North Fork & Western RR.
Norfork nor Wetson, The Burgher Line of Commodore Vanderbuilt's Patroon System.
        (strictly York Stater humor!).
Wopsononock Northern RR (Wopsononock actually exists in central Pennsylvania!).
Paumanok and Conodoguinet RR (Paumanok is Algonquian for Long Island and
    Conodoguinet is a creek in Pennsylvania near Enola, across the Susquehanna from Harrisburg).

Wrong Island RR (there is a LI model RR club by this name, but I used it long before they did).
D&RGW - Diaphragm and Rubber Goods Works - the Yampa Valley Male,
  Route of the Chauvinist Pig.
New MerBents logo     To which I really must add my new ecologically-oriented* subsidiary road, the Big G -
    Long Island - End to End:
Greenpoint, Greenvale, Greenlawn & Greenport!
    * - These are REAL Long Island place names, oriented from the far west end to the east end,
        and there's a pun in there as well;
        Orient is a town out at the far northeastern tip of LI, just past Greenport!
    (the greening of Long Island?)

Ruckberg (Back Mountain).
Kreisdorf (Loop Town).

Merc Bents logo

Second Generation (BW-Z):

Berliners Bessere Biffi Bauerei - Berliner's Better Biffy Builders.
Berliners Bessere Ballast Belastungen
  und Sams Schöner Schotter und Schlake Zech
. -
  Berliner's Better Ballast Loads and Sam's Nicer Ballast and Gravel Tipple.
Mercerized Bents, Inc. - Fine Imported German Bridge Bents -
  Guaranteed to Hold a Lustrous Finish.
    [Note the elegant new logo at right, above!]   added (22 Jun 2019)
Bright Moment Station - home to the engine with a smiling face.
RAC Logo Restinghouse Air Break Corporation - Manufacturers of Ultrasonic
  Shock Waves - "You Can be Shocked if it's Restinghouse"
    (far more in this vein on the BWZ NAMES page.).
Restinghouse Rasthaus - Restinghouse Guest (Resting) House.
Elgin Marbles - Rosetta Stone, Mgr. - "Don't Lose your Marbles".
Kolls Kohl - Koll's Coal {Koll's is the big Märklin Z equipment cataloger}.
Orion Tar - The Home of the Three Kings, "We Three Kings of Orion Tar" (I refuse to apologize!).

Latest Additions (especially for the row of store fronts along Railroad Avenue):

ES2O Stranded Oil logo

ES2O - Stranded Oil Co. (RR service on the main line
    and gasoline/petrol/benzin stations)
Walter Elias - Disney Licensee - Toys & Novelties.
Jenny Saykwah - Information Systems
    (variation on a Dick Tracy character).
TSF - Cellular Phones.
O. Tannenbaum - Christmas Trees (cribbed from a cartoon).
Perry A. - Eau d'Or Springs, Bottled Water, "It's the Rust".
Canada Dri - Dessicants.
Dewey, Cheatem & Howe - Attorneys at Law (an oldie).
Conn-Artzt Investments - Bill Kerr, representing
  Prewde and Schall Securities and Shearsome Laymen-American Eggspress.
Pecksniff's Bank.
Rose, Mary, & Tyme - Imported Spices.
Matthew, Mark & Luke Johns - Custom Fittings for the Lavatory.
Felonious Monk - Religious Music Plagiarist.
Bonne, Eday, plc. - Patent Specialists (Bonnie Day, founder).
Roads Scholars - Educational Material Shippers
    (I saw a real "Road Scholar Transportation" truck).
Tectonic Plates, Inc. - Imported Continental Crusts.
Der Fettisch Löffel (the Greasy Spoon) Diner.
Hardt-Knox, Inc. - Reflex Hammers - the most striking device in medicine {unabashedly cribbed}.
Berliner's Macho Macro Machers (and Berliner's Better Bitmap Builders).
Homer N. Jethro - Canine Fenestration Valuators.
Budd, Wise, Urr - Amphibia.
Hannah N. Barbera - Cartoonist.
Smokey Stover - Chimney Sweep.
Howard's Johnson Bars - Reverse Gear.
Rogers Peat Co. - Natural Fuels.
Ginger Vitis, D.D.S. - Periodontist.
Clan Destine - Secret Scottish Fraternal Order (thanks to Joel Loewy).
Power Potion - Calamine Lotion for Megabytes.
Hoe House - Garden Tools.
Vulgar Boatman - Russian Restaurant.
London Derrière - Retrospective Irish Music Publishers.
Rodin Track - The Magazine about Finely-Sculpted Racing Cars.
Holmes & Watson - Makers of Enquiries.
Stationery Traffic - Dealers in Contraband Writing Papers
    (inspired in England, ca. 23 Oct 98, by the wonderfully-oxymoronic British road sign,

"Stationary Traffic").

GENERAL Store - featuring BRASS, whole COLONEL corn, MAJOR appliances, CAPTAINS tables, LOO tenants, WARRANT teas, NON-COM postments, SERGEANT locks, CORPORAL punishments, PRIVATE parts, CADET gloves, and DOG faces.

Also, MARINE hardware, RANKIN files, ADMIRAL tea, COMMODE doors, COMMAND ants, BOAT swains (BEAU suns), MAY teas, SEAMANS chests, YEOMAN rheas, and SWAB bees.

Sherlock Homes - Realtors (there REALLY is one, hereabouts).
Boston Wailers - Down East Maritime Folk Singers - songs of the workboats.
The Pawn Shop MUST be Rook's Pawn Shop "Specializing in Antique Chess Sets"
  [of course, it could also be Hocker's Pawn Shop, eh?]   added (22 Jun 2019)
    and the hotel simply HAS to be Ferd E. Grofé's GRAND CANYON SUITES, does it not?
Statue Delivery - Statuary Transportation Services for Museums and Private Persons
    (with apologies to M. Bartholdi and all the children who mispronounce his greatest work).
Klopstock Stock Cutters - Metal Cutting Tools [Gorham Tool Co. actually does (or did) make Klopstock cutting tools].
Than Kieu - Vietnamese Acknowledgment Cards.
Horrors, Grearly & Co., agents for Go West, the Young Man's Airline.
L. L. Beans, Oats, Peas, and Barley Growers.
Leon Perrins - purveyor of the world-famous "Woostashur" sauce.
Digger@ O'Dell Funeral Home - "Your friendly undertaker" (who remembers him - from "The Great Gildersleeve"?)
        [@ - Aaaauuuiggghhhh!  I am advised May 01 (and, worse, it has been confirmed)
    that my life-long memory of "Digby" O'Dell is
    wrong, WRONG, WRONG!]
The Backhoe Road {this was an oldie, added to this list 22 Nov 01}.

    22 Jul 99 - These go from bad to worse (MUCH worse)!
        Like the sausage that went from bad to wurst?

The Porter Cable Company - wire products.
Gibbon's Monkey Wrenches - "You'll Go Ape for a Gibbon" (oh, I DO like this one!).
Rockaweigh Masonry Scales
Tailor Maid - Uniforms for Domestics (there was a local domestics agency by this name).
Foote, Luce, and Fancifree - Travel Agents.

Last gasp for 1999:  How about Frankie Lane and Meryl Street?

and now, for my next act - the first name of
Year 2000 - moved to BWZ NAMES page 20 Feb 01.

and now, for my next next act - the first name of
Year 2001 - moved to BWZ NAMES page 20 Feb 01.

and what WAS that other absolute gem I thunk up while motoring up to London (England) in Oct 1998?
    [Still can't think of it!]

These have definitely gone from the s(ub)lime to the ridiculous!  Definitely Zany!  And I don't even have the decency to apologiZe!

Hey!  How come there are (or were) H O Quick Oats but no Z Quick OatZ?  No fair!  Ah, but see Z-scale page.

If you enjoy this idiocy, you've gotta see the Zictionary, my Pseudodictionary, and the real Pseudodictionary!

Nothing whatsoever, however, can top this for-real, actual place name of that grand old Welsh town on the southeast coast of the isle of Anglesey off the north coast of Wales, hard by the Menai Bridge, which I finally rediscovered in full (named "Llanfair P G" for short to fit railroad timetables and such), at the railway museum in Darlington, England, as I walked over to see Locomotion #1 (the world's first steam passenger engine), on an old (or fake) station sign, the full name of which is:

Llanfair P G sign
(SB,III Photo)
            10        20        30        40        50      58
For the pronounciation and translation, turn to Llanfair P G's own village page, which just may have the longest URL, as well!

Oh, I dunno; the longest place name in the United States is Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg - REALLY!  It's near the tri-point of Rhode Isl;and, Connecticut, and Massachussetts, where the great East Thompson, Connecticut, train wreck occurred in 1891.  That wreck was the only time in U. S. history that FOUR (4) trains collided at one place.  Anyway, let's see what we have (without "Lake"):   new (16 Oct 2015)

            10        20        30        40   45
"ONLY" 45 characters?  Aw, shucks!

The road between the far side {"Far Side", eh?  That's appropriate!} of the new yard extension and the backdrop buildings is already determined to be Railroad Avenue; but I do wish I had a place to put The Backhoe Road!

Bingo!  No sooner said than done!  I started putting on the yard extension in May 1998.  Have you seen the latest idiocies above?  I'm especially pleased with The Backhoe Road!  Since there's absolutely no room for it, I'll separate the backdrop houses along Railroad Avenue at the back and have a stub cross street so named:

PS|  |Check Cashing	    Terra Incognita			      FH
ah|  |<-Loansum Road		|  |			 Py Road->|  |is
wo|  |		(Buildings)	|  |<-The Backhoe Road (Buildings)|  |re
np|  \Bank______________________|  |______________________________|  |e.
			 Railroad Avenue
			      New Yard


I added two side roads, as well, one with a pawn shop and check cashing service and a bank (Pecksniff's?), on Loansum Road, and another dreamed (nightmared?) up for a firehouse for all this real estate on the opposite corner, which must be "Py Road!  On the opposite corner of Py Road shall be the headquarters offices of the International Firemanic {how appropriate!) Fraternity, πρ (Pi Rho).

If you don't get this last, don't bother asking!

[Incidentally, how DOES one write Pi Rho (pirho) in Greek in HTML?  Couldn't be easier - π is Alt 0960 on the keyboard and &pi; in HTML and ρ is Alt 0961 on the keyboard and &rho; in HTML.  For more on HTML character sets, see just that - Alt-xxx and Alt-0xxx Charactersets.]

{Go down, go down, that Loansum Road, before you travel on - - - .}

Oh, how could I have missed this one?  07 Dec 01 - the Firemanic Fraternity, πρ (Pi Rho), has to have a drill team named (you guessed) the Pi Rho Maniacs!

* - Skunk's Misery Road signs at West End Avenue and at 10th Street in Glen Cove and at Overlook Road in Lattingtown (on Long Island, NY):
Skunk's Misery at West End Skunk's Misery at 10th St. Skunk's Misery at Overlook
It's Lattingtown Road on the south side in Glen Cove and Skunk's Misery on the north side in Lattingtown.

If you like this sort of nonsense, take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible
and at the AW NUTS Magazine site, "A Publication of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society".

    NOTE:  In what follows, kit numbers are from Märklin unless otherwise noted.

[This is the original story (with minor corrections), as printed in Ztrack Magazine, Number 9, December 1990, just after adding the Transfer Table and engine houses but before major expansion of the balance of the facilities of the Berlinerwerke-Z, especially the addition of the turntable and roundhouse.]

1990 Layout Diagram
[Layout Diagram which accompanied 1990 article]

A Brief History

note-rt - [I moved from Long Island, NY, to the Boston, MA, area on 15 Jul 2010 - not all geographic references herein have been changed.]

My mythical great-grand-uncle Wiener Berliner (a.k.a Vee'ner Bearlee'ner) founded a small ironworks somewhere in Germany.  It was moved to the U.S.A., ending up at Mineola Junction {of the Long Island Rail Road}, New York.  Later the "werke" moved to Glen Head on the Oyster Bay line.  A major facility was set up in central Pennsylvania, just over the Allegheny crest from Altoona.  Heading east, we come to the great Horseshoe Curve, and finally Altoona, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and New York.

The rationale of the Berlinerwerke is to justify fitting the Horseshoe Curve onto one end if it, connecting Pittsburgh and the Allegheny tunnels with Sunnyside yard, the LIRR, and the great railroad bridge across Long Island Sound between Greenport and Rhode Island.

The BW plant includes a major museum and restoration shop, so anything can run on the BW without restrictions.  There is an excursion RR and a heavy-equipment moving group with gigantic engines (DDP-45 and worse), enormous drop-center flatcars, a Schnable car and others going up to an 880-ton monster with 38 axles, scaling out at one meter in length in HO.  That would be 15" in Z!  All this runs some pretty strange rolling stock.  There are a number of steam engine houses, a dynamometer shop, a large turntable and roundhouse, and a huge 6-track diesel shop and 8-track transfer table all on the basic tabletop.

(For more detailed information about the HO Berlinerwerke,
visit the Horseshoe Curve/Berlinerwerke Saga page.)

The Layout

The Z scale version of the BW started in 1980 with a used Märklin Mikado and some four-wheeled cars.  The big 14-axle #8620 DB Schnable car followed almost the instant it came out.  Several other cars and Märklin's DB 09 006 0-6-0 shunter were added.  While on a trip to Germany, I managed to pick up a new SilverLiner set at what I considered to be a give-away price, hoping to motorize it.  In addition, I just purchased a scrap 8874/8875 diesel engine chassis and a new motor, and will write up the conversion for a future edition of Ztrack.  In HO, the BW is basically a huge dogbone, some 30 feet long, with a deep center-section (some 50 turnouts service all this).  A double-track elevated digression will run up to the Allegheny summit along a 50' wall then double around Horseshoe Curve (34" radius in Z) and back, thus giving four tracks around the Curve.

The Z Scale Version

The 220:1 version came into being as a result of an amicable divorce, which put a real, if happily temporary, crimp in my expansion plans in 87:1.  The idea of a yard inside a couple of loops was carried over, with a working transfer table.  Eventually, the Z layout may become a removable very-large-scale live steam club or an amusement park railroad on the HO-scale BW.

    {Not bloody likely - as of 17 Feb 2003!}

The Z-scale BW sits on a 2 x 4 foot sheet of Homasote, framed with an integral 6" shelf up front for two tiny AutoPulse "TRoller" powerpacks and far too many switches and controls, including that for the transfer table.  The maximum height, without structures, is only 2 " (the transfer table operator's shack has to come off for that).  It was designed to fit in the trunk of a car I no longer have!  There are ten regular turnouts, one curved turnout, one double-slip switch, a reversing loop, twelve blocks, three uncoupling ramps, as well as two single-track steam engine houses, three double-track diesel shops, and two small bridges.  All buildings, even the engine houses with their power-operated doors, are demountable.

To date, there is no scenery whatsoever {but the BW-Z is so crammed with stuff that nobody seems to notice!}.

(Not all of the foregoing came to pass or was valid later,
but for more detailed information about the HO Berlinerwerke,
visit the Horseshoe Curve/Berlinerwerke Saga page.)

As of the current writing, with the roundhouse and turntable "squoze" inside the reversing loop, we're up to 13 regular turnouts, 2 curved turnouts, about 24 blocks, and are working up a bunch of uncoupling ramps for Micro-Trains Magnematics.  The new "North" yard will add 2 more turnouts and 3 more double slip switches.  Shoehorning a runaround for the container terminal will add 2 more curved tuRnouts, which will have too be heavily modified and add operating interest because the clearances will be very much substandard!  At rough count, there are now 30 buildings or industrial complexes, all crammed into 2' x 4', but that will skyrocket when I (momentarily) add the 6" shelf at "North" for the yard and put storefronts all along the back ("Railroad Avenue").

I almost did the BW-Z in on 16 Feb 03; I probably shouldn't even admit I pulled this caper!  I was carring a bowl of very-hot, canned chicken and rice soup, loaded with okra and gelatin and who knows what other thickeners and was carrying it in the same room as the BW-Z when I twisted my ankle slightly and went careening across the room with the soup slopping slightly into the serving plate under the bowl.  That greased the ways and the bowl started to go its own way, but the general trajectory of man and bowl was straight toward the BW-Z!  Contorting myself in a manner worthy of the great Mikhail Baryshnikov, I teetered sideways just enough that I was able to set the plate and bowl down on top of the left-hand controller, which has a relatively horizontal surface, before I twisted out of the way and missed colliding with the layout, but NOT before about a cupful of hot, slimy soup and vegetables and such slopped onto the controller and the adjoining electrical switches and over the front left edge of the framing onto the space where the Restinghouse plant would have been!  Of course, the soup ran down between the Homasote and the framing, where nothing short of a fire axe could have reached it!  A mad dash for paper towels took care of most of the liquid, which, oddly enough, only reached to the outer track and did not splash onto it or seep under, but soup and rice got between the controller and the framing and the switch panel; some frantic screwdriver work pulled the controller loose and the panel up, and I ended up with only two switches to mop out (we'll see if they work in a day or two).  You haven't lived if you've never disconected a power pack and taken it to the bathroom to sponge it off!  The layout is down for rewiring, so there were no buildings in place and the only cars nearby were just outside the trajectory of splashing soup; one of my hermaphrodite-couplered M-T flats got a tiny speck on the deck, where it wiped off quite easily, but my FR Husky stack car, although knocked wildly away just in time, came off clean and without a scratch, as did a Märklin caboose.  18 hours later, the Homasote, while stained lightly, is dry and there doesn't seem to be any trace of odor.  Time to start reassembling things!  MR is (was) right; model railroading IS fun with everlasting challenge!

[I'd like to personally thank Will Wright of Full Throttle for his long friendship and the many beautiful carZ he produces,
which have given me, and continue to give me, great pleasure on my Berlinerwerke-Z.]
added.gif (28 Feb 2011)

I probably should add here that I actually started the Berlinerwerke-Z on 27 December 1980 with a Märklin 8907A starter set at a whopping $99.50 from the late Charles Schaeffer at The Caboose in Huntington, Long Island.  I gave him back that awful 6727 power pack but bought so much track and so many accessories that my original bill came to $344.90 before tax!  I (13 Dec 1997) found my original layout sketches and worksheets dated 26 Dec 1980 and updated on the 27th!

For details of each page, here is a BW Saga Master Index {TBS}:

  This Berlinerwerke-Z Main Page (),
    (with a summary of BW RR, BUSINESS, and PLACE NAMES)
    Llanfair Sign
    A Brief History (and description, of the Berlinerwerke)
  Berlinerwerke-Z Names Continuation Page,
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 2,
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 3,
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 4,
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 5,
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 6,
    including a Tour of the Berlinerwerke-Z.
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 8.
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 9.   new (05 Dec 2016)
  Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 10.   new (17 Dec 2019)
    Nulloids - the Secret Behind Dehydrated Water!
    How to Secure the Lift Section.

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such, visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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