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Berlinerwerke-Z Saga
Continuation Page 9


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BW-Z Script

Saga Continuation Page 9

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On this Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 9:   new (02 Dec 2016)


Wiring the Märklin 8559 Crossing and 8560 Double Slip Switch (moved from page 8 on 02 Dec 2016).
    new (02 Dec 2016) and rev (05 Dec 2016)

On BW Saga Page 8, I had started the story of how the Märklin 8559 13° Crossing and the 8560 Double Slip Switch don't work if you try to cross from one polarity to another.  The solution is simple but hard to explain so I moved the whole works here.   new (02 Dec 2016)

Let's reproduce BW-Z Diagram #14 here for reference:

(10 Dec 2016 diagram, revised 10/01 Dec 2016, 27 Aug/04 Mar 2016, 05 Jan 2016, 15/06 Dec/30 May/06/2015,
20 Jan 2014, 18/24 Jan, 15/22 Feb/13 Oct 2013, and 11 Dec 2012
by and © S. Berliner, III 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 - all rights reserved)

[Click on thumbnailed diagram for larger image.]

[That drawing was revised yet again to clean up a few details and to move Ilona's X-over "I" left to abut Karl's Crossing "K", making the cross-over an(other) 8560 double slip switch.  That little fillip allows direct access to the Anhalter Bahnhof yard lead from the main and to the outermost stub track.]   new (10 Dec 2016)

This was an interesting question, one I never did resolve on the original BW-Z.  Do the internal current paths of the Märklin 8559 13° Crossing and the 8560 Double Slip Switch allow multi-throttle use or must they be electrically isolated and specially jumpered?   added (29 Oct 2016) and rev (05 Dec 2016)

I COULD set up a special temporary test track to find out (highly unlikely) or just blunder through (far more likely).  Here's the problem:

[29 Oct/13 Aug 2016 image and © 2016 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.]

The problem is that continuity exists (or should) from:

     8559 Crossing  ||  8560 Double Slip  
A59 to C59 and F59  ||  A60 to C60 and F60
B59 to D59 and E59  ||  B60 to D60 and E60
C59 to H59 and A59  ||  C60 to H60 and A60
D59 to G59 and B59  ||  D60 to G60 and B60

Note, however, that while the A59 and H59 on the 8559 Crossing are gapped from each other and from the half-frog, as are D59 and E59, on the 8560 Double Slip Switch, A60 and H60 are one continuous rail, as are D60 and E60.  ???

I assume I'll find that powering the slip switch or crossing from one side only should work; let us earnestly hope so.  If not, then the two pieces would have to have their own feeders, which they do not.  We shall see.

Hmm; wonder if my ancient Märklin track manual shows Figure 8 wiring?  Gotta find it, first - stay tuned.

O. K.; after looking in all the wrong places, I finally found it in a file cabinet - Märklin mini-club GLEISANLAGEN 0290 dated 12/75 ju, auf Deutsch, together with 08 76 ju translation booklet 0292 in English, Spanish, and two Scandinavian languages (Swedish and Danish?), Track layouts.  The plastic envelope in which both were packaged has a Caboose {Hobbies} price sticker marked 0292 $11.70.  Some of the more complex of the 16 layouts featured have double fold-out diagrams, so I had a LOT of configurations to examine.  RATS!  Not one single layout has a Figure 8 at grade (as opposed to over a bridge) or any other use of the 8559 or 8560 in a reversing mode!

Well, it turns out to be easily resolved in both cases on the BW-Z; at K, Karl's Crossing, and at B/J, A-B Switch and XX X-over.  In both cases, they have to be fully isolated.  At the former, I will simply use a pair of opposed 8589 Circuit Tracks to trip an 8947 Reversing Relay changing the polarity of the crossing:   new (05 Dec 2016)

[03 Dec 2016 image © 2016 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.]

In the latter, I will use the controls for a remote 8565 LH Turnout at A-B Switch to trip another 8947 Reversing Relay changing the polarity of the cross-over, the slip switch, AND the entire Anhalter Bahnhof and yard:

[For clarity {?}, I added the 8560 double slip switch that ties the main to the Anhalter Bahnhof yard lead.]   new (10 Dec 2016)

[03 Dec 2016 images © 2016 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.]

IF this layout were intended for group operation, I'd separate the shed trackage but that's an excessive feature for just me all by my lonesome.

In both instances, I am using N. J. International #2300 N-scale Switch Indicators wired across the gaps to show green for normal polarity and red for reversed polarity:

NJI2300 Polarity
[03 Dec 2016 images - l. after NJ Int'l. / r. by and © 2016 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.]

Quite simply, using a Märklin 8590 Feeder Track as an example, if rails A and C are hot and rails B and D are neutral, power for the 2300 LEDs can only flow to the green LED when the two track sections have the same polarity and to the red LED when the two tracks sctions have reversed polarity.

[Although I show the green LED wired from A to D and the red LED wired from A to C, they could just as easily be wired the other way - green from B to C and red from B to D.]

I use a similar arrangement of indicators at each end of the old BW-HO's reversing cut-off and it works quite well.  Further, I could power the polarity indicators from the AC via yet another relay, the Märklin 8946, so they'd be on regardless of track voltage, but why bother?

Now to rewire the Märklin 8560 Double Slip Switch at the very heart of the original BW-Z!  What a neat idea; I was never happy with the original arrangement but had no idea how to correct it.  Here's the way it will work:   new (12 Dec 2016)

[11/12 Dec 2016 images © 2016 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.]

ANOTHER 8947 relay?

Märklin 8947 reversing switches [Zweipoliger Umschalter] (DPDT relays, really) are long out-of-production; luckily, they are still available on eBay and I was able to pick up a few more (my, this IS an expensive hobby!) (30 Mar 2017).

- - - * - - -

The revision to the infamous diagram was intended to be #15, cleaning up a few details and moving Ilona's X-over, but somehow I messed it up so it never appeared here.  However, on "mature" consideration, that so-called yard lead for Alley Yard is useless; it is merely a bypass and does not allow making up strings without invading the main.  Since, I don't want to obtrude out over the BW-HO and don't want to rebuild the two-track "Z-Track on AZ El over Val-Eaze Viaduct" running along the wall, the main it will have to be.  So, back out goes the "lead"!  With lots more little changes, here is that diagram yet again, as #15 (24 Jun 2017):

(24 Jun 2017 diagram, revised 10/01 Dec 2016, 27 Aug/04 Mar 2016, 05 Jan 2016, 15/06 Dec/30 May/06/2015,
20 Jan 2014, 18/24 Jan, 15/22 Feb/13 Oct 2013, and 11 Dec 2012
by and © S. Berliner, III 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - all rights reserved)

[Click on thumbnailed diagram for larger image.]

There IS one little idea that nags, though.  How about finishing the cabinet and structure to hold the layout and laying the rest of the track, instead of just armchair railroading?

Well, I actually DID do some serious construction work, abandoning the complex means of holding the BW-Z on a cabinet whil(e)(st) allowing for it to swing out and to tilt up for maintenance.  Instead, I piano-hinged it to the wall for both motions and made up suspension chains to hold it up when tilted.  I also abandoned the idea of hiding micromini switches in AB Tower, turning it 90°, and putting the switches on the wall under the ledge.  Alley Yard's triangular roadbed and plywood are finished and, as of this writing, the two major mechanical things left to do are to finish installing the roadbed and alumin(i)um angle for Z Track (between Kluz Curves and Alley Yard), with some means of locking the small end in place.  Next comes major tracklaying and then wiring and she'll scoon!   new (27 Mar 2018)

Pix will follow.

I really look forward to operating (chooching) trains over the full length of the expanded BW-Z; I even treated myself to a Märklin/AZL 88629 "PRR EMD E8A Diesel Electric Locomotive" to haul my elegant 87847 Pennsy six-car passenger string - instead of the dinky old F7 (M-TL 14009?) I've been using.

Continued from Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Page 7, et seq.

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