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Champlain College
Continuation Page 2

Plattsburgh, New York

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S. Berliner, III's

Champlain College
Continuation Page 2

Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"
Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Rail, Auto, Air, Ordnance, and Model Enthusiast
Light-weight Linguist, Lay Minister, and Putative Philosopher
Popularizer of Science and Technology


of Plattsburgh*, New York

(the late, if unlamented - NOT the newer#
Champlain College of Burlington, Vermont,
nor any of the others that keep coming out of the woodwork!)

ACUNY Seal - B&W
The seal of ACUNY (not Champlain, alone), with Mohawk, Sampson, and Champlain,
left, center, and right on the scroll (from the title page of the Gilbert book).

* - The city in the far northeastern corner of New York State,
on the northwestern shore of Lake Champlain,
just south of the Canadian border and Montréal, is Plattsburg (no "h");
the Pennsylvania city far to the southwest, has an h on the end - Pittsburgh -
but Champlain College was located in Plattsburg
(no matter what they call it now!).

[Ah!  But see Spelling on the main page.]

If you love the North Country or the Adirondack Mountains, you'll love the Adirondack Museum smack dab in the heart of the Adirondacks at Blue Mountain Lake, New York.  It tells the story of the Adirondacks far better than any book could.  I heartily recommend a visit!  If you can't get there, you may wish to visit my Adirondacks page.

You will find some yarns about my time at Champlain there.

note-rt.gif  ACADEMIC RECORDS {on Continuation Page 3}!

To make room on the main CC page, I had to move the HELP! section to Continuation Page 1 on 04 Dec 01, but, to make room for more musings on that page, I also moved the material about Dr. Gilbert's book to this page on 23 Jan 2002.

On this continuation page, I have reproduced (below) many of the photos from Dean Gilbert's 1950 ACUNY book.

Be sure to visit the main Champlain College page, the Continuation Page 1, and the Continuation Page 3, as well.

note-rt.gif  I had recommended that you also see the Champlain College Website of Strat Simon, quite the capable photographer, who had put up six pages on Champlain on his photo site, where you could have clicked on the blue college seal at lower right, or you could have gone directly there but his sites are now gone.  I have been able to reproduce all, or at least most, of his old site right here!   rev (10 Nov 2016)

Champlain Pictures from Dean Gilbert's 1950 ACUNY Book
(moved from Champlain Continuation Page 1 on 23 Jan 2002)

Dean Amy M. Gilbert was the "Professor of History and Political Science and Official Historian of ACUNY" per the title page of her book, "ACUNY - The Associated Colleges of Upper New York = A Unique Response to an Emmergency in Higher Education in the State of New York", Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, 1950.

A 1953 grad advises that Dean Gilbert "was also responsible for drafting some of the Versailles Treaty"!

Now, here is a large selection of photos of Champlain (not Mohawk or Sampson, of which there are also many) from Dean Gilbert's 1950 book, reproduced by permission.  Dean Gilbert was appointed Official Historian of ACUNY by the Trustees on 17 Dec 1947 and had many of the photos taken for the purpose.  There are many more, but few others identified specifically to Champlain.  Numbers in (parentheses) refer to the map.  They are in no significant order (other than some supposedly logical grouping); scroll away:

Ch Col Aerial
An aerial view of the school (barracks?), looking almost due north.
You can easily make out "Kilroy's Castle", the triple coal silo, immediately above dead center.
(This and all photos below from the 1950 Gilbert book - all rights reserved)

This map has been completely redone by rescanning and reposting 09 Dec 2002/11 Jan 2003 and thumbnailing with Strat Simon's scan 30 Aug 2003:

Ch Col Map
(Thumbnail image - click on picture for bigger image)

Ch Col Map no-Index

Ch Col Map Index

A better{?} map of the campus (I have added a more legible cross-referenced
list of the numbers and buildings, as promised):

Figure 23. Champlain College campus: ACUNY Administration
Building, Post Office, and Library 1; Beaumont Infirmary 33; Book-
store 3; Cafeteria 27; Champlain Administration Building 76; Chapel
26; classrooms 51, 52, 53, 54, 63, 66, 73, 75, 82; Faculty Club 18; Fire
House 36; Gymnasium 30; housing for faculty 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15,
16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 31, 68, 71, 74, 77, 80, 81; housing for
married students 5, 6, 7, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45, 50, 57, 60, 64, 65, 67, 71,
80; Maintenance and Operations 86; President's House 17; student dor-
mitories -- Clinton Hall 27, Cumberland Hall 3, Hudson Hall 14, Sar-
atoga Hall 34, Ticonderoga Hall 35, Valcour Hall 32; Student Union
4; Theater 29.
[I had real trouble reproducing the map and index clearly because of severe "show-through" of the dark image on the back side of that page, which is why I thumbnailed it with Strat's image.]

{Also, I neglected to allow for reproduction variations; for whatever accuracy the book may have, the scale is such that the perpendicular distance from the left (south) edge of Clinton Hall (27-28) to the road or path between it and the adjacent tennis courts to the right (north) is exactly one inch (600 feet).}

Here, for your convenience, are a wholly alphabetical index and a straight numerical index:
ACUNY Administration Building - 1
Beaumont Infirmary - 33
Bookstore - 3
Cafeteria - 27
Champlain Administration Building - 76
Chapel - 26
classrooms - 51, 52, 53, 54, 63, 66, 73, 75, 82
Clinton Hall - student dormitory - 28 rev (10 Nov 2016)
Cumberland Hall - student dormitory - 3
Faculty Club - 18
Fire House - 36
Gymnasium - 30
housing for faculty - 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20,
    21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 31, 68, 71, 74, 77, 80, 81
housing for married students - 5, 6, 7, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45,
    50, 57, 60, 64, 65, 67, 71, 80
Hudson Hall - student dormitory - 14
Infirmary (Beaumont) - 3
Library - 1
Maintenance and Operations - 86
Post Office - 1
President's House - 17
Saratoga Hall - student dormitory - 34
Student Union - 4
Theater - 29
Ticonderoga Hall - student dormitory - 35
Valcour Hall - student dormitory - 32     Numerical Index:     ===============
1 - ACUNY Administration Building, Library, and Post Office
3 - Cumberland Hall - student dormitory, Bookstore, and Beaumont Infirmary
4 - Student Union
5-7 - married students housing
8-13 - faculty housing
14 - Hudson Hall - student dormitory
15-16 - faculty housing
17 - President's House
18 - Faculty Club
19-25 - faculty housing
26 - Chapel
27 - Cafeteria {under Clinton Hall} rev (10 Nov 2016)
28 - {not listed but apparently student dormitory Clinton Hall} added (10 Nov 2016)
29 - Theater
30 - Gymnasium
31 - faculty housing
32 - Valcour Hall - student dormitory
33 - Beaumont Infirmary
34 - Saratoga Hall - student dormitory
35 - Ticonderoga Hall - student dormitory
36 - Fire House
40 - married students housing
42-45 - married students housing
50 - married students housing
51-54 - classrooms
57 - married students housing
60 - married students housing
63 - classrooms
64-65 - married students housing
66 - classrooms
67 - married students housing
68 - faculty housing
71 - married students and faculty housing
73 - classrooms
74 - faculty housing
75 - classrooms
76 - Champlain Administration Building
77 - faculty housing
80 - married students and faculty housing
81 - faculty housing
82 - classrooms
86 - Maintenance and Operations
{28 does not appear to be identified - it must be Clinton Hall, with the Cafeteria (27) in the basement}   rev (10 Nov 2016)

ACUNY Seal - Cover ACUNY Seal - B&W
The seal of ACUNY (not Champlain, alone), with Mohawk, Sampson, and Champlain,
left, center, and right on the scroll {from the cover of the book and, in black-and-white {from the title page}.

Main Gate
Main Gate (southern, by ACUNY Administration Building (1) and Flagpole.

Pres Gate
President's Gate (northern, by Bandstand and Tennis Courts)

ACUNY Admin Bldg
The ACUNY Administration Building (1) - included Post Office and Library.

Champlain College Administration Building (76).

Pres Knowles   Pres Morse
ACUNY Presidents Asa S. Knowles (1946-1948) and Frederick A. Morse (inducted 15 Feb 1948).

Pres House
President's House (17).

Student Union Interior
Student Union (4) Interior.

Cafeteria (27 - in Clinton, 28).   rev (10 Nov 2016)

Snack Bar
Campus Snack Bar (was it in the Union?).

Book Store
Book Store (3) {who are they?}.

Athletic Field
Athletic Field (isn't this looking NW? - I can't remember).

Single Students Dorms
Dormitories for Single Students (who can name them?).

{Wasn't that upper one Clinton, with the outside entrance to the basement cafeteria on the left?}

Wom Dorm
Women's Dormitory Room.

Wom Lounge 1
Women's Lounge {1} - Hudson Hall (14)

Wom Lounge 2
Women's Lounge {2} - Hudson Hall (14) - and who might those lovelies be?
{I can call them that, or "dolls"; it's PI but historically accurate!}

Rec/Blue Room
Recreation Room ("Blue Room" - what building?)

Married Stdt Apts
Married Students Apartments (typical of many).

[Molly Pitkin, (Prof. Emerson P.'s daughter) advised (01 Apr 2002) that this is one of the buildings
that burned down and that it was on the Silver Coast.]

[On re-reading further into the text, I find that Dean Gilbert wrote (pp. 194, 196, 198-199, and 206 and 208):

"At Champlain three units of brick buildings at the north end of the campus, built in 1938-1939, each containing five two-story apartments and formerly used as quarters for commissioned officers, were reserrved for the Deans and Administrative Officers and were early christened 'The Gold Coast'.  These apartments needed only redecoration and were available in the opening days of the college.  The two units of limestone buildings at the south end of the campus, built in 1938-1939, each containing six two-story apartments, and formerly used as officers' quarters, were assigned to members of the faculty and became known as 'The Silver Coast'."

"The double houses that faced the oval parade ground, built at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries, were to be converted for faculty members into buildings with six apartments each - - - .  The second oldest building on the campus, the limestone barracks in the old quadrangle of the south campus, built in 1838, was also used for faculty apartments."

"At Plattsburg the old barracks of the enlisted men, the old medical detachment barracks, and the second and third floors of the hospital building were gradually converted into dormitories for single students."

"Apartments for married students - - - at Champlain they were made out of buildings of various types.  Here signal corps barracks, carpenters' and blacksmiths' shops, storehouses for grain, the Post bakery, the camp mess storehouse, the pastry building, veterinary hospitals, lavatories, and warehouses were changed into attractive apartmenets.  The two-story limestone building on the south campus, which was built in 1835 and was the oldest building on the campus was also turned over to married students."]

Faculty Club
Faculty Club (18).

Faculty Club Interior
Faculty Club Interior.

Gold & Silver Coast Apts
Faculty Apartment Houses - "Gold Coast", above, and "Silver Coast", below.

[Molly Pitkin, who lived on the Silver Coast with her father (so she should know), advised (01 Apr 2002) that these designations (exactly as in the Gilbert book on page 195, Figure 25), are reversed ("above" vs. "below"); the Silver Coast was for professors who just had a bachelor's degree and lots of experience; while the Gold Coast was reserved for the "big shots", although Stuart C. Allen, ACUNY Head of Engineering Drawing, did live on the Gold Coast.  Note, however, in refutation, that the Gold Coast was of brick while the Silver Coast was of limestone.  ???]

Faculty Apts
Faculty Apartment Houses - along the Oval, above, and one built in 1838, below.

[Molly Pitkin advised that the old one burned down, but that it was used for married students housing.]

Beaumont Inf
Beaumont Infirmary (33).

Inf Int
Beaumont Infirmary Interior.  That was my bed in the right foreground (several years later)!

The Post/Campus Chapel (26).

Chapel Interior
Chapel Interior.

Gymnasium (30).

Gym Int
Gymnasium Interior.

Champlain Publications/Publicity.

Radio Wkshop
Radio Workshop.

Winter Weekend
Winter Weekend Ice Sculptures {Viet Cong even back then?  Vanderbilt Cup?
More likely Navy Course V (five) C - engineering, as I recall}.   rev (10 Nov 2016)

Fire House
Fire House (36).

"Kilroy's Castle" - the coal silo [right behind Ticonderoga (35) at head of RR spur].

First 2-Yr Certs 22Jan48
Awarding of first Two-Year Certificates on 22 Jan 1948 (who are they?) -
this was what it was all about (at first)

Comncmnt Jun 48
Champlain College Commencement - June 1948 (at last!).

Comncmnt Jun 49
Champlain College Commencement - June 1949 (and again!).
(All photos above from the 1950 Gilbert book - all rights reserved)
{Some photos have been cropped or rearranged and captions are primarily based
on those in the book, so please don't ask me for more info. on these photos.
Also, these are soaking up about 3Mb of memory and I don't propose to post many more.}

[Molly Pitkin further advised (01 Apr 2002) that "the other building that burned down was the dormitory (not the one with the bookstore, but across the oval) which was closest to the administration/library building" {sure sounds like Ticonderoga Hall (35) to me - SB,III}].

Among the many delightful responses I've gotten from these pages, I heard on 19 Mar 2002 from the grandson of Asa S. Knowles (above), A.B., A.M., Vice-President of Cornell University, and the President of ACUNY from 1946 to 1948; here's his grandfather again:

Here's one I didn't post before because Grandpa didn't really show
(beyond a naval officer), but it's the front porch of his house,
with Gov. Dewey just leaving after luncheon on 23 Sep 46:

Dewey at ASK House
(Photo above from the 1950 Gilbert book - all rights reserved)

{The following were rescanned 09 Dec 02:}

ASK/Dewey ASK/Conv
(Photos above from the 1950 Gilbert book - all rights reserved)
[thumbnail images - click on the pictures for larger images]

The left photo shows Asa Knowles escorting Gov. Thomas E. Dewey from his (the President's) house after luncheon and the right photo shows him speaking at the opening convocation, both on 23 Sep 1946.

Asa S(mallidge). Knowles (15 Jan 1909 - 11 August 1990) was the ninth President of the University of Toledo and the third President of Northeastern University.  A graduate of Thayer Academy, Knowles went on to earn his AB from Bowdoin College in 1930 and his MA from Boston University a few years later.  Knowles began his teaching career at Northeastern, leaving for several years to attend several administrative positions at the University of Rhode Island, the Associated Colleges of Upper New York (1946-1948), Cornell University (1948-1951), and the University of Toledo.   added (10 Nov 2016)

Knowles was Dean of Rhode Island State College when first approached to run ACUNY.  Here are even more photos of him from the Gilbert book; first with Gov. Dewey, Mrs. Asa S. (Grandma) Knowles, and Mrs. Dewey at the opening convocation at Mohawk College, 16 Oct 1946, then with the assembled dignitaries, in the opening procession, and, lastly, addressing the convocation:




Now, we follow Dean Knowles and the Governor to Sampson College for the opening convocation there on 23 Oct 1946; processing, robing, and addressing:


TED/ASK/robing-SC ASK/Conv-SC
(Photos above from the 1950 Gilbert book - all rights reserved)

Mrs. Dewey's and Grandma's hands helping with the robes?  What a great photo; those are two HAPPY guys!

Wow; these photos from the book kicked loose memories!  Ben Bisk came up with "arrived in SEPT. 48......majority of these pictures I never saw....the faculty housing...married students housing... I find it difficult to remember that there were women on the campus..{Ben!}..the women I saw were townies......o.o.oh those bars in the town.."MARIOS"...I cannot remember all ...yes I remember the FIFE & DRUM, THE CUMBERLAND etc........STUDENT UNION had a small cafeteria......memories BEAS SPAGHETTI HOUSE... ROYAL SAVAGE INN... - - - LARIOS...the confectionary store on the corner of MARGARET &BRIDGE STREET - - - all the officers in the town wore navy blue sweaters in the fall...I still have one of those sweaters (>53 years ) & it is still wearable...100% wool... is it HOT"!

Because of such responses, I have added this photo of downtown Plattsburg (no "h"), showing the "Patriotic Parade, Veterans' Homecoming, Plattsburg, September 23, 1946", from Dean Gilbert's book:

Vet Parade Pburg 46
(Photo above from the 1950 Gilbert book - all rights reserved)

That must have been quite a day!

Ye cats and little fishes!  I thought that was a pair of old cannon on that trailer; not so!  Look more carefully; you are looking at either a captured Nazi V-1 Buzz Bomb or an American version (the latter never were deployed).

This page is about the CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE
that was in Plattsburgh, New York.

{Save yourself a lot of embarrassment}

Don't even think of it!
(especially if you don't even know the meaning of the word "defunct"!)

[If you still insist on applying, click here.]

If you think this admonition and the one at the top of the page are a gag, think again!
I have had a steady trickle of requests for application forms - really, truly.
[See further admonition on the main page.]

Be sure to visit the main Champlain College page, the Continuation Page 1, and the Continuation Page 3   new.gif, as well.

Sampson A.F.B.

Sampson A.F.B. Veterans - There are two Websites for you guys, http://www.homestead.com/sampsonvets/ and http://www.sampsonvets.com/.  I never knew that my late* buddy, Bill McPhillips, was one of you (nor did he know of, let alone that I went to, Champlain)!  So, for Bill and his buddies, here are a few photos of Sampson from Dean Gilbert's book; with the campus map first (thumbnailed - (15 Jun 2008):

Sampson Coll Map
[thumbnail image - click on the picture for a larger image;
sorry about the show-through from the other side of the page.]

Then we have three aerial views (not further identified):

Sampson Coll 1

Sampson Coll 2

Sampson Coll 3

These show Sullivan Auditorium, the removal of a drill hall, and the remnants of Roosevelt Hall after a fire levelled it:

Sampson Coll 4

Sampson Coll 5

Sampson Coll 6

Last, here are Livingston Corners (offices), the Chemistry and Physics Buildings, and Roosevelt Hall (before the fire):

Sampson Coll 7

Sampson Coll 8

Sampson Coll 9
(Sampson map and photos above from the 1950 Dean Amy Gilbert book - all rights reserved)

Now, these photos soak up expensive memory and were only to be posted temporarily as a courtesy; since no one picked them up, I've left them up. (15 Jun 08)

* -I regret to note that noted poet Willam Brendan (Bill) McPhilips passed away at the Northport (LI) VA hospital on 26 Mar 2008.  He was a member of the USAF's Air Training Command, Flight 3726, 3660BMTS, as of Oct 1954; a group photo follows.

[BMTS = Basic Miltary Training Squadron]   added (10 Nov 2016)

[So it said on 15 Jun 2008 - hope I can find such a picture somewhere - SB,III.]

Bill enlisted in the Air Force in Aug 1954, completed his USAF basic training at Sampson, and arrived at Brookley A.F.B. Mobile, Alabama, on 03 Nov 1954; his final assignment was at West Palm Beach, Florida.  He served three and a half years on active duty and another four and a half years in the in-active reserves.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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