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Somehow or other I ended up with copies of Chrysler's Code Sheets for the 1949 "Silver Anniversary" cars, entitled "CODES AVAILABLE ON CHRYSLER SILVER ANNIVERSARY MODELS" and covering the 1949 Chrysler Royal, Windsor, Saratoga, New Yorker, Town & Country, and Crown Imperial models, "Supplement to Confidential Bulletin 1513".  The special Windsor and New Yorker models with "HIGHLANDER" trim are also covered.

The body types covered include Club Coupe, Convertible Coupe, 6 Passenger Sedan, 8 Passenger Sedan, Limousine, Station Wagon, and Newport (this latter was the hardtop version of the convertible - the first of such, as I recall).

I won't list here all the colors and shades but you will be pleased (nay, thrilled, probably) to note that someone penciled in the equivalent Ditzler paint specification numbers!  The convertible top colors are also listed (taupe was standard unless otherwise ordered).

The second sheet lists the upholstery codes, and the third sheet lists the "SPECIAL EQUIPMENT INSTALLED AT FACTORY", the standard "ITEMS OF EQUIPMENT", and the "TELEGRAPHIC CODE NAME FOR BODY TYPES" (which I find weird).

I have provided thumbnailed images but they are hard to read; I posted the full, HUGE hi-res. images - they average about 1.2 MEGAbytes each:   rev (03 Mar 2017)

ChryCodePg1 ChryCodePg2 ChryCodePg3
1949 Chrysler Code Sheet 1 ‖ 1949 Chrysler Code Sheet 2 ‖ 1949 Chrysler Code Sheet 3
[Click on thumbnails for MUCH larger images]

I hope this enormous investment in memory and time is worthwhile to owners of surviving 1949 Chryslers.

I had one such car, a 1949 Chrysler Highlander 8 C-46 (on the New Yorker chassis) Club Coupé, which I sold on eBay on 28 Apr 2007; it can be seen at http://sbiii.com/49hilndr.html.

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