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Chrysler Imperial 8.

  '31-'32-'33 Imperial 8 Major Model Year Differences.

Imperial L-80/L*80 - the "Big Six".

Jeep (moved to Chrysler page 1 on 02 Jul .

Model Chryslers - moved from Chrysler continuation page 3 on 25 Oct 2004.

Chrysler and Mercedes inked their $3billion+ merger and DaimlerChrysler AG/Corporation began business on 17 Nov 98 and started trading combined shares on 18 Nov 98; two of my most favo(u)rite cars!

Chrysler Modelers
Model Chryslers

First, there's that Dinky 1939 Chrysler Royal London taxi noted above; the one I converted into a replica of my own car.

On Chrysler continuation page 2, I show this gem that a friend gave me for Christmas in 1999; an ostensible 1934 Chrysler Airflow Coupé, made in China in 1999 and NOT the most accurate model I've ever seen, but it's a great gag and here she is (again), all 4½" of her:

Airflow Coupé

Well, on 02 Aug 05 who should come along but a gentleman seeking headlight bulbs for this tin Airflow:


TinAirflowCoupé1 TinAirflowCoupé3
(Images cropped and enhanced by SB,III on 03 Aug 2005 from owner's photos - all rights reserved)

This beast is apparently neither a Chrysler nor a DeSoto!  It represents a 1934 Chrysler Airflow, as shown by the side vents, with 1934 DeSoto Airflow bumpers!  [I do vaguely recall, however, that some DeSoto's may have used Chrysler body shells.]

Now, who can positively identify this model as to make and such (note that the license plate reads "248", almost certainly a toy manufacturer's model number)?  Also note the empty headlight wells, which is what started all this.  We (the owner and I) believe that it used the flattened bulbs common to Gilbert Erector sets and such, roughly 3/8" in diameter:

(03 Aug 05 Sketch by SB,III - all rights reserved)

I do not propose to list all known Chrysler miniatures made but will eventually list those that interest me (which means primarily the 1931-33 Imperial 8s) of which I either have one or know of one.  There are some very well-known ones, plastic kits by MPC and Jo-Han, and the Danbury Mint did the old '42{?} T&C woodie ("Mint" is the right term).  What got me going was finding (05 Feb 00) a clear resin kit for a 1933 Chrysler Imperial 8 sedan/limo in 1:87.1 (HO) scale (with rear-mounted single spare) from Greg's Garage:

Greg's Garage
911 Maple
Saginaw, Michigan  48602

I said I'd put up a photo shortly; here 'tis
(out-of-the-bag, unassembled, balanced on two loose wheels):

(Photo 07 Feb 00 by and © 2000 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

I hope (how often have I said THAT before?) to kitbash it into a 1931 Close-Coupled Sedan with dual fender-mounts!

Oooh, goodie!  At a RR show in early May 00, I found a second Greg's '33 and was able to buy a raft of spare wheels to go with it; fender mounts, here we come!

15 Aug 00 - The Danbury Mint announced a magnificent 1:24 1948 Chrysler 8 Town & Country Convertible with real wood trim at $122.00.

I picked up a "pre-owned" die cast 1:32 1932 Chrysler Imperial 8 LeBaron Phaeton on 24 Oct 04, at a train show (of all places); there is no box and all it says on the detailed underbody is "Signature", "1932 Chrysler LeBaron", and "Made in China":




(24 Oct 04 photos by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Not only do the hood panels open but there is a detailed engine in there:

32ChryImp8LeBaronRoadstr1:32-2nl 32ChryImp8LeBaronRoadstr1:32-4nl
(enlarged and lightened from 24 Oct 04 photos by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

This model is only 6½" long but the doors also open and the interior is fully detailed as well; more photos follow:


32ChryImp8LeBRoadstr1:32-6 32ChryImp8LeBRoadstr1:32-8


(25 Oct 04 photos by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Not only do the doors open but there are a detailed dashboard, steering wheel, shift, pedals, and hand brake inside and pockets and handles on the inner panels of the doors:

32ChryImp8LeBaronRoadstr1:32-5 32ChryImp8LeBaronRoadstr1:32-9

(enlarged and lightened from 25 Oct 04 photos by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

AMC/ERTL came out with a 1:25 1932 Chrysler Imperial 8 LeBaron Roadster plastic kit for the 2004 Toy Fair; here's a picture of the side panel of the box:

32 Chry Imp 8 LeBaron Roadster 1:25
(25 Oct 04 photo by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

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