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Stan Mott and the

Hosted by S. Berliner, III


And Yet More Cyclops


On S. Berliner, III's original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to this page, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.

On the main Cyclops page (heavily revised 31 Oct 07 and again 14 Nov 07):
    Stan Mott in original Cyclops, at R&T ca. May 1957.
    Stan Mott's Original Artwork.
    Stan Mott, Artist.
        The Cartoons.
        Cyclops' Night Out.
        [The Official Plans of a Cyclops II (orthographic views)].
        Martini's Teeth.

On the Cyclops Page 1 - Classic Cyclops:
  mirror of original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to these pages, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Cyclops at the Glen in 1978.
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.
    Three Generations of a Cyclops Family!

On Cyclops page 2 - Classic Cyclops:
    Cyclops Railcars (November 1985).
    Cyclops Competition Container Caravans - the World's first All-Purpose Adjustable Vehicle (APAV) (November 1990).
    Cyclops Pony Express (March 1992).
    Cyclops Safety Car (circa 1993).
    Cyclops Simplice (October 2007).
    Miscellaneous Cyclops Cartoons and Illustrations (July 2008).
    1958 Cyclops Christmas Card and Quiz.

On Cyclops page 3 - Classic Cyclops:
    Cyclops Cutout (Jan 2009, afer ca. 1957).
    Cyclops Segway for Xmas 2009.
    Glen and Matt Thomas's Cyclops
    CYCLOPS TATTOO! (29 Feb 2012).
    CYCLEOPS (22 Aug 2012).
    New Cyclops Material (unindexed).
    Twin-Turbo Cyclops!.

On Cyclops page 4 - Even More Cyclops:
    Jim Ducoing's Cyclops II (Dec 2014)
        (with new material).   rev (29 Apr 2016)
    Ken Robins's Tuxedo Cyclops (Dec 2014).
    Cyclops Club (Apr 2015)
    Long-lost Kamm-back Cyclops Trike Found! (Apr 2015)
    Side-carred Cyclops Trike Rail Critter (22 Jul 2015)

On this Cyclops page 5 - And Yet More Cyclops:
    Jack Handy's Cyclops II at SCCM (Oct 2015).   new.gif (25 Oct 2015)
    Jack Handy's Turbo-Encabulator for his Cyclops II.   new.gif (29 Apr 2016)
    Jack Englehardt's ca. 1976 Cyclops II Revisited.   new.gif (29 Apr 2016)
    Cyclops III.   added (08 Jul 2017)
    Fun Cyclops Correspondence.   added (18 Aug 2020)

On Stan Mott page 1:
    Les 24 Heures de Choo-Choo" [the 24 Hours of Choo-Choo (as in Le Mans).
    The History of Tanks {Racing Tanks, that is}.
    A Tribute to Genius - Soviet Aircraft Designer Igor Sokerov.
    Very Expensive Thrills.
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (moved to Stan Mott page 2 on 30 Jul 2008).

On Stan Mott page 2:
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (moved to Stan Mott page 2 on 30 Jul 2008).
    Gokart Drawings and Photos.
    Recent Photos of Stan Mott.

On Stan Mott Page 3:
    More Mott Cartoons and Illustrations.
    King Kong Cub.

On Stan Mott page 4:
  new.gif (22 Aug 2012)    Mott's Spots, ca. 1965-1977.
"Chicken Road Accident" circa 1974.

On Stan Mott page 4:
    Mott's Spots, ca. 1965-1977.
"Chicken Road Accident" circa 1974.

On Stan Mott page 5:
    Twelve More for the Sketch Book
    New Stan Mott Images (unindexed).

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger/sharper image;
for the full ~1.3Mb art click here]
(image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)


Yes, welcome to The Official Automobili Cyclops SpA Website, as demonstrated by Trebor Crunchog careening a Cyclops grand prix car through the Monte Carlo Casino (above - see the main Cyclops page for the full explanation of what that was all about).

BOOK!  Stan Mott has published a fabulous graphic paperback novel, "ABSOLUTE ALLIANCE"   new.gif (13 Nov 2014)


"Although I produced most of the Cyclops features over the years, Robert Cumberford is co-creator of Cyclops and crucial contributor to the Cyclops myth (I mean reality).  Robert created Piero Martini, wrote six Cyclops articles, and assisted me greatly in learning how to write 13 Cyclops articles.  Robert has been a successful car and aircraft designer for the last 50 years, and Design Editor for Automobile Magazine for the last 21 years.  If I tried to explain the fun we've had over the last half century satirizing the foibles of the automotive world, no one would believe me - particularly since we got paid for it!  It's been a tough life.

Stan Mott"

And Yet More Cyclops: The Handy Cyclops II at SCCM

Jack Handy took his CYCLOPS to a cruise-in on Saturday, 24 Oct 2015, at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum where it was a great hit. (Oct 2015):   new (25 Oct 2015)

handysccm15 handysccm16

handysccm17 handysccm19
(courtesy of J. Handy via D. Toms - all rights reserved)
[click on thumbnails for larger images]

[Ooh!  Cyclops-schmyclops!  Is that an actual Fred Flintstone/Barney Rubble Special behind Jack's car?   rev (26 Oct 2015)

Yes, it sure tis!


Jack Handy has come up with a Turbo-Encabulator to soup up his RepliCyc (like that word?):   new (29 Apr 2016)

TurboEncab1 TurboEncab2 TurboEncab3
(courtesy of J. Handy - all rights reserved)

and then revised it:

TurboEncab4 TurboEncab5 TurboEncab6 (courtesy of J. Handy - all rights reserved)

Now, ain't that pur-dee (whatever the hell it is)?

I had the temerity to spot an anomaly on Jack Englehardt's ca. 1976 original "Fantastico" RepliCyc; the Berlinerwerke Body Shop quickly corrected it:   new (29 Apr 2016)

JacksGar JackE/III
(original {L} and modified {R} cropped images from and J. Englehardt/S. Mott {L} and SB,III {R} - all rights reserved - but to whom {and why}?)

Did you spot it?

Speaking of temerity, here, at great risk of offending Stan, are the orthographic views of the Cyclops III (courtesy of the Berlinerwerke Art Dept.):   added (08 Jul 2017) and rev (15 Jul 2017)

[click on thumbnailed drawing for larger/sharper image]
(drawing courtesy of and © S. B., III, after S. Mott original Cyclops II drawing - all rights reserved)

S. B., III caption:  20a.  The official plans of a Cyclops III.
Yes, chain drive from pedals to Throptic Drive®.
And thrailing arms to rear axle to keep it all from going cattywonky.

This gem saves greatly on hydrocarbon emissions, although the fuel tank is now used for olive oil for both nourishment and lubrication.  The battery is used only for the proper three-point Lucas P-100, sidelights, and hooter.  An exhaust pipe (not shown) from the seat cushion discharges gaseous effluent from used olive oil, thereby minimizing choking of occupants and enhancing forward thrust.

There are a number of minor detail alterations you might enjoy if you can find them; you could even get a chuckle out of one.  As I did to Alex Karnes' Daydreams, I made enough little changes that I might not even be able to remember all of them myself!

[Stan - will you ever forgive me?  He's a good guy - he did.]

Oh, I DO have fun!

Stan has always had such fun with the whole Cyclops bit; he just sent me a copy of a rather-standardized letter he and Robert used to send to major automotive publications, seeking listing in their summaries; this gem went to Automotive Industries:   added (18 Aug 2020)

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger/sharper image]
(image courtesy of and © 1969/2020 S. Mott - all rights reserved)

As you can see, it worked (for two years)!

Stan describes the scam as one of the "behind-the-scenes Cyclops SpA activities, a mere half century, plus one, ago" - - - "a carbon copy of a standard letter I sent out from the Automobili Cyclops SpA Propaganda offices in Lausanne, Switzerland.  All written in polite and thoughtful European back-ass-ward English. With Information Officer's name always an indecipherable scrawl.  Cyclops technical details were listed in 1965 and 1966 in the prestigious "Automotive Industries" annual between Bertone and Ferrari."  {Hee, hee, III}

Stan also included "two missives from Robert's and my favorite Cyclops fan 'Sign Sonny'.  I answered all his inquiries.  But never discovered his true identity.  Other than he lived in Ada, Oklahoma, population 16,810.  We figured he was either a determined moron or, hopefully, a determined and intensely funny guy who got the joke.  Either way we kept up the correspondence for six years.  When he stopped I asked if he was okay.  No answer.  But he sure left a lot of laughs."

SonnySignCard2 SonnySignCard
(images courtesy of and © 2020 S. Mott - all rights reserved)

I opined that Sonny was probably a star-struck pre-teen, the kind that plague me, but then looked more closely at the cards side-by-side; oh, my - that lettering sure looks virtually identical.  Hmm.

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