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AGEIR #8835 Demonstration Trials of 1924 & 1925

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The completed mechanical assemblies for Diesel-electric demonstrator #8835 arrived at the Ingersoll-Rand plant during April of 1923. And with the co-operative efforts of General Electric a Rathbun/Ingersoll-Rand engine was installed. This was a modified four-cycle straight-6 model PR power plant with 10"x12" cylinders which could produce 300 horsepower at 550 rpm... and featured the new fuel oil injection system. It was direct connected to a model TDC6 200 kilowatt main generator which powered four HM-840 traction motors. The auxiliary generator was direct coupled to the main generator and the Lemp system of excitation control was completed. The Diesel engine was started with a Mianus gasoline powered air compressor...

April 17, 1923 GENERAL ELECTRIC Assembly Drawing T-752077 of Oil-Electric Locomotive NO. 8835
Refitted for INGERSOLL-RAND Type 404-0-120-4-840-500
Note: The above reduced Profile Image is not to Scale.
Original Drawing Courtesy of James E. Mack

This prototype demonstrator Oil-electric locomotive which GE and Ingersoll-Rand produced was 34ft 10 inches over the couplers and the trucks originally provided by the Wason Car Company had a 6ft 10 inch wheelbase. The early wheel diameters were "Nominally 36 inch", but were altered to 35 inches during the rebuilding and the overall width of this unit was 9ft 6-1/2 inches. Weighing in at 60 tons demonstrator #8835 was "fired up" and operated for the first time on December 17, 1923. Finishing touches and testing continued until February 28th 1924 when the first public demonstration was held at the Phillipsburg New Jersey plant of Ingersoll-Rand...

April 17, 1923 GENERAL ELECTRIC Assembly Drawing T-752077 of Oil-Electric Locomotive NO. 8835
Refitted for INGERSOLL-RAND Type 404-0-120-4-840-500
Note: The above reduced Top View Image is not to Scale.
Original Drawing Courtesy of James E. Mack

As a hold-over from prototype GE #4 the first modified Rathbun PR/Ingersoll-Rand Diesel power plant was installed forward of center and favoring the #1 end of AGEIR demonstrator #8835. The tendency to have the generator facing the #2 end persisted into actual production of 300 horsepower Diesel-electric locomotives... but the combined Diesel engine/generator system became more centrally located allowing for equal distribution of weight over all eight wheels. This latter installation design provides the one external distiguishing characteristic which enables folks to determine the front end of these 300 horsepower units (outside of lettering) ... The exhaust port closest to an end indicates the front... but the production units did not have this port as far forward as the "Art-Deco" style exhaust apparatus of demonstrator #8835... In the above Assembly Drawing image note the location of the hand brake... Located near the "A" side center of the cab and adjacent to the vertical air tank...

For many years the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) had been supplying General Electric with mechanical assemblies used in the successful Freight Motor locomotive production for straight-electric Trolley and Interurban rail lines. This relationship went back to about 1898 when the General Electric Traction Department was located in the vicinity of the ALCO Works in Schenectady New York. As the testing of demonstrator #8835 was showing excellent results ALCO was contacted to find out if they were interested in manufacturing mechanical assemblies for a production run of Diesel-electric locomotives. The perception that demonstration periods on various railroads would produce sales might have been influenced by legislation such as the Kaufman Act which prohibited the use of steam locomotives in New York City begining in January 1926 (subsequently changed to a later date). The use of Diesel powered electrical transmission units was acceptable under this ruling. In either event ALCO entered into agreement with General Electric and Ingersoll-Rand to form the AGEIR consortium... with the provision that demonstrations of #8835 would generate orders for Oil-Electric Locomotives...


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