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AGEIR Production Diesel-Electric Demonstrator Locomotive #9681
GE Class B-B-120/120-0-4HN840G
Builders View from #2 End, "B" side, July 1925

{First AGEIR Production Diesel-Electric Locomotives
and 60 ton Demonstrator #9681}

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Beginning during the late winter and early spring of 1925 various components started coming together at the General Electric Erie Works for construction of the first production Diesel-electric locomotive...  AGEIR Demonstrator #9681 built under ALCO Order # S1484 (ALCO Builders #65979 & GE Builders #9681) ...

April 17, 1925.  The first modified Rathbun PR/Ingersoll-Rand Diesel engine delivered to General Electric
and used in the construction of AGEIR 60 ton 300 horsepower Demonstrator Oil-electric locomotive #9681...

March 26, 1926. The camshaft side of a 300 horsepower Ingersoll-Rand Diesel power plant with the General Electric
model T-D-6-6-200 Generator with its Exciter direct connected.  Note: This camshaft side on both the #1 & #2
Oil Engines faced the center cat-walk (Running board) of dual-engined 100 ton Long Island Rail Road #401...

Top View of Class B-B OE 120 4HM840G Truck for 60 ton 300 Horsepower
AGEIR Oil-Electric Locomotives using HM-840 Traction Motors...


April 16, 1925. View from back of the operators seat showing the installation of controls and gauges
for AGEIR #9681 Oil-electric demonstrator Diesel locomotive at the #1 end...

Dr.Hermann Lemp began employment with General Electric in 1892 and in 1910 accepted the assignment of developing a control system for internal combustion-electric locomotives.  The above controls reflect the "state of the art" for this system as of 1922.  During 1925 Dr. Lemp left GE and went to work for Ingersoll-Rand and in 1926 General Electric and Dr. Lemp were granted a patent on this generator/excitation system.  It wasn't until 1929 that this methodology evolved to its optimum efficiency when Dr. Lemp came to realize that the key was with differential field windings while he was riding aboard New York Central designed ALCO - AGEIR-built prototype locomotive #1550 (ALCO Order # S1533, ALCO Builders #66704, GE Builders #10088 {below}, and employing the Ingersoll-Rand 750 horsepower Diesel plant which was marketed but not utilized in the AGEIR Oil-electric locomotives.  Ordered December 28, 1925 and completed June 12, 1928).  This perfection of the control system continued to be used in the production of Diesel locomotives for many decades...

NYC #1550
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