General Electric Initial 100 Ton Outline Drawing #H-128806
Class B-B 200/200 0 4GE69C 600 Volt Oil Electric Locomotive

{First AGEIR Production Diesel-Electric Locomotives}

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The original design concept for the 100 ton Diesel-electric locomotive was more along the lines of a modified Rail Motor Car incorporating rounded ends reflective of the #1 end on AGEIR demonstrator #8835, but was quickly changed to the Box Cab style agreed upon for the 60 ton units...  Although the basic overall dimensions were retained...

100 Ton Oil Electric Locomotive
Class B-B 200/200-0-4GE69C-600 Volt
Looking Down Through The Hatch Toward No.1 End

The above image provides some insight into the complexity and attention to detail which was incorporated in the construction of these early AGEIR Box Cab Diesel-electric locomotives.  The "Squat Pot" style exhaust stacks were used on the first 5 units built, concluding with Chicago & North Western #1000.  Note the Generator protruding into the gangway from the Ingersoll-Rand Diesel engine system on the left hand side.  This view of Long Island #401 also shows the paired radiator systems (applied to both roof ends) which doubled the cooling capacity of the 100 ton units to 2400 square feet...

This #1 end section from the overall drawing of 100 ton 600 horsepower Long Island #401 AGEIR Box Cab Diesel-electric locomotive is provided to assist with viewing the preceeding top view looking down from the roof hatch of the same unit.  Note: This digital image of the drawing is not to scale...

Truck for 100 Ton Oil-Electric Locomotive Class B-B-200-0-4GE69C.
Both the 300 and 600 horsepower AGEIR Diesel-electric units used 7ft 2 inch wheelbase trucks, but the 100 ton version was "beefed-up" to accomodate the additional weight applied to them.  The above view shows some rough castings in this early development version and the model GE-69-C traction motors utilized for Long Island Rail Road #401...


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