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Motor Parkway Panel Page

Motoring on the Early Motor Parkway
Motoring on the Early Motor Parkway
[photo provenance unknown]

  note-rt - effective with the 16 Feb 2011 meeting of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society, the Motor Parkway Panel was disbanded and all activities thereof have been assumed by the Preservation Society - see Howard Kroplick's The Long Island Motor Parkway and Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society segments of his Vanderbilt Cup Races blog. (19 Feb 2011/01 & 26 Jul 2011/27 Jul 2014)


For queries about the OLD Panel, only,
or to contact S. Berliner, III, please click here. rev (17 Jun 2020) Motor Parkway Panel Logo Motor Parkway Logo
[images by SB,III - 15 Feb 2000 and © 2000 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

Keeping the
alive in Situ and in Minds and Museums

    Michael Abbey
    Steve Anderson
    S. Berliner, III
    Denis Byrne
    Vincent Fitzgerald
    Robert & Susan Friedman
    William H. Frohlich
    Fred Hadley
    Arthur J. Huneke
    Mitchell Kaften
    Howard Kroplick
    Robert A. Miller
    Ronald E. Ridolph
    Jeff Saltzman
    Umberto Velocci
    Kevin Walsh
    Thomas V. Walsh

Panelists are/were noted Motor Parkway scholars
and active Website documentors* of the Parkway.

(* - If there is such a word!)

Panel Associates are/were those who evidenced a significant and enduring interest in
the LI Motor Parkway and the Panel's goals, who wished to identify with the Panel,
and who have/had something to add to the base of knowledge about the LIMP, such as
photographs, reminiscences, or memorabilia
(see # - Donations, below).

An e-mail list existed to link Panelists and others with a general interest in the LIMP.

Anyone who had a general interest in the Long Island Motor Parkway (LIMP)
was welcome to become a Friend of the Motor Parkway Panel.

Panelists, Panel Associates, and Friends received occasional, informal e-mailings about the LIMP and Panel activities.

To reach the Preservation Society by e-mail, click here.

The Motor Parkway Panel had its own domain and URL,

[+ - 01 Jul 2011/14 Aug 2004 - Please note that this was a change from "motorparkway.com"]

LIMP NEWS (Current Events) on the host's Continuation Page 0 is now closed!

1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race tickets were on auction!

The Motor Parkway Panel was formed on 23 October 1999 to keep the
alive in minds and museums


RoW = Right-of-Way.

Here's a very simple overview map of the Long Island Motor Parkway:

LIMP Overview Map
(04 Jun 2002 map, with more accurate dating 20 Dec 2005;
by and © 2002, 2005 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.
(Courtesy of Northport Public Library)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image.]

William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.

The Long Island Motor Parkway (LIMP) - erroneously a.k.a. Vanderbilt Motor Parkway@, was the brainchild of William K(issam). Vanderbilt, Jr. (a.k.a. "II").  It ran from the Kissena Corridor in Queens County, convenient to the New York (Manhattan) ferries and the Queensborough (59th Street) Bridge, which had opened in 1909, and to Vanderbilt's Lake Success home, "Deepdale", near Great Neck, out along the Island to Lake Ronkonkoma, a distance of some 48 miles.

Construction of the Parkway was started on 06 June 1908 and it was opened virtually its full length by 1911; a 2½-mile western extension was built in 1928.   The Long Island Motor Parkway closed on Easter Sunday, 16 April 1938, a victim of Robert Moses' adjacent toll-free Northern State Parkway and the continuing depression.

[Sic transit gloria mundi (sick transit reduced glory to the mundane - SB,III)!]

Links to Panel members's Web sites and to related sites follow.

[A LIMP Bibliography is on the host's LIMP Continuation Page 1A.]

It was the intention of the Motor Parkway Panel to work with government, civic and historical groups, and commercial organizations to preserve artifacts of the LIMP, including surviving sections of original roadway and bridges, and to seek out other artifacts, reminiscences, maps, photographs, films, and records of the Parkway.

There was a consensus among panel members that the old Motor Parkway bridge on the grounds of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration immediately west of the Nassau/Suffolk border should be cleaned up, placarded, and made accessible to OBVR visitors.

The Panel had formally objected to a plan to demolish the Old Courthouse Road bridge in North Hills/Manhasset Hills; this bridge is one of the only two surviving Parkway bridges in Nassau County and the only surviving one where the Parkway went UNDER a public road.

Other projects placed before the panel for consideration included:

Creation of a complete route map, based on a popular map series, which can be put up (in sections) on one of our Web pages.

Preservation of the Duryea Road bridge site in Melville in western Suffolk County, just east of Route 110 and north of Republic Airport.

Creation of a complete plot plan, based on property maps from LIMP, LILCO/LIPA, the NYC Dept. of Parks, and Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties, etc.

Determining and monumenting the exact original western terminus near Hillside Avenue and Bell Boulevard and the later 1928 terminus at Rocky Hill Road near Peck Avenue and 199th Street in the Kissena Corridor area.

Monumenting the eastern terminus at Rosevale Avenue on the western shore of Lake Ronkonkoma, the site of the Petit Trianon Inn (and the nearby LIMP dormitory, later a nursing home now, malheureusement, demolished).

In addition, the Panel was to have looked into preservation of the extant original segment running east from Clinton Street along the southwestern boundary of the Roosevelt Field mall, just north of Stewart Avenue, in Garden City, and possible publication (perhaps limited) of the above-noted maps.

Panelists (and others) were and are requested to please be on the lookout for a missing historical pamphlet about the LIMP described in the LONG ISLAND MOTOR PARKWAY BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Maintaining a list of LIMP-related road and place name equivalencies (and pitfalls)
  see my Road and Place Names - Old and New (and Bogus) on LIMP Page 9.

We were open to suggestions from the public; contact the Preservation Society instead.

@ - A Note on NOMENCLATURE - The official name of this pioneer highway was the


the surviving active 13-mile right-of-way in Suffolk County,
from Half Hollow Road just north of the Long Island Expressway
(U. S. Route 495, between Exits 50 and 51)
to Rosevale Avenue on the western shore of Lake Ronkonkoma,
is now used as a public road named variously "Motor Parkway" and "Vanderbilt Parkway"
and, worst of all, "Vanderbilt Motor Parkway" from Commack Road to Moreland (Wicks) Road.

Half Hollow Hills Marker.
(Photo 17 May 00 by and © 2000 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for larger image.]

Historical marker in front of Half Hollow Hills Community Library
(55 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills, north side,
opposite Half Hollow Hills School)

It should also be noted here that the Toll Lodge of the Motor Parkway which sat on the east side of Clinton Street in Garden City, just north of Stewart Avenue, was moved in March of 1989 to the downtown parking lot just east of Franklin Street on the south side of 7th Street, directly opposite the AAA/ACNY office at 229 7th Street.

For a tour guide to the Parkway, see the host's LIMP Tour Page.

An April 2000 Motor Parkway display at the Northport Public Library included an undated clipping from NEWSDAY which had to postdate the referenced article, "History Takes the High Road" [April 5] (1998; Page Number: A08; Section: News - Sylvia Adcock); it is a letter from Mrs. Joanne Sica's Fourth Grade class at the Raymond J. Lockhart school in Massapequa and it sets forth the case for conservation, preservation, and restoration of the remaining parts of the Long Island Motor Parkway far more eloquently than we could ever hope to do:

    "We believe the Long island Motor Parkway should be preserved.  It is an important part of our Long Island history because it was the first motor parkway in the nation to use reinforced concrete, landscaping, banked turns for high-speed driving, safety guard rails, special highway police and a non-skid surface.

    Perhaps the restored bridge and highway could be used for field trips; have old-fashioned cars drive on it and open it to the public.  It can also be used as a bikeway and walkway.  Maybe the Long Island Marathon could take place there.  A sign could be put up to tell visitors about the history of the parkway."

How far-sighted these children were; how much wisdom out of the mouths of babes.  We would do well to listen, before we squander any more of our rich automotive heritage.

The article was accompanied by a photograph of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration bridge, taken back when it was still clearly visible and not yet clogged with debris; compare that visual image with the current pictures on the Convenor's LIMP page 2.

Motor Parkway Panel member Tom Walsh contributed an article on the LIMP for Larry Graff's "your About.com Guide to: Long Island, NY".

Motor Parkway Panel member Steve Anderson was quoted in a NEWSDAY article by Sidney C. Shaer, "Highway Hopes That Faded", on page A20 (Nassau edition) of the Friday, 05 Nov 99, issue, in the "Long Island - Our Future" series, "Predictions from the past that haven't come true ... yet".

Motor Parkway Panel convenor Sam Berliner contributed the cover story on the LIMP (especially as it traversed the narrow central portion of the Town of Oyster Bay - through Central Park/Bethpage) for the Winter 2000 issue FREEHOLDER, "The History Magazine of the Town of Oyster Bay", the publication of the Oyster Bay Historical Society, of which he is a member.

Let us motor off to the very far end of the Parkway and "do" lunch at le restaurant Petit Trianon; c'est tres joli, ça!  In case you are not sure you wish to patronise Willie's little place on the western shore of Lake Ronkonkoma, here, courtesy of Motor Parkway Panel member Tom Walsh, is an original advertisement:

Petit Trianon Brochure
(Courtesy of Thomas V. Walsh, Esq., Mar 00)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for VERY large image.]
{from the host's main LIMP page.}

45 miles at 40MPH with "no police traps, no dust"!

[Other material listed "No Speed Limit.  No Grade Crossings.  No Dust.  No Police Traps."]

The Petit Trianon establishment was variously termed "Inn" and "Restaurant"
(more often the former, unlike the example presented here)
in different official LIMP publications
{ya pays yer money and ya takes yer cherce).

Well, here's a kicker!  Panelist Ron Ridolph sent me a xerographic copy of the Petit Trianon letterhead:

Petit Trianon Letterhead

It shows only the name itself, with no "Inn" or "Restaurant", "under management Arthur H. Myers" and the telephone number was 30 RONKONKOMA.

Several other restaurants are linked to the Parkway in various ways; Sempre Vivolo in Hauppauge IS (per Bob Miller) the Brentwood Toll Lodge (relocated 100'), the Bonwit Inn is on the site of the Commack Spur Toll Lodge, there are two Bennigan's on the RoW (Roosevelt Raceway and Hauppauge), and there are several diners along the RoW.  One must assume that there were privately-owned eateries (probably associated with service stations) all along the original Parkway, as well, since it took several hours to make the entire run from NYC to Ronkonkoma.


Arrangements were made to store donated documents and memorabilia in permanent, safe storage; similar arrangements are being made for artifacts.  No donation can be accepted without prior, written approval.  Anyone wishing to donate materials should contact the Convenor.


Some links to sites of specific and general interest to the Long Island Motor Parkway afficionado:

Panelist's Pages:

Michael Abbey's Vanderbilt Parkway page, with photos and links and a somewhat-blurry 1925 map.

Steve Anderson's Long Island (Vanderbilt) Motor Parkway page, with photos and links, on his NYC Area Roads, Crossings, and Exits site, where you will also find a rough map and more quotations from NEWSDAY's Sylvia Adcock and info on, and links to, Web Rings (not my thing) for East Coast Roads, Interstate Highways, New York City, and Long Island.

Vince Fitzgerald's Motor Parkway page, on his Hempstead Plains Long Island historical site.

Jeff Saltzman's Streetlight Site's Photo Gallery's Park Scenes area with "Vanderbilt" Motor Parkway in Queens, with "The present western terminus between 67th & 64th Aves", "Two views midway between 69th & 67th Aves", "Two views at 199th St & 69th Ave.", and "Dead end at Clearview Expwy."

In addition, Motor Parkway panelists, Sue and Rob Friedman, have a site about the Bronx's old " Freedomland".

Kevin Walsh's outstanding Forgotten NY site blossomed, on its "Street Scenes" section, with a Motor Parkway page (unbeknownst to me - sorry Kevin); he focuses on the Queens segment.

Panel Associate Denis Byrne has a Parkway page at http://www.geocities.com/denisbyrne/motorpk.html.

Panel Member Art Huneke's ARRt'sARRchives includes a LIMP page.

Panel Associate Dr. Mark DeSantis has a page primarily on the Vanderbilt Cup races.

Perhaps the most significant new addition to the Panel armamentarium is Panel Member Howard Kroplick's fantastic Vanderbilt Cup Race site, with it's blog, with it's special section on the LIMP.  Not only has Howard been an ardent and active supporter of the Panel and a champion of the LIMP, he even owns (and drives) the actual Bête Noir, the 1908 ALCo (American Locomotive Company) racer that won the 1908 and 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Races!   new.gif (12 Dec 2010)


note-rt.gif  The index on this page had been truncated to save page space but had not been updated; instead, please see the LIMP Index on the page preceding the host's main LIMP page, which now includes a Geographical Index.   new.gif (17 Jun 2020) .

You could start by visiting
that index-pg.gif or the frstpage.gif
of the Hosts's series of Long Island Motor Parkway pages.

There is a lot of automotive material on the host's ORDNANCE and HISTORY pages.

Also, if you like automotive history, see the links on the host's Automotive page.

Then there are the host's general Long Island and History pages.

Other sites of general interest include:

National Parks Service -

    Historic American Engineering Record.

    National Historic Landmarks Program.

    National Register of Historic Places.

Society for Industrial Archeology
    (The SIA's Roebling Chapter in NYC does not seem to have a Web presence)

American Heritage of Invention & Technology
    (a great magazine of which I am a charter subscriber)

Association for Industrial Archaeology (UK)

Industrial Heritage (UK Magazine)

Industriekultur - Museum Virtuell, USA page
    (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Industriekultur e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit dem
     Geographischen Institut der Universität zu Köln)

Industrial Archaeology and Industrial History web ring.

Panel Events will no longer be posted here (such as):


These were held at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum on Thursdays in October (7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th) at 7:30 PM - see the LIMP NEWS (and Current Events) section on LIMP cont. page 0 for the full announcement.

a lecture and slide show presentation by Robert Miller, Historian

...a very special program co-sponsored by the Central Park Historical
Society and the Bethpage Library on Wednesday, 26 Apr 00.

Robert Miller presented information about the the building and subsequent demise of this road.
The presentation stimulated history buffs to rediscover parts of the roadway, bridges and gatehouses
that still exist in the Central Park (Bethpage) area.

The Northport Public Library presented Bob Miller on Friday, 24 Mar 00.

The Queens Borough Public Library presented Bob Miller on Saturday, 18 Mar 00.

Mr. Miller varies his programs so that there is always something new to discover.

Events of general interest to LIMP afficionadoes are/will be posted on Howard Kroplick's LIMP pages on his Vanderbilt Cup Races site.

Oh, my; I missed an event of my very own doing - some time ca. 2000 or so, I was featured on the air pontificating about the Motor Parkway on radio station WHPC, the voice of Nassau Community College, in two half-hour LI history segments; I have a tape but no other provenance (more to follow).   added (17 Jun 2020)

See you at the next event ("can never get enough of that wonderful stuff!"),


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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