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This is yet another page to cover additional information and photographs of this interesting old highway; see also my main LIMP page, et seq., Automotive, Chrysler, Dudgeon (really!), Mercedes, and SS and JAGUAR car pages and other related pages.

A Motor Parkway Panel has been convened to keep the LIMP alive in situ and in minds and museums.

There is also a lot of automotive material on my ORDNANCE and HISTORY pages.

Also, if you like automotive history, see the links on the Automotive page.

RoW = Right-of-Way.


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In the meantime, this page became woefully outdated, so I have made some rough corrections and additions (but I have only highlighted the more major changes with new.gif or rev.gif icons.

First, let's buy a souvenir pin for the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race:

08 Van Cup Pin and MP Brochure

Next, let's start with an original tour document and map
    (possibly the cover and a fold-out of the same document).

At that time, the Parkway, just opened, had not yet reached west into Flushing and the starting point was at Nassau Boulevard (today's Springfield Boulevard, at the edge of today's Alley Pond Park - it originally started at Lakeville Road at today's Northern State Parkway on the Queens-Nassau line).

For your convenience, I've expanded the image in segments so it is easier {?} to read directly on the screen; here's the list of toll gates:

Motor Parkway Gate List

and here is the map in western, central, and eastern segments {one step from totally illegible - sorry, I can't do better; the original image I have is too grainy - lay it against a Hagstrom's or other modern map for the corresponding roads}:

Motor Parkway Map - W/C/E

Because these images are, for the nonce, unrecovered, here's my own map for temporary reference (14 Dec 2010):


Now, back to the future:

Roughly, just off the top of my head, without really doing my homework, but with some help from my old and new Hagstrom's, here are the locations where one can tour the Long Island Motor Parkway:

I am abbreviating like crazy to save space, using initials for roads just named previously and the following keys:

[Key:  A = auto, K = walk, L = slog (meaning it ain't gonna be an easy walk!), or I = inaccessible, and
X = excellent, F = fair, P = poor, M = missing, R = reputed (meaning I haven't seen it) - in order from west to east]

    [Current Hagstrom's map pages and coordinates and
links to my and other Panel members's pages will be added.]


K/X - 199th Street and Peck/Underhill Avenues just W of the Clearview Expressway and N of the Long Island Expressway (I495) - the RoW goes SSE through Cunningham Park and one can walk all the way to Winchester Boulevard opposite Creedmoor, through Alley Pond Park, under the Grand Central and Cross Island Parkways.

I/M - There isn't anything visible on the Creedmoor grounds; the rise at the SW corner of the parking lot appears more (to me) to be the parking lot grading, not the RoW.

I/X - From Commonwealth Boulevard to Little Neck Parkway, the RoW is on the grounds of the Queens Children's Hospital, coming out as a service road in the Queens Children's Zoo-cum-Farm.

A/X - Then the RoW is 74th Avenue through the dead center of Glen Oaks.

K/I - It next runs into the Long Island Jewish Hospital grounds just north of the newer powerplant smokestack and bends NE, crossing the Queens/Nassau border; at the west end, it is the north parking lot, called the Motor Parkway Parking Lot.

[Key:  A = auto, K = walk, L = slog (meaning it ain't gonna be an easy walk!), or I = inaccessible, and X = excellent, F = fair, P = poor, M = missing, R = reputed (meaning I haven't seen it) - in order from west to east]


note-rt - asterisked notes (*) have been added to indicate where Motor Parkway Panelists and I cut paths through briars and brambles.   added (08 Feb 2020)

A/X -The RoW runs along the N fence of the 400-410-420 Lakeville Road medical complex

K/M - and exits through a very clear trace between pine trees at Marcus Avenue just east of the driveway and west of Lakeville Road and

K/I - crosses Northern State Parkway (boo! hiss!) through the NW cloverleaf (you can see the path, where the trees are missing, from your car on NSP E/B or from the fence at Marcus and Lakeville).

K/I - The RoW goes N through the grounds of the Lakeville Jewish Center, bends sharply E, and crosses Lakeville Road between Tanners Road on the east and Lake Road on the west,

K/X - becoming the service driveway of the Great Neck South schools until it runs into deep woods at NSP about ¼ mile west of New Hyde Park Road.  An eyewitness to the construction affirmed that the E (back) end of the huge, relatively-new (ca. 1996?) house between the RoW and GNS is, in fact, the Lakeville Toll Lodge, now the kitchen {?} area.

L/R - On either side of NHP Road just south of the NSP, the RoW is accessible as the LIPA pole line, eventually coming out in the clear at

K/F - the far NW end of Old Courthouse Road and the threatened bridge over the RoW.

R/I - The RoW runs through what appear to be private properties just N of Robby Lane

K/M - and crosses Shelter Rock Road between Links Drive and Lord's Way, in the North Hills Village Hall grounds.

K/M - On the E side of Shelter Rock Road, it is the S boundary of the former Harkness Boy Scout preserve (NOT the driveway, but the LIPA transformer station), runs E with original paving under the muck, and again runs though private back yards (private or encroaching), running NE between Carriage Road and Shrub Hollow Road, crossing the driveway for Herricks High School, and where, at it's northernmost extent, opposite Elm Drive, it was only a few feet S of I. U. Willets Road, curving across Reed Drive at Helen Court, and then running SE between Sugar Maple Drive and Capri Drive to Searingtown Road through a small, swampy park where there once was a small bridge.

A/X - On the E side of Searingtown Road, it runs across the N edge of the Searingtown Public Library and then

R/I - from the Library E, the RoW is in back yards again, running just north of William Street, and reappearing at Cammerer Park, from whence it runs into village property on the W side of Willis Avenue, opposite the VFW hall.

A/X - just north of the VFW, there is a short, original stretch used as a fireman's training field, with a practice bridge, easily accessible on foot or in a car.

P/I - from the E end of the practice field, it runs through municipal and private property to the W abutment of the old LIRR Oyster Bay Branch crossing.

K/F - Going around to the E side, gaining access in the SW corner of Croyden Court, one can easily* walk all the way from the LIRR to Roslyn Road (the original Toll Lodge is there on the S side W of Roslyn Road but it is a PRIVATE HOME - stay away!) and across Roslyn Road E to a municipal sewage treatment plant (note that the grade level road is NOT the LIMP RoW, it is up on the embankment immediately to the S but that is ALL private property).

* - Panelist Al Vellocci later manicured this stretch all by himself!   added (08 Feb 2020)

R/I - Beyond that lies the very private Wheatley Hills Golf Club, where the LIMP bends due S just W of Glen Cove/Guinea Woods Road,

P/I - coming out in view at Hillside Avenue, where there are a number of original posts, some moved, at the north side, opposite and just W of Rex Court.  It's back yard time again until

K/F - we get to Jericho Turnpike immediately W of the NSP/Meadowbrook Parkway interchange; the RoW crosses Jericho W of Jay Court on the north and E of Donna Drive on the S.

[Key:  A = auto, K = walk, L = slog (meaning it ain't gonna be an easy walk!), or I = inaccessible, and X = excellent, F = fair, P = poor, M = missing, R = reputed (meaning I haven't seen it) - in order from west to east]

K/F - now things pick up dramatically!  The old Toll Lodge, completely unrecognizable, is at 284 Rudolf Road, the far eastern end, north side; the RoW is clear grassland E of the house.  Going around to Glen Cove road again, turn W on Briar Place (between Jericho Turnpike and Westbury Avenue) and go W on Raff Court.  There it is again, good walking S all the way down to the remains of the ramp up to the Westbury Avenue bridge.

L/P - S across Westbury Avenue is rough sledding; there is a trail woozling through dense brush behind (W) industrial buildings but the RoW is up on an embankment to the W and can be followed throughht ebrush and trash to just N of the former crossing of the LIRR Main Line just S of Voice road and W of Glen Cove Road (do NOT get the RoW confused with the Mineola DPW driveway immediately to its W).

R/I - The RoW is obliterated south of the LIRR, but appears as the E driveway of the

A/X - apartment complex on the N side of Old Country Road, replete with posts!

R/I - it vanishes in back yards S of OCR, running SSE between Pell Terrace and Russell Road until it pops out at Clinton Road (Glen Cove Road to the N/Clinton Street to the S) just N of Stewart Avenue.  This is one of the best spots!

K/F - E of Clinton Road is the site of the former Garden City Toll Lodge (detour S one mile and visit it at the E end of Seventh Street, E of Franklin Avenue, across from the AAA/ACNY office, where it is now the headquarters of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce, having been moved to its present location in 1989).  The home still there on the N side of Vanderbilt Court (the entry ramp to the LIMP) was once the home of the LIMP General Manager/Superintendant.  There are posts on the S side of the driveway (it is posted - PUN - as private property!).  A new home was erected (late 2000) at the end of Vanderbilt Court, adjacent (S) to the RoW (NOT across it, as previously reported here)!

K/X - Go south one block on Clinton to Stewart Avenue, turn left (E) around the public school, and turn left again on Raymond Court, just W of the W driveway into Roosevelt Field.  The far (N) end of Raymond IS the old RoW with original pavement, posts, and ribbon wire!

R/I -The RoW is buried in the S service road of the Field and in the industrial wasteland along the N side of Stewart and crosses the Meadowbrook Parkway and on across Merrick (Post) Avenue just N of Stewart.

[Key:  A = auto, K = walk, L = slog (meaning it ain't gonna be an easy walk!), or I = inaccessible, and X = excellent, F = fair, P = poor, M = missing, R = reputed (meaning I haven't seen it) - in order from west to east]

R/K - In Eisenhower (Salisbury) Park, the RoW bends N and then E and comes out as the path along the S side of Salisbury Park Drive, across Carman's Avenue, through the N end of the Nassau County Sheriff's Farm, and across Wantagh State Parkway and Newbridge Road, where it again is obvious by the posts and railings that survive; there is no original pavement here but original posts and railings survive on the S side of SPD just E of WSP and on the N side of SPD just W of Grace Lane.

K/F - From Newbridge E is a long stretch of parkland on the RoW with many crossroads to work from, including Jerusalem Avenue, Hicksville Road (107), and Stewart Avenue (the N-S one in Bethpage/Plainedge, this time), at which point LOOK ALIVE!

There are two markers showing the location of the grandstand at Orchid Road and Skimmer Lane in Levittown.

L/P - Go N from the RoW on Stewart, turn right (E) on Arthur Avenue, go E one block to end and left (N) on Broadway (a local street), go N a very short block to Sophia Street, turn right (E) on Sophia and go two blocks to North Hermann Avenue.  Almost there!  Go S on NHA to end and park (do NOT block anyone's driveway).  Get out and walk S to the parkland/RoW; you needn't hold your breath or tiptoe, but you are at the SW end of DEADMAN'S CURVE! The only reason for the "L" for slog instead of a "W" for "walk" is the brambles/prickers/thorns and such; be careful! Walk E and then N around the heavily-banked Curve and

    [NOTE - the S part of the parkland is the RoW of the Central RR of LI.]

K/F - the RoW levels off again.  The RoW runs alongside the W side of the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway*, through the King Kullen headquarters property until it curves right (E) and disappears into the SOB (there never was a crossing here - there was no SOB).

* - I had hacked a narrow path through this secton, from Central up to the SOB crossing, but, as far as I know, it grew back since.   added (08 Feb 2020)

K/M - Now go up to Central Avenue and drive W just short of the SOB to Parma Drive (if you are at Central Avenue South, you are across the SOB, too far east) and park.  The knoll E of Parma and S of Central is the remains of the embankment and from there the LIMP went N over the LIRR Central Branch.

A/R - On the NE side of the LIRR, the RoW goes through a development and pops out just E of the SOB where Powell Avenue and Plainview Road meet across from Manchester Drive.

K/X - From here the RoW is the SW entrance to Bethpage State Park; drive in and park in the parking lot (NOT anywhere else - you WILL be ticketed!).  You can walk back south along the RoW and E immediately S of the lot BUT the RoW is immediately N of the LIPA pole line, not under it.  At a point about a half-mile NE, you come to a fork and things get bad (and confusing).

L/P - The E fork follows the pole line across a meadow and gets lost in brush*.  The N fork goes up to the park boundary and - you guessed it - gets lost in brush.  I do not know what the E fork might be (perhaps no more than the LIPA line); the N fork loses its paving for a ways but is the LIMP and comes out at JoAnn Drive and Schoolhouse Lane

* - I cut a path through the brush ca. 1990 and then Panel members Howard Kroplick, Al Velocci, Pat Masterson, and I cleared it out further; later Nassau County Parks did a bang-up job of clearing it completely - thank you!   added (08 Feb 2020)

A/R - Running NE through a development, we end up at the significantly named Toll Place, Vanderbilt Lane, and Motor Lane, in the SW corner of the intersections of Haypath Road and Bethpage Road at Round Swamp Road; running NW/SE through all this is Fairway Drive, the SE end of which is, or approximates, the RoW, which crosses RSR on an embankment still clearly visible on the N side of the maintenance building on the N side of the firehouse on the W side of RSR and is matched by a trail up an embankment on the E side of RSR.

L/R - The trail leads right up to the RoW, which runs E through heavy brush*; it leads directly into

K/P - Battle Row Campground off Winding Road/Claremont Street; you can park there.  The RoW runs E/W at the N end of the lot and there are a very few posts in the brambles on the N side, W of the lot.  The far W end ends at a wall and then in the same brush* noted for the RSR crossing.  The far E end bends N and ends in brush within sight of Bethpage-Sweethollow Road (now generically called Bethpage-Spagnoli Road).  You can walk across BSR very carefully or drive around to it; on the N side, through the fence, you can easily make out the embankment running due N into the Old Bethpage Village Restoration.

* - Howard, Al, and I also cut this area clear and then Al cleaned it up fully.   added (08 Feb 2020)

S/P - Pay your way into the OBVR and walk due S from the Village to the embankment (hard to find in heavy brush - it is due E of the S service road and gate at BSR).  Follow the RoW (with extreme difficulty through incredibly dense brambles*) or cheat and walk around on the dirt paths to the dump; the only surviving primary LIMP overpass bridge sits at the SW corner of the dump and can only be reached by crashing over garbage and through brambles (armor would help), but you can see it without doing all that.  One of the Motor Parkway Panel's goals is to clear and restore this major item of automotive heritage!

* - Howard, Al, and I also cut this area clear and then the LI Model A Club helped clean it up fully.   added (08 Feb 2020)

S/M - From the bridge E is pretty awful; you might want to skip this, unless you're wearing armor!  Eventually, you reach the E end of OBVR and, from a ridge, can see over to the sand pits on BSR just W of Route 110.

[Key:  A = auto, K = walk, L = slog (meaning it ain't gonna be an easy walk!), or I = inaccessible, and X = excellent, F = fair, P = poor, M = missing, R = reputed (meaning I haven't seen it) - in order from west to east]


A/I - In the sand pits, in a guarded private business, is an old LIMP secondary bridge that took the RoW over a local (farm?) road; the bridge still stands as a foundation for a sand loader and can be seen with a powerful scope or binoculars from BSR or the LIE S service road.

A/P - Park alongside the W side of 110 and you can see where the LIMP crossed Broad Hollow/Sweet Hollow Road (110).  I wouldn't recommend walking across 110; drive around and park on the E side just N of Ruland Road, S of Duryea Road, opposite BSR.  The RoW is quite evident, but I lost it in the industrial development.  It is quite easy to follow it E along the N side of Ruland, to a confusion of roads and power lines where the LIPA lines head ESE and the RoW ENE at Maxess Road, where you should head north for a block, just S of Duryea, and see the RoW to your left (W) and right (E).

S/P - Walk in E on the RoW from Maxess (we shan't discuss where you park but it can't be on Maxess!) and there are the N and S abutments of a long-gone bridge.  You can walk a small part of the RoW at the SE end of Duryea.

?/R - From the end of Duryea, the RoW crosses Pinelawn/Wellwood Roads (they join there) and heads, quite in evidence, SE on the S side of Colonial Springs Road, cuts N across CSR just W of Bagatelle Road at some stores on the S side of CSR (just W of the P.O.).  The LIMP crossed a few feet W of a VFW hall on the N side of CSR; you can find a short piece of pavement behind the VFW and more on the W side of BR.  (I know very accurately where the LIMP RoW does NOT go - meaning the USDAN property!)  They are building homes on a portion of RoW where it is only about 20' W of BR, which will obliterate about 150' or 200' of RoW in this area, part of which was wiped out by a sump built many years ago.  N of that, the rest survives and you can see it running N, crossing a LIPA RoW {this is the same LIPA RoW that I mistakenly documented when inadvertently trespassing in USDAN}.  S of the LIPA RoW {through the local park S of Farmington Lane?}, it is used as a local street {which?}, N of it you can walk along it for a good segment {this almost certainly has to run along the E side of FL}.  Eventually, it crosses BR {probably at the S end of Dix Woods Drive, opposite Wilmington Drive), and a house sits right in the middle of the RoW, but just N of the house you can see a fenced area that contains an overgrown but well preserved segment that included {past tense?} some concrete posts.  This continues up to the public school just south of the LIE; there is one backyard that encroaches but there is enough room to get by, with lots of thorns and vines and no visible pavement.  It then runs NE through the grounds of the public school on the SE corner of BR and the LIE.

A/X - Go east to cross the LIE at Half Hollow Road, and take the w/b service road back to opposite the school, just shy of Burr's Lane, but you won't find anything there, nor did I see anything left around Broadoak Lane, Lone Hill Place, or Fox Lane/Melissa Court, but I didn't get out of the car.

A/X - So, take HHR either way to end up where the RoW becomes Vanderbilt Parkway/Motor Parkway/Vanderbilt Motor Parkway (Suffolk County Route 67) on the N side, wandering northeasterly, bending easterly, crossing Deer Park Avenue (Route 231), with the site of the Deer Park Toll Lodge at the well on the NE corner (SE of the Bonwit Inn), continuing easterly across the intersection of Carll's Straight Path (running up from North Babylon/South Deer Park) and DeForest Avenue from the north (from Exit 42 on the NSP), heading east-southeasterly alongside the southern edge of fatal rival Northern State Parkway, crossing Sagtikos State Parkway, joining Harned Road (on the LIMP's old Commack Spur) coming in from the N, heading S on the E side of SSP, running southeasterly north of the NS/Sagtikos cloverleaf, and heading due E just N of the LIE just W of Moreland (on the N) and Wicks (on the S) Roads, past Marcus Boulevard [where I worked for Electromation/RAI (now Pall-RAI)], with the original Brentwood Toll Lodge unrecognizably incorporated in the Sempre Vivolo Restaurant on the S side just W of the fork with (Islip-)Old Willets Path, where it somehow reverts to the old name of Long Island Motor Parkway!  There, it pops southeasterly over the LIE and again heads east until just short of the intersection of the LIE with Veterans Memorial Highway (Route 454), where it crosses north-northeasterly over the LIE and runs eastward N of the Expressway to Nichol's Road and a short hop, skip, and jump eastward to its eastern terminus at Rosevale Avenue, a quarter-block shy of the western shore of Lake Ronkonkoma.  The old Ronkonkoma Toll Lodge, a private home since 1938, reputedly sits in the deep woods N of the RoW a few hundred yards W of Rosevale (not so; it was moved N of the N edge of the RoW and about 150' W and is plainly visible across from the N end of Woodlawn Avenue on the N side of Suffolk County Route 67 as 2555 Motor Parkway).  Lake Drive, the road opposite the E end of the extant Parkway was the driveway that led to Vanderbilt's Petit Trianon Restaurant, now long gone.  Ta, ra! (14 Dec 2010)

K/X - The architecturally-impressive rest home on the S side of Lake Drive, the road directly across Rosevale from the LIMP, was actually the dormitory for Parkway and Trianon workers and was built by the same architect and at the same time as the Trianon; it is private property but you can also see the back of it from a lane running E off RA parallel to LD and on the S side of the home (opposite a lane with the grandiose name of Brown's Road).  Take some time here; you really get the flavor of the Vanderbilt style (as you do at the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport).  CURSES, FOILED AGAIN!  The building was razed in 2006 by a developer, with Town approval! (14 Dec 2010)

[Key:  A = auto, K = walk, L = slog (meaning it ain't gonna be an easy walk!), or I = inaccessible, and X = excellent, F = fair, P = poor, M = missing, R = reputed (meaning I haven't seen it) - in order from west to east]

This is exhausting work, almost as hard as the actual slogging!
I'm asking the other Panelists to help fill in the details of this - SB,III.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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