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Central Railroad of Long Island
Continuation Page 3




LIRR Keystone

[This page was added to my CENTRAL RAILROAD of LONG ISLAND page on 01 Jun 2002 (et seq.); you might wish to see that and the main LI Rail Road page, et seq., and the LI Railroads page, also.]

NOTE:  Page size was limited by HTML to some 30kB; thus, I was forced to add this continuation page to fit the LIRR and related information, as well as several other continuation pages.
You may wish to visit my RR page, as well.

There are two related topics here on these pages:
(1) The Long Island Rail Road and (2) Long Island railroad information.

There IS a difference!

The Long Island Rail Road is the official name of the oldest Class 1 railroad still operating under its original name and charter (the B&O was older but has been subsumed into CSX).  Although there remain some offical documents with the two words combined, the correct name of the LIRR has the two words separately:
"Long Island Rail Road"!

There were and are other railroads on Long Island - these also are
(or will be) covered on the LI Railroads page.

However, on this particular page we are specifically concerned with the
Central Railroad of Long Island, sometimes called the "Stewart Road"
or the "Stewart Line", part of which still serves as the
Central Branch of the Long Island Rail Road.


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NOTE:  To conserve space, I have severely truncated the index on this page; see the LIRR index page.

    including LIRR boxcabs #401, the world's first production diesel road switcher,
    #402 (first and second), #403, and many others.

Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad,
    and its successor roads, the New York Cross Harbor Railroad and New York Regional Rail.

Degnon Terminal Railroad, etc.


On the (first) LIRR page:
    Long Island Sunrise-Trail Chapter (National Railway Historical Society)
    Sunrise Trail Division (Northeastern Region, National Model Railroad Association)
    Steam Locomotive #35 Restoration Committee

Restoration of Pennsy Class G5 Long Island Rail Road 4-6-0 #35
    Steam Locomotive #39 Restoration
(Railroad Museum of Long island)
Restoration of Pennsy Class G5 Long Island Rail Road 4-6-0 #39

On LIRR Continuation Page 1a:


On the LIRR Continuation Page 2:

Odd Incident at Wreck Lead (on the LIRR)
LIRR and LI Railroad Miscellany
Converted LIRR HEP/Cab Control Units
Central RR of LI - moved to this page 5 on 17 Dec 00.
Dashing Dan and Dottie

On the LIRR Continuation Page 3:

Nassau County Police 2nd Pct. Booth D/Locust Tower
Victorian Stations Still Standing on the LIRR

On the LIRR Continuation Page 4:

Blissville and Laurel Hill Sidings, Maspeth Yard, and Fresh Pond Yard
    and NY&AR/NYCRR Interchange info.
  LIRR MISCELLANY - continued

On the LIRR Continuation Page 5:

Central RR of LI - moved to this page 17 Feb 2002.
LIRR DE30AC and DM30AC Locomotives
Victorian LIRR Stations (continued)
    Locust Valley Station
    Glen Street Station (update)

On the LIRR Continuation Page 6:

Nassau County Police 2nd Pct. Booth D/Locust Tower (cont'd)

On the Central RR of LI Page:
    Central RR of LI - moved to LIRR Cont. Page 5 on 17 Dec 00,

and again on 17 Feb 02 to this separate CRRof LI page.
    Brief History of the Central RR of LI.

On Central RR of LI Continuation Page 1:
    Traces of the CRRofLI RoW in Flushing?.
    Central RR Bridge - photos moved to LIRR/CRR page 3 (01 Nov 02).
    Meadowbrook/Salisbury Plains Station.
    Bethpage Branch.

On Central RR of LI Continuation Page 2:
    General Bronze Sidings.
    Bethpage Junction "B" Tower.

On this Central RR of LI Continuation Page 3:
    Central RR Bridge - photos moved from LIRR/CRR page 1 (01 Nov 02).
    Mitchel Field Aerial Views.
    WWI Long Island Map.
    CRRofLI Mystery Tunnel.

On the Central RR of LI Continuation Page 4:
    Mitchel Field Aerial Views.
    Bethpage Junction Area "Map".

On the LI Railroads Continuation Page:
    Long Island Railroads [with a link to the NYCRR (Hell Gate)]

On separate pages:

Long Island Live Steamers

The New York & Atlantic Railway, lessor of LIRR freight operations.

Railroad Eagles - Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, etc.

Long Island Rail Road Historical Society.

Long Island Live Steamers (LILS)

A great group of miniature live steam (and diesel and electric) operators running at mostly 1½" scale (also some 1" and rare ¾") in Southhaven Park at the intersection of William Floyd Parkway (Suffolk County Route 46) and Sunrise Highway (U.S. Route 27); their site with their PUBLIC RUNNING SCHEDULE and some other live steam links, has been moved to a separate page.

Many images on this page had been lost:
but have, happily, been restored.   rev (12 Aug 2014)

Central Railroad of Long Island (continued)

[Continued from the     main CRRofLI page Page,
    CRRofLI Continuation Page 1, and the
    CRRofLI Continuation Page 2, and continued on the
    CRRofLI Continuation Page 4.]

note-rt.gif - Discontinuance of Service on Meadowbrook Spur (the Garden City Secondary) - Surface Transportation Board [STB Docket No. AB-837X] - Long Island Rail Road Company {note "Rail Road" (two words!} - Discontinuance of Service - Exemption - in Garden City, Long Island, NY  On May 21, 2002, the Long Island Rail Road Company (LIRR), a Class II rail common carrier, filed with the Surface Transportation Board a petition for exemption to discontinue service over a line of railroad between milepost 18.8 in Garden City and milepost 21.0 in Garden City, Nassau County, NY, a distance of 2.2 miles.  The line traverses U.S. Postal Service Zip Code 11530 and includes no stations.  Excerpted from the notice of exemption decision #32810 dated 10 Jun 2002 (thanks, Steve); so much for the Meadowbrook Spur!

The notice is footnoted that "LIRR is owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).  The notice states that both LIRR and MTA are State of New York public authorities and public benefit corporations".

Central RR Bridge

{moved here from LIRR/CRRLI Cont. Page 1 on 01 Nov 2002}

On the LIRR/CRRLI Cont. Page 1, I mentioned the old Meadowbrook spur, a remnant of the original Central RR of LI, running due east from Garden City and the Hempstead junction, and that one day, ca. 1995, standing at a window on the 8th floor of 1600 Stewart Avenue in East Garden City (Westbury P.O.), then Jim McCann's old 800-FLOWERS and now 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, looking slightly south of west, I spotted what was unmistakeably an old bridge sitting in the trees in the loop of the cloverleaf, between the northbound Parkway entrance ramp from Stewart Avenue eastbound and the westbound lanes (running northerly here).

On a photo-documentation trip for remnants of the old Long Island Motor Parkway in that general area, on 24 Sep 1999, I stopped off to check out the bridge at long last.  She's not quite flat on the ground, but the roadway was long-since filled in up to the bottom chords of the girders.  Sloped concrete lines the inner faces of both girders and the track is long gone, but the girders still have their silver paint and are in fairly good shape.

Here's a rough locator map I added on 18 Feb 2009:

(18 Feb 2009 map by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.)

These views are of the bridge itself, up under the trees on what's left of the old Central embankment, looking south-southwest, the RoW looking west, and the north side of the north girder, looking west-southwest:

Meadowbrook Bridge, looking SSW Meadowbrook Bridge RoW, looking W Meadowbrook Bridge girders, looking WSW
[Thumbnail images - click on the pictures for the full (180Kb avg.) images.
Photos (24 Sep 99) by and © 1999 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

Well, surprise, surprise!  On 01 Nov 2002, I got a letter from J. J. Conroy, who furnished 1950s photos of the LI Motor Parkway, and in it were four old photos of that very bridge!  They are undated, but appear too predate the Meadowbrook Parkway in that area, which, according to Steve Anderson, was completed northward to Northern State Parkway in 1956.  They are (M1) looking N with Stewart Avenue under the bridge (distant), (M2) looking NNE with Stewart Avenue under bridge (close), (M3) looking W along RoW from just E of bridge, and (M4) looking E along RoW from just E of bridge, with the Eisenhower Park entrance in the distance:

ConroyM1 ConroyM2
ConroyM1 left - ConroyM2 right

ConroyM3 ConroyM4
ConroyM3 left - ConroyM4 right
(Photos courtesy of J. J. Conroy - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images; click on pictures for larger images.]

You can tell that that's the entrance to Eisenhower Park in photo M4 by looking at your Hagstrom's; here's an enlargement of that part of M4 so you can see for yourself.  That's the old entry booth on the far left, Merrick running across the image, and the W driveway into the park running away to the right from the center:

ConroyM4 enlargement
(Enlargement by SB,III of photo courtesy of J. J. Conroy - all rights reserved)

Well, to top this off, LI Motor Parkway Panel associate Howard Kroplick turned up two aerial photos of the Meadowbrook Toll Lodge and the Merrick Avenue bridge; in the photo at left, taken in 1931, we are looking N down at the lodge, with Merrick Avenue running N-S at the right (the LIMP bridge is not really visible) while, in the right photo, taken in 1937, just before the Parkway shut down, the lodge is barely discernible while the LIMP bridge is quite easily seen:

1931MBLodge 1937MerickAvBr
(photos courtesy of H. Kroplick - all rights reserved)
{Somehow, the resolution of these photos ended up low; I hope to get new copies at higher resolution.}

This entire area was completely changed when the Meadowbrook Parkway was extended N in 1956 and widened in 1971.  What is also seen in both photos to differing degrees is the road or stream running N-S 2/3rds of the way E of the lodge towards Merrick Avenue; it appears to run in culverts under both the LIMP and the entry ramp and then under the "black" E-W feature along the bottom of the 1937 picture.  That feature should be the E end of blacktopped Stewart Avenue, as shown on the1928 Soils Map, detail "d", even though it looks suspiciously more like our old Central RR of LI, eh?  Thus, the bridge is not the bridge "lost" in the Meadowbrook Parkway loop.  Expanding on this further than I did on the LIMP Central Nassau County page, from that 1928 Soils Map detail, a marked crop of which follows:

Soils Map Detail x
(15 Mar 2004 markup of photo by S. Berliner, III - from SPLIA Gallery by permission - all rights reserved.)

You can see the declevity (darker blue) running S from under the words "ROOSEVELT AIRPORT"; my guess is that that was either a natural stream or a man-made drainage ditch flowing into the Meadow Brook.  Regardless of whether it is a stream or a ditch, and the CRR RoW is just off (below) the bottom margin of the right photo, we can readily extrapolate the gully S under the CRR just W of "our" CRR bridge.  But wait!  Look at the map detail again; there is the road that ran under "our" CRR bridge, originating at Stewart Avenue just W of Merrick Avenue and running S under the bridge and thence SSW into Mitchel Field!

To add to this, Howard sent an 11 Feb 1937 aerial view of the entire Mitchel Field complex from just E of Clinton Street (the fomer Curtiss Field) to Merrick Avenue; in this view, Roslyn is in the upper left corner, New Cassell in the upper right, Uniondale in the lower left, and East Meadow in the lower right, Hempstead Turnpike runs across the bottom, and the LIMP across the center (this appears to be a US Army Air Corps picture):

(1937 Aerial photo courtesy H. Kroplick - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail image; click on picture for VERY much larger (1.1Mb) image]

The entire W-E segment of the LIMP, Stewart Avenue, and the Central Branch are shown in this enlargement:

[Thumbnail image left; click on picture for larger image]

The overall view, this enlargement, and many other details and an alphabetical key are on LIMP Central Nassau continuation page 1 and those aspects applicable to the CRR with some of the keys and even more detail will be found on CRR continuation page 4.

Thanks indeed, Howard; little did you know to what these chance LIMP/CRR conjuctions would lead!

On 31 May 2002, I went back to Long Island's Cradle of Aviation Museum at Mitchel Field specifically to photograph an aerial view of the area for my Long Island Motor Parkwaypages.  However, I also discovered a map of the First World War military aviation facilities on Long Island and tried, under appalling lighting conditions, to photograph that, also, as it shows both the LIMP and the Central Branch (CRRofLI, Mitchel Secondary) quite clearly, running from Creedmoor to Babylon, and including the Bethpage Branch.

I must confess, however, that my mind was on the 1908 Long Island Motor Parkway, not the Central RR; I'll have to go back there and shoot better views.  This material supplements that shown on the Motor Parkway Maps Page, at which you really should look.

First, the Mitchel Field aerial view, in full and in detail.

Mitchel Field Aerial Views

The aerial view, in full, runs from Old Country Road at the top (N) to Hempstead Turnpike [to the right (E) of the last line on the sign toward the bottom (S)], and from Washington Avenue (Roslyn Road) [arrow straight vertically near the left (W) edge] to Post Avenue [(at top (N)]/Merrick Avenue [from OCR down (S)], running parallel to Roslyn Road near the right (E) edge, with Roosevelt Field (the shopping mall) in the center top, S of OCR and between Clinton Street (running diagonally left of center) and the Meadowbrook Parkway (wandering right of center),  The upper ¾ of the picture to the right (E) of Merrick Avenue is the old Salisbury (now Eisenhower) Park:

Cr of Av Mitch Fld Aerial View
(All photos taken 31 May 02 by and © 2002 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.)
[Click on thumbnail for larger image]

The sign states

"You are standing on what was the historic Mitchel Air Field.
It closed in1961.  It is now a
Long Island center of
education, recreation and commerce."

The "small" angled dark rectangle in the upper right above the curve of the Meadowbrook Parkway is the wreckage of what was Roosevelt Raceway's grandstand and the green outline at center right is the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Charles Lindbergh Boulevard.

I hadn't previously noticed the green-highlighted area just right of center; it is the Museum Complex, including Nassau County's world-class Cradle of Aviation Museum.   added (12 Aug 2014)

Now, the first detail is a strip running from the S end of Roosevelt Field mall and the W-E section of the Meadowbrook Parkway at the top (N) to the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Charles Lindbergh Boulevard at the bottom (S), and from County Seat Drive/Arthur Street (in Garden City) on the left (W) to Merrick (Post) Avenue and Eisenhower (Salisbury) Park on the right (E):

CRR Cr of Av Mitch Fld Aerial View

CRR Cr of Av Roos Fld Spur Aerial View

The CRR RoW runs along the left ¾ of the view, as the Mitchel Secondary and petering out just W of the Meadowbrook Parkway.  I marked the W and E ends with white blanks in areas where no features were hidden and added a white rectangle around 1-800-FLOWERS (1600 Stewart Avenue) and a white circle on the Meadowbrook Parkway loop that contains the old CRR bridge.  You can also quite easily see the old CRR Clinton Street Station (now a Garden City firehouse) in the central left part of the image; it sits on a red brick area in the NW corner of the intersection of Clinton Street and the Secondary.

The next detail is a vertical view (at left) of the Roosevelt Field freight spur (or whatever it's called), running from the Garden City Freight Yard at the bottom, across Stewart Avenue and South Street (the LIMP RoW), over the Meadowbrook Parkway and under Zeckendorf Boulevard, and sort of evaporating in the commercial area to the N.

Finally, here is an early '50s projected plan for the area that did not come to pass; Stewart runs diagonally from lower left to upper center, Endo Boulevard, Meadowbrook Parkway, and Merrick Avenue from upper center to lower center, and Salisbury Park Drive curving in the upper right (NE), in this N-facing rendering:

CRR Cr of Av Mitch Fld Architect's Rendering
(All photos taken 31 May 02 by and © 2002 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.)

The CRR RoW runs W-E just below (S) Stewart.

World War I Long Island Map

The next two images are the WWI map (I give the first of these at screen size and oversize).  The first is an overall shot (I couldn't use flash - it bounced right back); that blur says "Military Airfields - 1914-1918" and the rings are 5-mile markers running out from the Mitchel control tower:

Cr of Av Mitch Fld WWI Map

"1" is Roosevelt Flying Field, "2" is Mitchel, and "5" is Floyd Bennett); I'll have to look up the others.

Next is a blurred close-up showing (or purporting to show - I could not get enough light into the camera) the CRR from Creedmoor in the upper left (NW) to Babylon in the lower right (SE):

Cr of Av WWI Map Detail 6

The close-up shows the CRR starting at Creedmoor near Rocky Hill Road (Springfield Boulevard) and running ESE to Garden City, then E to Merrick Avenue and ESE again to Central Park (Bethpage) and Bethpage Junction (where the Bethpage Branch heads NNE) and thence SE to Babylon.

I will try to get permission to go back to the Cradle of Aviation Museum before or after hours with lights and redo all these and then highlight and mark the resultant views as I did the LIMP Soils Map.

CRRofLI Mystery Tunnel On 19 Oct 2003, I spoke to a man who clearly remembered playing on the CRRofLI RoW as a child ca. 1947 and discovering a hidden, underground room lined with bricks and with a two-track railroad running perpendicular to and under the CRR RoW!  From his description, I have made up a VERY approximate sketch map of the general area where the underpass or whatever it may have been was located:

CRR Tunnel Location
(Diagram by and © 2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

The CRR was used to haul construction material to Levitt's site and so this may well have been a tram line that carried materials north and south without interfering with the CRR main.  We shall see who knows more about this oddity (and whether it is still there).

[This page was added to my CENTRAL RAILROAD of LONG ISLAND page, et seq., on 01 Jun 2002; you might wish to see that and the main LI Rail Road page, et seq., and the LI Railroads page, also.]

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