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S. Berliner, III's


Model Railroad Page

S. Berliner, III's


Model Railroad Page

Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"
Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Popularizer of Science and Technology
Rail, Auto, Air, Ordnance, and Model Enthusiast
Light-weight Linguist, Lay Minister, and Putative Philosopher


Workers of the world, unite;
you have nothing to lose but your trains!

NOTE:  Page size was limited by HTML to some 30kB; thus, I was forced to add a continuation page to this page and separate pages to fit the lengthy Berlinerwerke sagas (HO and Z scales).

NOTE:  I regret that some of my internal links refuse to work; if they don't, please click "Back" and scroll.


On this page:

  Sunrise Trail Division (STD) of the
      Northeastern Region (NER) of the
      National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)
  Long Island - Sunrise Trail Chapter (LIST) of the
      National Railway Historical Society (NRHS)
  Long Island Live Steamers
  North Shore (Long Island AND Boston) Hobby Shops - indexing
  Model Railroading Museum - here on Long Island!

On MRR Continuation Page 1:

  Model Railroading Miscellany (moved there from this page on 09 May 2005).

On MRR Continuation Page 2:

    Vest Pocket Railroads You Can Model

    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad
        (now on its own page)

    Degnon Terminal Railroad, plus
        Murrer's Sidings
        Kearney Sidings,

  as well as (on an LIRR page):
      Blissville/Laurel Hill,     Blissville Sidings
    Laurel Hill Sidings
    and Maspeth and Fresh Pond -
    Maspeth Yard
    Fresh Pond Yard

    New York & Atlantic Railway.

    Marion River Carry Railroad Page (now on its own page).

  LIRR CLass MP41 All-Steel Motorized Electric Passenger Car (1905) Page,
    with 1906 text, dimensioned drawings, and photographs.   new.gif (08 Feb 2014)

On MRR Continuation Page 3:

    REALLY HEAVY Electrics.
    Model Railroad Miscellany.
    A and B vs. F (and 1 and 2) Ends.
    PRR/Wrong Island #007 Cabin Car.
    Garden Railway Scales.
    Making a Stacker from a Front End Loader.
    Berlinerwerke-ALCo RSD-1m.
    Model Railroading HELP!.

On MRR Continuation Page 4:

    Railroad Grades
    Model Railroad Photography
    More Model Railroad Miscellany, with
        Hobbytown of Boston (Bear Locomotive Co.).

On MRR Continuation Page 5:

    Vest Pocket Railroads You Can Model - continued
    Atlas Terminal RR

On MRR Continuation Page 6:

    Life-Like ALCo DL-109.

On MRR Continuation Page 7:

    Oyster Bay Marine Turntable.
        (moved from RR Page 3 and greatly amplified 07 Jun 2004).
    HOMABED® Roadbed.

On MRR Continuation Page 8:

    Model Railroading TIPS (21 Jan 2014).
        HO Car Weighting.

On the Great Northern/Western Fruit Express Page:

    Great Northern/Western Fruit Express Reefers
        (moved to MRR page 4 from the main page 07 May 2001
        and to this page 10 Nov 2004).

For more RRs you can model, try the somewhat larger Naval Weapons Stations Railroad Yards (including NWS Earle, NWS Concord, etc.).   added (04 Jan 2017)

On Z-Scale pages:

  Scale and Gauge
  Scale Conversion Table
  Ztrack Magazine
  and an index to much, much more, including
  Sub-Z-Scale with Z Meter Gauge,
Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains, and even 1:900 Tiniest Trains!

On separate pages:

  ALCO-GE-IR Boxcab Locomotives, et seq.
  Schnabel and other Giant RR Cars.
  Schnabel Cars Continuation Page, et seq.
  S. Berliner, III's Pennsylvania Railroad Page, et seq.
    and PRR Modeling (Penn Line/Cary/Bowser)
  Berlinerwerke Saga (HO-Scale, included with Horseshoe Curve information)
    and continuation pages with prototype and HO/N/S scale dimensions,
      satellite photo, pictures, description of the Horseshoe Curve
  Berlinerwerke Saga (Z-Scale)
      which latter has had to be continued onto six more pages!

      including a Tour of the Berlinerwerke-Z.
  Berlinerwerke Apocrypha (tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such)
  Berlinerwerke Apocrypha Page 2 (more tall tales).
  Berlinerwerke Guest Apocrypha (taller tales?):
    CSXT AC100CBW and NSC CB100W-10 10,000 horsepower locos!
  EMD - Electro-Motive Division of GM - models, etc.,
    including the fabled BW DDP45 and other EMD engines
    EMD may never have dreamed of!
    Great Northern Western Fruit Express (GN WFEX) Reefers Page.
  added (21 Jul 2015)
  HOW TO BOOT A STEAM LOCOMOTIVE or How to hostle without really tiring -
      (Firing up a cold oil burner - in 1:1 scale).
  The Whyte System of Classification (4-4-0, 4-6-2, B-B, etc.).

It's hard to say if this belongs with railroads or model railroads or the Berlinerweke apocrypha but here it is:]
  Burdick Nightmare Page (0-2-0 locomotives)   new (03 Jan 2020)


I regret to note the passing of John H. Armstrong, model railroader par excellence, who died on 28 Jul 2004 after a brief illness.  John did a lot for me without ever knowing it, especially through his classic 1963 "Track Planning for Realistic Operation", to which I still refer.

Your inclusion on page 61, Fig. 7-4, of a photo of an Erie boxcab working the carfloat terminal on the Harlem River was one of the things that ignited my abiding interest in boxcabs and your O-scale Canandaigua Southern Belpaired 4-6-6-6 Super Allegheny on page 75 helped inspire my subsequent lunacy.

We'll miss you, John.

John Sing of San Mateo, California, had posted a "eulogy" to John Armstrong, with photos of the CS taken by Clint Hyde of the NMRA Potomac Division; I had recommended it to you but it's gone. Yee-hah! I found it again; the Potomac Division has reproduced it in full, complete with pictures, at:   rev (22 Feb 2019)



Give Credit Where Credit is Due Department

I belong to other rail groups and subscribe to some rail magazines and read many more; here are some linked recommendations:

Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society
    publishes an outstanding quarterly, THE KEYSTONE

Kalmbach Publications

Carstens Publications

RAILPACE Newsmagazine {railroading in the Northeast}

Also, in the vicinity of NYC, there are three of the world's largest model railroads
(excepting my own, of course - all four are in HO scale):

The Rensselaer Model Railroad Society
    (the New England, Berkshire & Western) in Troy, New York
The Model Railroad Club, in Union, New Jersey
Northlandz ("The Great American Railway"), in Flemington, New Jersey

There are/were two truly-fabulous local layouts (local when I lived on Long Island, that is) I have especially enjoyed over these many years,   rev (03 Jan 2020)

West Island Model Railroad Club in Farmingdale,

and the

the Montauk Valley Club in Williston Park
(which, unfortunately, had lost its lease - and it's URL!)

each very different in character, yet both quite outstanding.

I seem to have omitted (or lost) a link to the Rockville Centre Model Railroaders, home of the Sheepshead Connecting Lines (sorry 'bout that!).

For information about the many other wonderful clubs and LI model railroading,
visit Richard Einhorn's "Model Railroading on Long Island" site.

Glenn Whitener has a great model railroad index.

Now that I've moved from Long Island's North Shore to Boston's North Shore, in Massachusetts, the big local club is the North Shore Model Railroad Club, home of the Chesapeake System.   new (09 Feb 2011)


- information moved to Z-Scale page.  You might also like to look at José Lopez, Jr.'s The Scale Card, for a most extensive discussion of scales.  I have a write-up and photo of his Z-scale Scale Card and Scale Rule on my Z-Scale page 2.

The BERLINERWERKE SAGA, the story of the HO Berlinerwerke pike,
is now combined with the story of the Horseshoe Curve on its own separate pages.
  [They will have to be separated out again as the layout, unfortunately,
    will no longer include a scale Horseshoe Curve.]

The full Z-scale pike story, the BERLINERWERKE-Z SAGA
now appears on its own page, as well, but has had to be continued onto more pages.

Visit these courtesy and official home pages:

  Sunrise Trail Chapter,   Boston Chapter, and
  NRHS (National Railway Historical Society)

Ztrack Magazine
The Newsletter for Z Scale Model Railroading
Z-Scale is only 1:220 with rails only ¼" apart!
It is about 2½ times smaller than HO!
Please Note:  This courtesy home page has been moved to a new Z-Scale page!

Long Island Live Steamers

Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad

Degnon Terminal Railroad, plus
    Murrer's Sidings
    Kearney Sidings

    Marion River Carry Railroad Page (now on its own page).

New York & Atlantic Railway

You may also wish to jump to SB,III's RAILROAD Page


Jeff Scherb's great "The Model Train Magazine Index (new URL) - An index to Model Railroad magazines from 1933 to the present", formerly sponsored/hosted by Accurail and now by Kalmbach.

Accurail produces among the finest HO and N freight car models, Kalmbach is one of the two top RR publishers, and Jeff gives us an unparalled access to old articles on models and prototypes; I strongly recommend Jeff's great work to you.

Because much information about railroads is in German, you might find Chris Ozdoba's Eisenbahn- und Modellbahn-Wörterbuch - Deutsch-Englisch / Railroad and Model Railroading Dictionary - German-English of value.


My first "model" railroad was a gigantic, two-level Lionel O-scale monstrosity (with no scenery) my dad built "for me", hinged over my bed and too heavy for me to raise and lower; my mother was afraid it would drop on me one night and crush me!  When someone saw it and wanted it badly, Dad sold it on the spot for $1,000, a simply-staggering amount ca. 1940 or 41!&  Between Pearl Harbor and Christmas, 1941, he drove me down to Woodbury Junction, New Jersey (due east of Philadephia), to John Tyler's (thus the later TYCO) Mantua* plant, where we picked up their HO starter set for a whole $25!  More of this story and other model railroading miscellany continues on Model Railroading Continuation Page 1.

I always knew that some of my modeling was really realistic but never realized just how much so until I got a brochure from the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers railing [did I really write that?] against unmanned (remote controlled) locos, with these three great prototype photos:

ble1 ble2 ble2
(photos courtesy of BLE)

Heck, I reproduce these two scenes all the time!

REMINDER - I owed you folks a page on my wide-cab, cowl-bodied EMD models
and fantasies thereupon; it's there!

Z-SCALE (1:220)

Z-Scale is model railroading at an incredible 220 times smaller than life size, or slightly under half the size of the familiar HO scale.
Please Note:  All Z-Scale material has been moved to its own page!

Miller Engineering has a site at http://www.microstru.com; if you are not familiar with their line of jewel-like etched brass structures, a business block, Victorian houses with gingerbread, a bank, a hotel, a movie house, even a stainless '40s diner and a microscopic telephone booth, be sure to visit the site!  For a preview, see the Z-Scale Continuation page.  [Also in HO and N Scales and 1:144 Collector's Scale.]

Schnabel Car - Märklin 8620 picture
Image from Z-world

Schnabel Car and Trafo (transformer) Load.
Märklin Z-Scale Depressed Center Flat Car #8620 shown;
(actually, it is NOT a "Depressed Center Flat Car" at all;
in fact, it HAS no center at all, flat or otherwise,
it is a Schnabel Car which separates and bolts to a load)

[See Märklin vs. Mærklin vs. Maerklin vs. Marklin.]   added (31 Dec 2019)

Schnabel Car (and other giant cars) information grew so dramatically
(with photos) that I moved it (03 Jul 1998) to a separate page.

You may wish to visit the NMRA Logo HUB DIVISION and the SUNRISE TRAIL DIVISION
  both of the

Pennsylvania Railroad Matters

Although I note my extensive coverage on my Pennsylvania Railroad Page, et seq., the total picture gets blurred by inclusion under RR, history, modeling, etc.  If you have an interest in things Pennsy, I refer you to my pages noted, to the sites linked thereon, and especially to the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society.

One of the firms that I depended on heavily for Pennsy details was Don Stromberg's Cary Locomotive Works; although they also made boilers and other details for other roads, they specialized in the Pennsy and I have some Cary nostalgia on my PRR pages, notably on PRR Continuation Page 0.  Cary is now a part of Bowser Mfg., although Bowser has discontinued both its own and Cary's steam loco kits.   rev.gif (28 Jan 2014)

Long Island Live Steamers (LILS)

A great group of miniature live steam (and diesel and electric) operators running at mostly 1½" scale (some 3/4") in Southhaven Park at the intersection of William Floyd Parkway (Suffolk County Route 46) and Sunrise Highway (U.S. Route 27).  LILS now has its own separate page.




MARION RIVER CARRY RAILROAD - (now on its own page).







    To which I must now add the New York & Atlantic Railway about which more will follow.

Great Northern/Burlington Northern - Western Fruit Express Reefers and Boxcars -
(moved to MRR page 4 on 07 May 2001
and then to its own separate page on 10 Nov 2004)


was moved to Continuation Page 3 18 Oct 99.

More Model Railroad Miscellany

was moved to Continuation Page 3 18 Oct 1999.  However, I kept these recommendations here:

North Shore (Long Island AND Boston) Hobby Shops - I recommend several local (for me when on Long Island's North Shore in northern Nassau County, New York and now on Boston's Nortn Shore) hobby shops I patronise(d), all of which have given me outstanding service:   rev (22 Mar 2015)

Willis Hobbies in Mineola, 516-746-3944 (press 1) - I bought my first HO engine (a new Ken Kidder brass convertible tank engine for $7.50!) and an MRC power pack (both still in use) ca. 1960 from the late Karl Boehringer, founder, and have continued with Willis through Karl's successor, Al Ford, and now Al's sons, Steve and Ken!     (now with their own Web site)

Gold Coast Hobby, at the Glen Head station, 516-759-4094; owner Charles Gonder has an incredible stock of abstruse items I found useful in model railroading, such as architectural, racing, and ship modeling supplies.

There is also Joel and Barbara Berse's Trainville Hobby Depot at 3703 Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown (LI, NY, that is), 516-433-4444 (FAX 516-433-1691); their forté is N-Scale but they order and stock regularly from Micro-Trains Line, so they serve Z as well.  The store doubled in size since opening and moved from Hicksville to Levittown but is only open by appointment - call first.   rev (13 Nov 2018)

[Hans Nagengast, Jr., ran a combination hardware store and hobby shop in Ridgewood, Queens, that had a goodly stock of Märklin rolling stock and track; while not expert in all aspects of Z, they discounted Märklin at 30%!  - long gone, now.]   rev (13 Nov 2018)

[The Caboose, Inc., in Huntington closed effective 15 Dec 2002; I bought my first Märklin mini-Club Z-scale equipment (an 8907A starter set listing for $99.50!, less its awful 6727 power pack) from late owner Charles Schaeffer in 1980.]

[A shop that had opened in Melville on Route 110, J & D Hobbies, at 522a Walt Whitman Road closed (as of 14 Dec 2002).]

Here on the North Shore of the Boston, Massachusetts area, the only big shops I've found so far are Charles Ro at 662 Cross Street in Malden (781-321-0090) and North East Trains at 18 Main Street in Peabody (978-532-1615). (07 Dec 2016)

  [Gerry at Maine Trains in Chelmsford has retired and closed his store.] (07 Dec 2016)

All of these shops are strong in mail orders (with discounts).

Dave's Custom Trains, at 845-758-5341*, e-mail: Dave@daves-custom-trains.com; Dave builds, paints, and super details model trains of all scales and carries railroad supplies, such as unfinished kits, decals, wheels, couplers, detail parts, etc.  His paintwork is a joy to behold! (20 Mar 2015)

I am quite the BOXCAB fan(atic), witness my enormous coverage of boxcabs on this site; here's a GE 23-ton gem in O-scale, with a companion GE end cab (and a Mack Railcar in O):

LeeTown O GE 23-ton 3 LeeTown O Mack

These come from Lee Snover and Rich Garich's small run of O-Scale 23-ton box- and end-cabs (plus Lee's conversion of a stock Corgi model with Mack rail-truck lead truck installed, and rear wheel parts awaiting installation).

LeeTown O GE 23-ton 1 LeeTown O GE 23-ton 2
(Cropped and doctored 03 Jun 03 from photos courtesy of L. Snover - all rights reserved to source.)

They've made 14 Lehigh Portland Cement GE Boxcabs so far (03 Jun 02), and 8 GE 23 ton End Cabs; this summer (2002) they will finish up 33 GE Boxcabs, half On3 "Contractor's unit" (RR tie end steps!) used on the D&RGW temp. and half Procter and Gamble units (with footboards).

Don't hold your breath, but rumor hath it that we might just see a Porter 22½-ton boxcab next and they've added a six-cylinder diesel engine:

LeeTown O 6-cyl Diesel

[If you're interested, contact them at Stuff It Storage Co. (LeeTown Models, Lee Snover), 15 Adams Street Belvidere, NJ  07823, (908 475-4404 9-2 , 610 837-2801 after 6 PM till 10 PM, FAX: 908 475-4109.]

Here's two more photos of the 23-ton end-cab:

LeeTown O GE 23-ton R LeeTown O GE 23-ton L
(photos courtesy of L. Snover - all rights reserved to source.)

Model Railroading Museum - on Long Island!

There was (dispossessed) and, hopefully, will soon be again, a Model Railroading Museum on Long Island; keep tabs on the status here (if you know of a potential sponsor, please let me know ASAP).

Also on Long Island, there are active HOTrack and Ntrak modular layout groups.

The HUB Division of the Northeastern Region (NER) of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) runs a major modular HO railroad.

If you like model railroading nonsense (and good tips), take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible

[The AW NUTS Magazine site of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society is no longer available.]

You may wish to visit the Model Railroad Continuation Page 2, et seq.

of this series of Railroad pages.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


See Copyright Notice on primary home page.

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