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Continuation of SB,III's MODEL RAILROADING Page, et seq.

NOTE:  It would appear that my pages were limited by AT&T, without warning, to 30kB!  Thus, I was forced to add this continuation page and separate pages to fit the lengthy Berlinerwerke saga in HO and Z scales.


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On the MAIN mrr page:
    Sunrise Trail Division (STD) of the
        Northeastern Region (NER) of the
        National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)
    Long Island - Sunrise Trail Chapter (LIST) of the
        National Railway Historical Society (NRHS)
    Long Island Live Steamers,     and model railroading miscellany at the end.

On MRR Continuation Page 2:
    Vest Pocket Railroads You Can Model
        (continued on MRR page 5):
    Marion River Carry Railroad.         (now moved to its own page)
    Degnon Terminal Railroad, plus
        Murrer's Sidings
        Kearney Sidings
    as well as (on an LIRR page):
      Blissville/Laurel Hill,     Blissville Sidings
    Laurel Hill Sidings
    and Maspeth and Fresh Pond -
    Maspeth Yard
            Fresh Pond Yard
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    New York & Atlantic Railway.

On MRR Continuation Page 3:
    Model Railroading Miscellany
    PRR/Wrong Island #007 Cabin Car
    Garden Railway Scales
    Making a Stacker from a Front End Loader
    Berlinerwerke-ALCo RSD-1m
    Model Railroading HELP!

On MRR Continuation Page 4:
    Great Northern/Western Fruit Express Reefers -
        (moved to MRR page 4 on 07 May 2001).
    Railroad Grades
    Model Railroad Photography
    More Model Railroad Miscellany, with
        Hobbytown of Boston (Bear Locomotive Co.).

On the MRR Continuation Page 5:
    Vest Pocket Railroads You Can Model - continued
    Atlas Terminals RR

On the preceding MRR Continuation Page 6:
    Life-Like ALCo DL-109.
    Homage to Bill Schopp
.     Wayner Photos.

On this MRR Continuation Page 7:
    Oyster Bay Marine Turntable
        (moved from RR Page 3 and greatly amplified 07 Jun 2004).
    HOMABED® Roadbed.
    TRACK Casting Kit.
    RMC Down the Drain?
    Santa Fé-Style Garratt.

On the succeeding MRR Continuation Page 8:

    Model Railroading TIPS.   new (21 Jan 2014)
    Model Railroading TIPS.
        HO Car Weighting.

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    Great Northern/Western Fruit Express Reefers
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    Z-Scale Narrow Gauge (really)
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    Scale Conversion Table
    Ztrack Magazine
    Z-Scale Miscellany
    Z-Scale Wiring Conventions
    Z-Scale Vehicles and Märklin Rubber Autos
    and much more on Page 2 and noted below.
    Sub-Z-Scale Page with
        Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains and even 1:900 Tiniest Trains!

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Before proceding, let me recommend Kurumi's SignMaker, which allows one with a good computer, an image processor, and a color printer (or access to one at Kinko's or the like) to create and print "Big Green" Interstate, federal, or state highway signs!

Also (12 Dec 2008), here's a blast from the past (my past, that is), Woodland Scenics's #AS5553 Tim Burr Logging in HO scale, available from Factory Direct Trains:

Image courtesy of FDT - all rights reserved
[click on thumbnailed picture for larger image]

It's a wee bit too pricey for me just as a pure novelty but it sure brings back memories of driving all over the Adirondacks as a teen and always wondering when one of those (apparently-grossly-overloaded) log trucks would either tip over right in front of me or pop its chains and dump a precariously-balanced and bulging, overhanging load on top of me as I passed on narrow, winding mountain roads!

Oyster Bay Marine Turntable

(moved from RR Page 3 and greatly amplified 07 Jun 2004).

Here's a type of turntable you won't normally see (not that most railfans "normally" see any turntables - we are triply blessèd there on Long Island), it's a QUARTER-TURN marine turntable.  I wasn't sure if it belonged on my Naval and Maritime pages or on my Railroad pages; I opted for the latter but now, with far more pictures, it's here, with links back there and to my LIRR pages.

It's at the old Jakobson's Shipyard (Jake's) in Oyster Bay, where Loco #35 will be restored, and hard by where the new Oyster Bay rail museum will be built.  Jake's is where so very many RR tugboats originated, those with the rakishly canted foredeck and level wheelhouse with matching roof.

The pit was filled with sawgrass when I was first there ca. 09 May 1996, and again in Jun 1999, so I'd also given you a diagram.

[The photographs are thumbnails; click on the pictures for sharper images:]

Jake's ¼-turn TT (1 of 5)  Jake's ¼-turn TT (2 of 5)  Jake's ¼-turn TT (3 of 5)

Jake's ¼-turn TT (4 of 5)  Jake's ¼-turn TT (5 of 5)

Jake's ¼-turn TT Diagram
Images by and © 1999 S. Berliner, III

That last picture shows a W/B new LIRR control cab bi-level going hard by immediately to the south.

The whole area was changed for a waterfront park but the marine turntable was preserved; I was over there for Bay Day, representing Engine #35 and the Oyster Bay RR Museum, only a few blocks to the east, on 06 Jun 2004, without a camera, of course (it was raining), liked what they'd done (new grading, new ties, new gravel, new visibility), and went back 07 Jun 2004 for more photos:

OB Mar TT 1 OB Mar TT 2
(07 Jun 04 photos by and © Copyright 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images - click on pictures for larger images.]

1 - L - view WSW / 2 - R - view W

OB Mar TT 3 OB Mar TT 4
3 - L - view WNW / 4 - R - view NW

That left picture above is weird!  The building appears to be floating in the air!

OB Mar TT 5 OB Mar TT 6
5 - L - view NW / 6 - R - view N

There's the trusty Neon above R and below L!

OB Mar TT 7 OB Mar TT 8
7 - L - view NE / 8 - R - view E

OB Mar TT 9 OB Mar TT 10
(07 Jun 04 photos by and © Copyright 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnail images - click on pictures for larger images.]

9 - L - view NE / 10 - R - view NW

Somebody had the good sense, not only to save the turntable, but to drag the cradle/carriage/trolley out of the weeds and re-emplace it.  That last shot is a detail of the "puller" pulleys/sheaves that allowed the trolley to be moved without a switch loco; one assumes there was a donkey engine somewhere abouts.

What is missing in all this is that there were huge marine erecting shops to the N, beyond the end of track in picture 6; all that's left of Jakobson's Shipyard now are the two smaller sheds on either side and the medium sized one to the E (picture 8) and the main pier, which now houses the Nantucket lightship.

I suppose I should have shot the lightship, as well, and measured the track of the track (wide-gauge); this whole scene just begs to be modeled.  Back I go!


HOMABED®, had been bought out by Richard Jayne, of California Roadbed, Co., Inc.  HOMABED®, a milled roadbed made from HOMASOTE® (thick cardboard used for layouts), was available in scales from G (1:32) down to Z (1:220).  Straight and curvable sections, turnout blocks, shims, strips, yard plates, and more, in thicknesses from 0.350" to 0.175", were available.   rev (25 Feb 2020)

Well, it seems I lost "track" - apparently Jayne sold out to Steve Cox of Cascade Rail Supply but his (Cox's) site now states:

"Due to changing family commitments, Cascade Rail Supply is now closed.  I thank all of you for your support of the business and I leave with great sadness."

So much for HOMABED!  Mill your own or simply slice and bevel ½" HOMASOTE from now on.  Sorry 'bout that.

Speaking of roadbed on which to lay track, don't bother laying your own any longer!  I found the greatest product imaginable; it's a kit for casting track (really!):

Tracks Casting Kit
(Photo by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Just add water; amazing!  There are even special kits for Z-scale and Z meter gauge (39"):

TrackZ Casting Kit TrackZm Casting Kit
(Photos{?} by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

What will they think of next!

Whoops, dearie!  That first photo, of TRACKS, is of the S-scale version; Downeast Concepts (DCI) makes the kit and here's the standard HO TRACK kit:

HO Track Casting Kit
(Photo{?} by and © 2008 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Good thing I caught the discrepancy and made tracks to correct it, eh?  Wouldn't want anyone ordering the wrong kit.  Then I'd REALLY have to make tracks!  [This really gives you paws!]

RMC Down the Drain? (06 Dec 2007)

Diversification is one thing, Hal, but this is ridiculous:

RMC Flushed
(06 Dec 2007 cell phone photo by and © 2007 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

This is the real McCoy, retouched only ever so slightly to overcome blurriness due to bubbles; believe me also that the urinal was very well flushed before I took the picture!

Der Herr Eckl's Santa Fé-style Garratt - now here's quite a kitbash!  Gerold Eckl of Vienna, Austria, was able to pick up an incomplete (rear engine + center section) Fulgurex/PFM/Model Dockyard model at ebay.de for a few Euros.&nbsdp; He considered attaching a suitable dummy front engine and, as luck had it, a few weeks later found another one, at eBay.ch, again, just a rear engine and center section; he placed a high bid and won at a reasonable price.  Then, it was lost without a trace by the Austrian post!  Fortunately, it showed up after four weeks .... Gerold was really angry.  He then found out that the two engines were from different runs(!), the German one from the sixties with an open frame motor; the Swiss one from the seventies, with a can motor and brake shoes.  He converted the older power truck to a can motor, too, to have identical running characteristics, and then copied the brass turtleback tender of his ATSF 2-10-10-2 in resin and shortened the casting to fit one of the trucks, somehow resembling the tank of the real AD60 class.  As he had begun to incorporate Santa Fé detail, he continued by removing most detail from the center section and added an Elesco feedwater system, an AT&SF (MDC) cab, pipes, and AT&SF numberboards, pilots, and headlights.  Gerold plans to add a sound system in the future (28 Jan 2008).

So, here are the two chassis as received:

(cropped and enhanced from photo by G. Eckl - all rights reserved)

Next, the nearly completed conversion:

(cropped and enhanced from photo by G. Eckl - all rights reserved) [click on thumbnailed picture for larger image]

The finished masterpiece:

(cropped and enhanced from photo by G. Eckl - all rights reserved) [click on thumbnailed picture for larger image]

WOW!  It can walk on water!  And on glass:

(cropped and enhanced from photo by G. Eckl - all rights reserved) [click on thumbnailed picture for larger image]

Now, tell me this isn't magnificent!  My only problem was where to feature it; it also belongs with the Berlinerwerke Guest Apocrypha and with the many Ruhnian State Railways (RSR) apocryphal Garratts (et seq.).

If you like model railroading nonsense (and good tips), take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible

and at the AW NUTS Magazine site, "A Publication of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society".

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