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news-rt  -  Here's a fantastic Atomic Cannon site, with info., photos, drawings, and a 1:72 scale model to incredible detail; it is Paul Gaertner's The ATOMIC CANNON - Cold War Deterrent and I highly commend it to your attention.   new (09 Nov 2010)

Although I was either unaware of it or have forgotten, there was at least one Atomic Cannon battalion stationed in Asia during the Viet Nam War.  The 663rd Field Artillery Bn was on Okinawa from 1955 thrugh 1957 and was at Sukeran in 1956-57.  Dave Owen was the youngest volunteer there (RA - all the way!), just 18, whereas the majority of those he served with were WWII vets or just out of Korea and in their late '20s-early '30s.  That makes most of them in their late '80s to over 100 now!  Most of them are slowly dying off and Dave would like to connect with his old buddies before they are all gone.

Is there a 663rd FABn association or some similar group where he can contact anyone he served with on Okinawa?

Dave dug up some old shots of 280s firing into the East China Sea in 1956 (left, below) and firing at night at Yanaberu (right, below):

EChinaSea56 YanaberuNt
(Ca. 1956 photos courtesy of D. Owen - all rights reserved.)
[Thumbnail images; click on photos for larger images.]

Some more photos may follow.

Dave recalls that security around the arrival of the big guns was quite lax, probably deliberately, so that all and sundry would know of our deterrent capability.  Five minutes after the six guns were unloaded in the port of Naha, every nation in the world knew we had them on Okinawa.  They drove them up the only main paved highway for all to see, flaunted them, and left them out in plain view in the motor pool, observing mnay locals driving by and snapping pictures.  Even when they fired the guns, they had an audience and any security they had was either non-existent or they 'deliberately' wanted the world to see and understand what we had... PLUS they provided many news releases to the local and Japanese press and the armed forces newspapers.  The point was to be a deterrent in the Far East... and the 280s did their job exceptionally well, especially for the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Viet Cong, and a slew of other unfriendly nations which had to back down.  One interesting point Dave recalls is that periodically the Chinese Navy would send ships around Okinawa just within the horizon but beyond the traditional 3-mile limit; after the 280s arrived, that stopped.  Dave guesses the Chinese understood we could have sunk their entire Navy with one round!

Stay tuned and please let us know of any Okinawan veterans' organizations Dave could contact.

280mm Cannoneers - see this site:

    42nd FA Bn, USAREUR.

Atomic Cannon Tip-Over - ever since the first news leaked across the pond of tip-overs in Germany, I have been searching for pictures of such accidents.  The awful reproduction of a news clipping on the Atomic Cannon Pictures Page, which I'll repeat here, was all I had:   new (28 Aug 2015)

(click on thumbnailed image for larger picture with far less moiré)

Well, all that's changed, now, and HOW!  First thing this morning (28 Aug 2015), I got a call froom Eric Wimsatt, grandson of (then-)Sp3 Bernard J. Wimsatt, who served with the 265th Field Artillery Battalion in Baumholder from 1953 to 1955.  Would I like some pix of a tip-over?  Would I?  WOULD I?  Would I EVER!  Within a half hour, in came the scans; I have reordered them and cropped them to the bare images but otherwise they are as received.

First, some deployment shots:

Wimsatt016 Wimsatt017
B. J. Wimsatt 016 || B. J. Wimsatt 017
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)
[1950s pictures from B. J. Wimsatt courtesy of E. Wimsatt - all rights reserved]

Wimsatt001 Wimsatt003
B. J. Wimsatt 001 || B. J. Wimsatt 003
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)

Wimsatt015 Wimsatt014
B. J. Wimsatt 015 || B. J. Wimsatt 014
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)
[1950s pictures from B. J. Wimsatt courtesy of E. Wimsatt - all rights reserved]

Now, the pièces de résistances, uncaptioned, but they speak for themselves - the front driver swerved to avoid a bicyclist and lost control, a ditch and a telephone pole intervened, and this was the most-unfortunate result (the pictures aren't necessarily quite in order but close enough):

Wimsatt004 Wimsatt010
B. J. Wimsatt 004 || B. J. Wimsatt 010
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)
[1950s pictures from B. J. Wimsatt courtesy of E. Wimsatt - all rights reserved]

Wimsatt011 Wimsatt006
B. J. Wimsatt 011 || B. J. Wimsatt 006
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)
[1950s pictures from B. J. Wimsatt courtesy of E. Wimsatt - all rights reserved]

Wimsatt007 Wimsatt008
B. J. Wimsatt 007 || B. J. Wimsatt 008
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)
[1950s pictures from B. J. Wimsatt courtesy of E. Wimsatt - all rights reserved]

Wimsatt012 Wimsatt013
B. J. Wimsatt 012 || B. J. Wimsatt 013
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)
[1950s pictures from B. J. Wimsatt courtesy of E. Wimsatt - all rights reserved]

Wimsatt009 Wimsatt005
B. J. Wimsatt 010 || B. J. Wimsatt 011
(click on thumbnailed images for larger pictures)

That rear tractor (can a rear power vehicle be called a tractor?) sure took a beating!  It required the combined efforts of at least an M26 Armored Semi-tractor Dragon Wagon in wrecker configuration, an M74 ARV, and some kind of truck-mounted mobile crane to right (awful pun) things.

I've asked Eric for more details, if available.

Much more on the Atomic Cannon follows on the Atomic Cannon Pictures Page.

I found three fantastic sites with coverage of the 280 and of AFVs and also one with coverage of superguns; I started a new, separate page on the latter.  The sites are:

    Les Canons de l'Apocalypse (The Cannons of the Apocalypse), in French, as noted above,

    AFV Database, and

    JED Military Enthusiasts Directory


    Encyclopedia Astronautica - Gun-Launched.

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