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    Old Rhinebeck Collection

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"G(eorge). B(urling). Jarrett"

a.k.a. G. Burling Jarrett and G. B. Jarrett

G. B. Jarrett, G. Burling Jarrett, or George Burling Jarrett, however one knew him, was a gentle man, a gentleman, a wonderful friend, and a dedicated professional. Ca. 1951, he was my mentor from my earliest days as a very young Engineering Aide in the T&PS (Tank & Self-Propelled Artilley) Section of D&PS (Development & Proof Services) at APG (Aberdeen Proving Ground) {ain't acronyms wonderful?}.

Jarrett led a fantastic life which I will document here.

Paul Mantz Collection

Paul Mantz was a remarkable aviator who got together with Frank Tallman in 1961 and opened the The Movieland of the Air museum in 1963, including four of G. B. Jarrett's collection of WWI aircraft.

Frank Tallman Collection

In 1951, Frank Tallman "located and purchased four World War fighters, the remnants of Col. George Burling Jarrett’s museum collection once displayed at Atlantic City, New Jersey, and then held in storage in Maryland,  Tallman purchased a Sopwith Camel F1, a Spad VII, a Lincoln replica Nieuport 28, and a Pflaz D.XII."

Old Rhinebeck Collection

I always "knew" that some of early aircraft in the late Cole Palen's collection at his Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome just up the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie and FDR's Hyde Park, came from the Jarrett collection.  I may be wrong; all that I can document so far is that the ORA M1917 Light Tank of 1918, an American copy of the French Renault FT, appears to have been Jarrett's.


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