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[Watertown Arsenal, Watervliet Arsenal, Detroit Arsenal, Rock Island Arsenal, Redstone Arsenal, Picatinny Arsenal, Pine Bluff Arsenal, Benicia Arsenal (deactivated in 1963; closed in 1964), U. S. Arsenal Charleston (1825-79), Washington Arsenal, D. C., Augusta Arsenal, Me., Allegheny Arsenal, U. S. Army Arsenal at Indianapolis (1865-1903), Fayetteville Arsenal, Liberty Arsenal, Mount Vernon Arsenal, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, St. Louis Arsenal, etc.]

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Kiev Arsenal, Woolwich Arsenal (closed 2016), Osaka Army Arsenal, l'Arsenal, Paris (16th-19th C.)

Germany (private) - Krupp, MAN, Borsig, Krauss-Maffei, Krupp, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rheinmetall, Thyssen. etc.

Hubei/Hanyang/Jianshe Arsenal (1889 Hubei in Hanyang, 1914, renamed Hanyang Arsenal, 1939 moved to Chongqing.

and so on and so forth.

The Incredible M½ Ultralight Tank - new.gif (06 Mar 2017)

Back in 1907, the British Army came up with its very first track-laying vehicle, known as the "Little Caterpillar":

1907LittleCatThen 1907LittleCatNow
1907 British Army Hornsby "Little Caterpillar" Tractor
[Click on thumbnails for larger images]

Built by R. Hornsby and Sons, Ltd., in Grantham, based on a 1904 commercial tractor, this was a new one on me!  I kinda like it, though.  Even better, she survives in running condition and you can see old newsreels of her running at War History Online - Tank Chats #23!

When WWII was about to break wide open, some genius in the the U. S. Army's Ordnance Department remembered the Little Cat and thought it would make a great basis for an ultralight tank.  The M2-series of light tanks semed a more promising starting point but, funds being so very tight, they approached Marmon-Herrington, a prolific source of experimental AFV designs; M-H wanted nothing to do with the idea so they went to the noted locomotive team at the Berlinerwerke.  The BW's front man, George Ersatz, looked at the latest M2 light, the M2A4, which had been in production at AC&F since May 1940 with the (for those days) powerful M5 37mm gun and saw promise there.  He took the design to his brother, Ira Ersatz, who quickly came up with a prototype which the Ordnance Department liked.  An order for one test vehicle followed immediately; it was given to the BW without bidding because the war had broken out in Europe and all AFV work was already on an emergency footing.  The Ersatz tank was completed in record time and sent to Aberdeen for exhaustive testing but, as so often happened with Ersatz proposals, no production orders resulted.  Other than being incredibly cramped inside (as expected), the two main problems stated were that the little tank tended to rock back and forth on starting and stopping and sat all the way back on its heels when the main gun was fired (she even swung back when the machine guns were fired!).  Here she is out back at the Automotive Section of Development and Proof Services at APG after road testing:

1940 Berlinerwerke M½ Ultralight Tank

I wonder if Ft. Lee has the lil' beast tucked away?  I don't remember ever seeing her at the old APG Ordnance Museum (Col. Jarrett, wherever you are, will you ever forgive me?).

Oh, wow!  Diligent searching in the Berlinerwerke files uncovered a faded four-view drawing:

1940 Berlinerwerke M½ Ultralight Tank Drawing

As it says on the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha pages, you know you can count on the BW to find totally-unbelievable info.

The Lulworth Ranges - military firing ranges located between Wareham and Lulworth in Dorset, England, on the so-called Jurassic Coast, covering some 7,000 acres, and including a moving targetry system.  Lulworth's electrically-powered rail targetry system consists of a four-track shed on a short spur, connected to a small loop within a large loop and includes a turning wye: new.gif (19 May 2018)

1,000' Image with Shed and Wye

Map (SB,III - after Wikipedia)

500' Image - West End with Shed and Wye

500' Image - North End with Inner and Outer loops

500' Image - East End with Wye and Inner Loop

100' Image of Wye

50' Image of Shed and Approach Tracks

Just on the off-chance that you want to trace the full railroad, here's the 500' West, East, and North images pasted together:

500' Composite Image of full Lulworth Target Trackage
(click on thumbnailed picture for larger image)

Scroll away to your heart's content.

If a gunner-in-training misses the target low, it might tear hell out of the tracks!  It's not at all evident but let's assume the tracks are depressed or tnere are berms between the tracks and the firing points/areas.

Old Chieftains and other tanks are used for stationary targets and their hulks litter the grounds:

LulworthChieftains LulworthHulks
Chieftain Hulks  ‖  Other Hulks

The ranges are normally closed to the public (good thing) but one can walk in when the ranges are not in use (I think I'll pass).

These ranges don't quite fit with RR Guns nor with Guns on RR Cars, so they are linked there and are posted here.

The ORDNANCE page had to be split; this page is a continuation of the main ORDNANCE page, Ordnance Continuation Page 1, Ordnance Continuation Page 2, Ordnance Continuation Page 3, and Ordnance Continuation Page 4.

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