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note-rt.gif  [I no longer remember quite what occasioned this and am not about to do research on the PRRT&HS Discussion Web site to find out; it may be of interest to Pennsy fans and so I'm recreating it here on my regular site (it was previously in a specal PRR folder.] (03 Feb 2013)

I think we should have available a full system map of the Pennsylvania Railroad posted with "overlays" or dotted lines or notations to trace the peripatetic PRR in its wandering ways.

In a thread entitled the "Former PRR mainline tunnel outside Greensburg" on the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society's Dicussion Web forum, there is so much incredibly good information in just that one thread alone (and it covers only a very short stretch of the Main Line) that I feel it should be incorporated in a master track document which any forum reader could access on line.  Having made that grand statement, I added that readers could rest assured that I would be happy to help create such.  I tried to do so on my Horseshoe Curve page, et seq., almost foot by foot, but goofed it up (misformatted) and must redo it, but with enough willing people, we PRRT&HS members should be able to cover all features of the Main Line and even (eventually) all the branches.

I'm NOT thinking of just track charts (I have posted one such set) but an actual geographic map, perhaps based on the USGS topographic map series (the way Railpace does it), indexed by Division and smaller, so that when someone mentions "George" or "Bay Head" or "MG Tower" or "Sang Hollow" or whatever, it would be in the index and refer to a milepost (or to a map coordinate, if off the line).  I've noted that a lot of people haven't a clue where some of the places are, especially newcomers to the RR hobby, and this would provide quite a service to the PRRT&HS, forum readers, and the hobby in general.

If any such exists, I haven't found it, so, having opened my big mouth, I've create an alphabetical index to the Horseshoe Curve as presented on my own site.  Hey, it's a start:


[A]  [B]  [C]  [D]  [E)  [F]  [G]  [H]  [I]  [J]  [K]  [L]  [M]

[N]  [O]  [P]  [Q]  [R]  [S]  [T]  [U]  [V]  [W]  [X]  [Y]  [Z]

CONVENTIONS - N, E, S, and W = North, East, South, and West.

Mileage for features of any length, such as curves, is shown at the PRR-east end unless otherwise noted.

Numbers are alphabetized as spelled, i.e. 18th = Eighteenth.


244.0	"AG" curve
~248.05	ALLEGHENY CREST (WB tracks)
~248.2	ALLEGHENY CREST (EB tracks)
245.1	"Allegrippus" curve
~236.6	Altoona, 18th Street/Union Avenue
~236.4	Altoona, just N of Bridge Street
~236.5	Altoona, 16th-17th/Bridge Street
~236.4	Altoona station
~237	Altoona, 20th Street
~237.3	Altoona, 24th Street
~236.7	Altoona yard BM (S end, 7th Street)
~236.8	Altoona yard BM (S end, 13th Street)
~248.5	"AR" tower

222	Bald Eagle Branch interchange (at Tyrone)
246.1	"Bennington" curve
~246.3	"Benny" tower
~238.2	Blair Clay Products' Ladle Brick Yard
~247.5	Blair Gap
249.2	Bradley(?) Run
244.7	"Brandimarte" curve
~236.4	Bridge Street in Altoona
242.04	Burgoon Run

~248.2	Chestnut Street in Gallitzin
~238.2	Coburn kilns
245.5	"Cold" curve
252.58	Little Conemaugh River
~247.5	Coupon Road
250.68?	Cresson Branch
251.4	"Cresson" curve
~250.8	Cresson MOW yard
250.68?	"Cresson" tower

	{no listing}

~234	East Altoona yard BM (N end)
~234.5	East Altoona yard BM
~234.5	18th St. in East Altoona
~235	East Altoona yard BM (S end)
202.5	East Broad Top RR interchange (at Huntingdon)
340.88	East Pittsburgh (ref.)
110.5	Enola Yard access track (at east end of Rockville Bridge over Susquehanna River)

	{no listing}

~247.5	Gallitzin
242.04	Glenwhite Run
244.3	"Greenough" curves
239.7	"Old 'GY'" tower

104.5	Harrisburg, PRR Station
249.5	"Helmans" curve (½-way between Gallitzin and Cresson)
~234.5	Homer Gap Run
241.7	"Horseshoe" curve - lower portion @ 9 (Radius = 637.3')
241.9	"Horseshoe" curve - upper portion @ 925' (Radius = 604.7')
202.5	Huntingdon (East Broad Top RR interchange)

~250.5	Irvona Branch (from NW)

248.19	Jackson Street road bridge in Gallitzin
~234.5	Juniata (north Altoona neighborhood, shops)

~241.4	Kittaning, site of old coaling bridge
~242	Kittaning Point
~241.55	Kittaning Point, site of old station

~238.2	Ladle Brick Yard of Blair Clay Products
 56.5	Leaman Place (Strasburg RR interchange)
252.58	Little Conemaugh River

~248.2	Main Street in Gallitzin
243.2	"McCanns" curve
239.7	"McGarveys" curve
239.85	McGarvey(')s Run
242.9	"McGinleys" curve
~243.6	"MG" tower
237.84	Mill Creek (Run)
237.84	Mill Run (Creek)
~237.8  "Mill Run" curve
237.84	Mill Run Road
240.4	"Millers" curve
250.4	"MO" tower

247.21	New Portage Secondary branch (east end)
~-89	New York City, Pennsylvania Station (ref.)

239.7	"Old 'GY'" tower

~-89	Pennsylvania Station (ref., in New York City)
   0 Philadelphia, PRR Station (ref.)
340.88	"PH" tower
~234	Pinecroft (East Altoona}
340.88	Pittsburgh Station (ref., in East Pittsburgh)

	{no listing}

110.5	Rockville Bridge over Susquehanna River - at Enola Yard access track

240.69	Scotch Run
240.5	"Scotch Run" curve
~236.5	16th-17th/Bridge Street in Altoona
247		"SF" tower (just E of flying crossover, Sugar Run Gap)
237.3	"Slope" tower, Altoona, Middle/Pittsburgh Divs.
213	Spruce Creek Tunnel (one of oldest active RR tunnels in U.S.)
246.56  Sugar Run(?)
~-90.1	Sunnyside Yard loop (on Long Island)
110.5	Susquehanna River (east end of Rockville Bridge - Enola Yard access track)

~234.5	13-14th Streets {Juniata}
237.84	31st Street
~247.5	Tunnel Hill (above tunnels)
~237.3	24th Street in Altoona
~237	20th Street in Altoona
222	Tyrone (Bald Eagle Branch interchange)

248.2	"UN" curve
~248.6	"UN" tower
248.8	Union Cemetery in Gallitzin

	{no listing}

238.6	"Wikes" curve
244.9	"Williamson" curves
250.64  Wood Street in Cresson

	{no listing}

	{no listing}

	{no listing}

The foregoing compilation was made in preparation to model the Horseshoe Curve in true HO scale (nominally 85½" radius) and the tunnels (shortened) {never happened}.   pdated (24 May 2017)

Track information is from undated PRR track charts in "Horseshoe Curve" and from "Pennsylvania Railroad 1950 Track Charts", both by Rails Northeast, Box 135, East McKeesport, PA  15035 (and see my Track Charts page, et seq.).   rev.gif (24 May 2017)

Note that many of the features listed have long since disappeared or even been changed beyond easy recognition.  More information about the Horseshoe Curve and modeling dimensions is available at Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve - with HO (1:87.1) Scale Equivalents, a mile-by-mile and even foot-by-foot guide to the Curve and at Dimensions of the Horseshoe Curve in N (1:160) and Z (1:220) Scales.  In addition, there is a Satellite Photo of the Horseshoe Curve, with description of features.   newlinks (24 May 2017)

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