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On this Encyclpædic Pseudodictionary page:
    Pseudodictionary - the inspiration for this page.
    Pseudodictionary Entries.

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    Automotive Names and Terms - moved 24 Apr 2004.
    1940's Radio Jingles - moved 24 Apr 2004.
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On the LANGUAGE page:
    ENGLISH FIRST* - English as the official (and ONLY) language of the United States.
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    FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) Terminology.
        (including Palindromes).

On the DENGLISH page:
    DENGLISH - Neutered or Degenderized English
    Original Proposal of 11 May 1990.


A Comprehensive Compendium of
Idiocies, Inanities, and Imbecilities.

Pseudodictionary - the inspiration for this page - I recommended for your amusement the Pseudodictionary, wherein you could find far too many of my own inanities (noted herein and on the succeeding page); unfortunately, as of 25 Aug 2020, the Pseudodictionary no longer seems to be available.   rev (25 Aug 2020)

Let me add here that I am deeply indebted to my favo)u)rite "hardass grammar Nazi", H. D. Fowler, self-styled "principal editor, owner & partner", for his patience, fortitude, and endurance (even if he didn't use a trailing comma after "owner").   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

    [Paul Jarvis and Garrett Thomson, alluded to, however occludedly, herein, are no longer affiliated with the PD.]

I deeply regret that, at least as of 25 Aug 2020, the pseudodictionary, formerly at http://pseudodictionary.com/, is no longer available; I have no further information on this unfortuante situation.. added.gif (25 Aug 2020) and rev (13 Nov 2020)

And there's always my own Zictionary, a glossary of wordZ in Z-scale (1:220).

In addition, try my Pseudogeography Page. (02 Jun 2015)

note  frown  note

Somehow, HD Fowler, who ran the Pseudodictionary, misread, or misinterpreted, a condolence note I sent him and, without giving me any opportunity to work this out, arbitrarily cut me off from the PD!  He has not responded to my attempts to resolve this ghastly situation and posted this public rebuke: added (17 Jan 2016) and rev (25 Aug 2020)

  [- - - as of early 2014 - - - after SBIII made a ghastly, insensitive
  remark regarding my wife's dying. Henceforth, SBIII is persona non grata at the
  pseudodictionary and no more of his submittals will be accepted. I may relent someday, but
  not likely. Too much trouble to delete those he's made.}

I can easily live without any additions to the PD and I can even survive without HD's friendship, however much I may regret losing the latter, but I can NOT let the public slur against me stand unchallenged.  HD is dead wrong here; I could NEVER have made any such remark!  It's just not possible; I'm not made that way.

Should any reader be in touch with HD, please, I beg you, intercede on my behalf.

My account of the sad breach with HD Fowler, above, is apparently incorrect; this matter has always bothered me and I awoke this morning (13 Nov 2020) with a recollection that appalls and distresses me, so much so that I am adding this highly-personal note here.  Two words popped into my head which made me think twice about my denial.

One word is the late Mrs. Fowler's first name and the other a common noun; taken togther they form the name of a once-popular foodstuff.  However, taken in the wrong context, the combination is very much "a ghastly, insensitive remark"!  The very fact that the phrase came into my head is more than enough evidence to convince me that, lost to the cleverness of the combination, I somehow inadvertenly committed it to writing.  If so, and I am very much afraid it must be so, I more-than-deserve Mr. Fowler's contemnation.

Since the remark was so incredibly childish (and I can certainly no longer claim to be a child), much like any pre-teen boy's bright, if unworthy, idea, and can not be undone, I can only hope that Mr. Fowler somehow (however unlikely) sees this or that any reader in touch with HD mentions it to him.  Mea culpa; mea maxima culpa.

Pseudodictionary Entries

    [Some minor editing has been done to a few entries.]

[In the daffynitions that follow, the word is followed by the description of the word and that by the example (" - e.g., ") (using the word submitted in the example given)  Also, a few are PD inside jokes.]

Also, many words are being added long after they apeared in the PD; in such cases, I use the icon added.gif in lieu of new.gif.

AAAUUUGGGHHH! - Cry of an anguished icon. - e.g.:

    Q. - What have you got when you have two huge green balls in your hand?

    A. - The Jolly Green Giant right where you want him!

    Q. - What happens when you squeeze and twist 'em?


        (with apologies to Charlie Schulz).

a-baby - Crude accostation for "ladies" of the night (inspired by e-baby, q.v.).  {This makes two words of mine that have inspired your neat additions today.  Visa versa and e-baby.} - e.g., A-baby, let's go.

absinthe - A liquid heart medication. - e.g., Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

absotutely - Synonymous with "absotivelyposilutely" and its ilk but FAR more authoritative.  Also spelled "absotootly" by the great unwashed. - e.g., "Absotutely" is FAR more erudite and impressive than "absotootly"!

acceptable - Dining area for acceps. - e.g., Please set the acceptable; company's coming and it's acceps for dinner again.

addicktive - nymphomaniacal - e.g., He found her addicktive.

admin section - The PD office charged with reducing the size of popups. - e.g., The admin section was kept hopping to minimize ads.

admission - Advertising agency task statement. - e.g., Their admission was to outsell the competitors with an inferior product.

ailimentary - Having to do with (pertaining to) a sick feeling in the gut.  (Word suggested by HD.) - e.g., His lower ailimentary canal was feeling like a closed gate in the levee at flood stage.

antidisestablishmentaryanism - Opposition to the Nürnberg trials. - e.g., Antidisestablishmentaryanism is one of the two longest words in the English language and is coming back into vogue in light of the resurgence of skinheads.

archetypical - Your garden variety, typical archetype (original, prototype). - e.g., Montezuma was the archetypical stinking.

aspartame - Suppository lubricant. Also, descriptive of a domesticated snake. - e.g., Do NOT use Aspartame on aspartames.

auntagonist - One who hates his parents's sister. - e.g., He dismayed his cousins by being an auntagonist.

automate - UK driving buddy - e.g., The Brit, the Afrikaaner, and the Aussie made great automates whilst motoring.

beet beat - A technique for flushing wild beets out of bushes. - e.g., The beet beat bitches were badly beat after beating about the bush all day looking for better beets, so they were beaten by the beat beet beat beaters.

beknighted - - Having hono(u)rs bestowed on an unenlightened person. - e.g., The benighted jerk pulled strings to be knighted, thus becoming beknighted.   added.gif (13 Apr 2011)

blastpheme - Explosive epistemological expletive. - e.g., "Jesushf-gCHRIST!"  "Don't blastpheme, Steve."

blimp - Grossly oversized person, but actually a type of airship.  "Blimp" is actually WWI parlance for a non-rigid airship, unlike a Zeppelin, which had frames).  Type B, Limp (really!). - e.g., That blimp is a real gasbag.

cereal comma - A comma used to separate three or more breakfast foods in textual description. - e.g.; Contrary to The Grammar Nazi, Miss Lillith, the name for a terminal comma in a listing is "trailing comma," NOT "serial comma"; one should always use a cereal comma in examples such as: "puffed wheat, flattened corn, and deflated oats" (as opposed to the incorrect "puffed wheat, flattened corn and deflated oats." Omitting the trailing (or, in this specific case, cereal) comma implies that the last two items, such as "flattened corn" and "deflated oats," are a subgroup of the whole, rather than co-equal parts of the whole. Miss Lillith's opinions are not to be taken too seriously since she can't even spell her own name correctly, as any idiot savant, pedantic prig, or biblically-inclined scholar would instantly note -- it's "Lilith", for heaven's sake! Fowler usages such as this have been spotted in the PD, however, and one must make proper allowances, excuses, and accommodations, eh?   new.gif (14 Oct 2011)

cetera - Another mysterious food favored by hillbillies (somewhat akin to "sequitur," q.v.). - e.g., Ah et cetera last night and ah feels poh'ly, sick-lahk, orful, real bad, etc.

chickie - Expression to raise an alarm; synonym for "cheese it," q.v. - e.g., "Chickie, da cops."

chilluns - Correct Southern urbonics for "children" - e.g., Git them chilluns in tha house. It's suppatime an' we're a gonna have chitlins.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

chitlins - Food prepared from intestines, usually hog intestines ("chitterlings," in full). - e.g., Contrary to what another PD submitter said, "chitlins" is NOT Southern urbonics for "children" as in his example: "Git thim chitlins in tha house. It's suppatime." Much as I hate to dispute a submitter, that word is "chilluns," as submitted with "skonan" by Jim Barclay. One shouldn't mess with REAL words in the PD.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

conflagration - An allowance made to prisoners to display national banners. - e.g., The warden strictly limited the conflagration to one flag per con.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011) confuse - To join, weld, fuse together.  Also a means of igniting confidence men or convicts. - e.g., He lit the confuse and the ensuing blast melded the cons.  Their remains were put in a container)

constellation - The practice of naming stars after prisoners who try escape via teleportation. - e.g., He screamed, "Beam me up, Scotty; I'll risk incomplete consubstantiation rather than stay in this jug any longer." It didn't work out and constellation assure his immortality. You might say it was his star performance.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

consubstantiation - Materializing a prisoner after he or she escapes by teleportation. - e.g., Beam me up, Scotty; I'll risk incomplete consubstantiation rather than stay in this jug any longer.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

container - Prison - a place to house confidence men and other convicts. - e.g., I hereby sentence you to ten years in the container.

criminate - To accept anyone or anything and everyone and everything. - e.g., Knee-jerk liberals are dedicated criminators.

curnt - Electrical phenomenon that causes shocks - e.g., I turnt on the curnt and got burnt!

daffynition - The second (intermediate) part of a PD entry; the description. - e.g., These daffynitions are enough to make one hysterical (take that as you will).

damename - Proper form of address for a knighted lady. - e.g., Margot Fonteyn and Helen Mirren were knighted; their damenames are thus Margot and Helen (see also "sirname").   added.gif (13 Apr 2011)

defile - to remove abraders from gifts sent to prisons - e.g., The warden was adept at defiling pies.

dept - Person capable of doing things well. - e.g. - The warden who defiles (q.v.) pies is a dept.   new.gif (14 Jan 09)

diarrhœa of the keyboard - a pernicious disease caused by submitting PD entries - e.g., Diarrhœa of the keyboard results every time I start to enter new words in the PD.

disclaim - To state that you have been insulted. - e.g., He disclaimed P. Diddy's characterization.

dislexia - This dictionary - e,g., I only make entries in dislexia, not in datlexia!   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

ejackulate - to raise a car to change a flat - e.g., He had a terrible time trying to change the wheel, until he remembered to ejackulate.

e-nable - To make e'ing possible; used mostly in the past tense. - e.g., She was e-nabled and so could receive my e's (which gave her z's).

entreaty - A treaty regarding nuclear proliferation. - e.g., The UN entreaty bans the use of nuclear weapons.

erle - Fluid used to lubricate Brooklyn engines. - e.g., I gotta change de erle in me Plymout'.

Excaliber - A Dodge Caliber compact hatchback-cum-SUV-cum-crossover-cum-station wagon that's so confused as to its identity that it's no longer a Caliber. - e.g., I was going to drive the Rolls to the station but my wife had it so I took the Excaliber instead.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

exstreamly - Having to do with a fish out of water. - e.g., The Toutle River boiled after the eruptions of Mt. St. Helens and the fish jumped out to avoid the heat and seemed exstreamly uncomfortable thereafter.

extrapolate - To add more Poles to a quota-limited group than it was intended to accept. - e.g., The 100 Leading Polish-Americans Club had to extrapolate when it admitted Wladislaw Dombrowski as its 101st member.

fang you - Ghoulish gratitude (contraction: "Fangs.") - e.g., Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi) said, "I fang you very much!"; his fangs was a biting remark.

fart - Contraction of "far out." - e.g., Some of the definitions in the PD are fart.  Let's add another one.

FETA - Fromages for the Ethical Treatment of Asiago. - e.g., Asiago has been adulterated at times and, in such käses, FETA has stepped in to stop the practice.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

feta complis - A well-made cheese. - e.g., When she finished creating her delectable home-made Greek cheese, it was a feta complis.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

flatulence - The sound of a deflating tire. - e.g., Flatulence really stinks.

floating "u" - A linguistic oddity that disappears when floating due easterly across the Big Pond. - e.g., The hono(u)rable floating "u" leaves its homeland in England in fine form and wafts through the North Atlantic over to Canada without getting lost, yet, should it veer south'ard in its course, even with the most favo(u)able winds, never makes to coastal harbo(u)rs of the U.S. no matter how it labo(u)rs.   new.gif (13 Oct 2011)

foot-in-mouth disease - A common malady caused by eating a potatoe.  [Dan Quayle's spelling of "potato."] - e.g., Vice President Quayle ate a potatoe, thus contracting foot-in-mouth disease.

fourgive - To donate in quadruplicate. - e.g., Her firm matched donations so she made two, thus being fourgiving.

fourplay - Prelims four a two-couple orgy! - e.g., Is fourplay foulplay?

fowl play - What you shouldn't do to chickens. - e.g., He had some fowl play in mind, but the bird was chicken.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

fowler - One who plays with chickens and such-like birds in an unspeakable way. - e.g., An HD fowler is not just one who does dirty things with birds but even does it in high definition.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

ft. - Ft. - foot - the length of the pedal extremity on a Roman emperor's leg [12 times the length of the end joint on his thumb (in., q.v., and see also "ga.") - as ludicrous as this may seem, it is also true.] - e.g., As a rule, a ft. is as good as a yd.; if you don't agree, you can stick it.

Funkin Wagnalls - A lexicon - the PD's only serious competitor. - e.g., Look it up in your Funkin Wagnalls.

ga. - Ga. - gauge (NOT guage) - the distance between railheads on railroad track, specifically 4' 8½" in the Standard Gauge used around most of the world (5' in Russia).  This was determined by the ruts left in the paving of Roman army roads from the passing of standardized Roman army chariots, with their iron-tired wheels.  The width of the chariot was determined by the breadth of the hindquarters of the Roman army chariot horses.  Thus, Standard Gauge was determined by Roman army horses' asses! [See also "in." and "ft." - as ludicrous as this may seem, it is also true.] - e.g., "Scale" refers to reduction, such as 1:220 for Z or 1:87.08571428571428571428571428571428571---- for HO, while the Z ga. is only 6.5mm (~¼") and HO ga. is 16.5mm (0.650").

geek - Combined expression of revulsion AND fright. - e.g., She started to gag when she spotted a particularly repulsive nerd but then was so scared by him that what came out was "Geek!"

gender-bender - A traffic accident so severe it everts (???) a man's treasures. - e.g., He slammed into the pole so hard she's lucky to have survived that gender-bender!   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

gnus - The latest word; what's happening. - e.g., All the gnus that's fit to print or no gnus is good gnus (especially concerning wildebeest).  {I must add: like it or gnot!}

grave demeanor - A cemetery attendant who refuses burial to nasty deceased. - e.g., He had to be kept refrigerated because of a grave demeanor.

grow the language - A usage in English carefully calculated to unmercifully irritate old crocks like H. D. Fowler and me. {HD editorially added, "You got that right, pal.  When I first heard the similar construct 'grow the business,' I cringed.  Still do.} - e.g., The English language, incomprehensible though it be to foreigners, is a truly beautiful construct and any attempt to "grow the language" (as opposed to adding to it constructively) will set H. D. and me and like-minded and others busy constructing destructive counter-measures.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

guidelines - Cordage used by freshwater fish to catch guides. - e.g., The muskie set out a whole string of guidelines and caught two Indian, one Aleut, and three French-Canadian guides.  Gutted and pan-fried on the spot, they were delicious.

gurple - Sloppy answer to my little sister, my children, and my grandchildren when I couldn't think of the correct name for some odd shade of color their mother would instantly call "puce" or "teal" or "mauve." - e.g., The funny thing about the color "gurple" is that it took and is now in use by three generations.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

hafiz - An ancient Persian carbonated beverage, also used as a bath water. - e.g., Much of the sparkle in life comes from immersing oneself in Hafiz.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

haft - One of two evenly-divided portions (Appalachia). - e.g., You ain't seed the haft of it.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

head - Nautical john. - e.g., The boater wanted head in his john but ended up stoned so he had rocks in his head.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

heffalump - Playboy Mansion Affliction - e.g., 1. Hugh was staring at a very-scantily clad Bunny while walking down a hall and cracked his head on a wall sconce, suffering a Heffalump. 2. Hugh was staring at a very-scantily clad Bunny and developed a Heffalump (and at HIS age, too!).   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

heft - Obliged, required (Appalachia) - e.g., I heft a go now.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

hermaphrodite - One hell of a mixed-up Greek god. - e.g., Great God Hermaphrodite. I can't do anything with my haiiiiiir and I don't know what to weaaaaaaar.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

highphen - The opposite (¯) {Alt 0175} of an underline (_). :·)  - e.g., A hyphen is a midline dash (-) and an underline is a belowline dash (_) but I'll be hanged if I know what to do with a highphen (¯), which, technically, is called a "macron"!

hindsite - What you get when you click on "Back." | Seeing a deer. - e.g., Hindsight sent him to the hindsite. | She realized it was close behind her and that hindsite helped her avoid getting bucked.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

hogan - A Native American travois (later a wheeled conveyance) used to transport prostitutes. - e.g., The hogan tipped over, thus propelling the pro, causing her to squawl.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

holy mackerel - Consecrated Fish. - e.g., The monsignor's holy mackerel stank; his homily was too long and the fish spoiled, so he had homily grits (q.v.) for dinner, instead.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

homily grits - Sermon topics you can sink your teeth into. - e.g., The parson's homily grits kept the parishioners on the edges of their pews.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

hood - An environ heavily populated by wolves. - e.g., Little red riding hood.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

hors d'oeuvre - Work (or draft) horse. - e.g., Shires, Percherons, and Clydesdales are prime examples of heavy hors d'oeuvres.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

hungary - A question about dining. - e.g., Is she hungary? I dunno; alaska.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

hyperlink - Puffing up a lady's website URL. - e.g., He made far too much of her site; she told him repeatedly not to hype 'er link.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

ictheologist - A student of religion who fishes for compliments; also, one whose beliefs are fishy. - e.g., The ictheologist believed strongly that God is a fish and expected to be lauded for so believing.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

illicit - A sick lawyer. - e.g., The barrister was suffering terribly, thus becoming illicit.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

in. - In. = inch ("uncia" - one) - the length of the end joint on a Roman emperor's thumb [1/12th the length of his foot ("ft.", q.v., and see also "ga.") - as ludicrous as this may seem, it is also true]. - e.g., He wanted to be measured by the ft. but he only extended to the in.

Käse Law - Laws, primarly promoted by FETA (Fromages for the Ethical Treatment of Asiago, q.v.) against adulteration of Asiago and other käses. - e.g., In käse of a stink, litigants are oft-times referred to Käse Law, as Iago was when he sued the manufacturers of the faulty käsement windows in the Fromage Factory.  Gorgon Zola, his Swiss attorney, thought the käse was full of holes, a real crock, but he smeared the jury and got a gouda settlement.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

killer whale - The moan of a condemned murderer on death row. - e.g., The electric chair/gas chamber attendant hated those killer whales.

langauge - A meter for local area network performance (sometimes mis-spelled as "language"). - e.g., The English Co. makes a really good langauge; it is recommended that we adopt English as a first langauge.

lax - A hillbilly expression of enjoyment. - e.g., Ah shure lax these wurds!

lexicon - Fraudulent legal research. - e.g., The newly-fledged paralegal, thinking her brief came from LexisNexis, was completely taken in by a lexicon.

lighthearted - Having an illuminated blood pump. - e.g., The guy became lighthearted when the cardio-vascular surgeon left his MiniMag flashlight in the aorta.

links - A ferocious wildcat that lurks in the Internet, striking at random and leaving error 403 and 404 messages behind. (pl. = links) - e.g., The links struck again last night and I get "This page can not be found", "Object not found", "Access forbidden", or "You do not have rights to this page"!

lowphen - An underline (_) [the opposite of a highphen (¯), q.v.] - e.g., I want to lowphen the problem inherent in using highphens.

misstery - Does she or doesn't she? - eg., At the rate this relationship is devolving, I'll never solve the misstery.   new.gif (13 Oct 2011)

misteak - Bogus beef - e.g., he made a lot of misteaks but they were actually horsemeat.

nerd - Root of action verb (past tense) [often having to do with computer geeks]. - e.g., He tried to weasel out of having caused the program crash but was cornerd.

newdies - The opposite of oldies; current pix and such. - e.g., Newdies are bare of hoariness and can include recent skin flicks.

nymphomaniac - A fly fisherman who ties his own flies - e.g., He turned purple in the face and green around the gills when he tied his own fly!

orca - The sound made by an Italo-American sea lion. - e.g., The sea lion was so pleased by trainer Luigi's plaudits that he barked, "Orca, orca!".

outsult - A compliment. - e.g., One more outsult from you and I'm going to hug you!

paul & ratchet - A device for inhibiting the runaway progress of wordsmiths. - e.g., The paul & ratchet served admirably to curb my verbal diarrhœa.

Paul Edic - Editor Paul's on-line derivative of the PD, the E. Dic. (e-Dictionary). - e.g., "Thee Allah ji had" is a word cribbed directly from the Paul Edic.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

paulin garret - An attic where one makes tarps. - e.g., The paulin garret was choc-a-bloc full of canvas and tar.

phryg - What Praxiteles did to Phryne. - e.g., Praxiteles phrygged Phryne.  (She WAS a phrygin' statue, you know!)

potatoe - A tuber that causes foot-in-mouth disease. - e.g., Vice President Quayle ate a potatoe, thus contracting foot-in-mouth disease.

potty - A New England celebration; also a political organization. - e.g., Mary Jo would probably be alive today if she and Teddy hadn't gone to the potty; both belonged to the Democratic Potty.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

proliferation - The spread of pro-life legislation. - e.g., Proliferation limits women's choices.

proproprofilefilephile - A person who is in favor of being in favor of filing profiles, of course! - e.g., What's a proproprofilefilephile?  Fuhgedaboudit!

pseudodictates - The rules of engagement of the PD. - e.g., The PD's pseudodictates really bug some devotées (not I, of course).

reedickledockle - Jimmy Duranticism for really ridiculous. - e.g., That's reedickledockle.

renoxious - The reverse side of obnoxious. - e.g., He was not only renoxious in retrospect, he was even obnoxious right up front.

runs - Montezuma's Disease (diarrhœa) - e.g., He had the runs again but, fundamentally, there was no consistency to it.

scale - The wage/fee paid a professional musician. - e.g., Trombonists get paid on a sliding scale.

Sequel - Oil used to smooth oceanic waves. Brand name. - e.g., Pouring Sequel on the ocean is like pouring oil over troubled waters.

sequitur - A mysterious food favored by hillbillies.  All other foods are thus non-sequiturs. - e.g., Ah et sequitur last night and ah feels orful.

sindrome - A place of public sexual performance. - e.g., I actually knew a guy who ran just such a place in Hollywood and the goings-on at the Sindrome were truly synful.

sirname - Proper form of address for a knighted person.- e.g., Winston Churchill and Paul McCartney were knighted; their sirnames are thus Winston and Paul (see also "damename").   added.gif (13 Apr 2011)

slather - A kind of shaving soap. - e.g., What's that white gook all over my face?  'Slather.

slawter - Butchering innocent cabbages. - e.g., Grab the mayo and a knife; we're off to the slawterhouse.

soodoughdictionary - The definitive lexicon of baking at Sault Sainte Marie. - e.g., The Soodoughdictionary has almost as many Michigan and Ontario baking terms as the PseudoDictionary has dumb entries (it takes one to know one).

spect - 1. Supposition (backwoods). 2. Initial impression. - e.g., 1) Ah spect ah'll mosey down the road a piece. 2) He don't amount to much; he don't get no respect.

stinking - flatulent monarch - e.g., Montezuma was the archetypical stinking.

struct - To create or build something, especially a structure. - e.g., One must struct things before they can undergo destruction.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

subduct - Air handling passages inside undersea vessels. - e.g., The U-boat slammed into an ocean-bottom trench wall, the edge of a tectonic plate, thereby causing subduction. The crew was understandably puzzled but the captain assured them it was only a lot of hot air.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

submission - When one U-boat on active duty navigates under another. - e.g., In carrying out their submission, they ran a bit too shallow and bent their periscope.

submit - A waterproof glove for picking up model submarines. - e.g., His submit was too slippery and the damn model sank.

sudodictionary² - A lexicon of words unique to the solving of sudoku puzzles (or failed attempts thereto). - e.g., The sudodictionary in question, as opposed to the ingenious one proposed by René Hack, consists mainly of cuss words and phrases suitable to expressing the frustration attendant on being unable to work out a sudoku puzzle, such as "Ku-rIst, I hate this effing sudo."   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

surge - To appear. - e.g., He surged, left the room, and resurged; his resurgence was instantly noted by all.

tao-mark - The supemarket where you "Get a Little Less..."! - e.g., Tao-mark, the supermarket where you "Get a Little Less...," and its unique trademark are featured at BW-Z Names (down near the bottom).

tao-te-ching - The sound of money being collected at Tao-mark (q.v.), where you get less but pay more. - e.g., The tao-te-ching, tao-te-ching of coins (especially silver dollars) is music to the ears of the Tao-mark manager.

tard - What they did to con artists in old New England. - e.g., He was tard an' feathurd and run out of town on a rail.

tation - One of the most widely-used and least-well-defined root words in the English language. - e.g., Consider just a few of the many words for which "tation" is the root: Station, Imitation, Limitation, Excitation, Rotation, Roundaboutation, Invitation, Connotation, Transportation, Teleportation, and Presentation, just to name a few. There were 583 word(s) matching the search term "tation" in the PD at the time of this submittal!   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

tatoo - To say goodbye as an afterthought. - e.g., Ta, too.  See you later, alligator.

terminal dyslexia of the keyboard - A seveer disaese from wihch I sufefr wehn I sit in frnot of the temrinal at the keybaord. - e.g., As a mild dysleitc, myslef, I am aollwed to kid abuot Temrinal Dyselxia of eth Keybroad.

thanx - Expression of gratitude on the Isle of Manx - e.g., She expressed her thanx for his attending to her cat in Manx, and thereby hangs a tail.   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

Thee Allah ji had - Past tense of Paul Edic's "thee allah ji." - e.g., Thee Allah ji had, let us NOT be peaceful nor slow to anger, attacking and harming anyone, however rational and constructive and progressive in a world that does not appreciate wholesome change, change for the better. We'll show THEM whose God is the right God.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

theorhetorical - Concerning a suppositional statement not based on facts and made purely for effect (with a religious context). e.g., The very idea that climate change is not affected by humans is strictly theorhetorical (G-d damn it!).   new.gif (29 Aug 2011)

toc-tic - The sound of time running backwards. - e.g., "!cit-cot, cit-cot, cit-coT"

transcendental - Re meditating while having your teeth fixed (sometimes a substitute for Novacaine). - e.g., That Musac was a great transcendental experience.

treat - To advance, to move forward (Mil.) - e.g., Treat, men.  Don't ever sound retreat.

tringent - A medication for drying up hemorrhoids and similar irritations and growths. - e.g., When used specifically on hemorrhoids, this preparation is known as an Ass Tringent.   new.gif (12 Oct 2011)

trinitarians - Nitpickers who find errors in groups of three.  Contrast this with unitarians (who find one error at a time) and fundamentalists (who actually try to understand the roots of PD entries). - e.g., 1. Trinitarians delight in thrice finding errors in the PD.  2. Unitarians plod their way through the PD one error at a time.  3. Fundamentalists have been seen using Webster's or the Funkin Wagnalls (q.v.) to try to dope out PD words.

tritus - Junk, trash, garbage. - e.g., Please put detritus at decurb.

Tymphony - Orchestral work solely for the percussion section. - e.g., Schmegeggy's First Tymphony was beautifully played but it drummed on my ears!

underwhelm - To elicit a reaction rather less than impressive. - e.g., His personality underwhelms me.

undo force - That force required to remove knock-off hubs from wire wheels. - e.g., When using undo force to remove knock-offs, be sure to knock them off in the direction marked "UNDO."

ver - Unknown word; probably refers to some kind of person. - e.g., Some of the greatest songs of the 30s and 40s were popularized by the wee vers.

village green - The local environmental activist. - e.g., Oh, him? He's the village green.  He tends the village square.

village square - The local jerk. - e.g., Oh, him? He's the village square.  He hangs out on the village green.

visa versa - 1. Having your visa revoked and being forced to leave a country.  2. The reverse of a visa (asiv, obviously!).  3. The reverse of a credit card.  The place on your Visa card where the mag swipe stripe is and the signature goes. - e.g., 1. If foreigners in any country commit serious crimes in that country, the minimum they should deal with is visa versa.  2. The consular stamp had so much ink on it that it printed right through to the visa versa.  3. I'm sorry, we can't accept this.  You didn't sign your visa versa.

waist management - Cutting another hole in your belt. - e.g., Waist management is a less-drastic form of tummy tuck.  A far simpler method is that well-known exercise: simply pushing away from the table.

waste watcher - A visually-active garbage hound. - e.g., There were always a few waste watchers hanging around the sewer outfall.

whale - A commercial product to remove tar from skin. - e.g., My kid went to the beach and stepped on tar balls after I told him not to, so I whaled the tar out of him.

whell - A combination of "well" and "hell" for use with "Oh" when you run out of things to say or forget what it was you wanted to say. - e.g., "Oh, whell!"

whow! - What you say when you Google "whell." - e.g., Whow!  You should see all the misspellings under "whell"!

wisa-worser - An erudite Italo-American explanation. - e.g., Hisa explication mada matters wisa-worser.

Last but not least is this, not an entry in the PD but lifted from my Z-Scale Continuation Page 1z>Zictionary Part 3 ("Z"):   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

"ZZyZZyZZyZZy Ztamp ZtudioZ" - this is for REAL - it was the laZt liZting in the
    Manhattan(NYC) phone book for many yearZ (ca. 1940-1960 or so)!
    The laZt private liZting iZ now "ZZZZZIP Zelmo" and the last
    commercial liZting iZ "Z Z Z Z Z Time",
    an interactive adult (read sleaZe) number!

[All of above just go to show what poor taste and lack of discrimination PD editor "Erle W. Machiavellean" exhibits (it's so nice to have a sympatico companion on the journey)!]

Automotive Names and Terms - moved to Encyclpædic Pseudodictionary Continuation Page 1 on 24 Apr 2004.

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This page is concerned with the Encyclpædic Pseudodictionary, only; please visit my LANGUAGE page, my DENGLISH - Neutered or Degenderized English page, my CULTURE page (so-called) for literature and such and my fun page for humor (again, so-called).

Pseudodictionary - the inspiration for this page - I recommended for your amusement the Pseudodictionary, wherein you could find far too many of my own inanities (noted herein and on the succeeding page); unfortunately, as of 25 Aug 2020, the Pseudodictionary no longer seems to be available.   rev (25 Aug 2020)

Let me add here that I am deeply indebted to my favo)u)rite "hardass grammar Nazi", H. D. Fowler, self-styled "principal editor, owner & partner", for his patience, fortitude, and endurance (even if he didn't use a trailing comma after "owner").   added.gif (12 Oct 2011)

    [Paul Jarvis and Garrett Thomson, alluded to, however occludedly, herein, are no longer affiliated with the PD.]

And there's always my own Zictionary, a glossary of wordZ in Z-scale (1:220).

In addition, try my Pseudogeography Page. (02 Jun 2015)


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