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  EMD Paean
  New York, Boston & Westchester Railroad
  Standard Gauge

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  TRAIN SHED Cyclopedia.
  1941 Loco Prices

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  RR Miscellany, including:

A and B vs. F Ends.
Southern Railroad.
B&O and C&O.
Bering Strait Tunnel.

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  Articulateds (and Duplexiii).
  Degrees of Curvature.
  RR Questions (Help)

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  New York, Boston & Westchester.
  RR Miscellany.
  Trolleys (about nomenclature) {moved from BHRA page on 10 Feb 2005}.
  Staten Island RR

On this continuation page 5:
  More RR Miscellany,
    [otherwise unindexed so far - please scroll down.]
  RR Dreamin',
  Coal Dust - NYC Collinwood coal dock bites it! (02 Jan 2015)
  Girard (Ohio) Coaling Tower.   new (20 Feb 2017)
  Desert Turnout (?) (17 Aug 2015)
  Hoosac Tunnel   rev (20 Feb 2017)
  Besler Geared Steam Loco (15 Dec 2016)

On other pages:

ALCO-GE-IR Boxcabs,
ALCO-GE-IR Survivor Boxcabs continuation page, with roster, and
ALCO-GE-IR Survivor Boxcabs continuation page, with notes,
ALCO-GE-IR CNJ #1000 Survivor Boxcab (the first production unit sold),
ALCO-GE-IR Boxcabs Continuation Page, including LIRR #401,
  the world's first production diesel road switcher, and
Ingersoll-Rand Boxcabs, with a 1929 I-R boxcab brochure,
  and I-R and GE Instruction Sheets for a 1929 600HP, 100-ton unit.
Other Boxcabs, with a boxcabs bibliography.
S. Berliner, III's Pennsylvania Railroad Page,
        and PRR Modeling (Penn Line/Cary/Bowser)
Berlinerwerke Saga (HO-Scale, included with Horseshoe Curve information)

and continuation pages with prototype and HO/N/S scale dimensions,
  satellite photo, pictures, description of the Horseshoe Curve.
Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad
EMD - Electro-Motive Division of GM - models, etc.,
including EMD engines EMD may never have dreamed of,
such as the great DDP45!

Railroads You can Model,

Marion River Carry Railroad* (now on its own page).
    Vest Pocket Railroads You Can Model:
Degnon Terminal Railroad, plus
    Murrer's and Kearney Sidings, and Blissville/Laurel Hill (and Maspeth and Fresh Pond).
    Vest Pocket Railroads You Can Model - continued
Atlas Terminal RR

Schnable and other Giant RR Cars, et seq..
The Whyte System of Classification (4-4-0, 4-6-2, B-B, etc.).

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Long Island Rail Road, et seq.
Long Island Railroads

Long Island Rail Road Historical Society Home Page.

Brooklyn Historic Railway Association and the legendary LIRR Atlantic Avenue Tunnel.

PRR Horseshoe and Muleshoe Curves
    minor write up here; on separate page with Berlinerwerke Saga
Schnabel heavy duty freight cars
    on Model Railroads page (now with photos!)

Railroad Eagles - my/Dave Morrison's page about the Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal eagles.

Z-Scale (1:220) Model Railroading.
    Z-Scale Page 3 with

Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains and even 1:900 Tiniest Trains!

HOW TO BOOT A STEAM LOCOMOTIVE or How to hostle without really tiring -
    (Firing up a cold oil burner).

Give Credit Where Credit is Due Department - see the main RR page.


Heres an odd item; it came in on an e-mail as part of a header:   new (07 Sep 2012)


It looked for all the world to me like a derailed antique 2-4-0; for what it really is, click here.

Here's a really neat idea!  Richard Barak, of the Dogpatch and Western, offers a unique product; he makes replica kits to build full-size cabooses for guest houses, recreational rooms, garden sheds, and so on.  It's a neat idea if you need more space and saves a bundle over buying, trucking in, hoisting, and restoring a real caboose.   added (13 Sep 2012)


One can dream about all sorts of things, some of which are pie-in-the-sky and some realistic, no matter how improbable of accomplishment.  Among my railroad dreams are the re-arrangement of some RR museum assets, prioritized as follows:   new (25 Nov 2012)

URGENT! - move deteriorating 1930 Baldwin-Westinghouse Survivor Boxcab ARMCO #B-71 from the Minnesota Transportation Museum in St. Paul, Minnesota, which can't house her any longer, to the Illinois Railway Museum, which can - this is being worked on!

Somehow pry the LIRR steam rotary plow from Steamtown in Scranton, PA, and return it to Long Island (NY) for either the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum or the Railroad Museum of Long Island - if the Smithsonian Institution can arrange long-term loans, so can the National Park Service!  Mayhap RRMLI could arrange a trade for their 1921 40" narrow gauge H. K. Porter #1 built for New Mexico's Defiance Coal Company.

Find the {this never got finished - wonder what was intended?} - AH! - bet it was to find the LIRR-built 1898* combine last known to be on the Moscow, Camden & St. Augustine in Texas and get it back to Long Island!   rev (02 Jan 2015)

    * - see page 278 of Ron Ziel's Steel Rails to the Sunrise and page 104 (lower) in his Twilight of Steam.

Coal Dust - the old NYC Collinwood coal dock bites it!  I don't know when this happened but Wayne Koch sent along a great set of pictures taken at the old NYC maintenance facility at Collinwood Yards between East 146th and East 152nd Streets in Cleveland when the coaling tower bit the dust.  The yard was started in 1903 and the tipple ca. 1944.  It was gone by 1984.  Here it was in its heyday and then gradually disappearing: (02 Jan 2015)

NYCCollinwoodCoalDock1 NYCCollinwoodCoalDockDemolition2 NYCCollinwoodCoalDockDemolition3

NYCCollinwoodCoalDockDemolition4 NYCCollinwoodCoalDockDemolition5 NYCCollinwoodCoalDockDemolition6
(photos from the collection and courtesy of W. Koch - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed image - click on picture for larger image]

At its maximum extent, it spanned eight (8) tracks, with four (4) loading chute tracks and two (2) dump tracks:


It appeared at first glance that no trace of the tipple was left but looking very carefully at a satellite view reveals what almost certainly are eight of the footings:


To make them more obvious, I popped them in RED:


[Maybe not; there were only THREE legs along the tracks, not FOUR.]

Sic transit gloria mundi!

GIRARD (OHIO) COALING TOWER - The town of Girard, Ohio, was in the news in mid-Feb 2017 because Mayor Jim Melfi wants Cleveland-based Mid-Continent Coal and Coke Company, which owns the abandoned and decaying ex-PRR coal tipple in town, to tear it down and they're not willing .  Accompanying e-mails on the subject were these pix:   new (20 Feb 2017)

GirardOH2 GirardOH3

Big deal!  Sure, it's unsightly but the Pennsy built these things to last!  Ah, but 60 years or more have passed since it was last used and a wind storm partially collapsed the elevator structure in mid-Nov 2013 and screen shots from a news video show a very different story today:

GirardOH4 GirardOH5

Well, let's see where this is:


Uh, oh; it's only a quarter of a mile from downtown and two blocks from homes.  Zooming in on the satellite view shows just how serious a danger this really presents:


C'mon, Mayor Melfi; declare the thing a public hazard and an attractive nuisance and force Mid-Continent's hand.  Collinwood got rid of a far bigger coalng tower.

Desert Turnout (?)

Poking around the Salton Sea via sarellite, I homed in on the mostly-deserted north shore town of Bombay Beach and, lo and behold, in the middle of "nowhere" down on the north side of 5th Street, between Avenues B and C, was this apparition:   new.gif (17 Aug 2015)


Now, it sure looked to me like a RR turnout (switch) plonked down in a backyard with no trackage anywhere around.  On the other hand, it COULD be a vertically-curved section of amusement park trackage, casting a shadow that looks like the curved leg of the switch, but the shadows of the power/light/phone poles belie that, so I looked at the yard in street view:


Flat as a pancake. There's 5th in front, with the house on B at left and C at right.  What do YOU think?

Hoosac Tunnel - on Memorial Day weekend, 2015, I was up in Lenox, Massachusetts, with a few days to spend on my own, so I headed up to North Adams and Florida (MA, that is), home of the famed Hoosac Tunnel.  The tunnel was the stomping ground of some of the earliest main-line boxcab electric locomotives, the The Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington Railroad, a.k.a. the "Hoot Toot & Whistle" was a much-loved narrow-gauge railroad that originally went from the Hoosac Tunnel Station in Rowe, Massachusetts, all the way to Wilmington, Vermont.  Over time it was gradually decimated by power plant construction.  The railroad was winding and awkward at points and was called by some a "cliffhanger".  It was also termed as "Not as long as the Santa Fé but every inch as wide!"   rev (20 Feb 2017)

HT&W Excursion - Hoosac Tunnel to Bear Swamp Hydroelectric

For my own Hoosac Tunnel adventure, wherein I "re-discvered" the original Haupt Bore, see RR Page 5.

{to be continued}

Besler Geared Steam Loco - "a streamlined high-speed steam engine of a most-unusual configuration".  On the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page 25, I played with the Beslerpede and wrote a bit about the Besler system of geared steam locomotive drive.  Well, fun is fun but there really was a proposed Baltimore & Ohio Besler steamer that was started in the midst of the Great Depression and then quietly dropped, the B&O W-1:   new.gif (15 Dec 2016)


Bryan Porter writes the full story of "The Stillborn Competitor for the Diesel" on aMERICAN-rAILS.COM.

{to be continued}

Steam lovers, see my Science and Technology page!  Ah, the power of steam!

There is an incredible simulation program by Charlie Dockstadter on steam valve gear available on the Alaska Live Steamers VALVE GEAR ON THE COMPUTER page.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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