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SS and Jaguar Cars

Continuation Page

Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"
Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Popularizer of Science and Technology
Rail, Auto, Air, Ordnance, and Model Enthusiast
Light-weight Linguist, Lay Minister, and Putative Philosopher

SS1 Alpine Sports Tourer
WS 5777 had just come available in England
  (as of 11 Jan 04) and sold instantly!

SS1 Alpine WS 5777
(cropped from Jan 04 photo by owner's agent - all right reserved)
[Thumbnail image - click on picture for much larger image.]

(Click HERE for more information)

Wild '34 SS One Custom Classic Cat had just come available:

(photo courtesy of present owner - all rights reserved)

SS and JAGUAR - Continued

The first page was originally "jaguar.html".

1933 SS1 Coupé Hood Ornament
(photo from Switzerland by permission - all rights reserved to source)

1935 SS1 CMA 490 badge
(cropped from 1935 SS1 CMA 490 photo from Japan by permission - all rights reserved to source)

SS100 F. H. Coupé Badge
(photo by and © 1961 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Jag Mk IV DHC Gilmore
(cropped and silhouetted from Aug 2004 photo by K. Parker - all rights reserved)

JagCat1Mascot JagCat2Badge
(18 Feb 04 photos by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all right reserved)

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SS and Jaguar Cars Continuation Page 0:
  SS and Jaguar Miscellany - continued (partially moved here from the main SS and Jaguar Cars page
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  SS and Jaguar Miscellany - continued.
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  SS and Jaguar Bibliography.

SS and Jaguar Cars Continuation Page 3:
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  More SS and Jaguar Material.
  Dick Strever's SS and Jaguar Cars.
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may choose to append at the bottom of this page. SS and Jaguar Cars Continuation Page 4:
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  1936 SS One DHC DPA 342

This SS and Jaguar Cars Continuation Page 4:
  Original SS Alpine Tourer (moved from page 3 on 06 Feb 04).
  The SS One "Alpine" Controversy. (moved from page 3 on 06 Feb 04).

SS and Jaguar Cars Continuation Page 6:
  SS One Alpine Tourer AYY 987.
  The SS Magazine - Vol. 1 No. 1.
  1934 Alpine Rallye Plaque.

Jaguar Page:
  XK-120 and Mk. VII and later Jaguar (not SS) cars.

Original SS One Tourer

All material moved to SS Jaguar page 5 and combined with The SS One "Alpine" Controversy on 06 Feb 2004. note-rt.gif - These SS Jaguar pages have been overloading with great regulariity, lately, so I have created this page to focus on the Alpines (and so-called Alpines), moving information and images here from SS Jaguar pages 3 and 4.

Original SS One Alpine Tourer*


I finally turned up photos of what I had only assumed was Bill Summers' original 1934 SS One Alpine@ tourer*, AYP 975 (else why would I have taken so many pictures of it?).  If it isn't (and it wasn't white), then I haven't a clue as to whose it was (unless it might have been the same car after Bill died and the next owner repainted it)*.  This car was absolutely original and I took a whole bunch of photos, which are dated May 61 (printing date), to which I am devoting a good bit of Web file memory on your behalf.  Clearly, the seat backs were pleated, but vertically, NOT in a sunburst, but there is the original factory door sunburst, radiating forward and upward from the lower rear corner.  Note also the top mechanism, not normally photographed:

{In no particular order, except by orientation and subject;
please don't ask why I took such odd shots and no good
three-quarter views with the top/head down.}

{Images rescanned 18 Sep 03.}

SS One 61 f SS One 61 g

SS One 61 h SS One 61 b

SS One 61 a SS One 61 c

SS One 61 d SS One 61 e

SS One 61 j SS One 61 i

SS One 61 l SS One 61 k
(Photos ca. May 1961 by and Copyright © 2001 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.)
[Photos rescanned 18 Sep 03.]

Note also the sealed beam conversion; quite different in the smaller Lucas P-90 (I believe) headlamps from that in the P-100s on my old Mark IV.  I didn't even remember the little compartment in the inner side panel above the rear armrest.  My old '57 Ford Anglia was down the driveway (I must have cropped it out) and the other cars appear to be Delages or Delahayes (who remembers?).  As I recall, this car was a '33, but it has the outside radiator cap so it may be later (or the wrong car entirely).

How weird (to my taste) to have both straps AND painted stripes on the boot (trunk)!

Note the stowage of the manual-starting crank and spark(ing) plug wrench (spanner) and that the New York State license plate reads (after extreme enhancement) "6Z-1271", but I can not make out the date.

[Two of the prints are lightstruck; it had to have been in the commercial printing since the others are not and so it was not the camera (either an ancient Voightländer bellows model - long gone - or my old Zeiss Icon Contaflex I - still working for B&W.]

* - Well, I finally (30 Mar 01) located my 1950s files and there was Bill and his car and this isn't it!  Or it isn't his when he had it.  The files were a bit damp but the photos are now dry (and curled into pretzels!) and here they are (Bill's color shot was damaged and I cropped it - sorry):

34 SS One Alpine - b

34 SS One Alpine - c

34 SS One Alpine - a
(Photos by Paul Patten and William Summers ca. 1958;
from the collection of S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.)
[Photos rescanned 18 Sep 03 - cropped but critical images held.]

Note the color changes.  Don't you wish you could see more of the other cars in the Fair pictures (there's an SS-100, a Mk IV or older saloon, a Volvo PV-144, and a Mercedes 300 sedan, beyond)?  Paradise, indeed!  The white car is clearly not the one above (unless somebody removed the top entirely, changed the seat backs, and swapped upholstery in a big hurry).

Now that I think about it, Bill's car had an 1957 XK-140MC engine in it - HORRORS!

There's another photo of Bill's car with a 1937 Brooklands SS at Old Photos on SS-Jags Cont. Page 1, which I have also reproduced just below.

@ - "ALPINE" - there is a controversy about just what makes a car an original Alpine; I had moved the matter around a bit and it ended up here:

The SS One "Alpine" Controversy

{Moved from SS Jaguar Cont. pages 1 and 4 and expanded on 13 Jan 04 and moved again to this page on 06 Feb 2004 and combined with Original SS Alpine Tourer, above.

Here's a representative photo of Bill Summers's original 1934 SS One Alpine tourer, AYP 975, reprinted from Old Photos on SS-Jags Cont. Page 1 (with a 1937 Brooklands SS in the background):

Bill's SS1 and Brooklands SS-Jag
(09 Jul '60 photo by and © 1960/2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

An apparently-knowledgeable correspondent wrote (24 & 29 Jun 2001) that the cars shown on my other pages ostensibly as Alpines are NOT Alpines!  That struck me as odd; Bill Summers was perhaps the most knowledgeable person about the SS marque in the States in those days and he should have known.  However, this gentleman stated that Alpines had side-mounted spares, louvered upper bonnet (hood) panels (ā la SS-100), and wiper motors mounted off the screen (the wipers being driven by a cable and right-angle gear box), and no bumpers (possibly).  Can anyone find verification of this?  He also noted that the twin SUs on Bill's car are replacements.

I remember SS side mounts but NOT on Bill's car.  Many SS and Jag saloons had them up into the late 30's and all Airline saloons did.  The SS-100's sometimes had the upper louvres and sometimes not; the originals did not, the middle-aged ones did, the last ones did not, and the "one-off" 1938 Earl's Court SS-100 fixed-head coupé definitely did not.  It should be noted that "Alpine" is NOT a factory term but rather one applied to cars prepared for racing, as for the "Alpine Run".

I started this new page to carry forward the discussion about what is and is not an Alpine.  The WS 5777 car that came on the market in Jan 2004 and is pictured above has side mounts and aero screens but has a screen-mounted wiper motor and no louvres on the bonnet top panels.  It was just (ca. 12-13 Jan 2004) examined by one who is apparently expert on Alpines, who thinks it an original Alpine car, and he added that they should have aero screens and a dash-mounted revs counter (tachometer) in addition to the sidemounts and bonnet top-panel louvres.

[I should note here that I in no way dispute the appellation "Alpine" for WS 5777.]

Apparently, original Alpines should also NOT have bumpers (?).  That's clearly nonsense because Daniel Rapley's (below) photo shows 1933 SS One Tourer AYY 987 in the Alpine run with a bumper up front and others in the pits with front bumpers.

Of course, bonnet panels get damaged and replaced and aero screens and a dash-mounted tach and dumb irons and bumpers can be added.  For that matter, so can side-mount-well wings and side mount brackets.  So, we are getting nowhere.  My suggestion is that "we" contact Jaguars and the U.K. and U.S. museums; surely (HA!) someone must have definitive information on just which cars were factory prepped for the Alpine trials.

- - - * - - -

Let us stir up the pot a bit here with these comments from a very-knowledgeable Britisher who, of necessity, shall remain nameless (trust me):

"Firstly, as you yourself agree, 'Alpine' was never a factory term, and in my view it is rather misleading to use it at all, because it suggests there was such a thing as a regular Alpine SS 1.  What we are talking about here is a handful of SS 1s prepared by the factory in 1933 and 1934 (including some for the odd private entrant), these being given some slight modifications and various items of extra equipment."

"What these modifications were can best be assessed by looking at period photographs.  Certainly, the first port of call should be Andrew Whyte's 'Jaguar Sports Racing & Competition Cars to 1953'. If you haven't absorbed the information in this book, then you are really working in the dark {that's me - SB,III}.  A book of my own ('Jaguar Saloon Cars') also carries a section on the SS 1 in the Alpine, written by Andrew.  {The subject was also touched on in 'Jaguar Sports Cars' published back in 1975 - SB,III}  Good photographs also appear in books by Philip Porter etc.  The next step would be to examine period reports in journals of the time.  So, in my view, the first step in assessing the specification and role of a car in its time is to look at the existing, good quality, literature.  Then you can start to speculate and investigate about anything remaining which is still unclear."

"Certainly, it is quite easy to establish from published photographs the exterior modifications carried out by the factory in those two years, so no guesswork is required there.  But it does seem that other, non-factory, SS 1s were also fitted with such as the side-mounted spare wheels.  It would be interesting to find out if private owners simply made up their own brackets etc., copying the factory's arrangement, or whether SS Cars would supply such items as spare parts.

"Note that the side mounted spare wheel arrangement on the SS Jaguar saloon is restricted to the original SS Jaguar range of 1935 - 1937, namely the wood-framed 1.5 and 2.5 cars.  It was dropped for the new all-steel range of saloons which appeared from the end of 1937.  See 'Jaguar Saloons' for a full technical description of these cars."

"As regards your remarks on SS 100 bonnet (hood) louvres, if I have understood these correctly, the 100 model always had louvres on the side and top panels of the bonnet, although these did vary in style during the car's production run."

There - something more on which to chew!

Since Airline saloons came factory-equipped with sidemounts as standard fitments, it should have been no problem at all to buy brackets and wings for such a modification {wrong - see below}.

Incidentally, Daniel Rapley in Connecticut appears to have the SS One tourer AYY 987 used by F. W. and A. L. Morgan in the 1934 International Alpine Trial:

34 SS One Alpine AYY 987
(photo courtesy of D. Rapley, by permission - all rights reserved.)

The Alpine AYY 987 changed hands ca. Feb 2004 and is now in the hands of a major southern NY State collector of SS and Jaguar cars.  He assures me that the spare mounting of his Alpine AYY987 is unique to the Alpine tourer; the Airline, the SS1 drophead, and a coachbuilt saloon all have a similar mounting but the Alpine car has a unique shaft that joins both spare wheels through the bulkhead (the hole through the cowl can be seen in Dan Rapley's photos).

Just to make it most definite (hopefully), here are marked crops from Dan Rapley's photos 308, 309, and 326, showing the hole on the near (right, driver's) cowl side in general relation and in detail and on the other (off, passenger's, left) side:

34 SS One Alpine AYY 987 ns1 34 SS One Alpine AYY 987 ns2 34 SS One Alpine AYY 987 os
(cropped and marked from photos courtesy of D. Rapley, by permission - all rights reserved.)

But this then raises the question of how the bonnet sides fitted over the shaft (and how one sealed the holes from dra(f)(ugh)ts - if one did)!  [Brian?]

One thing I absolutely LOVE about this Website is the people who "come out of the woodwork"; on 16 Apr 2004 came a message from Don Ryan in England, who was "alerted to the continuing existence of this car {that being AYY 987} by a column in Classic & Sportscar (by Michael Ware), whose "father owned the car from mid 1948 until the end of 1953."  "We used it as family transport including towing a caravan to Switzerland in 1952 for the International FICC Camping and Caravanning Rally which was held there."  "It was the first car I drove on the public road."  "I recall many details of it including changing the carburettors to Zenith from RAG in an effort to improve the cold starting.  It worked a bit!"  I also recall its putting a con-rod through the crankcase and the repair by a plate attached by multiple bolts threaded into the block."  "It was repainted during my father's ownership from silver to cream.  The upholstery was blue."  More to follow.

- - - * - - -

Now, on 05 Feb 2004, I received this from a gentleman in Australia - "enclosed is some information on Alpines as to why I think the WS5777 car isn't an Alpine car" {emphases mine}:


SS1 Tourer*
HE Symons / Wright

Team 19
SS1 Tourer*
C.M. Needham / Munro
8th, 2-3L Class

Team 20
SS1 Tourer*
Miss Allan / Mrs Eaton

SS1 Tourer*
Georg Hans Koch
14th - 121 starters

SS1 Tourer
Count Peter Orssich
11th, 2-3L Class

    * Factory prepared cars being loaned free of charge


Team 46
SS1 Tourer *
C Needham /

Team 48
SS1 Tourer *
Sydney Light / Harry Gill (SS employee)

Team 47
SS1 Tourer*
Mr A G & Mrs Douglas Clease

Team 52
SS1 Tourer*
AYY987  {<--!!!}
Lavender grey
FW Morgan

Team 93
SSII Tourer*
Norman Black
Louvres in top of bonnet

    All cars Factory prepared but owned by entrants


Tom + Mrs Wisdom

Other Alpine Claimants

It was noted by William Summers, a founding member of the Classic Jaguar Association of America who had owned his SS1 Tourer since 1946 and thought to have UK registration [AYP975] (a London number dating from April/May 1934) that he had an Alpine car but photos recently sighted do not show side mount wheels or louvered top to the bonnet and the registration number doesn't tie up with the known four 1934 SS1 Tourers.

There are at least two other cars said to be Alpine cars - one currently being advertised in the UK, registration [WS5777] believed to be commission number 248952 which if correct makes it built early 1935 and therefore not possible to have run in an August 1934 event.  Another car, commission number 249029, body number falls into this category as well."  This turns out to be erroneous; WS5777 is noted as having chassis no. (commission no.) 248952, which actually turns out to be its engine number - the commission no. is actually 249029, body no. 4311. so therefore where two other claimants, 248952 and 249029, are noted, they are one and the same car.

Thank you, Sir!  I present this without comment, for your (the reader's) edification.

How nice to see the ladies represented that far back!

Said Aussie friend added {edited slightly} that "there was no event in 1935 at all; the organising committees couldn't decide so it was cancelled .  So, no SS ran.  The next entrant was the SS100 in 1936, 18008.  So this is why no other than 11 cars can be classified as Alpine cars."  However, I no sooner posted this than in came this counter-view (from another exceedingly-knowledgeable owner {edited for format}: " - - - the 1935 Alpine rally was cancelled less than a month before the start and therefore it is logical that cars were built and prepared for the 1935 rally; SS did make three SS1 cars for it but they, of course, never started as the rally was cancelled".  Paraphrasing, one of these cars is known and the other two not yet but they will be found sooner or later.  WS5777 is possibly one of those missing cars but that is, of course, not yet sure.  However, he has some reasons to believe (due to the technicalities of WS5777) that it is.

Also {again edited}: "Further, you mention on your site that front wings for twin spare wheels were easily fitted on every tourer as they only have to order some Airline wings, but I must correct you at this point as the airline wings are not the same; an SS1 wing has, from the little side light to the outer front side, a pressed rim in the center while an Airline wing is just flat there."  {So much for MY expertise!}  Well, that's easily shown; here are crops from Dan Rapley's definitive 1934 Alpine Team 52 SS1 Tourer AYY 987, clearly showing the crease and one of Tom Zwakman's Airline saloons (1935?) not-so-clearly showing no crease; (10 Feb 2004)

34 SS One Alpine AYY 987 35? SS Airline
(cropped from photos courtesy of D. Rapley and T. Zwakman - all rights reserved.)

Re Nick Johannesen's Jag-lovers site, noted and linked on these pages, having overoaded the other pages, I will give a linked index to some of the more pertinent pages thereon:

    Early Cats for Swallow and SS Cars - First Cats.
    SS Cars.
    '38 Earl's Court SS Jaguar "100" FHC, EHP 111, #39088, with documentation.
    Mark IV.
    Jag-Lovers brochures - Adverts Index.

This Jag ya just gotta see!  Shades of the catamount I saw in upstate New York
(see my Adirondack page).

Obligatory courtesy link to the
Classic Jaguar Association
(22 Nov 01 - sorry I'd omitted this).

Stay tuned!

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