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Frontispiece - Jim Banner's photomontage of the Bi-Provincial Uploader moving through Saskatoon on 05 Jan 1991, on CEBX 800 with triply-extended load (tension) beams:

CEBX 800 1 Saskatoon 05Jan91
(1991 photomontage courtesy of Jim Banner - all rights reserved)


Effective mid-2012, Westinghouse has renumbered Krupp-built
CEBX 800 to WECX 800 and twinned it with Kasgro-built WECX 801,
which latter now takes the title of the largest RR car in the world.

[From the main Schnabel Car page, "A Schnabel car is one which has two heavy lifting arms on independent trucks (bogies); when the inner ends of the arms are locked together and train lines connected, the two cars act as one.  When the cars are separated and a monster load, usually a giant transformer or a nuclear reactor pressure vessel, is rigidly bolted between the arms, and the trainlines extended under or around the load and connected, the entire set of the two end cars and the load becomes one single car.  The arms are hydraulically operated to lift the load to clear the railhead and to tilt and swing the load to compensate for track irregularities and to clear trackside obstacles.  On tight turns, both arms can be moved outboard to move the load clear of signals or masts inside the curve.  To load heavy objects directly from barges, a wye leads to tracks run along either side of the barge slip and the cars are separated and run down either side of the barge with the arms swung inboard at 45; the load is swung around 45 on the barge and the arms are then dropped and bolted to the load.  The load is then lifted, the set pulled back until the lead car clears the wye, the turnout thrown, and the set pulled further until second car clears the wye.  At this point, idler cars, cars of spares and tools, passenger cars for the crew (or caboose-like rider cars) are usually added and the consist is ready for over-the-road travel, albeit at greatly restricted speed and clearances.  Such consists are always run as independent trains; virtually never being coupled to regular freights.  The cars normally are equipped with their own generators and hydraulic pumps and automatic sensors and leveling devices.  Some of these cars, usually the smaller 100-ton versions, have a pair of beams which can be bolted rigidly to the arms to carry a load on the beams as a sort of open-bottomed (or through-well) 'Well-Flat' car."  There is far more information (and a linked index) on schnabel cars on the linked main Schnabel Car page, as well as on several subsequent pages.]

The purpose of this page is to present more current information about the former Combustion Engineering-cum-Westinghouse Schnabel car CEBX 800, now WECX 800.

Older coverage of CEBX 800 is presented on my Schnabel Railroad Car CEBX 800 Page.


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For general information on Schnabel and other heavy-duty cars, start with the Schnabel Railroad Car Page. (07 Jan 2016)

Other than the very fact of it's existence (now) as the world's SECOND largest railcar, by the creation at Kasgro in New Castle, Pennsylvania in 2012 of ever-so-slightly heavier Westinghouse WECX 801, the most significant occurence to date (as of 11 Jan 2013) for WECX 800 is the slipping on its skid of a ~700-ton (some say only 300 tons) nuclear RPV (Reactor Pressure Vessel).  It was bound from the port of Savannah to Plant Vogtle in Burke County, southeast of Atlanta, Georgia, when the skid or load platform became misaligned with the car; the train stopped immediately and there was no or little damage to the reactor vessel or to the car,  It sure LOOKED terrible, though:

800oops2  800oops2  800oops2
[unprovenanced photos via e-mail]
(click on thumbnailed images for slightly larger pictures)

This incident (as opposed to accident) occurred only less than a mile out from the port of Savannah.  In spite of the apparently-horrendous pictures, the car did not fail, nor is the vessel compromised; the car's hydraulics were probably being used at the time of the pictures to re-align the load, which was them returned to the port for examination.

The steel vessel, destined for a new Westinghouse AP-1000 nuclear power plant, weighs more than the Statue of Liberty; it was built over a three year period in South Korea and came here in a heavy-load ship.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out; stay tuned.

BIG BLUE (Westinghouse) has released a fabulous PR piece, a video about moving a 700-ton steam generator from the heavy-lift ship MV BBC Aquamarine onto WECX 800 at Charleston's downtown Columbus Street dock in preparation for moving it to the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station.  You can catch the video on charlestoncitypaper.com by clicking here.   new (31 Mar 2015)

There's only one little problem with the flack that BIG BLUE puts forth in the video; it's a wee bit misleading, to whit:

1. WECX 800 is NOT the biggest RR car in the world as they all-too-well know (their own WECX 801 is).

2. For all their boasting about safety and efficiency and such, there was a wee prang back around Dec 2012/Jan 2013 just outside Savannah.

3. Further to 2., they conveniently neglect to mention WECX 801's little hop, skip, and jump outside Charlotte in the wee hours of 22 Jun 2014.

If 801 had gone some 350 yards further and dropped onto I-485, what would BIG BLUE have had to say?

Ain't PR wunnerful?

WECX 800 News

The latest authoritative word is that WECX 800 is to be loaded for possibly the last time at Charleston, NC, ca. March 4.  Form a railfan's strandpoint, that would be a damend shame.  Unless Kasgro or some other heavy transportation firm steps in, that may be the end of "Big Red", especially since other equally-authoritative sources say that "Big Blue" (the car, WECX 801) seems to be making some progress towards returning to the rails after her big mishap.   new (07 Feb 2017)

Don't forget the main Schnable Car page, et seq.

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