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Z-Scale model railroading, at an incredible 220 times smaller than life size, or slightly under half the size of the familiar HO scale, with rails only 6.5mm (~¼") apart, was started in 1972 by Gebrüder Märklin (Maerklin Brothers - der site ist auf Deutsch) in Göppingen, Germany, as "mini-Club".

It was handled in the U.S. by Marklin-USA in New Berlin, Wisconsin but has been taken over by Walthers.

The leading U.S. manufacturer of Z is still Micro-Trains, with American Z Lines coming on strong.

Other manufacturers make track and structures in Z.  Of these, I have only made some templates for Kibri structures to date.

Harald Freudenreich, who makes the most incredibly fine brass Z-scale locomotives, cars, signals, and catenary at his Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik in northeastern Germany, now also makes laser-cut structures.  PennZee and others also make brass, wood, and cardstock models.

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Z-Scale Track and Structure Templates

  Märklin European Major Track Accessories
  Märklin Z Track Sections
  Micro-Trains® Line Z Micro-Track™ Track Sections
    Märklin American (Resin) Z Structures "Classic American Series"
    Märklin American (Laser-Cut Wood Kit) Z Structures "Classic American Series II"
    Märklin European (Plastic Kit) Z Structures
    Kibri Z Structures
    Sea-Rail Z Structures

The intent of these templates is to allow the reader to download them and use them (as I did in laying out the Berlinerwerke) to create reasonably-accurate Z-scale layouts on paper.  I say "reasonably-accurate" because Märklin track sections seem to have a good bit of dimensional variance; adjustments will have to be made as track laying progresses.  There is nothing like laying all the components out BEFORE doing any spiking (or bonding) or ballasting, though.

[These templates were created in Autodesk's Autosketch as *.skd files, converted to Windows Metafile Format (*.wmf) in order to post them readily and so you can read them without any fancy reader.  They work fine on my computer and image processors but you may need different scaling factors, in which case I'll have to add metric scales.  Actually, all the track sections are made in increments of 110mm (or, at least, of 25mm or 20mm), so it's primarily only the buildings that might need reference scales added.]

[I find that some folks are unable to read or convert the WMF files, after all, so I have converted the whole set to GIF Format, as well.]



Märklin European Major Track Accessories:

8994xfer.wmf - 8994 Transfer Table - 8994xfer.gif.
8998ttbl.wmf - 8998 Turntable - 8998ttbl.gif.

Märklin Z Track Sections:

8500-110.wmf - 8500 110mm Straight Track Section - 8500-110.gif.
8503-55.wmf - 8503 55mm Straight Track Section - 8503-55.gif.
8504-25.wmf - 8504 25mm Straight Track Section - 8504-25.gif.
850412h.wmf - non-standard half-8504 12.5mm Straight Track Section - 850412h.gif
    (made from 8504 25mm Track Section or longer sections).
8505-220.wmf - 8505 220mm Straight Track Section - 8505-220.gif.
85061086.wmf - 8506 108.6mm Straight Track Section - 85061086.gif.
85071128.wmf - 8507 112.8mm Straight Track Section - 85071128.gif.
85101453.wmf - 8510 145mm Radius 30° Curved Track Section - 85101453.gif.
8510half.wmf - non-standard 145mm 15° Curved Track Section - 8510half.gif
    (made from 8510 145mm 30° Curved Track Section).
85201954.wmf - 8520 195mm Radius 45° Curved Track Section - 85201954.gif.
85211953.wmf - 8521 195mm Radius 30° Curved Track Section - 85211953.gif.
85302204.wmf - 8530 220mm Radius 45° Curved Track Section - 85302204.gif.
85312203.wmf - 8531 220mm Radius 30° Curved Track Section - 85312203.gif.
8559xing.wmf - 8559 13° Crossing Track Section - 8559xing.gif.
8560slip.wmf - 8560 13° Electric Double-Slip Turnout Track Section - 8560slip.gif.
856265lh.wmf - 8562 L 13° 490mm Electric Left-Hand Turnout Track Section - 856265lh.gif
    (also applicable to 8565 L Manual Left-Hand Turnout).
856366rh.wmf - 8563 R 13° 490mm Electric Right-Hand Turnout Track Section - 856366rh.gif
    (also applicable to 8566 R Manual Right-Hand Turnout).
8568cvlh.wmf - 8568 L 30° 195mm Electric Leftt-Hand Curved Turnout Track Section - 8568cvlh.gif.
8569cvrh.wmf - 8569 R 13° 490mm Electric Right-Hand Curved Turnout Track Section - 8569cvrh.gif.
8587un55.wmf - 8587 55mm Straight Uncoupler Track Section - 8587un55.gif.
8588is55.wmf - 8588 55mm Straight Isolation Track Section - 8588is55.gif.
8589fd55.wmf - 8589 55mm Straight Circuit (Feeder) Track Section - 8589fd55.gif.
8590fd11.wmf - 8590 110mm Straight Circuit (Feeder) Track Section - 8590fd11.gif

8591-490.wmf - 8591 13° 490mm Curved Track Section - 8591-490.gif
    (complements branch curve on turnouts).
85921012.wmf - 8592 110-120mm Straight Adjustment Track Section - 85921012.gif.
8594-660.wmf - 8594 660mm Straight Track Section - 8594-660.gif.
8597un11.wmf - 8597 110mm Straight Uncoupler Track Section - 8597un11.gif.
8598is11.wmf - 8598 110mm Straight Isolation Track Section - 8598is11.gif.
8997exts.wmf - 8997 Extension Spoke Track (for 8998 Turntable) - 8997exts.gif.

10861128.wmf - Diagram for 8506 and 8507 Adjustment Tracks - 10861128.gif
    (and also for 8591 13° 490mm Branch Curve Complementary Track).
110diode.wmf - 110mm Automatic Shut-off track - 110diode.gif - comes with:

8980 Locomotive Shed (Two-Stall Diesel House - 2 pcs.),
8981 Locomotive Shed (One-Stall Steam Loco House - 1 pc.), and
8983 Locomotive Shed (3 x 30°-Stall Roundhouse - 3 pcs.).   rev (01 Aug 2018)

  Oh, no, Mr. Ed!  That drawing is wrong!  It shows the diode near the end,
  OUTSIDE the gap!  How'd I ever manage that?
  Here's the corrected drawing:

110diod2.wmf - 110mm Automatic Shut-off track - 110diod2.gif.   new (01 Aug 2018)

25mmfeed.wmf - non-standard 25mm Straight Circuit (Feeder) Track Section - 25mmfeed.gif
    (made from 8589 55mm or 8590 110mm Circuit Tracks).

Micro-Trains® Line Z Micro-Track™ Track

{no *.wmf} - Micro-Trains® Line Z Micro-Track™ 599 12½"
  (317.5mm) Flex Track Sections - m-tl-599.gif


Märklin American (Resin) Z Structures
    "Classic American Series":

2630pass.wmf - 2630 Passenger Depot - 2630pass.gif.
2631resi.wmf - 2631 Two-Story Residence - 2631resi.gif.
2632fact.wmf - 2632 Factory - 2632fact.gif.
2633feed.wmf - 2633 Feed Mill - 2633feed.gif.
2634term.wmf - 2634 Freight Terminal - 2634term.gif.
2635mine.wmf - 2635 Mine Head - 2635mine.gif.
2637chch.wmf - 2637 Country Church - 2637chch.gif.
2638rnch.wmf - 2638 Ranch House - 2638rnch.gif.
2639barn.wmf - 2639 Barn - 2639barn.gif.
2640stor.wmf - 2640 Store Fronts - 2640stor.gif
    (although the backs are finished, as well).

Märklin American (Laser-Cut Wood Kit) Z Structures
    "Classic American Series II":

2641fire.wmf - 2641K Firehouse "Engine Company No. 8" - 2641fire.gif.
2643sgnl.wmf - 2643K Signal Tower - 2643sgnl.gif.
2644serv.wmf - 2644K Service Station "Ed's Auto Repair" - 2644serv.gif.

Märklin European (Plastic Kit) Z Structures:

8962durn.wmf - 8962 Dürnau {Passenger} Station - 8962durn.gif.
8970wint.wmf - 8970 Wintersdorf {Passenger} Station - 8970wint.gif.
8971frst.wmf - 8971 Freight Shed {Station} - 8971frst.gif.
8972cont.wmf - 8972 Container Terminal - 8972cont.gif
    (includes two containers and a container truck).
8975arbr.wmf - 8975 Arched bridge (220mm) - 8975arbr.gif.
8976stbr.wmf - 8976 Straight Ramp (110mm Bridge) - 8976stbr.gif.
8977cvbr.wmf - 8977 Curved Ramp (145mm Radius, 45° Bridge) - 8977cvbr.gif.
8980enhs.wmf - 8980 Locomotive Shed (Two-Stall Diesel House) - 8980enhs.gif.
8981shed.wmf - 8981 Locomotive Shed (One-Stall Steam Loco House) - 8981shed.gif.
8982coal.wmf - 8962 Coaling Sation (Old-Style, Manual) - 8982coal.gif.
8983rdhs.wmf - 8983 Locomotive Shed (3 x 30°-Stall Roundhouse) - .8983rdhs.gif
8985scal.wmf - 8985 Freight Shed Accessory (Scale House, with - 8985scal.gif
    Loading Gauge, two Wood Bumpers, Tie Piles and Carts, Barrels, and Cable Reels).
8986foot.wmf - 8986 Lineside Detail (Footbridge, with accessories) - 8986foot.gif.
8991bump.wmf - 8991 Track Bumper (screws to track) - 8991bump.gif.
8996watr.wmf - 8996 Water Tower (with Water Standpipe/Plug) - 8996watr.gif.
stndpipe.wmf - Water Plug/Standpipe (from 8996 Water Tower) - stndpipe.gif.
woodbump.wmf - Wooden Track Bumper (from 8985 Freight Shed/Scale House) - woodbump.gif.

Kibri Z Structures:

k6750grv.wmf - K6750 Gravel Tipple - k6750grv.gif.
k6770fac.wmf - K6770 Factory Buildings (with Tower, Crane) - k6770fac.gif.
ohdcrane.wmf - Overhead Crane (from 6770 Factory) - ohdcrane.gif.
rr-crane.wmf - Crane (from 8621/8623/8657-series RR Crane - rr-crane.gif
    can be used as Tower or Dock Crane).

Sea-Rail Z Structures:

searail1.wmf - Freight House with Loading Dock - searail1.gif.

note-rt.gif - I expect to add templates for Micro-Trains Line Z flex track, Aspen Model's Z turnouts, California Roadbed's Z Homabed sections, and more, but please do NOT ask me to make templates not noted herein unless you are willing to send me samples (for me to KEEP).

[For a buck (lots of them), I can design your dream layout.
Talk to me.]

Best regardZ,  S.B.,III

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