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S. Berliner, III's


Z-Scale Model Railroad Continuation Page



NOTE:  Page size is limited by HTML to some 30kB;
thus, I have been forced to add new pages just for Z-Scale, more Z-scale, and articles about Z-scale
and to split the Zictionary yet again!


The internal links, which work fine on my home page and others, don't seem to work here!  I'm working on it, but haven't a clue; I even just copied the working links over and they don't work here.  So, scroll away!
On the main Z-Scale page:
    Z-Scale Narrow Gauge (really)
    Scale and Gauge
    Scale Conversion Table
    Z-Scale Miscellany
    Z-Scale Wiring Conventions
    Z-Scale Vehicles and Märklin Rubber Autos
    (moved to Z-Scale page 3 on 01 Jan 2000)
    Z-Scale Repair and Hobby Shops
On Continuation Page 1:
    Zictionary Part 1 ("A" - "M") - lotZ of wordZ.
    (moved from Page 4 on 31 Jul 00 and split on 28 may 01)
On Continuation Page 1a:
    Zictionary Part 2 ("N" - "Y") - lotZ of wordZ.
On this Continuation Page 1z:
    Zictionary Part 3 ("Z") - lotZ of wordZ.
    (moved from Page 1a on 14 Sep 02)
On Z-Scale Continuation Page 2:
    Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal RR in Z
    Z-SCALE DIMENSIONS (with how to approximate a mile of track).
    Overton Coaches, Bobber, Crane and a Boxcab in Z! - plus other neat items.
    Wish List - some goodieZ I'd like and some I have,
    like Freudenreich's Z Boxcab Diesel and GN/WFEX Reefer
    and Larry Hoff's Bobber Caboose and Crane!
    M-T Z SP Moguls - the absolute top of the Wish List!
On Z-Scale Continuation Page 3:
    Z-Scale Vehicles and Märklin Rubber Autos
    (moved from Z-Scale page 1 on 01 Jan 2000)
    Half-Z Scale - 1:440 Tiny Trains!
    (moved from this page)
    1:900 Scale - Tiniest Trains!
    Power - Volts, Amps, Watts for Z.
On Z-Scale Continuation Page 4:
    Some More Z (all the latest!)
        including more on Freudenreich's Z Boxcab Diesel and new HomaBed Z roadbed.
On the new Z-Scale Continuation Page 5
    (a page for the forthcoming new Third Millennium):
    Even More Z (all the latest!)
        including more on Freudenreich's Z products.
    Microscopic Z Accessories.
On the Ztrack page:
    Ztrack Magazine
On the Z-Scale Articles page:
    Z-Scale Hell Gate Bridge
See other indices on the Model Railroad
    and on the Railroad pages.



Z-Scale model railroading, at an incredible 220 times smaller than life size, or slightly under half the size of the familiar HO scale, with rails only 6.5mm (~Ľ") apart, continued ...

Z scale is about 2˝ times smaller than HO!  In Z scale, a scale Ľ-mile is exactly (and only) 6 feet; in other words, a mile is only 24 feet!

On various other Z-scale pages, I refer to der Herr Harald Freudenreich, who makes the most incredibly fine brass and nickel-silver Z-scale locomotives, cars, signals, and catenary; for lack of space, I have moved his additional coverage to Z-scale page 5 - Even More Z.

EnZyclopedic Zictionary
Part 3

LotZ of WordZ

[You might note that hiZtory doeZn't fare Zo well herein!]

Now, aZ you may have notiZed, I cloZe theZe pageZ by Zaying, "Best regardZ" and that Zomeone else ZignZ off, "Be Z'ing you!"  Lájos Thek got me started on this by threatening to commit suicide over a Z problem, to which I suggested that would be "minicide, to which he replied, "When the police investigate a "minicide", how can they control the angry craZ crowd?  Are they 'mini-clubbing' them?  Or they use only tear gaZ?", to which I shot back, "No, they are brutal; they uZe shotgunZ and UZiZ", of courZ!  Lájos wants me to write a ZictionaryZe very thing!

Whoa, Nelly!  Now (11 Aug 00) Lájos wantZ me to write an EnZyclopedia, too.  No way, JoZé (HoZe A?)!  However, aZ a sop to hiZ pride, I HAVE changed the Zictionary to an EnZyclopedic Zictionary.

- - -

(continued from page 1a)

- If this sort of nonsense doesn't float your boat,
you can skip directly to Page 2.


- - -


(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) (M)
(N) (O) (P) (Q) (R) (S) (T) (U) (V) (W) (X) (Y)

NOT theZe keyZ:
(Q)(W)(E)(R)(T)(Y)(U)(I)(O)(P) (A)(S)(D)(F)(G)(H)(J)(K)(L)   (Z)(X)(C)(V)(B)(N)(M)
BecauZe Zere are now Zo many wordZ beginning with Z (logically enough on this page), I have added SECOND LETTER keyZ:


(ZA) (ZB) (ZC) (ZD) (ZE) (ZF) (ZG) (ZH) (ZI) (ZJ) (ZK) (ZL) (ZM)
(ZN) (ZO) (ZP) (ZQ) (ZR) (ZS) (ZT) (ZU) (ZV) (ZW) (ZX) (ZY)

We muZt continue here:


"Z" KeyZ - ZoZe keyZ what one presseZ to write Ze EnZyclopedic Zictionary.

"Zachary" - boy'Z name; town in LouiZiana.
"Zagnut" - Clark candy bar (now made by HersheyZ); official candy of Z-scale (13 Feb 2016).
"ZalaciouZ" - adjective for dirty (Zee Zmut).
"Zalma" - MiZZouri town.
"ZalZa" - Zauce for Z GooZe,
"ZambeZi" - appropriately named river in Africa.
"Zambia" - most favored nation.
"Zamboni" - with which one cleanZ ice on rinkZ.
"ZaneZville" - Ohio town.
"Zany" - anyone who trieZ to work at 1:440 or, worZe yet, 1:900!
"ZanZibar" - favorite Z vacation Zpot.
"Zap" - what happens to Z motors at 12 voltZ (arcZ)!  AlZo, a North Dakota town.
    AlZo, what one uZeZ when one glueZ his couplerZ together acZidentally!
      {If it'Z Filled ZAP, you can mess up all sortZ of thingZ!}
"Zapata" - one of the two "Z" countieZ in TekZas, and a town therein;
    alZo early Mexican Z aficionado (had a layout under the cot in hiZ Zell).
"Zarah" - KanZas town.
"ZarathuZtra" - leading Z philoZopher (who thuZ Zpake).
"Zartorial Zplendor" - in what Z people dreZZ.
"Zat" - paZt tenZe of Zit; also, adjective for ZomeZing over there.
"Zavala" - the other of the two "Z" countieZ in TekZas, and a town therein.

"Zbar" - Ze preferred Z chewy granola energy bar.
  new (10 Apr 2012) kidzbar

    {no "Zc" listings yet - and not very likely!}

    {no "Zd" listings yet - and not very likely!}

"Zea LionZ" - official marine mammal petZ of Z ScalerZ.
"Zealot" - one who ZeeZ a lot; also a Zailor, also a Z fan(atic).
"Zeandale" - KanZas town.
"Zear" - what one doeZ do ZoZe who model in oZer ZcaleZ!.
    also - what releazeZ Ze firing pin in gunZ.   added.gif (30 Aug 2018)
"Zearing" - Iowa town.
"Zebulon" - Georgia town; home of the CrackerZ; also Kentucky town.
"Zebra" - French ladieZ' undergarment in 1:220.
"ZebraZ" - official riding animalZ of Z ScalerZ.
"Zedhead" - a British term for Z'erZ.
"Zee" (q.v.), California - national Z-scale headquarters.
"ZEE" - 3-letter airport code (possibly unofficial) for our favo(u)rite airport, Kelsey Airport, Kelsey,
    Manitoba, Canada, (as well as Kleinzee (KLZ, South Africa) (25 Jul 2011)
    [but then EVERY Dutch (and, obviously, some versions of Afrikaans) placename about a "Sea"
        is spelled "Zee!]
"Zeeland" - Dutch province exalted as Z homeland;
    also townZ in Michigan, North Dakota.
"Zeer" - Zomeone Zmart enough to have predicted we'd model in Z.   added.gif (30 Aug 2018)
"ZeiZm" - favored religion of ZedheadZ.
"ZeiZt" - exponent of Zeism.
"Zellwood" - Florida town.
"Zem" - prepoZitional form of "Zoze".
"ZeminarieZ" - ZynonymouZ with "Zeological SchoolZ" (q.v.).
"Zen" - philoZophy to calm one when Z coupler springZ spring.
"Zeneta" - town in Sasketchewan.
"Zenobia" - Ze Queen of Ze HottentotZ - or
"Zenobia" - Queen of Ze AZtecZ.
"ZentZ" - meaningless coinZ for Z purchaZeZ (Zee alZo CoinZ and DollarZ).
"ZenZationZ" - new Z productZ.
"ZenZational" - adjectival characteriZtic of new Z productZ.
"ZenZe" - what being in Z scale makeZ.
"Zeological SchoolZ" - where ZeistZ and othersZ study Zeism (q.v.).
"Zeology" - Ze Ztudy of Z scale; also the study of Zeism (q.v.).
"Zephyr (Ford)" - Z favorite antique car.
"Zephyr (Lincoln)" - Z favorite classic car.   new (25 Jul 2011)
"Zephyrhills" - Florida town.
"Z'er" - an American term for ZedheadZ.
"ZerkZeZ" - Ze King of Ze PerZianZ.   new (25 Jul 2011)
"ZerokZ" - machine for copying copy-righted planZ
    (of course, Z-ers would NEVER Ztoop Zo low!).
"ZekZ" - in what folkZ engage to multiply - how Z figureZ are reproduZed.
"ZekZiZm" - multiplying by 220.
"ZekZiZt" - one who multiplies by 220.

    {no "Zf" listings yet - but Zf is a prefix for some FR models}

    {no "Zg" listings yet - and not very likely!}

    I'd written {no "Zh" listings yet - and not very likely!} but I'd forgotten all about Ze Zedhead's favo(u)rite doctor:
"Dr. Zhivago"! (10 Apr 2012)

"Zicam" - cold and allergy relief, originally including Zinc.   new (20 Dec 2020)
"Ziege" - an attempt to get more coverage for Z from Kalmbach and CarstenZ (now White River ProductionZ).
  rev (20 Dec 2020) "Ziegler" - town in IllinoiZ.
"Ziegler Mine" - Z is the UP origin and Destination Code for the Ziegler Mine, a Bell & Zoller Coal Co. coal mine in Ziegler, Franklin County, Illinois {RR info. excerpted from the UPHS's Union Pacific Train Symbols (see also Z Trains).}  There is also a (Riverside-)Ziegler Mine, an iron mine in Dent County, Missouri and there was a Ziegler Mine, a gold mine in Calaveras County, California, ca. 1900 (02 Jan 2013).

Ziegler Mine
(Image from Mining Artifacts)

"Zillah" - town in Washington state.
"Zinnamon" _ spiZe (how niZe); come in ZtickZ.
"Zilwaukee" {really!} - town in Michigan.
"Zinc" - a metal uZed in caZting Märklin locoZ and car bodieZ.
"Zion" - homeland for JewZ; towns in IllinoiZ, Maryland. Noo JoiZey.
"ZionZville" - Ohio town.
"Zip Code" - official recognition by U. S. PoZtal Zervice of common bond among Z'ers.
"Zippety Dooh Dah" - what you sing when you complete a Z kit and it comeZ out right!
"Zippo" - the official Z-scale lighter!
"Zit" - a 1:220 pimple; also, to take a Zeat.
"Zither" - 1:220 Ztringed inZtrument.

    {no "Zj" listings yet - and not very likely!}

    {no "Zk" listings yet - and not very likely!}

    {no "Zl" listings yet - and not very likely!}

"Zmear" - what you do to Goo (alliterative, eh?) on the M-T stock car doorZ (naturally).
"Zmidgen" - much less than lotZ.
"Zmut" - dirty stories about Z people (Zee ZalaciouZ).

"Zn", "Zn3", or "Znm" - Z narrow gauge - we're talking SMALL here!
"Zodiac" - the inflatable boatZ of choice for floodZ, ZtreamZ, pondZ, lakeZ, riverZ, and oceanZ.

"Zodiac, SignZ of Ze"
    ArieZ - March 21-April 19 - astrologerZ should ram this!
    TauruZ - April 20-May 20 - this iZ all a lot of bull!
    Gemini - May 21-June 20 - the TwinZ.
    Cancer - June 21-July 22 - astrological crabZ are aZ uZeful aZ tumorZ.
    Leo - July 23- Aug. 22 - I'd be lion if I thought Leo was more than one of the PopeZ.
    Virgo - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 - not too many of ZoZe around, ZeZe dayZ.
    Libra - Sept. 23- Oct. 22 - the scaleZ.
    Zcorpio - Oct. 23- Nov. 21 - the stingZ and arrowZ of outrageous fortune-tellerZ.
    ZagittariuZ - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 - the arrowZ of the archer.
    Capricorn - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 - only old goatZ buy into this nonsense.
    AquariuZ - Jan. 20-Feb 18 - that's my sign - for old pisserZ.
    PisceZ Feb. 19-March 20 - there'Z Zomething fishy here.

"ZomeZing" - an object, aZ in "wouldn't Zat be ZomeZing!".
"Zone" - where you're in when working in Z scale.
"Zoo" {esp. Ape HouZe} - where Zey keep Z people.
"Zoology" - Ze study of Z people.
"Zoot Zuit" - garment popular in the '40Z with Frank Zinatra;     came with "reet pleatZ".
"Zortman" - Montana town.
"Zot" - what Ze anteater doeZ to Ze ant in Ze "BC" comic Ztrip!
"Zounds!" - appreciative exclamation for the guy/gal who installZ
    Zuperdetailed valve gear or the gal/guy who installZ working
    couplerZ on the FR boxcab dieZel!
"ZooZ" - where they keepZ animalZ, such aZ ZebraZ.
"ZoZe" - syn. of "DoZe".

"ZpoilZ"- what belongZ to Ze victorZ.
Z Plan is a form of castle deZign common in England and Zcotland.   added.gif (30 Aug 2018)

    {no "Zq" listings yet - and not very likely!}

    {no "Zr" listings yet - and not very likely!}

    {no "Zs" listings yet - and not very likely!}
WRONG!:   new.gif (02 Jan 2013)
The Z Zoziety is a philanthropic organiZation.   added.gif (30 Aug 2018)

"Ztanley" - a Zteamer, aZ in Ztanley Zteamer. (25 Jul 2011)
"Zteely Dan" - runner up favorite rocker.
"Zteamer" - a loco that burns coalZ; also a car made by Ztanley.
"Zticky" - how your fingers feel when you see a new or rare Z model!
"Ztop" - what I should do, NOW!
"Ztraining" - what Lájos doeZ when he suggeZtZ Zome of theZe wordZ.
"Z train" - a train type prefix used by the Union Pacific Railroad to designate train type;

Z denotes the highest priority trains on the railroad.  Most of the Z trains are intermodal trains and frequently carry UPS traffic as well as other high priority intermodal business.  Speed and reliability are high for these trains.^nbsp; The Z symbol is not limited to intermodal trains though and a few high priority trains of other types also run under the Z symbol, including the ZDLSKP (Z Delfar California to Selkirk New York (Via CSX interchange at Chicago).  This high speed perishable train and others like it have earned the nickname of "Salad Shooters on the UP.  {material excerpted from Union Pacific Train Symbols (see also Ziegler Mine).} (02 Jan 2013)
"Ztrung Out" - how you feel after working with Z coupler ZpringZ or motor brusheZ.

"Zub" - abbr. for Zubmarine; alZo, a long Zandwich.
"Zubmarine" - an underZea veZZel (uses a periZcope for viZion).
"ZubZidiary - Zecond to, reportZ to.
"Zuider Zee -largeZt NetherlandZ polder (an artificial inland sea).
"Zumbrota" - MinneZota town.
"Zuni" - New Mexico town, named for one of the Native American tribeZ.
"Zuper-detailing" - quite impoZZible, Zo why conZider it at all?.
"Zurich" - capital of SwitZerland (home of Ze GnomeZ Zereof); town in Ontario.
  rev (25 Jul 2011)

    {no "Zv" listings yet - and not very likely!}

"Zweat" - Zee "TearZ".
"Zwolle" - LouiZiana town.

    {no "Zx" listings yet - and not very likely!}

"Zychiatric Ward" - where they commit people who are off Ztrack.

"ZZyZZyZZyZZy Ztamp ZtudioZ" - this is for REAL - it was the laZt liZting in the
    Manhattan (NYC) phone book for many yearZ (ca. 1940-1960 or so)!
    The laZt private liZting iZ now "ZZZZZIP Zelmo" and the last
    commercial liZting iZ "Z Z Z Z Z Time",
    an interactive adult (read sleaZe) number!

"ZzzQuil" - Nighttime Sleep-Aid (Diphenhydramine HCl) - guaranteed to give you Zz.   new.gif (20 Dec 2020) LETTER KEYZ:

(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) (M)
(N) (O) (P) (Q) (R) (S) (T) (U) (V) (W) (X) (Y) (Z)

BecauZe Zere are now Zo many wordZ beginning with Z (logically enough on this page), I have added SECOND LETTER keyZ:


(ZA) (ZB) (ZC) (ZD) (ZE) (ZF) (ZG) (ZH) (ZI) (ZJ) (ZK) (ZL) (ZM)
(ZN) (ZO) (ZP) (ZQ) (ZR) (ZS) (ZT) (ZU) (ZV) (ZW) (ZX) (ZY) (ZZ)

- - -

México iZ rich in Z townZ:  "Zacapu", "Zacatecas" (alZo a Méxican state), "Zacatlán", "Zacoalco* (de TorreZ)", "Zacualtipán", "Zamora" (ZatZ Amora!), "Zanatepec", "Zapotlanejo", "Zimapán", y "Zitácuaro".  Of course, there are alZo many versionZ of "JuareZ" and loadZ of townZ with one or more Zz in their nameZ, like "MaZatlan", "ManZanillo", or "Vera CruZ" (alZo a state).  This is alZo true of Zo many Latino placeZ, Zuch aZ "MayagueZ" in Puerto Rico.

    * - I KNEW we could get ALCo into thiZ liZt, Zomehow!

Zomebody Ztop me!

Instead of Ztopping me, Lájos wants me to Zelebrate!
This guy keepZ Zupporting my effortZ!
In addition, we have a 1:220 mascot, the Zebra, a holy body of water in the NetherlandZ, the Zuider Zee (near Zeeland), and a related holy book, "The old Man and the Zee"" (by ErneZt Hemingway).  Our Zuperhero iZ, of course, Zorro!  He lightZ hiZ cigarZ with a Zippo, of courZe!

We alZo have an anthem, "MairZy DoatZ and DoZy DoatZ (and Little LambZy Divey")*.

* - Actually, juZt like the U. S., we have two other anthemZ, as well:
    "Oh, Zay Can You Zee?" ("Ze Ztar Zpangled Banner") and
    "My Country, 'TiZ of Zee".  "America, the Beautiful" runZ
    a cloZe fourth with the stanZa, "From Zee to Shining Zee!".

    How about, "Of Ze I Zing, Baby!"?

MZ. Z-scale - Zoe RooZevelt.

We now have TWO Z cartoonZ - the immortal Ziggy by Tom Wilson (and Tom II) and Jerry Scott'z and Jim Borgman'z incizive Zitz!   rev (20 Dec 2020)

Z-autoZ - lezt we overlook zem, here are ze old "Z" carz lizted in American Automobilez   added (17 Oct 2017):

  Zent - Zent Automobile Mfg. Co. Bellefontaine, OH - 1904-1906
  Zent - Bellefontaine Automobile Co. Bellefontaine, OH - 1907
  Zentmobile - The Single Center Buggy Co. Evansville, IN - 1900-1903
  Ziebel - A. C. Ziebel Cyclecars Oshkosh, WI - 1914-1915
  Zimmerman - Zimmerman Mfg. Co. Auburn, IN - 1908-1914
  Zip - Zip Cyclecar Co. Davenport, IA - 1913-1914


The International Lyrics Playground - Song Lyrics From Around The World - lists lyrics for 76 song titles beginning with "Z"!  Many are foreign. especially Dutch, but some are familiar old favorites (and some probably should be): ), such as:

ZING! WENT THE STRINGZ OF MY HEART   addedalign=top (20 Dec 2020)
ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH (1946, DiZney'Z wildly raciZt Song of the South film.   addedalign=top (20 Dec 2020)
ZOOM (Len Barr /Bobby Eli)   addedalign=top (20 Dec 2020)
ZOOM (Carmichael/LaPread/Richie/Tolbert)   addedalign=top (20 Dec 2020)
ZORRO (theme Zong for DiZney TV serieZ).   addedalign=top (20 Dec 2020)
ZULU WARRIOR, THE (Joseph Marais/Marais & Miranda - 1949)   addedalign=top (20 Dec 2020)
ZUM ZUM ZUM   addedalign=top (20 Dec 2020)

and don't forget WWII's "Johnny Got a Zero Today"!

- If this sort of nonsense doesn't float your boat,
you can skip directly to Page 2.

Some of you thought I write theZe Web pageZ directly in HTML Code; wrong - it'Z in Zip Code!

What do you do with a 220-pound gorilla?  Convert it to Z and lose it in a shag carpet!

Zee you later, alligator!
    Related to "In a while, Crocodile".

Z-Z-Zat'Z all, F-f-f-folkZ!
["Day iZ Done!  Gone the Zun!" (a.k.a. "TapZ")]

For the story of the Berlinerwerke-Z (my layout), see the Berlinerwerke-Z Saga page, et. seq.

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such, visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.

For more and better illustrations of the tall tales and such, keep in touch; I have my digital camera (11 Jan 99 - a belated Xmas present - an SLR, no less!), the requisite software loaded, and scads of server storage space.  Now, all I have to do is take more pictures.

See also the preceding page, succeeding page, and the Z-scale articles page.

For Ztrack Magazine, see its new separate page.

For 1:440 and even 1:900, see 1:440 Scale and 1:900 Scale!
    (moved from this page)

If you enjoy this idiocy, you've gotta see the Pseudodictionary!

Best regardZ,  S.B.,III

Someone else signs off, "Be Z'ing you!"

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