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S. Berliner, III
Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"


also see "Keywords (Applications) Index" on Ultrasonics Page 3

[consultation is on a fee basis]

Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Popularizer of Science and Technology  

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# - 09 Jan 2011 - This is great fun!  I never Googled my own initials (SBIII or sbiii) before; Googling sbiii yields the LumiQuest® SoftBox III, a photographic light diffuser capable of on-camera flash use, as well as an SB III starter (whatever that might be) for the NY Jets football team (AHA! - Super Bowl III!), Antimony III (Sb III) and the Radar Hawk SBIII Silver Bullet Cordless/Wireless Radar Detector, among others!

For 1999, Ricky Craven signed to drive for Scott Barbour's SBIII Motorsports, a brand new team in NASCAR (no, it's NOT my team and it only lasted one season!).  How about Super Brawl III (on 21 Feb 1993 in Asheville, NC, for the U. S. World Championship Wrestling heavyweight title?

SB-III is also a series of Thermo King trailer refrigeration units.

This one's the best, though - SBIII SERVICES - home services, maintenance, repairs, and remodeling in Xenia, Ohio; heck, I do all that right here in Medford, Massachusetts!   added (22 Aug 2016)

In addition, Sb(III) is the third oxidation state of Antimony (Stibium).   added (20 Dec 2017)


Stan Mott 's CYCLOPS
and non-Cyclopean cartoons.   rev (15 Feb 2015)

William Dean Wright's FULL THROTTLE Z-Scale (1:220)
    American Prototype Model Ralroad Equipment {no longer kept current}

Wayne Koch's NYC/NH/PC/CR/MNCR RR Photos {no longer kept current}

Wayne Koch, a Metro North employee,
has a collection of photos of the NYC, NH, CR, and MN railroads
which he would like to share with railfans

Dave Keller's RR PHOTO ARCHIVES {inactive}


    Archived photographs of trains from Latin (South and Central) America (not current):

el Salvador

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berliner-ultrasonics - S. Berliner, III's Ultrasonics Page
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S. Berliner, III's Pages from AT&T WorldNet Site (begun 30 May 1996)
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    Index of SBIII's Personal Pages from AT&T WorldNet Site: (now on Home Page 2).


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S. Berliner, III's Other Domains:

    S. Berliner, III's Professional Pages

            S. Berliner, III's Ultrasonics (and Fluid Filtration) Pages (from AT&T WorldNet Site begun 30 May 1996).
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    S. Berliner, III's Theology Pages

            S. Berliner, III's Monismus Pages
                Monismus (http://monismus.com/index.html, et seq.) - the theology/philosophy.
                The Monist Church (http://monismus.com/home.html, et seq.).


Let me toot my own horn here; as of 19 Nov 2019, I still have rather good, near-total recall and a prodigious and photographic memory.  Much of the historical matter presented on these pages is unattributed and based on that memory.  Yes, on occasion, I goof and misremember but, by and large, I'm pretty good at recalling the past.  So, please feel free to correct me when I'm wrong but please don't ask for provenance when I haven't already given it.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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