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Other Notable Berliners

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Berliner Families (following)
Long Island Berliners
Author's Lineage
Berliner Bär (Bear)
Berliner Miscellany


    Additional Berliners of Note - "A" through "M"

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Emile Berliner, inventor of the carbon microphone, disc gramophone, and helicopter! (following)
Nipper, "His Master's Voice", and a surprise!
Henry Adler Berliner - aviation, helicopter, autogyro, Berliner-Joyce, Ercoupe/Aircoupe, etc.
Emile's Biography and annotations in my copy
Milk and Sanitation

Other German Berliners

Additional Berliners of Note

(Fascinating, the number of times "RESEARCH" appears in this listing!)

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Alain Berliner, réalisateur belge (Belgian film producer).

Alan Berliner, documentary filmmaker (son of Oscar, who said "You have one bad habit, you think if something's important to you, it has to be important to everyone else.").

Berliner {photo} Studio, Hollywood images, founder Alan Berliner (20 years) and son Alex Berliner (10 years), Hollywood images.

Allen I. Berliner, MD, dermatologist at the Norwood Hospital, Norwood, MA (he was #1,000 on my 08 Apr 98 search!).

Ann E. Berliner, B.A., Prof., Dept of Philosophy, CalStU-Fresno.

Aubrey Aaron Berliner, grandfather of a California Berliner correspondent - listed purely for the euphony of the name!


Baruch Berliner, author of "Limits of Insurability of Risks" (Switzerland, 1982).

Beth Berliner (with Robert Linquanti), "Rebuilding Schools as Safe Havens: A Typology for Selecting and Integrating Violence Prevention Strategies", apparently a publication of the Western Regional Center for Drug-Free Schools and Communities and Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development, August, 1994 (in the resources list of "Safe Schools - A Model Plan, Part 4 - School Community Partnership" from Regional School and Community Services of NERIC (Northeastern Regional Information Center, NY State BOCES, etc.).
  NOTE: Neither this Berliner nor another nicknamed "Beth" are responsible for a computer virus
  erroneously attributed to one of them through a "Post Office" series of e-mail forwardings.

Berliner Classic Motorcars, Inc., classic and antique cars and all sorts of memorabilia (now, here's a site after my own heart! - although their idea of "classic" runs heavily to Vettes and T-Birds), in Dania, Florida, (just a few miles south of Ft. Lauderdale)- W. Berliner.

Berliner & Co., an accountancy corporation on Ventura Boulvard in Woodland Hills, California (no personal name found).

Bob Berliner3, formerly of Long Island (q.v.), now of Colorado; entrepreneur, author, etc.

Brian Berliner, apparently a computer programmer, copyrights to "Concurrent Versions System, essentially a front end to GNU RCS, adds functionality to handle entire directories, multiple developers, and networked repositories" with Jeff Polk; the program was "debianized" (wha?  whadesay?).

Berliner Service Center - an apparently all-purpose store that handles electronics, video rentals, Chinese food, dry cleaning, wrapping, and UPS, in Lake Luzerne, New York (in the eastern foothills of the Adirondacks, 10 miles SW of Lake George).


Carol Berliner, Directeur f.f. de la Cellule Recherche du Rectorat, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Carol Berliner Ingher, breeder of pedigreed, award-winning Golden Retrievers in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Charles Berliner, a practicing theatre artist performing at UCSD.


Dana Berliner, a staff attorney at the Institute for Justice in Washington, D.C.
(see also father Michael S and mother Judith A. - quite a family!)

David L. Berliner, M.D., described as a venture capitalist, founded a company, Pherin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., of Mountain View, California, which is doing interesting (if controversial) research into human pheromones (Dr. Berliner passed away on 28 Nov 02).

Dr. David C(harles). Berliner, educational psychologist, Dean of the College of Education, Arizona State University-Tempe, prolific author.

David C(raig). Berliner, Vice President, Communications & Media Relations, National Headquarters of the March of Dimes.

Diane T. Berliner, author of 31 case studies on trade protection in the United States.

Don Berliner1 - computer consultant, also wrote books mostly in the computer and business realm (occasionally gets mail for the "UFO guy").

Don Berliner2, co-author of "Crash at Corona" with Stanton Friedman, and probably the developer of the Berliner Strangeness and Creditability Scales (for evaluating UFO reports, no less!).  Appears to be a "veteran UFO Investigator".


Elisabeth A. Berliner, formerly engineer at Tellme [1-800-555-TELL (-8355)], the free service you call to reach the people, businesses, and information you need every day.   rev.gif (21 Dec 06)

Erik "Pratt" Berliner (see also brother Jeff1), with band Anthem, a progressive rock band, based in Brooklyn, NY.

Ernie Berliner, President of the MARS Associates Bridge Club in Littleton, Colorado (Lockheed Martin Astronautics Retirees).

Dr. Ernst Berliner, discovered Bacillus Thuringiensis ca. 1911 {more on the good Dr. B.}.

Esther Berliner - supposedly Emile B.'s mother, for whom he named a 1911 fellowship for women - notable except for one detail, Emile's mother was Sarah (or Sally) Friedman and he endowed a 1909 similar fellowship in her honor!  [I'm looking into this puzzle.]

Eve Berliner (Brooklyn, NY), sister of Jay (q.v.), editor and publisher of Eve's Magazine, online magazine of writing, music and the arts.  Editor of Silurian News, publication of distinguished veteran journalists.


- - - - - -

Aha!  I thought I knew a Francesca K(empinski). Berliner and would no longer have to cheat a little here by merely noting that my paternal grandmother's middle name was Fredericka; however, it would now appear that such a "lady" is a figment of her own perfervid (and fevered) e-magination.  If a person claiming to be her harasses or threatens you, you'd better contact your District Attorney and please let me know the details of the contact.

- - - - - -

{No other, reputable, Berliners for "F", like Francis or Frances?}


Geoffrey Berliner, collects fine writing pens, founded Berliner Pen, fine collectibles, repairing older pens, providing museum-quality restoration services.

{No other "G"s?  No Ginny or George?  George?   Aha!}

My great-uncle, George Berliner, brother of my grandfather, was Fiscal Agent for the Cape of Good Hope, in Capetown, South Africa, died in Newlands, SA, ca. 1921, and was shipped back here to NY (for burial, in brutally hot weather) curled up fetal fashion in a tin garbage can filled with alcohol and with the lid securely soldered on; upon his arrival, no one would risk opening the can, so Uncle George reposes upright in the family plot!  So, the poor guy went to his grave pickled!  See also his brother, my Great-Uncle Rudolph Berliner.


Hans Berliner, World Postal Chess Champion.

Hans J. Berliner, programmer{?}, Generating Hamiltonian Circuits without Backtracking from Errors"; Database Systems & Logic Programming.

Harold Berliner, Printer/Typefounder.

Henry A. Berliner, Jr., to head S&L Advisory Board (news item of 11 Mar 90 - same person as following listing).

Henry Berliner, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Commission (sure sounds like an Emile relative!).

{Emile's grandson Henry A(dler). Berliner, Jr.?}   Ayuh!  HAB,Jr. confirmed this on 22 Jun 03.
    HAB,Jr. is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Resolution Trust Corp. Region One.

Herman Berliner3, provost of Hofstra College (a neighbor, but no relation).

Howard Berliner3, brother of Bob, Long Islander, runs Sales Prophet Systems - a consultancy to automobile dealerships.

Howard Berliner, Chair & Associate Professor, Health Services Management & Policy Program, Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy, New School University.


{none, to date - what, no Ichabod or Irving or Isaac Berliner of note?
  I DID have a many-times-great grandfather of that last name in Berlin ca. 1750}


Janet Berliner, quite an author, anthologist, and entrepreneure!

Jay Berliner (Manhattan and Long Island - see also Long Island Jay2, on the preceding page), classical guitarist and mandolin player; seven time winner of The National Academy of Arts and Sciences {NARAS] Most Valuable Player Award for Acoustic Guitar, also recipient of MVP Virtuoso Award [NARAS, 1986].

Sister, Eve (q.v.), calls him "brilliant" (sororly prejudice?).
Jay has (at least as of 12 Apr 01) a new (or other) Website, Moonfevers.

Musically, Jeff "Dirk" Berliner's1 main interest is music, both as a listener and a player, and he is co-founder (see also brother Erik, above) and bassist of Anthem, his progressive rock band, based in Brooklyn, NY.  Professonally, Jeff, who got his Bachelors degree in Computer Science from SUNY Albany and was a network analyst for the Educational Computing Department of the New York University Medical Center is now (30 Dec 99) the Systems Administrator for Educational Computing and the webmaster for Academic Computing (heading the Systems and Security Group) at NYU.

Jeff Berliner2, executive producer of "Gavel to Gavel", a legislative report on radio station KTOO, Juneau, Alaska.  Probably also the co-author, with George Guthridge, Associate Professor of English & General Studies at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks, of three mainstream/dark fantasy novels from White Wolf Books.

Jeff Berliner2, someone of note at Bolt, Beranek & Newman - damned if I can figure out what he does; you try!  He also lists a Jon and Liz B.

Jens Berliner (of Berlin, no less!) - added only because the given name is (I think) unusual for a Berliner (not so for a Viking!).

Smoke Truck', by Jonathan Berliner, age 7, U.K.; his truck needs new rings! (see Roy and Sandra)

Joe Berliner, brother of Mike (q.v., and Rose), of motorcycle fame.   new.gif (28 Feb 08)

Jonathan Berliner ran off 161 places of pi!  Put THAT in your PIpe and smoke it!

John Berliner, once vocalist/bassist for the Sea Beasts, a "bizarre" Columbia University party band, the last gig of which was in 1986, and who recorded privately".

[It turns out that John is the son of Henry A. Berliner, Jr., and thus Emile's great-grandson!  He now runs the computer network, and teaches, for a private school in San Francisco, and still plays rock and alternative music.]   rev.gif (06 Jun 06)

Joseph S.Berliner, author of The Innovation Decision in Soviet Industry (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1976).

Judith A. Berliner, on the faculty of UCLA's Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (new URL)

(see also husband Michael S. and daughter Dana - quite a family!).

Julius F. T. Berliner of Chicago, IL, issued U.S. Patent No. 4,060,496 dated November 29, 1977, for a stainless steel cleaning solution (assigned to Burnishine Products Inc. of Skokie, IL).


Karen I. Berliner, Ph.D., Associate for Clinical Research, Department of Clinical Studies, House Ear Institute.  HEI promotes research on all aspects of hearing and balance disorders - PLEASE SUPPORT THE HEI PROGRAM!.  Sister of Steve.


Larry Berliner, computer consultant.

Prof. Lawrence J. Berliner, reseacher in Biological Chemistry, Protein Structure, and Free Radicals.

Formerly at Ohio State; now (at least as of 12 Apr 01) Chair of the
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Denver.

There is a Lou Berliner Park (no, not a Korean!) in Columbus, Ohio; Lou's daughter checked in on 10 Apr 2004 and advised that her father was Louis Berliner, a sports writer for the Columbus Dispatch for 44 years, very well known and respected in the central Ohio area.  The park was named after him a year after his death in 1985 and happens to be the largest amateur softball park in the country, having 26 fields.


Mark Berliner (leader), National Center for Atmospheric Research, Climate and Global Dynamic Division, Geophysical Statistics Project.
    {I can no longer find first Mark on NCAR site - same person?}

Mark Berliner, Professor; Ph.D., Purdue, 1980.  Main research involves Bayesian and robust Bayesian theory{put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!}.

Mayer (Mike) Berliner, Berliner Plastics, Inc., Lake Luzerne, New York (near Lake George), a biomedical plastics manufacturer.

Michael S. Berliner, Ph.D., retired Executive Director of The Ayn Rand Institute,

now Senior Advisor to the Ayn Rand Archives.
    {Who is John Galt?}
(see also wife Judith A., and daughter Dana - quite a family!)

Martin H. Berliner - (as of 28 Jul 2003) Town Manager of the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut.   new (04 Nov 2017)

One very interesting lead is another Mike Berliner, of New Jersey, who was a big motorcycle distributor; I wanted to contact him further to see if he was one of the "Berliner brothers" who bought into Ducati in the '50s and gave it up ca. January 1968.   rev.gif (28 Feb 08)

  (13 Dec 00 - Bob B., a biker, chimed in that Berliner Motor Imports in NJ was for
    many years the US distributor for Ducati and Moto Guzzi and that Sal DeFeo
    of Ghost Motorcycle (which gave up the Ghost a few years back) in Port
    Washington was one of their biggest customers and knew the family well.)

    {I'll have to check this out - - - one of these days!}

AHA!  It would appear (2008) that the Berliner brothers are now gone (there was a sister, Rose), and that they, Joe and Mike, operated as Berliner Motor Corp..  The firm, at least at one time, was located at Railroad Street and Plant Road in Hasbrouk Heights, New Jersey, and was also a dealer for AMC (Associated Motorcycles - AJS, Matchlesss, and Norton) and Zundapp bikes.  They seem to have dictated to Ducati what they wanted to have and they re-badged some others.  Here's a Berliner/Norton shipped by the Matchless Motorcycle factory in England in October 1966 to "Joe Berliner Motorcycles of New York", which somehow ended up in New Zealand (28 Feb 2008):

(26 Feb 5008 photo by F. Metcalfe - all rights reserved)

Originally thought to be a Matchless, it now turns out to be a 1966 Norton N15 CS "Street Scrambler", Engine and Frame No: NI5 CS 119250.  Can anyone out there help trace this machine from New Jersey to New Zealand?

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1.  Unfortunately, Jeff and Erik, of Anthem, have left their sites on restricted SUNY Albany sites and I can no longer access them!  Jeff is now a Network Analyst in Educational Computing at the New York University School of Medicine.  Both are still listed under Anthem.

2.  Different Jeffs.

3.  Great Neck, Long Island Berliner (see top of Berliner page, about Long Island Berliners).

APOLOGY - I added a number of other Berliners 17 Jan 1998 and e-mailed some of them about links and then lost the listings; I will be happy to restore links to anyone who e-mails me back; otherwise, I'll recreate them as I have time.

There was a Berliner who was a mathematician in Development and Proof Services back in the early '50s at Aberdeen Proving Ground when I worked there; wonder what happened to him?

You might wish to visit my other Berliner pages noted on the INDEX, above.



  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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