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Continuation Page 3

(additional text and bibliography)

I-R 60-ton Demo

A new type of locomotive!
Ingersoll-Rand 1925 Demonstrator #9681
(later CNJ #1000)
(ALCo builders photo S-1484 - source uncertain;
possibly from 1980s AAR flyer)




Oil-Electric ("Diesel") Locomotives

(American Locomotive Company - General Electric - Ingersoll-Rand)

INDEX to Boxcabs Pages:

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Boxcab Help - A service for boxcab afficionados,
posting reasonable questions (at my sole discretion).

There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.

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  The Boxcabs Index Page.


More ALCo-GE-IR Boxcab Information (moved to Boxcabs Continuation Page 6 on 18 Dec 00).
Red River Lumber Co. #502 (moved to Boxcabs Continuation Page 6 on 18 Dec 00).

BOXCAB BIBLIOGRAPHY (older material through 1990), follows.

[First of all, I want to credit Bill Russell, Penny Bridge; we seem to be linking back and forth but he has the most compendious site about NY-area railroading, where most boxcabs lurked, with tons of information.

Second, take a look at Mark Laundry's Yard Limit Diesel Switcher Spotter's and Reference Guide, a site about early diesel switchers, especially a 1994 paper by Benn Coifman on "The Evolution of the Diesel Locomotive in the United States", with an excellent history of the ALCo-GE-IR consortium, and including a section on GE's contributions (on both of which I have drawn), as well as McKeen, Westinghouse/Baldwin, Hamilton/EMC/EMD, and Pullman's efforts.]

Since Sep 00, there has been an extremely detailed and accurate site focusing exclusively on the earliest history of the ALCo-GE-IR (AGEIR) locos, the late John F. Campbell's " ALCO / General Electric / Ingersoll-Rand (AGEIR) Diesel-Electric Locomotives" site; I heartily recommend it to you!  John Campbell added a complete roster of all the ALCo-GE-IR boxcab locos built in the first production run, totalling 33 units, from 1925 to 1930, but not the later Bi- and Tri-Power or GE-IR units.   rev.gif (11/17 Mar 054)

In order to make room for an expanding Boxcabs Bibliography, the older material (to 1989) was left on this page 3, Older bibliographic material (through 1989).

and the newer material, 1990 - up, was moved to a new page,

Current bibliographic material (1990 - up).

and the following information was moved to Boxcabs Continuation Page 6 on 18 Dec 00:

More ALCo-GE-IR Boxcab Information - A Continuation of the Text of the Boxcabs "HOME" Page

moved to Boxcabs Continuation Page 6 on 18 Dec 00).

Chicago & Northwestern boxcabs info. moved to Boxcabs Continuation Page 6 on 18 Dec 00).

Red River Lumber #502 info. moved to Boxcabs Continuation Page 6 on 18 Dec 00).



Please help me build a bibliography of articles and reference material on boxcabs.

There are many available, especially about CNJ #1000.

I have several articles in old magazines which are squirreled away somewhere in my workshop where I was working on an HO brass model of 100-ton LIRR #401, built by chopping up two perfectly good IHC #1000 models; I can't locate them (the articles, that is) but Russell Schoof came to the rescue 11 Dec 00 with both more on Hamley's 1970 TRAINS article and one I'd inexplicably missed, an article by Tom Busack in the September 1981 issue of Model Railroader on building a model of LI #401 from two MDC kits.

These are the only references I have available at the moment.

Some are courtesy of Bill Russell's Penny Bridge site - those with [bracketed references], but without references to NYC Tri-Power locos}.

Other references are from Issue 78 of EXTRA 2200 SOUTH, Page 78, Don Dover) and from Benn Coifman's paper [BC].

Rather than give reviews, I have noted highlights, especially photographs, and linked my own pages where applicable.

[in chronological order]:

"A diesel switcher for freight-yard economy", Railroad Model Craftsman, April 1938, Page 18.

"New B & 0 Diesel-Electric Switchers", Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1940, Page 6.

"Does your RR yard need a practical switcher?", Lewis Austin, Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1942, Page 4

"Building a Diesel-Electric Switcher", Part 2, Lewis Austin, Railroad Model Craftsman, June 1942, Page 12 (like CNJ 1000).

[BC] "On Time, the History of Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corporation", F. M. Reck; 1948, Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corporation.

"C.R.R. of N.J. - First Diesel", Parts 1 and 2, Railroad Model Craftsman, May 1950, Page 12, and June 1950, Page 28.

"Bronx Freight Terminal", article by Warren Crater, with A. Q. Vogel photos of CNJ #1000 at work, Railroad Model Craftsman, Feb 1950, pp. 8-10.   new.gif (27 Aug 04)

"Report card on the nation's second oldest diesel - Six Cylinders still going strong" (B&O #1/#195), TRAINS, Nov 1956, p. 26-28 [history, plans (with incorrect longitudinally-symmetrical stacks), and photos, including good side views of both #195 and CNJ #1000].

"Commuter Railroads", Patrick C. Dorin, Bonanza Books (Crown/Superior), New York, 1957 -
    Page 32: NYC S-motor #110.
    Page 35: NYC #224 (ex-CUT) and NYC #271.
    Page 38: NH #0302.
    Page 85: PRR Doodlebug #4662.
    Page 136: RI #750 E6B Boxcab!
    Page 170 (top): CN boxcab pulling long passenger train into Mount Royal station.

Trains, June 1959, pp. 21-22 - rebuilding of Dan Patch loco.

"Track Planning For Realistic Operation", John Armstrong, Kalmbach Books, Milwaukee, First Edition, 1963 (ISBN 0-89024-504-5) - page 62; 2nd Edition, 1979* - Page 60; 3rd Edition, Aug 1998 (ISBN: 0890242275) - page 98 - Erie I-R box cab #19 or 20 at the Harlem Station, Bronx carfloat with cars on tightly-curved track.

[* - There is also a 1986 revision.]

"Steel Rails to the Sunrise - The Long Island Railroad", Ron Ziel and George H. Foster, Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York, 1965, LoC 65-17166; a major history, profusely illustrated (b&w) and heavily captioned (newer edition available).
    {details to follow}

[I regret to announce that George Foster passed away ca. 14 Jan 2002.]

"The Locomotives That Baldwin Built", Fred Westing, 1966, Bonanza Books/Crown Publishers/Superior Publishing Company, LoC 66-25422:
    Page 155 - an incredibly tiny 3' gauge boxcab electric motor for the Whitehall Railway Co.
    Page 159 - an 1895 electric boxcab later sold to the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley
        (Laurel Line).

"Diesel Spotter's Guide", Jerry A. Pinkepank, Kalmbach Publishing Co., Milwaukee, 1967, LoC 66-22984 (see also 1979 Update, below).
[see also 1995 book by Marre, below.]
    Page EMD-66 - B&O #50 (1935 original configuration).
    Page EMD-67 - B&O #50 (1937 Alton shovelnose configuration).
    Page EMD-68 - ATSF #1 and #1A.
    Page EMD-69 - ATSF #10 (ex-#1).
    Page EMD-70 - ATSF #2611 (ex-#1A).
    Page GE-3 - I-R 1924 round-nose demonstrator in NYC.
    Page GE-4 - IC #9004 600-hp 100-ton unit.
    Page GE-5 - NYC #1528 triple-power unit..
    Page GE-6 - Erie #25 one-off single-engined 800-hp unit.
    Page GE-15 - IC #9200 dual-engined 1,800-hp unit.
    Page GE-21 - 1918 Jay Street 200-hp center-cab unit.
    Page ALCO-3 - Reading #50 and #51 300-hp 60-ton units.
    Page ALCO-4 - LIRR #401 600-hp 100-ton unit.
    Page ALCO-5 - LIRR second #402 and Erie #21 600-hp 100-ton units.
    Page ALCO-6 - 1929 NYC #1500 900-hp unit.
    Page ALCO-7 - 1929 NYC #1525 300-hp prototype triple-power unit.
    Page ALCO-8 - 1929 NYC #1550 750-hp unit, first succesful U.S. road diesel.
    Page ALCO-6 - 1931 Jay Street #300 300-hp 60-ton unit.
    Page BLW-3 - 1925 Baldwin #58501 1,000-hp demonstrator.
    Page BLW-4 - 1929 Baldwin #61000 1,000-hp demonstrator.
    Page BLW-5 - 1927 Baldwin Two-Unit boxcabs (later LIRR 403A & B).
    Page BLW-6 - 1929 Westinghouse 300-hp demonstrator.
    Page BLW-28 - 1929 Westinghouse-Canadian Locomotive Company CNR two-unit
      #9000 2x1,330-hp.
    Page BLW-29 - 1929 Westinghouse-Canadian Locomotive Company CNR single-unit
      #9000 1,330-hp
        (the one that was later armored!).
    Page MISC-1 - 1926 Altoona Works PRR #3907.
    Page MISC-2 - 1927 Brill GTW #73 700-hp (later 2x500-hp) unit (ex-LIRR first #402).
    Page MISC-3 - 1932 CNR-built CNR #7750 (with I-R engine).
    Page MISC-7 - 1939 Whitcomb Tex-Mex #502 71-ton.
    Page MISC-10 - Tex-Mex-built 1,600-hp Tex-Mex #700.

{1} - Trains, December 1969 - Page 28 et seq., article by David Hamley - "Those People Made A Good Locomotive".

"Ingersoll-Rand, Catalyst for Dieselization", Trains, December 1970, Kalmbach Publishing Company.

{2} - [M-15] Trains, December 1970 - Pages 24-45, 20-page article by David H. Hamley, "Ingersoll-Rand: Catalyst of Dieselization", including a full roster and illustrations of most of the body styles that were produced; Page 40 - Bush Terminal Ingersoll-Rand #5 in Brooklyn; Page 44 - B&O #1 at the Manhattan freight yard.
    (thanks to Kathy Krebs {1 & 2} and Russell Schoof {2} for update info. - mid-Dec 00)

[M-41] Model Railroader, March 1972 - Page 37 - shot of CNJ #1000, an I-R boxcab working with an idler flat in the Bronx Park Terminal.

[M-26] NMRA Bulletin, July 1972 - Page 20 - Photo of a just-manufactured Bush Terminal #1.  No electrical equipment is visible on this brand new motor.

Trains, December 1973, pp. 40-49 - Minnesota Train Museum (Dan Patch boxcab).

[BC] "The Locomotive Industry and General Motors"; 1973, General Motors Corporation.

"TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA", Issue No. 15, Newton K. Gregg, publisher, January 1974 -
    "Heavy Traction 1922-1941", with photos and full drawings of the PRR DD1,
    photos and sectional and elevation plans of PRR FF1 "Big Liz", many other
    boxcab electrics, and much more!

"TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA", Issue No. 20, Newton K. Gregg, publisher, June 1974 -
    "Diesel Electric Locomotives 1925-1938", with sectional and elevation plans
    of LIRR #401, and photos inside and out, and much more!

"TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA", Issue No. 43, Newton K. Gregg, publisher, March 1976 -
   "Diesel & Oil Electrics from Westinghouse (1930) and Ingersoll-Rand (1936)
    64 Full Size Pages Reprinted from the Original Catalogs" {!!!}
    Front Cover - left front photo of CNJ #1000.


      "Oil Electric Locomotives and Rail Cars, Special Publication 1880, June 1930,
        Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh, Pa." (24 pp.)

      "Diesel Electric Locomotives in the United States, As Originated and Developed by
, 11 Broadway, New York {undated, but newest loco put in
        service as of Feb. 1936 with no service time as of publication, thus issued
        Feb. 1936} (40 pp.).

    Back Cover - left front photo of The American Rolling Mill Co. - Columbia Division - #B70.

See the Baldwin-Westinghouse page
for the B-W catalog and photos.

See the Ingersoll-Rand page
for the I-R catalog and photos.

(Has anyone ever found a GE boxcab catalog?)

"Diesel Spotter's Guide Update", Jerry A. Pinkepank and Louis A. Marre, Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1979, LoC 79-89797, ISBN 0-89024-029-9 (see also original 1967 version, above).
[see also 1995 book by Marre, below.]
    Page 25ff - 1972 EMD 5,100-hp BM&LP boxcab electric, and more modern units.
    Page 98 - 1914-16 GE boxcab electric #6712 for Montréal Mount Royal Tunnel.     Page 99 - 1924-26 English Electric boxcab electric #6723 for Montréal Mount Royal Tunnel.

[BC] "Interurbans Without Wires", Edmund Keilty; 1979, Interurbans, Glendale, CA. pp 33-40, 48-55, 109-114, 136-137

"Red River: Paul Bunyan's Own Lumber Company and Its Railroads", Robert M. Hanft, Center for Business and Economic Research, California State University, Chico, 1980, LoC: TF24.C3H36, ISBN: 0960289453:     Pages 136-138, 286, etc., Red River Lumber Co. #502, the second 100-tonner     and a home-built sister engine.

"Long Island Rail Road Memories", Richard J. Harrison, Quadrant Press, New York, 1981, ISBN -0-915276-36-4:
    Page 37 - LIRR #401 Stink Pot
        (intermediate-age radiators and extended stacks).
    Page 38 - LIRR #403A or B Mike or Ike (also on Page 41,
        between LIRR 2-8-0 #309 and PRR S1 removing latter from
        World's Fair site in 1940.

"The Putnam Division - New York Centrals's Bygone Route through Westchester County", Daniel R. Gallo and Frederick A. Kramer, Quadrant Press, New York, 1981
    Page 27 - NYC Oct 1928 ALCo triple-power #1510 (renumbered from #1550 in
    1929 and then to #510 in 1936 and to #500 in 1941 and then rebuilt as hump
    trailer #469 in 1946 and scrapped in 1953) working the Put (undated photo);
    Marre (1995) claims it was the world's first successful road diesel.

"Build a 100-ton boxcab switcher ", Tom Busack, MR, September 1981, Page 59, modeling LI #401 from two MDC kits.
    (thanks to Russell Schoof 11 Dec 00 for this info.  How'd I ever miss this one?)

"Early Diesel-Electric and Electric Locomotives", Rail Heritage Publications, Omaha (no author noted), Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, 1983.
    Page 4 - CNJ #1000.
    Page 35 - EMD B&O #50 (1935 configuration).
    Page 59 - Westinghouse LIRR #403A and 403B.
    Pp. 89-104 - giant electric locomotives, including GN W-2.

"Extra 2200 South", Issue 78, January-February-March 1983, pp. 20-28 {at least}
    Page 28 - right front view of DL&W 60-ton #3001.
      - right front view of DL&W 100-ton #3501 (triple-power).

[BC] "Dawn of the Diesel Age", John F. Kirkland; 1983, Interurban Press, Glendale, CA. pp 17-18, 66-77, 82-98, 108-143, 164-171.

"Diesels of the Sunrise Trail - A color compendium of Long Island Rail Road Diesels, Electric Locomotives and Self-Propelled Railcars.", John J. Scala, The Weekend Chief Publishing Co., Mineola, NY, 1984, ISBN-0-9612814-0-5, LoC 83-91415:
    Page 12 - Wayfarer Roster of Diesels on LIRR.
    Page 22 - LIRR #401 (intermediate-age radiators and extended stacks,
            (and with second #402 behind it)
        and first #402 (Brill).
    Page 23 - LIRR #403A and #403B Mike and Ike.
    Page 24 - LIRR second #402 (ALCo).
    Page 71 - Diesel Locomotive Roster (with the old 400's).
    Page 132ff. - Post-Graduates {survivors} Roster.
    Page 141 - Standard Slag Co. #BWL 60186 (LIRR #403).
    Page 211 - LIRR #401 (intermediate-age radiators and extended stacks) and
        LIRR #403 at Brooklyn's North 4th Street Yard.

[BC] "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of North American Locomotives"; B. Hollingsworth; 1984 Salamander Books Ltd.; London, England. pp 106-107, 128-129

"The Pennsy Era on Long Island", Ron Ziel, Sunrise Special Ltd., Bridgehampton, 1984, LoC RM222.2H63, ISBN 0-312-39564-7; photo collection (many in color).
    {details to follow}

RAIL & WIRE, Issue 114, March 1985, Illinois Railway Museum, Union,. Illinois,
    with photos of the shipment of their 60-tonner, DL&W #3001/I-R #90.

"Electric Heritage of the Long Island Rail Road - 1905-1975", Ron Ziel, with John Krause, Carstens Publications, Newton, 1986, ISBN 911868-50-X; photo collection (b&w), heavily captioned (with Errata Sheet).
    {details to follow} "A Silver Streak", M. Coel; American Heritage of Invention & Technology, Fall 1986.

ModelTec Magazine, August 1987, page 9 (etc.) - article on bulding a large-scale boxcab model, with a line drawing and a photo of C&NW #1200 at Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1955, plus a photo of Foley Bros. #110-1, the sole surviving 100-tonner, at Billings, Montana, on 27 Sep 73, and one of IC #9005 at Chicago's Markham Yard in July 1940.

"Brooklyn's Waterfront Railways - A Pictorial Journey", Jay Bendersky, 1988, Meatball Productoons, East Meadow, NY, LoC 88-60327, ISBN # 0-9620237-0-1:
    Page 6 - SBR 1907 electric box motor #4.
    Page 10 - JSCRR 1931 ALCo demo #300 (b&w), and
        JSCRR 1915 GE gasoline-engined center-cum-boxcab #3.
    Page 11 - JSCRR 1931 ALCo demo #300 (in color).
    Page 12 - PRR Class A6 electric boxcab #3905 at No. 4th Street terminal.

"Pennsy Diesel Years", Volume 1, Robert J. Yanosey, Morning Sun Books, Edison, New Jersey, 1988, ISBN # 0-9619058-2-4, LoC 88-92526:
    Page 9 - PRR #3907 (Juniata, 1930), with story of #3905 - 1928, #3906 - 1929, and #3907.


"Diesel Locomotives" by Kalmbach - ??? This appears to be either Marre's 1995 "The First 50 Years" or the 1991 Cyclopedia, Part 2.

"Early Diesel Daze", McCall.

"When the Steam Railroads Electrified", William D. Middleton
    (a new edition is due out Aug 01 from Indiana University).

"The Electric Railways of Minnesota", Russell L. Olson,
    especially pp. 519, 484, 488, and 490 (per Minnesota Train Museum).

HURRAH!  As you can see, I found my wonderful Jerry Pinkepank and Louis Marre "Diesel Spotter's Guides", as well as the Rail Heritage "Early Diesel-Electric and Electric Locomotives"; they had vanished.

Also, some publications with info. about CNJ #1000 might include:

    "Jersey Central Diesels" by someone named Bernet.

    Anthracite Rail Roads Historical Society Magazine "Flags Diamonds & Statues",
        Volume 4, Fall 1981 - This issue is claimed to have an exceptional article on
        CNJ 1000 complete with photographic images.

    "Locomotives In My Life" by Don Wood
        This book is supposed to have photo images of CNJ 1000
        at the Jersey City Terminal.

I had hoped to include here my search results from Jeff Scherb's great "The Model Train Magazine Index (new URL) - An index to Model Railroad magazines from 1933 to the present", formerly sponsored/hosted by Accurail and now by Kalmbach

Accurail produces among the finest HO and N freight car models, Kalmbach is one of the two top RR publishers, and Jeff gives us an unparalled access to old articles on models and prototypes.

A massive, original work by Jeff, it offers outstanding search capability (including searching by NMRA Index categories).  It is, however, copyrighted and I will not violate that; soooooo, you will have to go directly to his Boxcab Search Results (and a second, succeeding page) which, at this writing (11 Dec 00) yielded 43 listings.  Since the basic information is in the public domain, I will be painstakingly backtracking each listing in this and my old NMRA and magazine indices and citing them chronologically in the above bibliography as I get to them.

I strongly recommend Jeff's great site to you.

In order to make room for an expanding Boxcabs Bibliography, the older material (to 1989) was left on this page 3, Older bibliographic material (through 1989).

and the newer material, 1990 - up, was moved to a new page,

Current bibliographic material (1990 - up).

ERRATA - OK, you detail hounds!  Fellow NRHS/LIST Chapter member Bruce Carlson nailed me on the wrong builder's/serial number on LIRR #401 (first), now corrected.  He also claims I wrote "100-ton 60HP" somewhere; I'll send a clean copy of my GE 60-ton drawing to the first person who finds such an error (HORRORS! - and me the Master Nitpicker!).


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.

There are now more than seventy-five (75) BOXCAB pages;
see the full INDEX, now on a separate page.


See Copyright Notice on primary home page.

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