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[See also the HO (1:87.1) Berlinerwerke saga or the Z (1:220) Berlinerwerke-Z saga
    and Berlinerwerke Guest Apocrypha (for taller tales?):
    CSXT AC100CBW and NSC CB100W-10 10,000 horsepower locos!
    Also, see the fabled BW DDP45 and other EMD engines EMD may never have dreamed of!]

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  Eerie Multiplex 2-4-6-8-10-12, "Old 9999".
  PRR Z6s Arctic 4-2-2.

The full BW Apocrypha Index is now presented in full on a separate Berlinerwerke Apocrypha Index page (including the BW Guest Apocrypha Index).

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  BW-BLW-PRR V3 Steam Turbine-Electric.

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  BW-Bayerische Gt2x6/6 Compound Articulated 0-12+12-0T.
  BW-Budd Five-Axle RDC Steamer. (16 Feb 2013)

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  Canadian GE ES44 USCG #8858.
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  Baldwin/BW Beslerpede Streamlined Besler High-Speed Passenger Steamer
    [(4-2-2-2-2+2-2-2-2-4)+(4-2-2-2-2+2-2-2-2-4)]. (20 Aug 2013)

On the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha Continuation Page 26:
  C&O Ersatz Super Allegheny 2-8-8-8. (07 Dec 2013)
  C&O Ersatz Super Allegheny 2-8-8-8 update.   new.gif (18 Mar 2017)
  PRR-BW JJ1 2-10+10-4 Ersatz Twin-Texas. (05 Jan 2014)
  D&H 0-10-10-0 Malllet Articullated Lllocomotive. (16 Dec 2014)
  GE 8,500HP Hybrid Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive. (06 Feb 2015)
  1922/40 Plymouth Diesel. (10 May 2015)
  Articulated PCC Car. (19 Jun 2015)
  NYC Superpower 2-10-4 #3800. (20 Jul 2015)
  BW/EMD Dual-Power ESD90MAC. (28 Dec 2015)
  BW/ALCo VGN "Big 12" 2-12-12-2-12-8. (28/31 Jan 2016)
  BW/ALCo NYC "Champlain" 4-10-6. (31 Jan 2016)

On this Berlinerwerke Apocrypha Page 27 (04 Feb 2016):
  UP 9090 BW/ALCo 4-Cylinder Super Union Pacific 4-12-4 (04 Feb 2016).
  Steam Business Car (24 May 2016).
  SF 5050 4-10-10-6 (25 Oct 2016).
  The Hearseler Geared Loco (16 Dec 2016).
  Deltic II Locomotive (02 Feb 2017)
    and a major rebuild!   new.gif (23 Jun 2019)
  17 Miles Back from Nowhere.   new.gif (09 Mar 2017)
  Hot Air Tank Car.   new.gif (20 Mar 2017)
  BW-PRR UU1 2-D+D-2 Electric Box Motor.   new.gif (10 Jun 2017)
  BW-PRR UU2 2-D+D-2 Electric Motor.   new.gif (~11 Jun 2017)

On the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha Continuation Page 28:
  new.gif (12 Jun 2017)
  BW-PRR DD5 2-B+B-2 Electric Motor.   new.gif (12 Jun 2017)
  BW-ALCo PABC-III.   new.gif (12 Jun 2017)

On the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha Continuation Page 29:
  new (14 Nov 2019)
  The Baldwin-Berlinerwerke Decapede Locomotives.   new (14 Nov 2019)

Because the Apocrypha and Guest Apocrypha indices exceeded the capacity of the individual pages, they are now presented in full on a separate Berlinerwerke Apocrypha Index (including the Guest Apocrypha Index).

(unbelievable RR tales, pix, and hystery)

Before I start, I should note that all this started with a secret project that is still unfinished and the next major development of the Berlinerwerke was their fabled DDP45:


For more about her and her family, see my EMDun them very long, though, page.


UP 9090 BW/ALCo 4-Cylinder Super Union Pacific 4-12-4

The 4-12-2 wheel arrangement was named the Union Pacific type, after the only railroad to use it.  According to Wikipedia, only one type of 4-12-2 was built: the Union Pacific Railroad's 9000-series locomotives, 88 of which were built by ALCo between 1926 and 1930.  While reasonab;y successful, they were maintenance nightmares, due to their inside third cylinder driving the cranked second driving axle between the frames.  Of primary importance to our tale here. however, was that there was no inside valve gear; ALCo had obtained permission to use Nigel Gresley's conjugated valve gear.  Gresley's system used two hinged levers connected to the outer cylinder's valves to operate the inner cylinder's valve.   new.gif (04 Feb 2016)

[As a matter iof fact, eight of the first fifteen locos had their Gresley gear removed from 1934 to 1940, being converted to a "double Walschaerts" valve gear with a double eccentric (return) crank and second link on the right side (like Baldwin's 3-cylinder experimental compound 4-10-2 #60000, now at the Franklin Insitute in Philadelphia) which moved the valve for the inside cylinder (UP called this the "third link").  Locos built after 1928 had roller bearings on the Gresley lever bearings and were not converted; pre-1928 engines not converted were retrofitted with roller bearing levers in 1940.]

Again per Wikipedia, the third and fourth driving axles were to be "blind" (flangeless) in order to improve curving, but ALCO's lateral motion devices on the first and sixth axles (giving 2" lateral movement) made this unnecessary.  The first driving axle was cranked to provide clearance for the main rod connected to the second axle.  Railway Age says "The 67-inch drivers permit the use of a straight axle on the front drivers..."; the spacing between the first and second axles was increased by 18 in (46 cm) to provide clearance.

Eight units were for the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation Company but eventually went back to the Union Pacific.  #9000 survives at the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society's outdoor museum at the Los Angeles County Fairplex in Pomona, California, now bereft of its companion UP loco, Big Boy #4014, which has been rescued by the UP to be restored to operating condition (HURRAY!).

The point of this big build up, you might ask; well, it turns out that George Ersatz of the Berlinerwerke had one of his brainstorms after WWII when high-strength steels were released for commercial applications.  It occurred to him that the 9000-series could be given new life by yanking the giant centered low pressure cylinder and substituting two smaller cylinders.  Using a stronger, high-pressure boiler and stretching the firebox, with an ALCo Northern/Challenger/Big Boy-style trailing truck, and making the inner cylinders the high-pressure ones and the outer cylinders the low-pressure ones, a significant increase in power was rather easily attained.  A Centipede tender from the 800-series Northerns was fitted to extend the operating range, converted for oil firing.   new.gif (04 Feb 2016)

George convinced brother Ira that this was the way to go and a proposal was made to UP Engineering that met with favor even though the UP was dieselizing at a great rate.

Iris Ersatz turned up the drawing* in a search of the BW archives:

(04 Feb 2016 drawing by and © 2016 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

[* - but see below!]   new (23 Feb 2018)

UP road number 9090 was assigned (the 9000s had stopped at number 9087) and a test unit fabricated.  While the 9000 was being readied for permanent display at Pomona, 9090 was loaned to the museum for publicity purposes (no one there even remembers this) and a head shot, showing the stacked conjugating gear, in front of the twinned inner cylinders, survives:

(04 Feb 2016 drawing by and © 2016 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[click on thumbnail for a MUCH larger image]

We haven't yet been able to find any further information about this unusual locomotive.  The word is, though, that it was later converted to double Walschaerts gear by hanging one set on the outside right, as had already been done on the earlier 4-12-2 series conversions, and another set on the left.  Hmm?

My special thanks to Guest Apocrypha contributor Daniel McCoy, a.k.a. Dino Dan the Train Man, for unwittingly starting me off on this thread.  Some of his work is on my Guest Appocrypha page 3.   rev (05 Feb 2016)

Dan was experimenting wih a four-cylinder Northern with dual valve gear, with one set outside the other on both sides:   added (05 Feb 2016)

(drawing by and courtesy of D. McCoy - all rights reserved)

Such a dual arrangement is not as photogenic as Gresley's conjugating gear; you have to find a right front view to really see it, so here's a right front view of 60000 and a blow-up of the dual gear:   added (05 Feb 2016)

(H. L. Broadbent photo from the LeClair Rail Collection - all rights reserved)

(enlarged detail from H. L. Broadbent photo from the LeClair Rail Collection - all rights reserved)

Odd-ball, indeed, but it works (worked?)!

Hey, UP; when you finish restoring Big Boy 4014, let's have Ed Dickens and his Steam Team restore 9000!
Can't you just see 844, 3896, 4014, AND 9000 quad-headed? [In the NY vernacular, I should live so long!]

[Actually, you CAN - click HERE and scroll down ¾ of the way!]

  [Somehow the following, which, strictly speaking, SHOULD have been on this page, ended up on the succeeding page, so I put it here as well.]   new (23 Feb 2018)

Because of the high speeds asked of the UP's 9000 4-12-2s, coal starvation became a distinct possibility at top speed, so the UP turned to the Berlinerwerke for suggestions.  George Ersatz instantly thought of a way to improve coal distribution and sat down with his brother, Ira, to work out details.  These included a bigger tender from the Big Boy, a centipede, and heavier stoker coal handling nozzles for better placement and faster firing.  The extra weight of this latter feature necessitated a heavier, two-axle trailing truck, also from the Big Boy.  With diesels rapidly displacing steam, nothing came of all this (so, what's new?) but, fortunately for us, Ira's original tracing survives (03 Jul 2017):

[03 Jul 2017 drawing © 2017, S. Berliner, III, - all rights reserved]

So, THERE's the actual design drawing!  Better late than never, eh?

Steam Business Car -

Märklin came out with a Z-scale model (1:220), 88145, of the DB's Class Kittel CidT 8 Steam-Powered Rail Car and it reminded me of the variant suggested by George Ersatz, Jr., of the Berlinerwerke for a steam business car (Z-scale model shown):   new.gif (24 May 2016)

[24 May 2016 picture by and © 2016 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

Luxurious as all get-out, it certainly appealed to the management of many RRs but the depression-era Boards of Directors promptly nixed the idea - more's the pity.  A similar proposal made to the Ruhnian State Rwys. met with the same fate.

Santa Fé Class 5050 4-10-10-6 #5050 - there are a number of websites, some of which link to mine, which discuss a supposedly-legendary AT&SF 4-10-10-6 locomotive.  In some threads, the loco is derided; in others, it is taken as fact.  This sketch has been shown and I can't even recall when I first saw it or where; worse yet, I can't even read the artist's name or the date (but read on):   new (25 Oct 2016) and rev (19 Dec 2017)

[previously unprovenanced sketch]

I'd be more than happy to give full credit if I knew to whom.  Well, on 19 Dec 2017, who should write and lay claim to the sketch but Adam Chilcote, who thinks it was drawn ca. 2009.  I am delighted to give you credit; thanks, Adam!   rev (19 Dec 2017)

Well, this is no legend, folks!  Before the SF dieselized after WWII, it commissioned the Berlinerwerke to come up with a steam Super-Power loco based on its proven 3776 class 4-8-4 and 5011 class 2-10-4.  George Ersatz had brother Ira whip up this preliminary class drawing:

[24 May 2016 picture by and © 2016 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]
(Click on thumbnail for larger image.)

The Berlinerwerke worked with Baldwin to build #5050 and it proved its mettle and then some!  Unfortunately, as so often happened to the BW after the War, diesels took over and that was the end of the 5050 class!

We have high hopes that we can find a photograph of this monster.  A photo of the HO scale model George Ersatz built to help to convince Santa Fé management of the feasibility of the design turned up:   rev.gif (25 Oct 2016)

[24 May 2016 picture by and © 2016 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

AHA!  While I couldn't find a builder's photo, I did find this image of the 5050 out in a yard:   new.gif (25 Oct 2016)

[25 May 2016 picture by and © 2016 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

Whadda monster; let's hear it for ALCo lateral motion devices!  Sure wish I'd been able to see it in the "flesh"!

{Dedicated to the memory of my e-buddy and Apocrypha fan, the late Russ Hass.}

Now, here's a truly "SUPERIOR" Geared Loco (or should it be Loco Geared?), the fantastic HEARSELER:   new.gif (16 Dec 2016)

[25 May 2016 picture by and © 2016 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

People die to ride it - and I''ll bet ya never even HEARD of it before!

Deltic II Locomotive

I'd read about a British "Super-Deltic" but it was only a Co-Co and I seemed to recall something even bigger.  The British Rail Class 55 is a class of diesel locomotive built in 1961-1962 by English Electric.  The Deltic had a weird opposed-piston valveless, supercharged uniflow scavenged, two-stroke Diesel engine designed and produced by D. Napier & Son.   new.gif (02 Feb 2017)

[Wikipedia Napier Deltic Engine - all rights reserved]

Unusually, the cylinders were disposed in a three bank triangle, with a crankshaft at each corner of the triangle:

[Wikipedia Napier Deltic Animated Diagram - all rights reserved]

and there were two 1,650HP Deltic engines per Deltic locomotive.  The Napier Deltic was an 18-cylinder engine, meaning it had 36 pistons and 6 cylinders per "side" of the triangle; there was also a "Baby Deltic" with 9-cylinder Napier engines.  The Berlinerwerke's Ira Ersatz worked with Napiers to come up with a 24-cylinder "Mega-Deltic" version putting out 4,400HP and powered the "Deltic II" locomotive with two of the monsters, requiring heavier Do-DO trucks:

[02 Feb 2017 picture by and © 2017 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

As an experimental unit, BR kept it in the 55 class; as with so very many Ersatz locos, its disposition is unknown.

Well, there was a bit of a prang with #55 022; she got sandwiched between her train and a runaway and both cabs were smooshed beyond repair.  The Superintendant of Locomotives happened to be visiting with his colleage, Artur Gorote of the Ruhnian State Railways (RSR), saw their rather incredible ACE-4000-1R, and liked the idea so much he called in ol' George Ersatz. Jr. George rose nobly to the occasion and, after a quick run past Ira, Jr., and some frantic scrounging Stateside for scrap PA and Shark cabs, came up with this neat rebulld:   new.gif (23 Jun 2019)

[23 Jun 2019 picture by and © 2019 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved]

True Deltic aficonados were horrified but Yanks loved it!

17 Miles Back from Nowhere - an extremely-talented Brazilian tagged "regigigas43" does similar "work" on Deviant Art at Locomotives and thomas.  Thereon, I loved his "Singles" but what really caught my errant eye was a tiny boxcab pulling a gon across what appeared to me to be the Veld(t) or the Great Karoo in southern Africa.  The drawing, entitled "17 Miles from Nowhere", turned out to be by [or colo(u)red by] "Melbournesparks" (Melbourne's Parks or Melbourne Sparks?*), an Aussie from Eltham, Victoria (a suburb 10mi./16km northeast of - you guessed - Melbourne), which makes the background more likely the Great Victoria Desert or some such, but, no matter, this is what I THOUGHT I saw:   new.gif (09 Mar 2017)

17 Miles Back from Nowhere
[09 Mar 2017 adaptation by S. Berliner, III, of drawing by Melbournesparks - all rights reserved]

Hey, it IS from Deviant Art, after all!

    [Since he's into Live Steam, I think we can safely assume it's "Sparks".]

Here's a single-dome Hot Air Tank Car:   new.gif (20 Mar 2017)

Hot Air Tank Car
[20 Mar 2017 photo by, and © 2017, S. Berliner, III, - all rights reserved]

The car can also be used to haul Bull Excreta (no s__t!).

BW-PRR UU1 2-D+D-2 Electric Box Motor - The old Pennsy DD1 was so eminently successful that George Ersatz suggested to his brother Ira that the Berlinerwerke might do well to consider a bigger version for heavy-duty dual service in the electrified zone.  Whether or not the idea ever flew was hotly debated over the years; Iris had dug up the presentation drawing, a sort of double Mastodon electric:   new.gif (10 Jun 2017)

[10 Jun 2017 drawing after J. Moldover by, and © 2017, S. Berliner, III, - all rights reserved]

but it wasn't until she found this photo of the beast languishing in a scrap yard that we knew for sure that one unit was built, #3986-3987:

[10 Jun 2017 photograph by, and © 2017, S. Berliner, III, - all rights reserved]

Components had been taken from a bunch of derelict DD1s and the number pair was reused.

BW-PRR UU2 2-D+D-2 Electric Motor - Further delving into the inexhaustible BW records divulged yet another 2-D+D-2 motor, albeit a 30-year younger, streamlined one.  It seems that whil(e)(st) the GG1 was abornin', after successful Pennsy testing of the New Haven's EP-3, George Ersatz saw the construction of #4899 (later #4800, "Old Rivets") and thougt the BW could do better.  Closeting himself with brother Ira, he suggested stretching the design and adding two more driver sets with four more traction motors; the result was the BW-PRR UU2:

[11 Jun 2017 drawing after M. Eby by, and © 2017, S. Berliner, III, - all rights reserved]

Another scrap line photo turned up, this one proving the existence of the UU2:

[11 Jun 2017 photograph by, and © 2017, S. Berliner, III, - all rights reserved]

Is there no end to this?

[Are you SURE you know what "APOCRYPHA" means?]

As always, you know you can count on the BW to find totally-unbelievable info.

note-rt.gif - Any attempt to inject an element of reason into this series of pages will be forcibly rejected!

{Stay tuned!}

[See also the HO (1:87.1) Berlinerwerke saga or the Z (1:220) Berlinerwerke-Z saga.]

I always wondered at the incredibly tight security at the Berlinerwerke during WWII; now it can be told!  See, for starters, the wild site of Sig Case, Rails to the Stars - Steam in Space, files from the National Aeronautics and Steam Administration and the tie-in to the Berlinerwerke V1 on Apocrypha Page 2.

See also the HO (1:87.1) Berlinerwerke saga or the Z (1:220) Berlinerwerke-Z saga
  and Berlinerwerke Guest Apocrypha (for taller tales?):
    CSXT AC100CBW and NSC CB100W-10 10,000 horsepower locos!
  Also, see the fabled BW DDP45 and other EMD engines EMD may never have dreamed of!

If you like this sort of nonsense, take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible Whitby Locomotive Works; Jim's overall Fantasonics "Model Railroad Magic Website" has become too complex for me to navigate.  Unfortunately, the AW NUTS Magazine, site of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society is no longer available, nor are Lion Air (I'd be Lion if I didn't warn you to keep your tongue in your cheek on this one!) or D. Dickens' The Patiala State Monorail Tramway site (whooie - and it's for real)!


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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