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Saga Continuation Page 4

Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"
Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Popularizer of Science and Technology
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Continued from:
Berlinerwerke-Z Saga,
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Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 5, and
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(update continued - 1998)

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continued from Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Page,

Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 2 and,
Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 3.

note-rt - [I moved from the North Shore of Long Island, NY, to the North Shore of the Boston, MA, area on 15 Jul 2010 - not all geographic references herein have been changed.]

BERLINER BIER (Berliner Beer) Cars - because of my last name*, I am quite a fan of most anything that bears the name; witness my Berliner page.  "Berliner", in German, just means "from Berlin", so anything from that city will carry that name as an adjective.  Naturally, I had to have the 8400C Berliner Bier cars 1990 collector set, but was unwilling to pay for the whole set; when I finally located a "pre-owned" set, the price for breaking it up was such that I ended up buying the whole set of six, as shown here:

8400C Berliner Bier Car set

8400C Berliner Bier Car set Collector Series #3 left label   8400C Berliner Bier Car set Collector Series #3 right label

of which only three actually have the name "Berliner" on them:
(561-566 numbers from Brian Redman's Finder)

        (562) Berliner Kindl Weisse
(Berliner Children White - a most inappropriate name, I'd say),
Berliner Kindl Weisse car

        (565) Berliner Pilsner Spezial, and
Berliner Pilsner Spezial car

        (566) Berliner Edelquell.
Berliner Edelquell car
Images from Z-world

The other three are Berlin brands which do not include the name "Berliner" (561 Kutscher Alt, 563 Hochschulbrauerei Diplom Pils, and 564 Bock Bier VEB).  Even before I found the set, however, I was able to pick up a Berliner Kindl car which, later, to my great surprise, turned out to be quite a rare bird, indeed!  It is the Berliner Kindl Jubiläumsausgabe 750 Jahre Berlin 1987 (750th Year of Berlin Jubilee edition 1987) car - a white reefer on the 8600 body with a gunmetal grey roof and a yellow block almost filling each side with a multi-color logo on the left plus the wording noted, Berliner Kindl's name and logo (a foaming beer stein on a red octagon), and what looks like a miniature Märklin "m" in the upper right corner of the yellow block.  Possibly it's the #246 Berliner Kindl car listed by Herder (Schmidt).  As of 21 Dec 1996 (from the Koll catalog per Glenn Stiska), it is the 87015, with only ~100 made, worth perhaps DM60 (~$30).  Now that I've got a digital camera, here it is:

Z Berliner Kindl Jubilee Car
(SB,III Photo)

* - I wonder (Ich wundere mich) if anyone has ever really noticed my last name:

BErlinER or (oder) BerlInER?

[More on Berliner Bier on the Berliner page].   added.gif (08 Jul 2015)

07 Dec 1997 - The BW announced the acquisition of two new Märklin 82351 (DB Class Ssym46) twelve-wheel heavy duty flat cars to serve Berliners Bessere Biffi Bauerei (Berliner's Better Biffie Builders) in the transport of depleted uranium plate for the construction of Berliner's Better Biffies.  Regular readers may recall that depleted uranium is used to prevent tipping by vandals while the biffies are occupied.

    [Please don't nobody ask why the completed biffies can't go out on same (too high, of course?)
    - and then I'd have no excuse for a Z-scale Biffisch (Biffie Schnable).]

NOTE:  The BW had cancelled its order for a Märklin 82322 (DB Class O 10) four-wheel gondola with brakeman's cab to serve Elgin Marbles until a decent American hopper comes out.  We can't use Airslide hoppers, which would seem logical, because the marbles would break (it says here!) and Airslides are too big (and you couldn't see the load); it doesn't take a very big car to hold one heck of a lot of marbles!  Instead, the BW has deputized an already-owned, and even smaller (diminutive, really), Märklin 8633 [K. Bay. Sta. B. (Royal Bavarian State Railways) Class Omk(u)] four-wheel gondola with brakeman's cab for that service (since replaced by a set of FR zf314-2 hoppers).

8633 is the right number and I CAN show it to you; the 8633 shown on Brian Redman's mini-Club Finder is a Capri-Sonne reefer, as is that shown on Joris Ilegems' Z Collection; Joris, however, lists an 8633.10.10 (and others), with the correct gondola body style.  I had thought it was not the K. Bay. Sta. B. Class Omk(u) but was wrong!  Here is the 8633.10.10 (with "München 60002" decoration as on my car):

Image from Joris Illegem

I have the framing lumber and 6½" (see below) x 4' Homasote sheet and most of the track sections for the yard extension, but decided to rearrange the track (leaving me with several 660mm pieces!) as follows (wish I'd dated this):

If you look at my revised plan, with the extension, it becomes abundantly clear that I really don't have much maneuvering room on the left ("east") end of the fourth track back ("north"), with only a 55mm and a 110mm section beyond the left end of the third double slip switch (shown "2X"):

                  RH                             "NORTH"
  55      110      2\\X
"EAST"                    \\

So, I thought of revising it thusly:

  55             220                LH           "NORTH"
                     RH          2//X
                     2\\X       //
                       2\\X   LH
"EAST"                    \\

This gives me far more flexibility.  I have a partially-functional extra 8560 double slip switch; if it is salvageable, I might go a step even further:

  55             220                 LH          "NORTH"
                     RH           2//X
                     2\\X       2//X
                       2\\X    //
"EAST"                    \\ LH

Well, as of 08 Dec 1998, here's how it's working out; the extension is 6½", NOT 6", and by using a 55mm section and a 110mm feeder track in the "throat" (the "Flood Control Project"), instead of the 220mm piece intended, I can squeeze in a fifth track! Of course, that cuts down dramatically on the width of Railroad Avenue and the depth of the store fronts, but - - - hey, the layout's all track anyway and more yard space is always desirable!

NOTE: There is no consideration here whatsoever to the 108.6mm or 112.8mm double-slip adjustment tracks which will be used; they are all shown as 110mm here.

25       220               220          110        RH     110 "NORTH"  220           110    55  25+
                                                     \\          LH
                                  RH                    RH  2//X
                                     2\\X              2//X
                                            2\\X    LH
"EAST"                                            2\\X                                       "WEST"
                                          110Feeder \\\
                                                  55 \\

This gives me more room for a shunter and cars at the opposite ends, a detail I didn't give sufficient consideration to on the other schematics.  However, since I already have a LH turnout and no more RH turnouts, we'll do it this way:

25       220               220              220        LH 110 "NORTH"  220           110    55  25+
                                  RH         2//X      LH
                                     2\\X  LH         //
                               /-\          2\\X    LH    /-\
"EAST" 110                   Feeder              2\\X   Feeder                               "WEST"
                                         110Feeder \\\
                                                 55 \\               ==> Normal direction of travel

This version not only uses existing sections more effectively but also allows storing shunters in the yard on either end of Track 1 and also, if I ever choose to add Isolator sections to them, on Tracks 2 through 5.

14 Sep 1998 - Construction on framing the extension started yesterday!  30 Sep 1998 update; the framing of the extension is well underway.  I am using ¾" alumin(i)um channels to brace it underneath; the present layout framing does not lend itself to extension.  18 Dec 1998 - lente, lente, curritu noctis equii (slowly, slowly, go the horses of the Gods or so my Mother told me - I never took Latin); framing is nearly complete - I keep getting distracted.

COMPLAINT! - The Märklin 8998 Z Turntable has no known means of support; unlike the 8994 Transfer Table, which has screws in the corners.  On moving the layout, I forgot this detail and inadvertently tipped it just beyond vertical and the whole turntable fell out, taking all the surrounding trackage with it!  Curses, foiled again!  24 Dec 1998 - I drilled and countersunk two of the blank turntable outer segments and screwed them down lightly with tiny FH screws (786380 - 10/pkg) stolen from the 8991 track bumpers (of which I am using a whale of a lot!).

Well, on 18 Dec 2001, I finally took the trouble to unlimber the digital and take this extreme close-up shot of one of the screws countersunk into one of the 8997 Z Turntable blank pieces:   rev (02 May 2013)

BW-Z Turntable Screw
(18 Dec 2001 photo by and © 2001 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.)
{lost image restored 13 May 2003}

In addition, pre-owned Märklin 8997 Z Turntable Extension Set pieces not seeming to fall from heaven into my lap, I ordered a set (which I got on 29 Sep 1998), extra pieces of which are now available at proportional cost ($6 each plus postage), while they last.

The cut for the "Hon. Arthur E. Mayer Flood Control Project" (otherwise known as the notch in the top of the back frame member to allow access to the new extension yard) was made 16 Nov 1998, at 18:00, thus allowing me to flop the layout over again (having now made sure the turntable is secured this time! - see above) to finish the framing and supports for the extension.   Next, I'll have to either dope out the original control wiring or rewire the panel - yucccch!  Eventually, all the buildings and such will go back on (hiding the fact that there's absolutely no scenery!) and the rolling stock will have a reason (however insane) to run once more.  I have also been thinking of cutting two access notches at the ends (more "Flood Control" gates!) to allow roads through the "levée" (the back frame member - I've been working on the levée?); I just have to find room to snake the roads through the Mercerized Bents and Berliners Bessere Biffie Bauerei plant yards.

09 Jan 1999 - I've given up on that extra (fifth) track at the back to leave more width for Railroad Avenue and more depth for the store fronts; "more yard space is always desirable" but there has to be some give to have the three cross streets (Loansum Road, The Backhoe Road, and Py Road) and the businesses on the six corners which will result.  As it has been said, "We'll see".   The structural work on the extension is now complete, except for a few angle braces; all that remains is to fit the stringers, ¾" square stock, which hold the Homasote base at the right height in the framing, and nail down the track.  Next comes wiring and she scoons!

                               GRAND CANYON        (STRANDED
   PAWN SHOP    BANK           SUITES (HOTEL)         OIL)     PI RHO    FIREHOUSE
------------/  \-----------------------------/       \---------------/  \--------------------------
25       220               220              220          LH   "NORTH"  220           110    55  25+
                                  RH         2//X      LH
                                     2\\X  LH         //
                               /-\          2\\X    LH    /-\
"EAST" 110                   Feeder               2\\X   Feeder                              "WEST"
                                          110Feeder \\\
                                                  55 \\          Normal direction of rail travel ==>
------------|  |------------------------------------\ \\ \------------|  |--------------------------
------------|  |-------------------------------------\ \\ \-----------|  |--------------------------
        LOANSUM ROAD        LEVÉE         FLOOD CONTROL \\          PY ROAD           LEVÉE
        ACCESS GATE                       PROJECT GATES  \\IN     ACCESS GATE

I also thought up a {perhaps-}novel way to do streets and sidewalks; DRAW THEM right on the track plan, complete with curbs, Belgian blocks, bricks, sidewalks, cracks, joints, manhole covers, curb drains, and striping, print it out to size on card stock twice, lay down one full sheet, cut out the sidewalk portion from the second sheet and laminate it over the street layer.  The thickness of the card stock will be just right for the curbs!  For example (oversize):

BW-Z Manhole
BW-Z Manhole

BW-Z Telephone Access Plate
BW-Z Telephone Access Plate

BW-Z Curb Drain Grate
BW-Z Curb Drain Grate

Somewhere, I thought I had the story of how I powered an 8718 Silberling Control Car but I couldn't locate it.  The new write-up is now on the next page.

(moved there from this BW-Z Saga page 4 on 18 Dec 01)

Also, somewhere in the Berlinerwerke-Z Saga, I mention the tiny tank engine with a smiling face and two diminutive female passenger cars that are based at Bright Moment Station and how a certain copyright holder, far from being pleased with the ecstatic joy these bring children when displayed on a portable layout, has enjoined me from showing them outside my home and threatened court action.  It sounds so much like the time that Chevrolet Division threatened to sue the hobby manufacturers that made model Chevvies; the HIAA took them on and made fools of Chevvy and GM thought better of it.  Well, I bought the ERTL toys I chopped up and I own them and can do what I damn well please with them, as long as I don't do it for commercial gain and I want you to see them and how they were done; come and get me, Grinch!

So, here is the conversion drawing (the reproduction is AWFUL - I'll try again, soon):

ERTL Thomas Conversion Drawing

and here is the lil' fellow, himself:

Z Thomas front Z Thomas right side Z Thomas rear Z Thomas left side

and here are the young ladies:

Z Annie Z Clarabel

I found a sub-miniature "Magic Mountain"-type detail in a doll house miniatures shop and plonked it down alongside Bright Moment Station for a kiddie amusement park.

The old 8962 Dürnau Station arrived from my Canadian Z friend (21 Jan 1999, after all these years!); with my trusty new digital camera, you should soon see Dürnau in it's rightful place.  I had thought briefly to swap it with the 2630 Passenger Depot ("Bright Moment Station").

Dürnau might be far more appropriate for the Bright Moment Station than the 2630, but it's TOO BIG!  Who woulda thunk it!  The 2630 is actually smaller, so it stays put.

I also got (21 Jan 1999) the new Märklin Classic American Building Kit Series IITM #2641K Engine Company No. 8*, #2643 Signal Tower, and #2644 Ed's Auto Repair, to be, respectively, the BW Fire Department on Py Road, the extension yard tower (where? - on top of the levée?), and the ES2O station (Stranded Oil).  By shifting the sidewalk along Railroad Avenue forward ("south" or toward the control panel) about a ½" (10mm), I still have room for cars to pass each other on Railroad Avenue but now can fit the new buildings in without having them overlap the rear "levée" (back frame member of the extension).

* - Hey, Märklin, the doors on the firehouse are TOO LOW for the ladder truck in the 8917 set!

In addition, I got some #78638 FH screws (the ones from the 8991 Track Bumpers) to fasten down turnouts and buildings and such and more bumpers (finally, I seem to have enough 8991s - some 12 of 'em!); I'll experiment and advise re holding down turnouts (mustn't short them out).

27 Jan 1999 - TA RA! - The extension is fully framed!

Now, all I have to do is lug the digital camera, tripod, AC adaptor, lights, etc., down to the cellar and document the framing and the bare layout before putting all that garbage (I mean all those buildings) back on the Homasote!  Wow, it sure is weird how none of the track on the extension (or the access track to it) fits as shown on that "exact" template plan!

Ya just gotta take a look at Larry Hoff's brass Z-scale bobber caboose
at the end of my Z-Scale page; I want one (or two)!
His Overton coaches and 25-ton Brownhoist crane aren't anything to sneeze at, either!

Continued from:

Berlinerwerke-Z Saga,
Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 2, and
Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 5, and
continued on:
Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 5, and
Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 6,
  including a Tour of the Berlinerwerke-Z.

This page overloaded (27 Jan 99)!  Off we go to Page 5!

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such, visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.

For more and better illustrations of the tall tales and such, keep in touch; I have my digital camera (11 Jan 1999 - a belated Xmas present - an SLR, no less!), the requisite software loaded, and scads of server storage space.  Now, all I have to do is learn to use it better; I already know how to process images (and then some, just in case you hadn't noticed!).

Customers of the Berlinerwerke who fly (instead of using rail passenger service - horrors!) are invited to travel on Lion Air;
I'd be Lion if I didn't warn you to keep your tongue in your cheek on this one!

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