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BW-Z Script

Saga Continuation Page 8

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Fitting in Neuschwanstein (the castle).
Adding Complication (new diagram #10).
Adding Even More Complication (new diagram #11).
Wiring the 8559 Crossing and 8560 Double Slip Switch (moved to page 9 on 05 Dec 2016).
BERLINERWERKE-Z PUNS and honorific naming.

[Somehow, this page, first created 06 Jan 2016, didn't seem to ever have been posted!]

and continued on Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 9

Wiring the 8559 Crossing and 8560 Double Slip Switch (moved to page 9 on 05 Dec 2016).

Fitting in Neuschwanstein - as I noted at the end of the preceding Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Continuation Page 7, this has all gotten far too complicated and is about to get FAR worse!  Ever since it came out in 2003 or so, I'd wanted mad King Ludwig II's Bavarian Neuschwanstein fairy-tale castle from the Märklin 81781/81785* Starter Sets.  Only problem was that it came complete with a Bavarian passenger train, a track layout, and a 120V power pack, all of which I needed like a hole in the head (of course, I really needed the castle!). No one that I could find was parting with just the castle, alone, and I wasn't about to spring for some $500 or so (Märklin old list €259) just to get an under-scale plastic model.  It seemed to me that Märklin didn't make that model after all but that it seemed highly likely that it's the so-called 1:220 #NS-C-3000 model from Doyusha in Japan, which runs about $60 plus shipping.  By sheer dumb luck, a short-term eBay listing came on line at $10 just as I was playing around and I jumped on it and won! (edited 05 Jan 2016)

[* - 81781 appears to have been for 230V and 81785 for 120V.]

MärklinNeuschwanstein DoyushaNeuschwanstein
Märklin x-81785 left - Doyusha 104267 right

They sure look the same to me.

Here's what it looks like with a train (NOT the King Ludwig train of the set):


There's actually no railroad anywhere near the actual castle.  Incidentally, the castle is NOT a mountain-top ærie, as popularly assumed; I was there ca. 1990 and was bitterly disappointed to find it quite small and nestled deep in a valley on a small hill (see RED ARROW):


I plan to set it up inside Lajos Loop, helping obscure the electrical service panel door, and doing away with Stick Yard, relocating it with Schwan Spur and Schwan Station.  That latter will be the Märklin resin 2630 station building currently designated as Bright Moment Station near the turntable.  The space thus vacated will now be the site of Dehydra Ted Water and its 20,000,000,000 gallon tank (it doesn't take a gigantic tank to hold 20 billion gallons of dehydrated water).

Repeating, how does the Neuschwanstein castle belong on the Berlinerwerke-Z?  Oh, that's easy!  That same son of old Wiener Berliner who became a billionaire and had no issue, again nostalgic for his old pre-WWII Germany, anted up again for the cost for the BW management to erect this replica as well.  But, this time, there was a commercial aspect; the castle was to be a paying tourist proposition from the get-go.  Once more, the BW team agreed et, voilá!

    [And, again, that's about as good a reason as any I could cook up!]

Whoa, Nellie!  I pulled a satellite view and rotated it to get some basic check dimensions:

NeuschwansteinSatellite NeuschwansteinDims

As I read it (check me out), that castle is some 543' long by 157' across!  That's a FAR cry from the 420mm x 155mm x 233mmH of the Doyusha model, which is only equivalent to about 303' long by 112' across (and thus 168' high)!  Oh, c'mon!  1:220?  That's more like 1:394; give me a break!

Screwy scale nothwithstanding, as I noted, this is gonna be fun!  Now, all I have to do is wait for the kit to arrive and then build the silly thing (just one more distraction)!

WOW!  It's here (07 Jan 2016)!  The width of the base is right on but the length is ever so slightly more - 426mm instead of 420mm.  No biggie, but it makes the actual scale more like 1:388, still a far cry from 1:220!  The inside of the box and all the bags and the roof pieces (in the only already-opened bag) - and now the Lajos Loop area - are sprinkled with "glitter" and must be carefully vacuumed before I can throw the major wall pieces together as I am dying to do!  Rats!

The seller hadn't opened the box and was most unhappy about the glitter.  Naturally, I HAD to set the box on the BW-HO while I opened it and placed the base (the "hill" on which the castle sits) on Lajos Loop on the BW-Z, so now I have to clean glitter off both layouts!  Then, on top of all that, the box must have been in dead storage in a hot attic or some such place because, 'way down in the bottom, I also found some disintegrated shreds of old vinyl wrap.  Happily, they are NOT from the kit bags, which are in great shape, nor did any parts warp.  Whew!

DoyushaNeuschwanstein1 DoyushaNeuschwanstein2 DoyushaNeuschwanstein3

DoyushaNeuschwanstein4 DoyushaNeuschwanstein5

There's Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel on the mockup of Schwan Spur for size comparison.

Since I seem to have scrambled my diagrams, let's just start afresh with diagram 10:

(05 Jan 2016 diagram, revised 11 Dec 2012, 18/24 Jan, 15/22 Feb/13 Oct 2013, 20 Jan 2014, 30 May/06/15 Dec/2015, and 05 Jan 2016
by and © S. Berliner, III 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 - all rights reserved)

[Click on thumbnailed diagram for larger image.]

If you've bothered to follow these diagrams, you might note that I've made the following changes:

1.   Added Neuschwanstein (F8) [including Schwan Spur and Schwan Station].
2.   Deleted Karen's Crossover (was F8).
3.   Relocated Karl's Crossover (F5).
4.   Moved Stick Yard.
5.   Took out London Bridge (F6) and the flyover.
6.   Renamed B-W Brdge to London Bridge at M-T Spur.
7.   Moved Ilona's Crossover toward Ahalter Approach (easier access).
8.   Deleted Xavi's Crossover (X).
9.   Renamed B-W Yard to M-T Yard.
10.  Deleted East Access.

Hope I've caught them all.  The idea is to eliminate all the sneak reversing connections and redundancies.  There's Knot Wye and Kadee Wye at opposite ends for full-train reversing moves on large radii.

To maintain the puns*, I reduced F7 Max Grade and F2 Nelson Grade to 0% and I also deleted E East Access as no longer necessary.

* - The puns and honorific references in naming on the Berlinerwerke-Z are, in many cases, "in jokes" and should probably be explained for the non-cognoscenti; see BW-Z Puns, below.

After looking at the placement of Neuschwanstein, I decided it (and Stick Yard) would fit in better turned 90°; that leaves more room for an expanded Dehydra-Ted, using a modified Faller #282747 Tank Lager Aral (Aral Tank Farm)

I had added a section on OVERLY-ACCURATE CURVES here but I had gotten carried away with myself and devised all sorts of elaborate methods to lay out ridiculously-accurate special curves, only to discover it was all unneccesary.  Nevertheless, the techniques shown may be of interest and some of the tips are well worth your while to consider - they were moved to a MRR TIPS page.

Now, then; looking at those old plans of the Anhalter Bahnhof, it occurred to me that, as the right two interior tracks were for incoming trains, does that mean that they were headed in by their steamers?  Yup; checking old pix, they sure 'nuf were!  Sooooo - let's complicate my life by arranging for just that.  Easy; all we have to do is add a LH turnout on the return line (at "J"), and a pair of 8559 13° crossings ahead of the turnout for those tracks.  Better yet, make the inner one an 8560 Double Slip Switch, thus making it XX Double Cross(over):   new (04 Mar 2016)

(04 Mar 2016 diagram, revised 05 Jan 2016, 11 Dec 2012, 18/24 Jan, 15/22 Feb/13 Oct 2013, 20 Jan 2014, 30 May/06/15 Dec/2015, and 05 Jan 2016
by and © S. Berliner, III 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 - all rights reserved)

[Click on thumbnailed diagram for larger image.]

All I have to do is to remember my polarity when I jump across the outbound track (no, I will NOT go to DCC)!

This brings up an interesting question, one I never did resolve on the original BW-Z.  Do the internal current paths of the 8559 13° crossing and the 8560 Double Slip Switch allow multi-throttle use or must they be electrically isolated and specially jumpered?  The solution is simple but hard to explain so I moved the whole works to Page 9.   new (02 Dec 2016) and rev (05 Dec 2016)

BERLINERWERKE-Z PUNS - having a quirky sense of humor{?}, I use puns and honorific naming for the varous features of the BW-Z.  It occurred to me that these might puzzle or even escape many readers, so here's a key:

  Numbered Towers
  0 = BW Tower {Berlinerwerke}
  1 - FT Tower {Freudenreich Feinwerk Technik - OR Full Throttle - Z mfrs. - YOU decide}   rev (02 May 2017)
  2 - AB Tower {Anhalter Bahnhof}
  3 - Thom Tower {Ilona Thom-Freudenreich}
  4 - Harald Tower with Ilona Interlocking {Harald und Ilona Thom-Freudenreich -
          Harold Tower was the main interlocking tower on the Long Island RR}

  Named Turnouts:
  A - Alley Switch {Alley Yard}
  B - A-B Switch {Anhalter Bahnhof - an A-B switch is a computer accessory}
  C - Tony's Turnout {Anthony J. Warburton, prop. of ZScale Monster Trains}
  D - Snyder's Switch {Loren Snyder, prop. of Stonebridge Models}
  E - East Access (deleted)
  F - Smith Switch {Eric D. Smith, Pres. of Micro-Trains}
  G - Two-Twenty Turnout (1:220 - Z scale}
  H - BW Switch {Berlinerwerke}
  I - Ilona's X-over {Ilona Thom-Freudenreich}
  J - XX Double Cross(over) {should be self-evident}
  K - Karl's Crossing {Karl Boehringer - founder of Willis Hobby on Long Island}
  T - Thek Turnout {Lajos Thek - master mini-mechanism maker}

  Other Features:
  F1 - Jeffrey's Jog {Jeffrey MacHan, early Canadian Zed-head (Val-Ease)}
  F2 - Nelson Grade (0°) {Nelson Gray - early model RR mfr.}
  F3 - Karin's Cutoff (Karin E. Snyder, prop. of Rogue River Models)
  F4 - Knot Wye {why not?}
  F5 - John's Jog {John Harmon - early TT and Z mfr.}
  F6 - London Bridge (deleted, re-assigned) {Ron Ruddell's PA hobby shop}
  F7 - Max Grade (0°) {Max Gray - early model RR mfr.}
  F8 - Neuschwanstein Castle (reduced scale version of mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria's fancy)
  F9 - Dehydra-Ted {dehydrated water - Theodore A. Queous, prop.}

  NEC (Not Elsewhere Classified):
  Albritton Access {Rob Albritton, prop,. of AZL}
  Alley Yard {ya gotta know "Sweet Rosie O'Grady"}
  Annie Jewel's Airstrip {AJCKids - supplier}   rev (02 May 2017)
  AZ El {AZL- American Z Lines}
  Carsten's Cutoff {the late Hal Carstens - RR publisher and friend}
  Edwards Junction {Kadee's founders - the late Keith and Dale Edwards}
  Eric's El {Eric D. Smith, Pres. of Micro-Trains}
  FR's Freude {Freudenreich's Joy}
  Kadee Wye {Kadee - predecessor of Micro-Trains / Keddie Wye on the NP}
  Karen's Curve {Karen Parker, fellow RR apocryphist and friend}
  Kluz Curve {Rob Kluz - Ztrack publisher/vendor}
  Lajos Loop {Lajos Thek - master mini-mechanism maker}
  London Bridge (was duplicated at F6, deleted, re-assigned) {Ron Ruddell's PA hobby shop}
  M-T Spur {Micro-Trains / empty}
  MacHan's Meander {Jeffrey MacHan, early Canadian Zed-head (Val-Ease)}
  Riddervold Run {Hans Riddervold, major Z backer}
  Schwarzer Weg {Way - street where Freudenreich is located}
  Stick Yard {yardstick}
  Suydam Sidings {Suydam was early HO supplier}
  Val-Ease Viaduct {Jeffrey MacHan's modules}
  Z-track {Ztrack Magazine and supplier}

That should about do it; if I missed any, just ask.

Looking at that oft-revised BW-Z diagram, it occurred to me that Alley Yard and M-T Yard were badly drawn.  The Ready Track and the Caboose Pocket are equidistant from each other and there should be room for Railroad Avenue, so - yet another revision was in order:   new (27 Aug 2016)

(27 Aug 2016 diagram, revised 04 Mar 2016, 05 Jan 2016, 15/06 Dec/30 May/06/2015, 20 Jan 2014, 18/24 Jan, 15/22 Feb/13 Oct 2013, and 11 Dec 2012
by and © S. Berliner, III 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 - all rights reserved)

[Click on thumbnailed diagram for larger image.]

Why do any track work or wiring or build structures when I can armchair RR?


Actually, I finally got to a point were I DID start laying track, only to discover (remember?) that there are some unfinished mechanical problems to resolve, especially around finishing the cabinet to underpin the old layout and Alley Yard, fitting Knot Wye and the Alley approach, fastening Val-Eaze Viaduct to the wall, etc.  As I wrote Rob Kluz at Ztrack Magazine {edited slightly, as appropriate and indicated}:   new (29 Oct 2016)

It's now over a year-and-a-half since my open-heart surgery and double bypass.  I didn't do much to get my Berlinerwerke-Z (or the Berlinerwerke-HO, for that matter) up and running again.  Not only was I not up to it physically but I was overwhelmed with details uncovered in all my armchair RRing, especially in my intricate CAD rendering of the massive expansion in Z.  As related {herein}, I had obtained a gigantic Märklin 89200 Anhalter Bahnhof station for a song and found a neat way to fit it onto the old BW-Z.  More recently, I also picked up Mad Ludwig's castle, Neu Schwanstein (underscale though it be).  All this was justification enough for massive CAD and freehand drawings, with endless changes and iterations.  So, it was with great glee and anticipation that I spent inordinate amounts of cash on dozens of manual turnouts, several 8559 crossings and 8560 double-slip switches and about two scale miles of Märklin and M-TL track (much from Ztrack Resale).  Well, the first shock was when I realized that I can no longer reach across the original BW-Z to throw switches in the expansion yard and had to get remote (solenoid) turnouts.  Then I found that after all my elaborate planning, the old Kadee stinger pushbutton switches around which I'd designed my new control panel (no more Märklin controllers for me!) are no longer available.  Only AFTER I cut all the elaborate Homasote roadbed pieces did I discover they are several different thicknesses!  The beat goes on.

I designed an overly-elaborate cabinet to hold the original BW-Z, allowing it to hinge upward for wiring access and also to roll out on a hinge to get access to the new extension where it flies over the BW-HO - AND to be adjustable vertically for compaction of the high-pile carpet on which it sits - FAR too complicated.  Worse yet, the old special casters I had on hand don't work as I'd remembered and I only discovered that AFTER I mounted them on the cabinet base.  The cabinet also turns out to be too heavy for me to handle.

All this aside, I started laying some track only to find that I'd forgotten that much of the sub-roadbed and roadbed hadn't yet been fastened in place.  Then, I found to my horror that I can no longer see the holes in the tie strips!  O. K., I can count ties in from the ends (six for Märklin and four for M-TL) and make templates for the others.  Yeeks!  I can barely see the black Märklin 8999 track nails and can't distinguish them from the black ties!  At least M-TL has a small bulge or banjo around their holes.  It's also now near impossible to see the Märklin or M-TL rail joiners!

After I very painstakingly laid out marks to precisely align a curve in an inner corner, I leaned against the roadbed and it MOVED!  It had been sitting ever so slightly away from the walls all this time and I hadn't noticed; easy adjustment - HECK - I'll eyeball it!

And so it goes.

Mayhap I should switch to G or No. 1 Gauge?  No way, Hose A!  We'll muddle through.

On top of these headaches, I've bought three of the Märklin 8559 13° crossovers at various times, used, and all three were defective; one or more of the legs is electrically dead.  I can always jump them but it's annoying.

O. K.  All that aside, I had a major AHA! or EUREKA! moment and a few minor ones.  I had clearly gotten too bogged down in detail to see the forest for the trees.  All that nonsense about running head-end-first into the far (right) arch blinded me to the obvious simplicity of moving the associated crossover and double-slip switch all the way down to the A-B Switch, thus simplifying trackwork significantly, and combining the locations of A-B Switch "B" and XX X-Over "J".  BW Tower "0" and F-T Tower "1" are now relocated such that F-T controls the approach to Alley and BW yards, whil(e)(st) BW controls BW Yard AND Knot Wye:

(29 Aug 2016 diagram, revised 27 Aug/04 Mar 2016, 05 Jan 2016, 15/06 Dec/30 May/06/2015, 20 Jan 2014, 18/24 Jan, 15/22 Feb/13 Oct 2013, and 11 Dec 2012
by and © S. Berliner, III 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 - all rights reserved)

[Click on thumbnailed diagram for larger image.]

Back away from the drawing board; it's time for some serious construction and more tracklaying!

But wait!  You get another diagram first.  It dawned on me that I have no yard lead for Alley Yard!  Everything would have to be made up out on the main!  NO WAY, Hose A!  I'm not about to rebuild the benchwork or move the joint between the yard and Z-Track-cum-A-Z El-cum-Val-Eaze Viaduct outward so there's not much choice here.  I simply move the Alley Yard switches 110mm "inward-cum-downward" and, voila!, we have a somewhat limited yard lead:   new (02 Dec 2016)

(10 Dec 2016 diagram, revised 10/01 Dec 2016, 27 Aug/04 Mar 2016, 05 Jan 2016, 15/06 Dec/30 May/06/2015, 20 Jan 2014, 18/24 Jan, 15/22 Feb/13 Oct 2013, and 11 Dec 2012
by and © S. Berliner, III 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 - all rights reserved)

[Click on thumbnailed diagram for larger image.]

Hey; it's better than no yard lead.

That drawing was revised yet again to clean up a few details and to move Ilona's X-over "I" left to abut Karl's Crossing "K", making the cross-over an(other) 8560 double slip switch.  That little fillip allows direct access to the Anhalter Bahnhof yard lead from the main and to the outermost stub track.   new (10 Dec 2016)

Continued from Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Page 7 and continued on Berlinerwerke-Z Saga Page 9.

For tall tales of the BW and its equipment and such, visit the Berlinerwerke Apocrypha page.

For more and better illustrations of the tall tales and such, keep in touch; as you see, I have my digital camera (11 Jan 1999 - a belated Xmas present - an SLR, no less) and I'm learning fast!

If you like model railroading nonsense (and good tips), take a gander at Jim Wells' incredible

[The AW NUTS Magazine site of the A.W. N.U.T.S. Garden Railway Society is no longer available.]

Customers of the Berlinerwerke who fly (instead of using rail passenger service - horrors!) are invited to travel on Lion Air;
I'd be Lion if I didn't warn you to keep your tongue in your cheek on this one!

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