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Charactersets Page

A first stab at reproducing Jennifer Kyrnin's massive HTML Special Characterset Guide was added 13 May 2013.   new (13 May 2013)

Alt-xxx and Alt-0xxx Charactersets

How to create alternate characters, such as foreign characters,
those with diacritical (accent) marks, symbols, etc.

[Numbers MUST be keyed on the Numeric Keypad, NOT on the top line of the keyboard.]

Alt-0032-0383 {?}  Comments in braces {}

Alt-0032-0126 same as Alt-032-126 (American ASCII)
Alt-128-254 Extended U.S. ASCII (DOS only, not available in Windows)
Alt-0257-0384 same as Alt-257-384

U.C. = UPPER CASE (MAJUSCULE); l.c. = lower case (miniscule)

Standard Characters (on American 101-key keyboard) and
  Non-standard Characters (not on American 101-key keyboard)

  Diacriticals (Diacritical Marks, Accents), with typical examples:

			Acute (Aigue)
	{?}	a	Brve (Short "u" Above)
	?	e	Caron (Hachek, "v" Above)
			Cedilla (Cdille)
		?	Centered Dot (Mid Dot)
			Caret (Circumflex)
	-		Crossbar
	{?}	c	Dot Above (High Dot)
	`		Grave
		o	Macron (Overline)
	?	a	Ogonek
			Ring Above (High Circle)
	/		Slash (Virgule, Diagonal, Slant, Solidus)
	{/}	l	Stroke
			Tilde (as opposed to Approximation Sign ~)
			Umlaut (Diresis)

	(unnamed diacriticals)

		o	Magyar Double Acute Accent
	=	,	Double Crossbar
		d	Apostrophe
	{?}	g	High Comma (Inverted Apostrophe)
	{?}	t	Low Comma

  Digraphs - , , ?, ?, , 

  Unique Characters - i, , , , ?, ?, ?

  Greek Letters -  (Beta, NOT Gothic SS), 

  Punctuation - , , , , , , 

  Symbols - , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
			, , , , , , , , 

Problems - missing, duplicative, or unexplained characters - {tbs}


Alt-0000 thru Alt-0031 and Alt-000 thru Alt-031 are commands,
	not valid characters.

0xxx	Alt-0xxx	Alt-xxx	Description (Alt-0xxx / Alt xxx)

  [* = ASCII Graphics (Box Draw) Symbols 176-223]

  {beginning of American 101-key keyboard}
    Alt-0xxx = Alt-xxx:

0032	{sp}	{sp}	Character Space
0033	!	!	Exclamation Point
0034	"	"	Plain Double Quotation Mark
0035	#	#	Pound {weight} (Tic-Tac-Toe) Sign
0036	$	$	Dollar Sign
0037	%	%	Percent Sign
0038	&	&	Ampersand
0039	'	'	Plain Single Quotation Mark
0040	(	(	Left Parenthesis
0041	)	)	Right Parenthesis
0042	*	*	Five-Pointed Asterisk
0043	+	+	Plus Sign
0044	,	,	Comma
0045	-	-	Hyphen (Dash)
0046	.	.	Period (Full Stop, Punkt)
0047	/	/	Forward Slash (Virgule, Solidus)
0048	0	0	Number Zero (Null)
0049	1	1	Number One
0050	2	2	Number Two
0051	3	3	Number Three
0052	4	4	Number Four
0053	5	5	Number Five
0054	6	6	Number Six
0055	7	7	Number Seven
0056	8	8	Number Eight
0057	9	9	Number Nine
0058	:	:	Colon
0059	;	;	Semi-Colon
0060	<	<	Less-Than Sign
0061	=	=	Equal Sign
0062	>	>	Greater-Than Sign
0063	?	?	Question Mark
0064	@	@	At-Each Sign
0065	A	A	U.C. Letter A
0066	B	B	U.C. Letter B
0067	C	C	U.C. Letter C
0068	D	D	U.C. Letter D
0069	E	E	U.C. Letter E
0070	F	F	U.C. Letter F
0071	G	G	U.C. Letter G
0072	H	H	U.C. Letter H
0073	I	I	U.C. Letter I
0074	J	J	U.C. Letter J
0075	K	K	U.C. Letter K
0076	L	L	U.C. Letter L
0077	M	M	U.C. Letter M
0078	N	N	U.C. Letter N
0079	O	O	U.C. Letter O
0080	P	P	U.C. Letter P
0081	Q	Q	U.C. Letter Q
0082	R	R	U.C. Letter R
0083	S	S	U.C. Letter S
0084	T	T	U.C. Letter T
0085	U	U	U.C. Letter U
0086	V	V	U.C. Letter V
0087	W	W	U.C. Letter W
0088	X	X	U.C. Letter X
0089	Y	Y	U.C. Letter Y
0090	Z	Z	U.C. Letter Z
0091	[	[	Left Bracket
0092	\	\	Back Slash
0093	]	]	Right Bracket
0094	^	^	Caret
0095	_	_	Underscore (Underline)
0096	`	`	Acute Accent (Aigue)
0097	a	a	l.c. Letter a
0098	b	b	l.c. Letter b
0099	c	c	l.c. Letter c
0100	d	d	l.c. Letter d
0101	e	e	l.c. Letter e
0102	f	f	l.c. Letter f
0103	g	g	l.c. Letter g
0104	h	h	l.c. Letter h
0105	i	i	l.c. Letter i
0106	j	j	l.c. Letter j
0107	k	k	l.c. Letter k
0108	l	l	l.c. Letter l
0109	m	m	l.c. Letter m
0110	n	n	l.c. Letter n
0111	o	o	l.c. Letter o
0112	p	p	l.c. Letter p
0113	q	q	l.c. Letter q
0114	r	r	l.c. Letter r
0115	s	s	l.c. Letter s
0116	t	t	l.c. Letter t
0116	u	u	l.c. Letter u
0118	v	v	l.c. Letter v
0119	w	w	l.c. Letter w
0120	x	x	l.c. Letter x
0121	y	y	l.c. Letter y
0122	z	z	l.c. Letter z
0123	{	{	Left Brace
0124	|	|	Vertical Solid Bar
0125	}	}	Right Brace
0126	~	~	Approximation Sign
  {end of American 101-key keyboard}

0127	{nf}	{nf}	{non-functional}

0128			Double-Barred C {Euro?} / C Cedilla
0129	?		Unknown / u Umlaut
0130			Comma / e Acute
0131			Function/Florin/Guilder / a Caret
0132			Lower Double Quote Mark / a Umlaut
0133			Triple Period / a Grave
0134			Dagger (High Cross) / a Circle
0135			Double Dagger/Cross / c Cedilla
0136			Caret / e Caret
0137			Per Thousand Sign 0/00 / e Umlaut
0138			S Caron / e Grave
0139			Small Less Than Sign / i Umlaut
0140			OE Digraph / i Caret
0141	?		Unknown / i Grave
0142			Z Caron / A Umlaut
0143	?		Unknown / A Circle
0144	?		Unknown / E Acute
0145			Left Single Quote Mark / ae Digraph
0146			Right Single Quote Mark / AE Digrph
0147			Left Double Quote Mark / o Caret
0148			Right Double Quote Mark / o Umlaut
0149			Bold Mid Dot / o Grave
0150			Em-Quad, Short Hyphen / u Caret
0151			En-Quad, Long Hyphen / u Grave
0152			Tilde / y Umlaut
0153			Trade Mark Sign / O Umlaut
0154			s Caron / U Umlaut
0155			Small Greater Than Sign / Cent Sign
0156			oe Diagraph / Pound Sterling Sign
0157	?		Unknown / Yen (Money) Sign
0158		P?	z Caron / {U.S. ASCII Peseta Sign}
0159			Y Umlaut / Function/Florin/Guilder
0160	 {sp}		{Non-Breaking Space} / a acute
0161			Inverted Exclamation Pt. / i Acute
0162			Cent Sign / o Acute
0163	0		Pound Sterling Sign / u Acute
0164			Starred Circle / nuez (n Tilde)
0165			Yen (Money) Sign / NUEZ (N tilde)
0166			Vertical Broken Bar / Superscript a
0167			Section (SS) / Superscript o
0168			Umlaut / Inverted Question Mark
0169		_	Copyright Sign / Underscore(line)
0170			Superscript a / Logical Not
0171			Much Less Than / Half Fraction 1/2
0172			Logical Not / Quarter Fraction 1/4
0173	{nf?}		Non-Funct.? / Inverted Exclamation Point
0174			Registry Mark / Much Less Than
0175			Macron / Much Greater Than
0176		_*	Degree Sign / {Box Draw}
0177		_*	Plus/Minus Sign / {Box Draw}
0178		_*	Superscript Two / {Box Draw}
0179		*	Superscript Three / {Box Draw}
0180		*	Acute Accent (Aigue) / {Box Draw}
0181		*	Mu/Micron / {Box Draw}
0182		*	Paragraph Sign / {Box Draw}
0183		+*	Light Mid Dot / {Box Draw}
0184		+*	Cedilla (Cedille) / {Box Draw}
0185		*	Superscript One / {Box Draw}
0186		*	Superscript Zero / {Box Draw}
0187		+*	Much Greater Than / {Box Draw}
0188		+*	One Quarter Fraction 1/4 / {Box Draw}
0189		+*	One Half Fraction 1/2 / {Box Draw}
0190		+*	Three Quarter Fraction 3/4 / {BoxDraw}
0191		+*	Inverted Question Mark / {Box Draw}
0192		+*	A Grave / {Box Draw}
0193		-*	A Acute / {Box Draw}
0194		-*	A Caret / {Box Draw}
0195		+*	A Tilde / {Box Draw}
0196		-*	A Umlaut / {Box Draw}
0197		+*	A Ring Above / {Box Draw}
0198		*	AE Digraph / {Box Draw}
0199		*	C Cedilla / {Box Draw}
0200		+*	E Grave / {Box Draw}
0201		+*	E Acute / {Box Draw}
0202		-*	E Caret / {Box Draw}
0203		-*	E Umlaut / {Box Draw}
0204		*	I Grave / {Box Draw}
0205		-*	I Acute / {Box Draw}
0206		+*	I Caret / {Box Draw}
0207		-*	I Umlaut / {Box Draw}
0208	?	-*	D Crossbar {?} / Box Draw
0209		-*	NUEZ (N Tilde) / Box Draw
0210		-*	O Grave / {Box Draw}
0211		+*	O Acute / {Box Draw}
0212		+*	O Caret / {Box Draw}
0213		+*	O Tilde / {Box Draw}
0214		+*	O Umlaut / {Box Draw}
0215		+*	Times (Multiply) Sign / Box Draw
0216		+*	O Slash / {Box Draw}
0217		+*	U Grave / {Box Draw}
0218		+*	U Acute / {Box Draw}
0219		+*	U Caret / {Box Draw}
0220		_*	O Grave / {Box Draw}
0221		*	Y Acute / {Box Draw}
0222		_*	U.C. Thorn / {Box Draw}
0223		_?	l.c. sharp ss (NOT Beta) / {Box Draw}
0224		_?	a Grave / {Ext. ASCII l.c alpha}
0225			a Acute / l.c. sharp s (NOT Beta)
0226		_?	a Caret / {Ext. ASCII U.C. GAMMA}
0227			a Tilde / {Ext. ASCII l.c.? pi}
0228		_?	a Umlaut / {Ext. ASCII U.C. SIGMA}
0229		_?	a Ring Above / {Ext ASCII lc sigma}
0230			ae Digraph / l.c. Mu/Micron
0231		_?	c Cedilla/{Ext. ASCII U.C. SIGMA LUNATE}
0232		_?	e Grave / {Ext. ASCII U.C. PHI}
0233		_?	e Acute / {Ext. ASCII U.C. THETA}
0234		_?	e Caret / {Ext. ASCII U. C. OMEGA}
0235		_?	e Umlaut / {Ext. ASCII l.c. delta}
0236		_?	i Grave / {Ext. ASCII Infinite Sign}
0237		_?	i Acute / {Ext. ASCII Not-Infinite Sign}
0238		_?	i Caret / {Ext. ASCII l.c. epsilon}
0239		_?	i Umlaut / {Ext. ASCII l.c. eta}
0240		_?	l.c. Icelandic Eth / {Ext. ASCII Equivalent}
0241			n Tilde (nuez) / Plus/Minus
0242		_?	o Grave / {Ext. ASCII Greater or Equal}
0243		_?	o Acute / {Ext. ASCII Less Than or Equal}
0244		_?	o Caret / {Ext. ASCII Integral Sign Top}
0245		_?	o Tilde / {Ext. ASCII Integral Sign Bottom}
0246			o Umlaut / Division Sign
0247		_?	Division Sign / {Ext. ASCII Approx. Equal}
0248			o Slash / Degree Sign
0249			u Grave / Bold Mid Dot
0250			u Acute / Light Mid Dot
0251		_?	u Caret / {Ext. ASCII Root Sign}
0252		n	u Umlaut / Letter n {?}
0253			y Acute / Superscript Two
0254		_?	l.c. Thorn / {Ext. ASCII Solid Square}
0255		_?	y Umlaut / {non-functional}
0256	A	{nf}	A Macron / {non-functional}

========== In the following Alt-0xxx = Alt-xxx:

0257	a	a	a Macron
0258	A	A	A Brve
0259	a	a	a Brve
0260	A	A	A Ogonek
0261	a	a	a Ogonek
0262	C	C	C Acute
0263	c	c	c Acute
0264	C	C	C Caret
0265	c	c	c Caret
0266	C	C	C High Dot
0267	c	c	c High Dot
0268	C	C	C Caron
0269	c	c	c Caron
0270	D	D	D Caron
0271	d	d	D Apostrophe
0272	?		U.C. Icelandic Eth
0273	d	d	d Crossbar
0274	E	E	E Macron
0275	e	e	e Macron
0276	E	E	E Brve
0277	e	e	e Brve
0278	E	E	E High Dot
0279	e	e	e High Dot
0280	E	E	E Ogonek
0281	e	e	e Ogonek
0282	E	E	E Caron
0283	e	e	e Caron
0284	G	G	G Caret
0285	g	g	g Caret
0286	G	G	G Brve
0287	g	g	g Brve
0288	G	G	G High Dot
0289	g	g	g High Dot
0290	G	G	G Cedilla
0291	g	g	g High Comma
0292	H	H	H Caret
0293	h	h	h Caret
0294	H	H	H Crossbar
0295	h	h	h Crossbar
0296	I	I	I Tilde
0297	i	i	i Tilde
0298	I	I	I Macron
0299	i	i	i Macron
0300	I	I	I Brve
0301	i	i	i Brve
0302	I	I	I Ogonek
0303	i	i	i Ogonek
0304	I	I	I High Dot
0305	i	i	i No Dot
0306	?	?	IJ Digraph
0307	?	?	ij Digraph
0308	J	J	J Caret
0309	j	j	j Caret
0310	K	K	K Cedilla
0311	k	k	k Cedilla
0312	?	?	Greenlandic l.c. k
0313	L	L	L Acute
0314	l	l	l Acute
0315	L	L	L Cedilla
0316	l	l	l Cedilla
0317	L	L	L Apostrophe
0318	l	l	l Apostrophe
0319	?	?	L Mid Dot
0320	?	?	l Mod Dot
0321	L	L	L-Stroke
0322	l	l	l-Stroke
0323	N	N	N-Acute
0324	n	n	n-Acute
0325	N	N	N-Cedilla
0326	n	n	n-Cedilla
0327	N	N	N-Caron
0328	n	n	n-Caron
0329	?	?	n-Apostrophe
0330	?	?	U.C. Eng
0331	?	?	l.c. Eng
0332	O	O	O-Macron
0333	o	o	o-Macron
0334	O	O	O-Brve
0335	o	o	o-Brve
0336	O	O	O-Double Acute
0337	o	o	o-Double Acute
0338			OE-Digraph
0339			oe-Digraph
0340	R	R	R-Acute
0341	r	r	r-Acute
0342	R	R	R-Cedilla
0343	r	r	r-Cedilla
0344	R	R	R-Caron
0345	r	r	r-Caron
0346	S	S	S-Acute
0347	s	s	s-Acute
0348	S	S	S-Caron
0349	s	s	s-Caron
0350	S	S	S-Cedilla
0351	s	s	s-Cedilla
0352			S-Caron
0353			s-Caron
0354	T	T	T-Low Comma
0355	t	t	t-Low Comma
0356	T	T	T-Caron
0357	t	t	t-Apostrophe
0358	T	T	T-Crossbar
0359	t	t	t-Crossbar
0360	U	U	U-Tilde
0361	u	u	u-Tilde
0362	U	U	U-Macron
0363	u	u	u-Macron
0364	U	U	U-Brve
0365	u	u	u-Brve
0366	U	U	U-Ring Above
0367	u	u	u-Ring Above
0368	U	U	U-Double Acute
0369	u	u	u-Double Acute
0370	U	U	U-Ogonek
0371	u	u	u-Ogonek
0372	W	W	W-Caret
0373	w	w	w-Caret
0374	Y	Y	Y-Caret
0375	y	y	y-Caret
0376			Y-Umlaut
0377	Z	Z	Z-Acute
0378	z	z	z-Acute
0379	Z	Z	Z High Dot
0380	z	z	z High Dot
0381			Z Caron
0382			z Caron
0383	?	?	l.c. antique s (f with half bar)
0384	b?	b?	{non-functional}

0xxx	Alt-0xxx	Alt-xxx	Description (Alt-0xxx / Alt xxx)


< and > and  and  are also known as left and right Guillemets.

 and  are also known as left and right double Guillemets.

 and , as accents, are also known as Myagkij and Tverdyj Znak, respectively.

 Logical Not is also known as the Feminine Ordinal (whatever THAT means!).

 Small sharp ss, German (sz ligature) - NOT Greek l.c. beta.

This listing does not begin to be exact; different platforms and servers handle these codes differently.

Further, I have not yet checked out each of the nearly 700 codes and results.  It sure doesn't look good, though!

Here are print-outs created in a graphics program of the active, non-duplicating sets Alt 032-254 and Alt 0128-0256 (because they are so detailed, I have also thumbnailed them):   new.gif (07 Jun 03)


(07 Jun 2003 Images by and © 2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
[Thumbnailed images - click on pictures for larger images]

"{ }" indicates a non-funtioning code;
blanks are codes that did not print in the graphics program
(these images have not been fully checked out yet).

(More to follow.)

U" Ő --> O" capital U, double acute accent U" Ű --> U" Ű --> U" small o, double acute accent o" ű --> u" ő --> o" small u, double acute accent u" ű --> u" ű --> u" -->

Here's a first stab a reproducing Jennifer Kyrnin's Web Design / HTML Guide:   new (13 May 2013)

    [Note that the HTML Numerical Codes "&#xx;" can be created in text and e-mail
        with Alt-Zero Codes "Alt-00xx" and
        "&#xxx;" with Alt-Zero Codes "Alt-0xxx".]   new (04 Sep 2013)

	Friend-	Numer-
Char-	ly	ical	Hex
acter	Code	Code	Code	Description
=====	====	====	====	===========
A	A	A	A	Capital A
a	a	a	a	Lowercase A
	À	À	À	Capital A-grave
	à	à	à	Lowercase A-grave
	Á	Á	Á	Capital A-acute
	á	á	á	Lowercase A-acute
	Â	Â	Â	Capital A-circumflex
	â	â	â	Lowercase A-circumflex
	Ã	Ã	Ã	Capital A-tilde
	ã	ã	ã	Lowercase A-tilde
	Ä	Ä	Ä	Capital A-umlaut
	ä	ä	ä	Lowercase A-umlaut
	Å	Å	Å	Capital A-ring
	å	å	å	Lowercase A-umlaut
A-	 	Ā	Ā	Capital A-macron
a-	 	ā	ā	Lowercase A-macron
A(	 	Ă	Ă	Capital A-breve
a(	 	ă	ă	Lowercase A-breve
A;	 	Ą	Ą	Capital A-ogonek
a;	 	ą	ą	Lowercase A-ogonek
A"-	 	Ǟ	Ǟ	Capital A-diaeresis and macron
a"-	 	ǟ	ǟ	Lowercase A-diaeresis and macron
A*'	 	Ǻ	Ǻ	Capital A-acute ring
a*'	 	ǻ	ǻ	Lowercase A-acute ring
	Æ	Æ	Æ	Capital AE Ligature
	æ	æ	æ	Lowercase AE Ligature
AE'	 	Ǽ	Ǽ	Capital AE Ligature-acute
ae'	 	ǽ	ǽ	Lowercase AE Ligature-acute
B	B	B	B	Capital B
b	b	b	b	Lowercase B
B.	 	Ḃ	Ḃ	Capital B-dot
b.	 	ḃ	ḃ	Lowercase B-dot
C	C	C	C	Capital C
c	c	c	c	Lowercase C
C'	 	Ć	Ć	Capital C-acute
c'	 	ć	ć	Lowercase C-acute
	Ç	Ç	Ç	Capital C-cedilla
	ç	ç	ç	Lowercase C-cedilla
C(	 	Č	Č	Capital C-hachek
c(	 	č	č	Lowercase C-hachek
C^	 	Ĉ	Ĉ	Capital C-circumflex
c^	 	ĉ	ĉ	Lowercase C-circumflex
C.	 	Ċ	Ċ	Capital C-dot
c.	 	ċ	ċ	Lowercase C-dot
D	D	D	D	Capital D
d	d	d	d	Lowercase D
D,	 	Ḑ	Ḑ	Capital D-cedilla
d,	 	ḑ	ḑ	Lowercase D-cedilla
D(	 	Ď	Ď	Capital D-hachek
d(	 	ď	ď	Lowercase D-hachek
D.	 	Ḋ	Ḋ	Capital D-dot
d.	 	ḋ	ḋ	Lowercase D-dot
?	 	Đ	Đ	Capital D-stroke
?	 	đ	đ	Lowercase D-stroke
	Ð	Ð	Ð	Capital Eth (Icelandic)
	ð	ð	ð	Lowercase Eth (Icelandic)
DZ / Dz	 	DZ or &498;	DZ or Dz	Capital DZ Ligature
dz	 	dz	dz	Lowercase DZ Ligature
DZ( / Dz(	 	DŽ or Dž	DŽ or Dž	Capital DZ-hachek
dz(	 	dž	dž	Lowercase DZ-hachek
=====	====	====	====	===========
	Friend-	Numer-
Char-	ly	ical	Hex
acter	Code	Code	Code	Description
=====	====	====	====	===========
E	E	E	E	Capital E
e	e	e	e	Lowercase E
	È	È	È	Capital E-grave
	è	è	è	Lowercase E-grave
	É	É	É	Capital E-acute
	é	é	é	Lowercase E-acute
E(	 	Ě	Ě	Capital E-hachek
e(	 	ě	ě	Lowercase E-hachek
	Ê	Ê	Ê	Capital E-circumflex
	ê	ê	ê	Lowercase E-circumflex
	Ë	Ë	Ë	Capital E-umlaut
	ë	ë	ë	Lowercase E-umlaut
E-	 	Ē	Ē	Capital E-macron
e-	 	ē	ē	Lowercase E-macron
E(	 	Ĕ	Ĕ	Capital E-breve
e(	 	ĕ	ĕ	Lowercase E-breve
E;	 	Ę	Ę	Capital E-ogonek
e;	 	ę	ę	Lowercase E-ogonek
E.	 	Ė	Ė	Capital E-dot
e.	 	ė	ė	Lowercase E-dot
?	 	Ʒ	Ʒ	Capital Ezh
?	 	ʒ	ʒ	Lowercase Ezh
EZH(	 	Ǯ	Ǯ	Capital Ezh-hachek
ezh(	 	ǯ	ǯ	Lowercase Ezh-hachek
F	F	F	F	Capital F
f	f	f	f	Lowercase F
F.	 	Ḟ	Ḟ	Capital F-dot
f.	 	ḟ	ḟ	Lowercase F-dot
	 	ƒ	ƒ	Lowercase F-hook
ff	 	ff	ff	Lowercase FF Ligature
fi	 	fi	fi	Lowercase FI Ligature
fl	 	fl	fl	Lowercase FL Ligature
ffi	 	ffi	ffi	Lowercase FFI Ligature
ffl	 	ffl	ffl	Lowercase FFL Ligature
?	 	ſt	ſt	Lowercase FT Ligature
=====	====	====	====	===========
	Friend-	Numer-
Char-	ly	ical	Hex
acter	Code	Code	Code	Description
=====	====	====	====	===========
G	G	G	G	Capital G
g	g	g	g	Lowercase G
G'	 	Ǵ	Ǵ	Capital G-acute
g'	 	ǵ	ǵ	Lowercase G-acute
G,	 	Ģ	Ģ	Capital G-cedilla
g,	 	ģ	ģ	Lowercase G-cedilla
G(	 	Ǧ	Ǧ	Capital G-hachek
g(	 	ǧ	ǧ	Lowercase G-hachek
G^	 	Ĝ	Ĝ	Capital G-circumflex
g^	 	ĝ	ĝ	Lowercase G-circumflex
G(	 	Ğ	Ğ	Capital G-breve
g(	 	ğ	ğ	Lowercase G-breve
G.	 	Ġ	Ġ	Capital G-dot
g.	 	ġ	ġ	Lowercase G-dot
?	 	Ǥ	Ǥ	Capital G-stroke
?	 	ǥ	ǥ	Lowercase G-stroke
H	H	H	H	Capital H
h	h	h	h	Lowercase H
H^	 	Ĥ	Ĥ	Capital H-circumflex
h^	 	ĥ	ĥ	Lowercase H-circumflex
?	 	Ħ	Ħ	Capital H-stroke
?	 	ħ	ħ	Lowercase H-stroke
I	I	I	I	Capital I
i	i	i	i	Lowercase I
	Ì	Ì	Ì	Capital I-grave
	ì	ì	ì	Lowercase I-grave
	Í	Í	Í	Capital I-acute
	í	í	í	Lowercase I-acute
	Î	Î	Î	Capital I-circumflex
	î	î	î	Lowercase I-circumflex
I~	 	Ĩ	Ĩ	Capital I-tilde
i~	 	ĩ	ĩ	Lowercase I-tilde
	Ï	Ï	Ï	Capital I-umlaut
	ï	ï	ï	Lowercase I-umlaut
I-	 	Ī	Ī	Capital I-macron
i-	 	ī	ī	Lowercase I-macron
I(	 	Ĭ	Ĭ	Capital I-breve
i(	 	ĭ	ĭ	Lowercase I-breve
I;	 	Į	Į	Capital I-ogonek
i;	 	į	į	Lowercase I-ogonek
I.	 	İ	İ	Capital I-dot
?	 	ı	ı	Lowercase I-dotless
IJ	 	IJ	IJ	Capital IJ Ligature
ij	 	ij	ij	Lowercase IJ Ligature
J	J	J	J	Capital J
j	j	j	j	Lowercase J
J^	 	Ĵ	Ĵ	Capital J-circumflex
j^	 	ĵ	ĵ	Lowercase J-circumflex
K	K	K	K	Capital K
k	k	k	k	Lowercase K
K'	 	Ḱ	Ḱ	Capital K-acute
k'	 	ḱ	ḱ	Lowercase K-acute
K,	 	Ķ	Ķ	Capital K-cedilla
k,	 	ķ	ķ	Lowercase K-cedilla
K(	 	Ǩ	Ǩ	Capital K-hachek
k(	 	ǩ	ǩ	Lowercase K-hachek
?	 	ĸ	ĸ	Small Capital K
L	L	L	L	Capital L
l	l	l	l	Lowercase L
L'	 	Ĺ	Ĺ	Capital L-acute
l'	 	ĺ	ĺ	Lowercase L-acute
L,	 	Ļ	Ļ	Capital L-cedilla
l,	 	ļ	ļ	Lowercase L-cedilla
L(	 	Ľ	Ľ	Capital L-hachek
l(	 	ľ	ľ	Lowercase L-hachek
L.	 	Ŀ	Ŀ	Capital L-middle dot
l.	 	ŀ	ŀ	Lowercase L-middle dot
?	 	Ł	Ł	Capital L-stroke
?	 	ł	ł	Lowercase L-stroke
LJ / Lj	 	LJ or Lj	LJ or Lj	Capital LJ Ligature
lj	 	lj	lj	Lowercase LJ Ligature
=====	====	====	====	===========
	Friend-	Numer-
Char-	ly	ical	Hex
acter	Code	Code	Code	Description
=====	====	====	====	===========
M	M	M	M	Capital M
m	m	m	m	Lowercase M
M.	 	Ṁ	Ṁ	Capital M-dot
m.	 	ṁ	ṁ	Lowercase M-dot
N	N	N	N	Capital N
n	n	n	n	Lowercase N
N'	 	Ń	Ń	Capital N-acute
n'	 	ń	ń	Lowercase N-acute
N,	 	Ņ	Ņ	Capital N-cedilla
n,	 	ņ	ņ	Lowercase N-cedilla
N(	 	Ň	Ň	Capital N-hachek
n(	 	ň	ň	Lowercase N-hachek
	Ñ	Ñ	Ñ	Capital N-tilde
	ñ	ñ	ñ	Lowercase N-tilde
'n	 	ʼn	ʼn	Lowercase N-apostrophe (before)
?	 	Ŋ	Ŋ	Capital Eng
?	 	ŋ	ŋ	Lowercase Eng
NJ / Nj	 	NJ or Nj	NJ or Nj	Capital NJ Ligature
nj	 	nj	nj	Lowercase NJ Ligature
O	O	O	O	Capital O
o	o	o	o	Lowercase O
	Ò	Ò	Ò	Capital O-grave
	ò	ò	ò	Lowercase O-grave
	Ó	Ó	Ó	Capital O-acute
	ó	ó	ó	Lowercase O-acute
	Ô	Ô	Ô	Capital O-circumflex
	ô	ô	ô	Lowercase O-circumflex
	Õ	Õ	Õ	Capital O-tilde
	õ	õ	õ	Lowercase O-tilde
	Ö	Ö	Ö	Capital O-umlaut
	ö	ö	ö	Lowercase O-umlaut
O-	 	Ō	Ō	Capital O-macron
o-	 	ō	ō	Lowercase O-macron
O(	 	Ŏ	Ŏ	Capital O-breve
o(	 	ŏ	ŏ	Lowercase O-breve
	Ø	Ø	Ø	Capital O-slash
	ø	ø	ø	Lowercase O-slash
O"	 	Ő	Ő	Capital O-double acute
o"	 	ő	ő	Lowercase O-double acute
O/'	 	Ǿ	Ǿ	Capital O-acute slash
o/'	 	ǿ	ǿ	Lowercase O-acute slash
	Œ	Œ	Œ	Capital OE Ligature
	œ	œ	œ	Lowercase OE Ligature
P	P	P	P	Capital P
p	p	p	p	Lowercase P
P.	 	Ṗ	Ṗ	Capital P-dot
p.	 	ṗ	ṗ	Lowercase P-dot
Q	Q	Q	Q	Capital Q
q	q	q	q	Lowercase Q
R	R	R	R	Capital R
r	r	r	r	Lowercase R
R'	 	Ŕ	Ŕ	Capital R-acute
r'	 	ŕ	ŕ	Lowercase R-acute
R,	 	Ŗ	Ŗ	Capital R-cedilla
r,	 	ŗ	ŗ	Lowercase R-cedilla
R(	 	Ř	Ř	Capital R-hachek
r(	 	ř	ř	Lowercase R-hachek
?	 	ɼ	ɼ	Lowercase R-Long leg
=====	====	====	====	===========
	Friend-	Numer-
Char-	ly	ical	Hex
acter	Code	Code	Code	Description
=====	====	====	====	===========
S	S	S	S	Capital S
s	s	s	s	Lowercase S
S'	 	Ś	Ś	Capital S-acute
s'	 	ś	ś	Lowercase S-acute
S,	 	Ş	Ş	Capital S-cedilla
s,	 	ş	ş	Lowercase S-cedilla
	 	Š	Š	Capital S-hachek
	 	š	š	Lowercase S-hachek
S^	 	Ŝ	Ŝ	Capital S-circumflex
s^	 	ŝ	ŝ	Lowercase S-circumflex
S.	 	Ṡ	Ṡ	Capital S-dot
s.	 	ṡ	ṡ	Lowercase S-dot
s	 	ſ	ſ	Lowercase S-long
	ß	ß	ß	Lowercase SZ Ligature
T	T	T	T	Capital T
t	t	t	t	Lowercase T
T,	 	Ţ	Ţ	Capital T-cedilla
t,	 	ţ	ţ	Lowercase T-cedilla
T(	 	Ť	Ť	Capital T-hachek
t(	 	ť	ť	Lowercase T-hachek
T.	 	Ṫ	Ṫ	Capital T-dot
t.	 	ṫ	ṫ	Lowercase T-dot
?	 	Ŧ	Ŧ	Capital T-stroke
?	 	ŧ	ŧ	Lowercase T-stroke
	Þ	Þ	Þ	Capital Thorn
	þ	þ	þ	Lowercase Thorn
U	U	U	U	Capital U
u	u	u	u	Lowercase U
	Ù	Ù	Ù	Capital U-grave
	ù	ù	ù	Lowercase U-grave
	Ú	Ú	Ú	Capital U-acute
	ú	ú	ú	Lowercase U-acute
	Û	Û	Û	Capital U-circumflex
	û	û	û	Lowercase U-circumflex
U~	 	Ũ	Ũ	Capital U-tilde
u~	 	ũ	ũ	Lowercase U-tilde
	Ü	Ü	Ü	Capital U-umlaut
	ü	ü	ü	Lowercase U-umlaut
U*	 	Ů	Ů	Capital U-ring
u*	 	ů	ů	Lowercase U-ring
U-	 	Ū	Ū	Capital U-macron
u-	 	ū	ū	Lowercase U-macron
U(	 	Ŭ	Ŭ	Capital U-breve
u(	 	ŭ	ŭ	Lowercase U-breve
U;	 	Ų	Ų	Capital U-ogonek
u;	 	ų	ų	Lowercase U-ogonek
U"	 	Ű	Ű	Capital U-double acute
u"	 	ű	ű	Lowercase U-double acute
V	V	V	V	Capital V
v	v	v	v	Lowercase V
W	W	W	W	Capital W
w	w	w	w	Lowercase W
W`	 	Ẁ	Ẁ	Capital W-grave
w`	 	ẁ	ẁ	Lowercase W-grave
W'	 	Ẃ	Ẃ	Capital W-acute
w'	 	ẃ	ẃ	Lowercase W-acute
W^	 	Ŵ	Ŵ	Capital W-circumflex
w^	 	ŵ	ŵ	Lowercase W-circumflex
W"	 	Ẅ	Ẅ	Capital W-umlaut
w"	 	ẅ	ẅ	Lowercase W-umlaut
X	X	X	X	Capital X
x	x	x	x	Lowercase X
Y	Y	Y	Y	Capital Y
y	y	y	y	Lowercase Y
Y`	 	Ỳ	Ỳ	Capital Y-grave
y`	 	ỳ	ỳ	Lowercase Y-grave
	Ý	Ý	Ý	Capital Y-acute
	ý	ý	ý	Lowercase Y-acute
Y^	 	Ŷ	Ŷ	Capital Y-circumflex
y^	 	ŷ	ŷ	Lowercase Y-circumflex
	Ÿ	Ÿ	Ÿ	Capital Y-umlaut
	ÿ	ÿ	ÿ	Lowercase Y-umlaut
Z	Z	Z	Z	Capital Z
z	z	z	z	Lowercase Z
Z'	 	Ź	Ź	Capital Z-acute
z'	 	ź	ź	Lowercase Z-acute
	 	Ž	Ž	Capital Z-hachek
	 	ž	ž	Lowercase Z-hachek
Z.	 	Ż	Ż	Capital Z-dot
z.	 	ż	ż	Lowercase Z-dot
=====	====	====	====	===========
Char-	Friend-	Numer-	Hex	Description
acter	ly	ical	Code
Code	Code	Code
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