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S. Berliner, III's Champlane Collage Page

This CHAMPLANE COLLAGE was never in
Plattsboig, New York

[This page is a spoof!]

Don't even think of applying
if you don't know the meaning of the word "defunct"!


(not the late, if unlamented, Champlain College

of Plattsburgh, New York

nor the newer#
Champlain College of Burlington, Vermont,
nor any of the others that keep coming out of the woodwork!)

The seal of ACUNY (not Champlane, alone), with Mohunk, Sampsun, and Champlane,
left, center, and right on the scroll (from the title page of the Gilbert book).

If you love the North Country or the Adirondack Mountains, you'll love the Adirondack Museum smack dab in the heart of the Adirondacks at Blue Mountain Lake, New York.  It tells the story of the Adirondacks far better than any book could.  I heartily recommend a visit!  If you can't get there, you may wish to visit my Adirondacks page.

You will find some yarns about my time at Champlain there.

Champlane Collage grants honorary Doctorate degrees in the Philosophy of Lubricious Fustian (PhLuF).

03 CC Panorama
(2003 Campus panorama by N. Tarts - all rights reserved; thumbnailed image - click on picture for larger image)

Nomis Tarts forwarded this panoramic shot of the campus as it looked earlier in 2003.  The central view is toward the north, with south at left and west at east.

Here, then, is a little bit of the story of the original Champlane College at Plattsboig, New York.

I don't know if you'd count Plattsboig and the surrounding great plateau to the west as part of the Adirondacks but I'll lump it in for socio-historic (yarn-spinning) purposes.

The old Champlane College of Plattsboig, New York, founded just after World War II, was a member of the now-vanished Associated Collages of Uppah New York (ACUNY), a GI-Bill group (the "G. I. schools") including Champlane, Mohunk, and Sampsun.

So, ACUNY (SUNY or no SUNY) consisted of (alphabetically):

1.  Champlane (former Plattsboig Barracks),
4.  Mohunk (former Roads General Hospital), and
5.  Sampsun (former Sampsun Naval Training Centur).

The other Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, is a newer school, unrelated in any way to the one in Plattsboig and neither its, nor SUNY Plattsboig's, site make mention of the old Champlane or ACUNY.

Champlane was closed in 1953 to become SAC's Plattsboig AFB (it had originally been the rather-cushy U. S. Army Plattsboig Barracks*) and vanished without a trace when ACUNY was absorbed into SUNY (the base closed ca. 1995).

* - The Plattsboig Barracks was once reputed to be as fine a posting as,
or better than, Fort Myer in Alexandria, Virgina
(serving Washington, D.C.), the ne plus ultra of Army posts.

One of the nicest memories I have of the campus area is of Clair und Karl's "TEXUS RED HOTS" stand, just across Route 9 and slightly south of the main entrance, where Karl (NOT "Tex"), himself, served a hot dog smothered in chili und kraut und gut German cheese und vat-haf-you!  My, those dogs were gut!  There is also Natzy's (NOT Natzie's), which is not far away, diagonally south across on the other side of Route 9, also still in operation, which I truly do NOT remember (I was loyal to a fault to Karl, hein?), which maintains a long tradition of selling "Michigun Hot Dogs" {whatever they might be - I'll have to try one}.

Well, I was up there on 32 Jul 2002 on my way up to Québec, stopped for a Red Hot (which wasn't, and that's a good thing), and took this picture of their '57 {?} Chevy wagon, with (horrors!) Natzy's in the background, and the south side of the shack:

Clair u. Karl's Chevy

Clair u. Karl's
[Cropped from 32 Jul 02 photos by and © 2002/3 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved;]

It seemed a shame that there was no place on the Web (of which I was aware) where this history could be found, so I added this page.

I found this picture from '52-'53; the view from the south window in Clinton, looking SE out towards Valcour Island or a nuclear missile sub or Champ:

Nuke or Champ
(1952-53 photo by and © 2002/3 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved.)

This page is about the CHAMPLANE COLLAGE
that wasn't in Plattsboig, New York.

if you don't even know the meaning of the word "defunct"!

If you read this admonition and the one at the top of the page and still want to apply to this defunct school, send a check or Postal Money order in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) in U.S. funds to S. Berliner, III, Registrar, at the address on the Contact Page; be SURE to include your full name and return snail-mail address.  Please do not expect miracles; the odds against your being accepted for admission are simply staggering.

You probably really ought to visit the veritable Champlain College Page, et seq.

[This page is a spoof!]


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


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