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Stan Mott and the

Hosted by S. Berliner, III


Classic Cyclops


On S. Berliner, III's original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to this page, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.

On the main Cyclops page (heavily revised 31 Oct 07 and again 14 Nov 07):
    Stan Mott in original Cyclops, at R&T ca. May 1957.
    Stan Mott's Original Artwork.
    Stan Mott, Artist.
        The Cartoons.
        Cyclops' Night Out.
        [The Official Plans of a Cyclops II (orthographic views)].
        Martini's Teeth.

On the Cyclops Page 1 - Classic Cyclops:
  mirror of original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to these pages, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Cyclops at the Glen in 1978.
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.
    Three Generations of a Cyclops Family!

On Cyclops page 2 - Classic Cyclops:
    Cyclops Railcars (November 1985).
    Cyclops Competition Container Caravans - the World's first All-Purpose Adjustable Vehicle (APAV) (November 1990).
    Cyclops Pony Express (March 1992).
    Cyclops Safety Car (circa 1993).
    Cyclops Simplice (October 2007).
    Miscellaneous Cyclops Cartoons and Illustrations (July 2008).
    1958 Cyclops Christmas Card and Quiz.

On this Cyclops page 3 - Classic Cyclops:
    Cyclops Cutout (Jan 2009, afer ca. 1957).
    Cyclops Segway for Xmas 2009.
    Glen and Matt Thomas's Cyclops
    CYCLOPS TATTOO! (29 Feb 2012).
    CYCLEOPS (22 Aug 2012).
    New Cyclops Material (unindexed).
    Twin-Turbo Cyclops!.
    Old Cyclops Racing Choo-Choo (11 Apr 2015).   new.gif (11 Apr 2015)

    CYCLCOPS (11 Apr 2015).   new.gif (11 Apr 2015)

On Cyclops page 4- Even More Cyclops:
    Jim Ducoing's Cyclops II (Dec 2014).
  new.gif (04 Dec 2014)

On Stan Mott page 1:
    Les 24 Heures de Choo-Choo" [the 24 Hours of Choo-Choo (as in Le Mans).
    The History of Tanks {Racing Tanks, that is}.
    A Tribute to Genius - Soviet Aircraft Designer Igor Sokerov.
    Very Expensive Thrills.
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (moved to Stan Mott page 2 on 30 Jul 2008).

On Stan Mott page 2:
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (moved to Stan Mott page 2 on 30 Jul 2008).
    Gokart Drawings and Photos.
    Recent Photos of Stan Mott.

On Stan Mott Page 3:
    More Mott Cartoons and Illustrations.
    King Kong Cub.

On Stan Mott page 4:
    Mott's Spots, ca. 1965-1977.
"Chicken Road Accident" circa 1974.

On Stan Mott page 4:
    Mott's Spots, ca. 1965-1977.
"Chicken Road Accident" circa 1974.

On Stan Mott page 5:
    Twelve More for the Sketch Book
    New Stan Mott Images (unindexed).

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger/sharper image;
for the full ~1.3Mb art click here]
(image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)


Yes, welcome to The Official Automobili Cyclops SpA Website, as demonstrated by Trebor Crunchog careening a Cyclops grand prix car through the Monte Carlo Casino (above - see the main Cyclops page for the full explanation of what that was all about).

BOOK!  Stan Mott has published a fabulous graphic paperback novel, "ABSOLUTE ALLIANCE"   new.gif (13 Nov 2014)


"Although I produced most of the Cyclops features over the years, Robert Cumberford is co-creator of Cyclops and crucial contributor to the Cyclops myth (I mean reality).  Robert created Piero Martini, wrote six Cyclops articles, and assisted me greatly in learning how to write 13 Cyclops articles.  Robert has been a successful car and aircraft designer for the last 50 years, and Design Editor for Automobile Magazine for the last 21 years.  If I tried to explain the fun we've had over the last half century satirizing the foibles of the automotive world, no one would believe me - particularly since we got paid for it!  It's been a tough life.

Stan Mott"

Classic Cyclops

Additional pièces de résistances, real, honest-to-gosh COPIES of Stan Mott's ORIGINAL ARTWORK!

note-rt.gif - all artwork reproduced here is scanned from direct, first-generation copies of the originals, supplied to me by Stan Mott himself and Stan Mott has retained the copyright ownership of all such artwork and has given me (S. Berliner, III) specific, written permission to reproduce said artwork on this site (; no other reproduction of said artwork is permitted for any purpose whatsoever without the prior, written permission of Stan Mott.

Any other reproduction of these works is unauthorized and is a direct violation of the author's rights in intellectual property.

Further, since these works are copied from 50-year-old board-mounted art, some shrinkage and warpage, as well as mounting-tape gum wicking has occurred; I have trimmed the scans only as I deemed appropriate to minimize memory needed while presenting the works in their authentic current condition.  Also, in order to speed loading of the page, I have provided thumbnailed images which are what appear here; to get the higher-resolution images, simply click on the pictures that you see on your screen.

O. K.  Here we go - more cartoons!  The selections were chosen by Stan and he supplied the captions (remember - these are thumbnailed images - click on the pictures for larger/sharper images).

Cyclops Cutout! - Here is a new version of Stan's Cyclops cutout from Road & Track ca. 1957; per Stan on 02 Jan 2009, "This Cyclops Cutout is copyrighted by Stan Mott.  But viewers may download and reproduce copies for personal use and enjoyment.  Not for commercial use.  That means selling or trading for financial profit.  This is a No No.":   new.gif (08 Jan 09)

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger (612Kb) image]
(image courtesy of and © 2009 S. Mott - all rights reserved)

Stan wrote:

"I did the first one 52 years ago for a Road & Track Christmas card.  John and Elaine Bond were sitting in it.  No, that is not John in this version."

Clearly not, and somehow that's quite probably not Elaine Bond, either (not in 2009, at any rate)!

- - - * - - -

Cyclops Segway for a Merry Christmas 2009

Stan Mott sent this new material along on 21 Dec 2009 for your edification, the Cyclops Segway:

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger (926Kb) image]
(image courtesy of and © 2009 S. Mott - all rights reserved)

Although no explanation should be required, he appended these two illustrations showing how the running gear is attached; "Rainbow Arch Suspension® spring flipped up side down to accommodate a single axle" and how "reindeer can adroitly balance the thing by, yes, the age-old technique developed on unicycles ... like peddling backwards and forwards... ":

SMott2009XmasCyclopsSegway2 SMott2009XmasCyclopsSegway3
[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger (377Kb & 366Kb) images]
(images courtesy of and © 2009 S. Mott - all rights reserved)

Stan may well not be aware of this but I (SB,III) happen to know that after initial flight tests, Santa had the elves genetically engineer a strain of reindeer with airfoil cross-section antlers to improve their short take-off and landing characteristics (the world's first STOL reindeer).

May I join Stan in wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year?

- - - * - - -

The Thomas Cyclops - Glenn Thomas and his son Matt built a real, honest to goodness working Cyclops:   new.gif (11 Sep 2011)

GThomasCyclops1-1 GThomasCyclops1-2 GThomasCyclops1-3

GThomasCyclops1-4 GThomasCyclops1-5 GThomasCyclops1-6
[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]
(heavily cropped images from and courtesy of and © 2010 G. Thomas - all rights reserved)

[I thought I'd posted the first set of these photos but I can't find them - go on; embarass me by telling me I did!]

To top this off, the Thomases built a second car, a Cyclops RS:   new.gif (11 Sep 2011)

GThomasCyclops2-1 GThomasCyclops2-2 GThomasCyclops2-3
[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]
(heavily cropped images from and courtesy of and © 2011 G. Thomas - all rights reserved)

Stan dubbed the Thomases "the ace Cyclops manufacturing team", proclaiming "Absolutely fabulous, marvelous, stupendous!!!  I would like you and Matt to know that you are now the foremost manufacturers of Cyclops automobiles!  You have nobly built not just one -- others have done that -- but TWO of those suckers!

A world record!!!


So you have the official blessing of the whole Cyclops organization!"

{And they have mine (SB,III) as well, especially for furnishing more pix.}

Glenn wrote Stan, "Well, another year has passed and believe it or not, Matt and I just completed another Cyclops.  I think I’m hooked on your design.  This one has an improved gas and brake pedal.  A two door version using pin type hinges, so the doors can be lifted off for painting.  A stronger body construction and I switched from a centrifugal clutch to a torque converter.  It has no suspension, which made it easier for us to construct and with the torque converter we should be able to drive this one a lot."

Concerned about rain at car shows, he added that "It is tough to roll up windows, if you don’t have any."

In his response, Stan added, "my sympathies for building one without suspension; reference to my experience of driving a gokart without suspension around the world".

Now, as wonderful as the Thomas' work is, I simply can not abide sealed beams on a Cyclops, so -   new.gif (11 Sep 2011)

GThomasCyclops2P100 GThomasCyclops1/2P100
[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]
(images doctored by Berlinerwerke Art Dept. from 2011 images courtesy of G. Thomas - all rights reserved)

CYCLOPS TATTOO! - Stan sent along a photo of "leg art"; I intensely dislike permanent tattoos as disfigurement, especially on ladies, but for Stan - wot the hey?  He wrote, "This tattoo of a Cyclops beating the competition is on the leg of Wendy, daughter of Cyclops "Fantastico" builder Jack Englehardt.  Wendy is proud of her tattoo, as rightly she should be."  Thus saith le Maître (at any rate).   new.gif (29 Feb 2012)

(cropped from image from Jack Englehardt, courtesy of and © 2012 S, Mott - all rights reserved)

Yee-hah!  I heard from one John Olrech III of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, who is "starting to build a full size replica of the Cyclops grand prix motorcycle with dust bin fairing" but couldn't remember in which issue of Road & Track it had appeared.  Passing his query along to le Maître resulted in a typical Cyclopean lightning-fast response.  Stan wrote back that he was happy to "pass along to you the 'Cycleops' feature from Road & Track March 1961" and that he "would very much like to see your finished Cyclops GP motorcycle" (as would I).  Here, then, is the long-lost CYCLEOPS:

Cycleops1 Cycleops2
[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]
(images courtesy of and © 1961 S. Mott - all rights reserved)

I couldn't see the Uniclops until I pieced the two pages together; it's across the fold:

[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]
(picture extracted and enlarged from images courtesy of and © 1961 S. Mott - all rights reserved)

Further, I just couldn't rsist tweaking le Maître yet again, resulting in this Isle of Man Model II:

[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]
(image doctored by Berlinerwerke Art Dept. from 1961 image courtesy of and © 1961 S. Mott - all rights reserved)
[There are FIVE changes - can you find them?]

To which Stan good-naturedly responded (after monkeying around), "I put it up to the Official Cyclops Design Committee and once they finished their traditional swinging around the top of their cage, approved your foot rest on the Isle of Man Model II.  There was some debate about using a banana as foot rest, but I scotched that idea fast.  Banana.  Hmph!"  ["Hmph", indeed; more like "Ick, ick, ick"!]

Now THIS is REALLY pushing my luck; how about the Bonneville World Land Speed Record Cycleops on the Salt Flats?   new.gif (04 Mar 2013)

[click on thumbnailed pictures for larger images]
(image doctored by Berlinerwerke Art Dept. 04 Mar 2013 from 1961 image courtesy of and © 1961 S. Mott - all rights reserved)
[This isn't even worthy of explanation.]

New Cyclops Images

Stan offered these two new images, of the Diamond-shaped wheelbase Cyclops, on 28 Jul 2013 to let us know that he's still breathing over there, something that more friends and colleagues are no longer doing.  There are also two new sketches posted to Stan Mott Page 5.   new.gif (02 Aug 2013)

Official Cyclops SpA announcement:

Please find below our latest developments in:
Exciting suspension systems; a single seater Cyclops with a diamond-shaped wheelbase.  When it hits hard bumps and flies high, all wheels arc in to touch each other, like a four-wheeled ballet dancer.  Elegant!  And, while parked, extensive tests have proven that this baby will go over in a high wind!  Most exciting--especially if you are sitting in it!  Luxury models feature office chair wheels on each corner.nbsp; Available soon.


Stan Mott
Minister of Propaganda in Perpetuity
Automobili Cyclops SpA

(image courtesy of and © 2013 S. Mott - all rights reserved)
{click on thumbnailed picture for bigger image}

{Can't say it thrills me but it DID give me a fiendish new idea - heh, heh, heh!}

Twin-Turbo Cyclops! - I have been bugging le Maître mercilessly about a twin-turbo Cyclops, as originally mentioned by Don Struke in 1978 (on Cyclop Page 1, and he stoutly maintains there just ain't no such (and he should know).  I have to admit that I may be thinking of something other than a Cyclops but it bothered me enough to check in the extensive Berlinerwerke files, even though they are primarily concerned with railroadiana.  Sure enough, there it was!  It was the Cyclops TT Fantastica, a variation on Jack Englehardt's Fantastico:   new.gif (26 Aug 2013)

(image courtesy of and © 2013 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)
Twin-Turbo Cyclops TT Fantastica
{click on thumbnailed picture for bigger image}
[with apologies (sort of) to J. Englehardt]

Not much room in there for the two little Garretts AND the ducting AND the driver but - SWOOOOSH - how she can scoon!

Stan found this photo of a derelict old racing Choo-Choo and the Berlinerwerke crew, confused between Les 24 Heures de Choo-Choo [the 24 Hours of Choo-Choo (as in Le Mans)], Racing Steam Locomotives, and the Cyclops Railcars, grabbed wire scalers and paint, a headlight and side lights, and dashed off precipitately to rescue the old wreck, with this preliminary result:
.   new.gif (11 Apr 2015)

TwinTurboCyclops  TwinTurboCyclops
[left image courtesy of S. Mott and right image perpetrated by the BW Art Dept. - all rights reserved)
Cyclops RR Fixer-Upper before and during.

Now what?  Just fixing that tire, alone, will seriously strain the resources of the BW volunteers.

You may recall the CYCLEOPS (you SHOULD - it's further up on this page!) two-wheelers; well, how about the CYCLCOPS?

Thanks to the resourceful Berlinerwerke Art Dept., here it is:   new.gif (11 Apr 2015)

(another image courtesy of S. Mott (sort of) and perpetrated by the BW Art Dept. - all rights reserved)
[Click on thumbnail for larger image
(although why anyone would want to eludes me)]

For chasing fleeing bikers, it just can't be beat; the Cyclcops Police Special has a Dodge Hemi cylinder head on its V-1!

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