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Stan Mott and the

Hosted by S. Berliner, III


Even More Cyclops


On S. Berliner, III's original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to this page, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.

On the main Cyclops page (heavily revised 31 Oct 07 and again 14 Nov 07):
    Stan Mott in original Cyclops, at R&T ca. May 1957.
    Stan Mott's Original Artwork.
    Stan Mott, Artist.
        The Cartoons.
        Cyclops' Night Out.
        [The Official Plans of a Cyclops II (orthographic views)].
        Martini's Teeth.

On the Cyclops Page 1 - Classic Cyclops:
  mirror of original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to these pages, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Cyclops at the Glen in 1978.
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.
    Three Generations of a Cyclops Family!

On Cyclops page 2 - Classic Cyclops:
    Cyclops Railcars (November 1985).
    Cyclops Competition Container Caravans - the World's first All-Purpose Adjustable Vehicle (APAV) (November 1990).
    Cyclops Pony Express (March 1992).
    Cyclops Safety Car (circa 1993).
    Cyclops Simplice (October 2007).
    Miscellaneous Cyclops Cartoons and Illustrations (July 2008).
    1958 Cyclops Christmas Card and Quiz.

On Cyclops page 3 - Classic Cyclops:
    Cyclops Cutout (Jan 2009, afer ca. 1957).
    Cyclops Segway for Xmas 2009.
    Glen and Matt Thomas's Cyclops
    CYCLOPS TATTOO! (29 Feb 2012).
    CYCLEOPS (22 Aug 2012).
    New Cyclops Material (unindexed).
    Twin-Turbo Cyclops!.

On this Cyclops page 4 - Even More Cyclops:
    Jim Ducoing's Cyclops II (Dec 2014)
        (with new material).   rev (29 Apr 2016)
    Ken Robins's Tuxedo Cyclops (Dec 2014).
    Cyclops Club (Apr 2015)
    Long-lost Kamm-back Cyclops Trike Found! (Apr 2015)
    Side-carred Cyclops Trike Rail Critter (22 Jul 2015)

On Cyclops page 5 - And Yet More Cyclops:
    Jack Handy's Cyclops II at SCCM (Oct 2015).   rev (29 Apr 2016)
    Jack Handy's Turbo-Encabulator for his Cyclops II.   new.gif (29 Apr 2016)
    Jack Englehardt's ca. 1976 Cyclops II Revisited.   new.gif (29 Apr 2016)

On Stan Mott page 1:
    Les 24 Heures de Choo-Choo" [the 24 Hours of Choo-Choo (as in Le Mans).
    The History of Tanks {Racing Tanks, that is}.
    A Tribute to Genius - Soviet Aircraft Designer Igor Sokerov.
    Very Expensive Thrills.
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (moved to Stan Mott page 2 on 30 Jul 2008).

On Stan Mott page 2:
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (moved to Stan Mott page 2 on 30 Jul 2008).
    Gokart Drawings and Photos.
    Recent Photos of Stan Mott.

On Stan Mott Page 3:
    More Mott Cartoons and Illustrations.
    King Kong Cub.

On Stan Mott page 4 (22 Aug 2012):
    Mott's Spots, ca. 1965-1977.
    "Chicken Road Accident" circa 1974.

On Stan Mott page 4:
    Twelve More for the Sketch Book
    New Stan Mott Images (unindexed).

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger/sharper image;
for the full ~1.3Mb art click here]
(image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)


Yes, welcome to The Official Automobili Cyclops SpA Website, as demonstrated by Trebor Crunchog careening a Cyclops grand prix car through the Monte Carlo Casino (above - see the main Cyclops page for the full explanation of what that was all about).

BOOK!  Stan Mott has published a fabulous graphic paperback novel, "ABSOLUTE ALLIANCE"   new.gif (13 Nov 2014)


"Although I produced most of the Cyclops features over the years, Robert Cumberford is co-creator of Cyclops and crucial contributor to the Cyclops myth (I mean reality).  Robert created Piero Martini, wrote six Cyclops articles, and assisted me greatly in learning how to write 13 Cyclops articles.  Robert has been a successful car and aircraft designer for the last 50 years, and Design Editor for Automobile Magazine for the last 21 years.  If I tried to explain the fun we've had over the last half century satirizing the foibles of the automotive world, no one would believe me - particularly since we got paid for it!  It's been a tough life.

Stan Mott"

The Ducoing Cyclops II

Jim Ducoing, of Cyclops West (fictional center), has built a real, honest-to-goodness working Cyclops II that is an incredible piece of art-cum-automotive masterpiece.   new (04 Dec 2014)

  Captions furnished by Jim Ducoing (very slightly edited):

DucoingCyclops1 DucoingCyclops2 DucoingCyclops3
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

1. - Left - Cyclops chassis and bits.
2. - Center - Cyclops panels in approximate configuration.
3. - Right - Chassis with 7HP Kohler engine installed with torque converter.

DucoingCyclops4 DucoingCyclops5 DucoingCyclops6
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

4. - Left - Major panels clamped or taped in position.
5. - Center - Side view, engine cooling air intake in rear panel.
6. - Right - Early view of Cyclops.

DucoingCyclops7 DucoingCyclops8 DucoingCyclops9
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

7. - Left - Cyclops.
8. - Center - CinZano roof panel [Jim's tribute to Piero Martini].
9. - Right - Wide shot [Even parked it looks like it breaks wind!].
{Now, just what does Jim mean by that?}

He means exactly what it sounds like (in itself a double-entendre), implying (to me, SB,III) that the perceived aerodynamics of the Cyclops is like a flying f--t!   added (05 Dec 2014)

DucoingCyclops10 DucoingCyclops11 DucoingCyclops12
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

10. - Left - Vent panels [Boxing in rear of Cyclops}.
11. - Center - Detail of front suspension.
12. - Right - Vent and handle.

DucoingCyclops13 DucoingCyclops14 DucoingCyclops15
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

13. - Left - Vents and flush door handle.
14. - Center - Cyclops V-1 engine with cold air duct on intake side and duct removing hot air by box fan to lower rear vent.
Dash is also fitted.  Inner door panels show "C" and "O" of CinZano!.
15. - Right - Cyclops view from rear [Engine cover and shaped windshield and rear window edges]..

DucoingCyclops16 DucoingCyclops17 DucoingCyclops18
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

16. - Left - {no caption}
17. - Center - Engine with battery and beginning of electric features.
18. - Right - Rear lights, spare tire, handle, and rubber hold-downs.
Exhaust outlet is just above drive sprocket..

DucoingCyclops19 DucoingCyclops20 DucoingCyclops21
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

19. - Left - Cyclops dash [Voltage meter, hour meter, turn signal lever (with blinkers)],
lights and separate headlight switches*.].
20. - Center - A poor visual of some of Stan's artwork.
21. - Right - Cyclops at sunset.

* - O.K.; I'll bite.  "Separate headlight switches"?  There's only ONE headlight! {Hee, hee - III}

Well, it's really quite simple - the Kohler hasn't the oomph to power all the electricals at one time and has no charging system so the separate switches are to spare the little battery and power the headlamp only when needed.   added (05 Dec 2014)

As the sun sinks slowly in the West, we bid farewell to our lovely Cyclops II replicar (for the nonce)!

Jim Ducoing is (obviously) an exceedingly-skilled sheet metal worker and general all-around master mechanic, to say the least!  He wants to credit Glenn Thomas* in large measure as his book, "Building a Cyclops", outlined the basic construction and details that Jim followed.  Glenn also shared several things not mentioned in the book which improved Jim's vehicle greatly.   rev (05 Dec 2014)

    {* - See Glenn's car on Cyclops page 3.

Now, what good Samaritan will donate a real Lucas P-100 headlamp to Jim {my "bright" idea - SBIII}?

- - - * - - -

Jim sent along some more detailed shots on 07 Dec 2104.   added (07 Dec 2014)

  Again, captions furnished by Jim Ducoing (very slightly edited):

DucoingCyclops22 DucoingCyclops23 DucoingCyclops24
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

22. - Left - Vent outlet... entire green/black underside of Cyclops is painted and finished with rubberized undercoat.
23. - Center - View of horn, jackshaft and torque convertor -
Note: large washers {disks} prevent chain from crawling off of sprocket!
24. - Right - Jackshaft, torque convertor, throttle bell crank with spring return.

DucoingCyclops25 DucoingCyclops26 DucoingCyclops27
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2014 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

25. - Left - Front throttle bell crank and brake pedal bracket with brake rod.
26. - Center - Longer view of throttle and brake.
27. - Right - Brake light switch and bracket and
large washer clamped to brake rod to actuate switch.

Amazing work, isn't it?

O. K.; I'm getting 'way behind here.  Here's a News Flash and the next batch from Jim:   new (29 Apr 2016)


It all started with word of mouth reports at a neighborhood in Salinas, California, in the days preceeding the Monterey Car Week, August 10-14, 2015.  On Tuesday these reports evolved into a growing mania not seen since the Beatles invasion in the early 60's.  A Cyclops II vehicle was seen by hundreds of local citizens being transported to the Monterey area for automobile enthusiasts this week.  It was unusual to see such a famous vehicle up close and to be able to inspect the amazing technology in person.

On Wednesday at the Pacific Grove Car Show the Cyclops II was viewed by hundreds of spectators curious for details of the storied car.  The Cyclops was on display for only five hours but the excitement slowly increased during the pleasant afternoon.  Many asked questions of top speed, horse power, handleing, history... and more.  The young seemed most affected by the stunning design of the Cyclops II.  This pleasant feeling was also noticeable in some, even more were charmed and others seemed to glow.  Many souls struggled to get closer or even touch the machine.  Much satisfaction was displayed by those who were able to sit in and be photographed in the Cyclops.  Even at rest, the powerful design of the Cyclops II dominated the various automobiles that were present nearby and the approval of the audience was unmistakable.

The representatives of Cyclops West, Jim Ducoing and his brother Richard, fielded questions and related the history of the Cyclops to the engaged throng.  Many details of Stan Mott's Cyclops were verified by none other than Bruce Meyers, the creator of Meyers Manx dune buggies.  In addition to Mr. Meyers, several former Road & Track scribes or employees stopped by to contribute nuggets of information related to the Cyclops and the team of Stan Mott and Robert Cumberford in the early days.  A fellow of European birth added a story to the mix as he lived nearby the Road & Track offices.  He would review the lines of text in French for diction errors that might pass an editors review.  Another fellow worked at an auto repair shop nearby and would routinely tests drive repaired cars several blocks and then drive through the parking lot in front of R&T as a lark.  He also reported that one day the entire staff of R&T magazine drove their vehicles through the repair shop lot for good measure!

The Little Car Show was moved to a new location in Pacific Grove this year and the surrounding businesses contributed plaques to award their favorite car.  The Cyclops II won as "most representative of a car from Mad Magazine"!  Gee, I always thought it was Road & Track Magazine?!... but clearly this is a Major Award (see Ralphie's Dad... A Christmas Story, by Jean Shepard).

This concludes my humble report, but I expect a mention in the next Carmel Pine Cone as I was interviewed during the day's activities.  Richard Ducoing also received business cards for future shows and verbal interest for related events that would be enhanced by the Cyclops.  The primary event sponsor Marina Motor sports plans to put the Cyclops II on the cover of their next quarterly publication.  I suspect this may draw interest here in the west coast for other auto related shows as well.  A short video interview of my brother Richard by local media was recorded and may also appear.

My brother's valuable help at the show this week and his gift of blarney in the face of potential customers led me to tentatively award him the rank of sales manager in Northern California for Cyclops West.  This status is conditional on his ability to secure his delightful wife Lori, to be the Closer for the sales department.  The market segment of the Monterey area is clearly crying out for the quality and performance of the Cyclops automobile based on the interest displayed at the Little Car Show.  Thus, my brother will follow up with local city leaders and soon submit the paperwork for a Cyclops dealership to serve this need.  Pictures of the event and copies of the Carmel Pine Cone have been promised to me.  I will forward ASAP.

The Cyclops II was a massive success... the smiles were as wide as the Monterey Bay.  Many in attendance reported wonderful memories of the Cyclops stories in younger times.  Thank you Stan.

Thus endeth the News Flash; thank you, Jim.  Now, to the pix:

DucoingCyclops28 DucoingCyclops29

DucoingCyclops30 DucoingCyclops31
[click on thumbnailed pictures for VERY much larger images]
(courtesy of and © 2015 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)


DucoingCyclops32 DucoingCyclops33

DucoingCyclops34 DucoingCyclops35
(courtesy of and © 2015 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)


[click on thumbnailed picture for VERY much larger image]
(courtesy of and © 2015 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

And, last but not least, a shot taken at Laguna Seca:

[click on thumbnailed picture for VERY much larger image]
(courtesy of and © 2016 J. Ducoing - all rights reserved)

I'll tell you one thing, the modern generation is just getting too blasé.  I'd sure as shootin' be looking the other way!  I've got MY priorities straight!

[Any more from Jim will go on the next page.]


Ken Robins's Tuxedo Cyclops

How totally embarassing; I blew it again!  After featuring Jim Ducoing's car above, I found "lost" e-mail messages from Stan and Ken Robins, dating back to early March of LAST year (2013!), concerning another operating "full"-sized Cyclops II auto.  But THIS one is a wee bit special in a very different way.  Based on Stan's famous cartoon from "Cyclops Review" in the June 1982 R&T:   new (20 Dec 2014)

(courtesy of and © 1962/2014 S. Mott - all rights reserved)
[see Cartoons on Cyclops Page 1 and scroll down, please.]

Ken built his own Tuxedo Cyclops car:

RobinsTuxFront  RobinsTuxBack
(courtesy of and © 2013 K. Robins - all rights reserved)
[Background touched out magnificently by S. Mott; my retouching to dodge out background
was rather crude and so Stan did it far better hisownself!]   rev (22 Dec 2014)

My apologies, Ken; you deserved better of me!

Some of us Cyclops aficionados have been considering the possibility of starting up a Cyclops Club to formalize our interest in, and loyalty to, Automobili Cyclops.  A certain illustrious automotive artist, illustrator, limner, and cartoonist responded almost-instantly: "There seems to have been some confusion about a Cyclops Club.  Well, to make matters crystal clear, here is the definitive Cyclops Club.  Yes, with the headlight it can be used at night.  It might therefore be called a -- hang on!-- Night Club!  (Cococabana. Barry Manilow.  I could easily use the club on him.)  But I digress. The Cyclops Club."  Accompanying the note was this gem, to which I was unable to resist a slight modification:   new (14 Apr 2015)

CyclopsClub  CyclopsClub2
(courtesy of and © 2015 S. Mott and SB,III - all rights reserved)

Seriously, in case you'd like to be in on the birth of such an organization, let us know.

INCREDIBLE NEWS!  The long-lost and long-sought prototype of the Chinese-built Kamm-back Cyclops SB-1 Trike has been found [and in Mongolia, or Tibet, or Bejing (depending on whose story you buy), no less]! (07 Jul 2015)   new (07 Jul 2015)

William Jeanes started this all off by submitting this photo to Bill Warner, Founder and Chairman of the The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Foundation, stating:  "And you thought the Cyclops was fictional.  Herewith an early prototype Cyclops SB-1 (the 'lost' shooting brake) on the streets of Beijing)":

W. Jeanes photo - all rights reserved.

Warner sent that along to Charles Dressing, also of the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, who proposed "a new Amelia Concours award: the Most Valuable Player Award?  Hands down winner of the inaugural AICd'E MVP Award must be William Jeanes for his tireless research that led to the discovery of the rare Kamm-back Cyclops three wheeler in Mongolia."  I most heartily concur!  It was Dressing who forwarded the photo and background to Stan Mott, who, in turn advised Cyclop’s Robert Cumbeford and me.

This very day, 07 Jul 2015, Stan Mott, as Minister of Propaganda, Automobili Cyclops Spa, responded:

"We here in the Automobili Cyclops SpA propaganda department were delighted to learn that you noticed one of our Kamm-back versions of an early prototype Cyclops SB-1 in Beijing.  They have been produced in the tens of millions here in China following Cyclops' sensational win of the "Great Wall of China Grand Prix" (Road & Track, July 1972).  But they are so common now hardly anyone notices them at all.

Your excellent photo portrays our luxury Cyclops SB-1, the one with a door.  Its forward position allows passengers clamber over the driver to get in or out.  However, if there is a sudden unexpected interaction with other vehicles, or larger stationary object, the driver can be the first one out.  Safety first.

We wish to thank you for reminding the Chinese people, and the world at large, just how lucky we are to benefit from such a marvelous, albeit modestly invisible, Cyclops.

With your permission, we would like to put your photo online to do our part in initiating an uncontrolable worldwide stampede by more millions to buy this fine Cyclops."

Why wait - let’s start the stampede right now!  However, I should warn all concerned that the Berlinerwerke has jumped the gun and acquired the SB-1, restored it with the proper Lucas P-100 headlamp, and posed it for a new photo in the exact spot where Jeanes found it, the SB-III:

Berlinerwerke Art Dept. photo - all rights reserved.

We can but hope that le Maître will approve.

Incidentall;y, although it appears as Cartoon #10 on the main Cyclops page, here for your edification is the "Great Wall Grand Prix" cartoon again:

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger/sharper image]
(image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)

S. Mott caption:  10.  Our hero machine has a go with the Mao GP car in "Cyclops & The Great Wall of China Grand Prix".  The result opens up a vast new market for Cyclops products on the Chinese mainland.  July 1972 R&T.

How incredibly far-sighted for 1972!

- - - * - - -

Speaking of Cyc Trikes, how about this Cyclops Trike railcarDan Sawatzky, father-in-law of Jim Wells of Fantasonics fame, linked on all my Berlinerwreke Apocrypha pages, and grandfather of lucky Phoebe, built a fabulous 15" ride-in garden railway for her to enjoy, including this incredible side-carred Cyclops critter:   new (22 Jul 2015)

(Fantasonics photo courtesy of J. Wells and altered just a wee bit on 22 Jul 2015 by S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Funny that neither Jim nor Dan recall any such masheen!

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