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Stan Mott Page 6


On S. Berliner, III's original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to this page, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.

On the main Cyclops page (heavily revised 31 Oct 2007 and again 14 Nov 2007):
    Stan Mott in original Cyclops, at R&T ca. May 1957.
    Stan Mott's Original Artwork.
    Stan Mott, Artist.
        The Cartoons.
        Cyclops' Night Out.
        [The Official Plans of a Cyclops II (orthographic views)].
        Martini's Teeth.

On Cyclops Page 1 - Classic Cyclops: (06 Mar 2012)
  mirror of original Cyclops page (which is how Stan came to call) - background to these sbiii.com pages, unindexed except for:
    SuperCyclops (350BHP diesel).
    Cyclops at the Glen in 1978.
    Two Versions of Cyclops Side Window Rears.
    Three Generations of a Cyclops Family!  (06 Mar 2012)

On Cyclops page 2 - Classic Cyclops:
    Cyclops Railcars (November 1985).
    Cyclops Competition Container Caravans - the World's first All-Purpose Adjustable Vehicle (APAV) (November 1990).
    Cyclops Pony Express (March 1992).
    Cyclops Safety Car (circa 1993).
    Cyclops Simplice (October 2007).

On Cyclops page 3:
    Cyclops Cutout (Jan 2009, afer ca. 1957).
    Cyclops Segway for Xmas 2009.
    Glen and Matt Thomas's Cyclops
    CYCLOPS TATTOO! (29 Feb 2012)
    CYCLEOPS. (22 Aug 2012)
    New Cyclops Material (unindexed). (02 Aug 2013)

On Cyclops page 4- Even More Cyclops:
    Jim Ducoing's Cyclops II (04 Dec 2014).

On Stan Mott page 1:
    Les 24 Heures de Choo-Choo" [the 24 Hours of Choo-Choo (as in Le Mans).
    The History of Tanks {Racing Tanks, that is}.
    A Tribute to Genius - Soviet Aircraft Designer Igor Sokerov.
    Very Expensive Thrills. - {to follow}
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (moved to Stan Mott page 2 on 30 Jul 2008).

On Stan Mott page 2:
    Single Cartoons and Illustrations (July 2008).
    Gokart Drawings and Photos.
    Recent Photos of Stan Mott.
    The GM-Segway

On Stan Mott page 3:
    More Mott Cartoons and Illustrations.
    King Kong Cub.
    Dreamlined Mack Bus.

On Stan Mott page 4: (22 Aug 2012)
    Mott's Spots, ca. 1965-1977.
"Chicken Road Accident" circa 1974.
"Three Wheelin'", May 1975.
"Bug Crash", Mar 1972.
"The Greatest Sport", Sep 1973.
"Grand Prix Gal", Oct 1974.

    Stan Mott's Sketch Book (06 Nov 2012)
        [* - Sketches named by SB,III (for reference only).]

Cat and Baby
The Automotive Journalist

    Six More for Stan Mott's Sketch Book (26 Nov 2012)
"Can of Beans" 1957.
"Combat Steam Engine" 1973.
"Threesome" or "Menage a Trois" 1971.
"Bugatti World" 1983.
"Hands & Feet" 2011.
"Psychedelic Diogenes Babe" 1973.
    Ten More for the Sketch Book (28 Nov 2012)
"Rockin' Head" 2003.
"Jim-Jam Retro Sports Car" 2003.
"Jim-Jam MK-II Retro Sports Car" 2003.
"Gladiator & Grand Prix Dragon" 1996.
"Pardner, howdy!" 1989 {with SB,III ripoff}.
"Shecks! Dad burn!" 1989.
"Sir! Sir! The ship's loaded!" 1979.
"Off camber" 1995.
"Truckin' On Down That Ol' Limbo Road" 2010.
"Toyota Avalon Introduction Drawings For Automobile Magazine" 1994.

On Stan Mott page 5: (04 Dec 2012)
    Twelve More for the Sketch Book
"World's First Sport Ute" 1946.
"Four Cartoons".
    "Sophisticated Lady Puffs A New Way", 1994.
    "Egyptian Rug Dealer Car", 1982
    "Miffed MG-TC", 1977.
    "Mountain Climbing Beetle", 1968.
"Warm Up Drawings For Cyclops Pony Express Article" 1991.
"Retro Bugatti Indulgence" 1970.
"Spacy Sports Cars" 1987.
"Does Sex Have Anything To Do With Cars?" 2008.
"Icelandic Formula Offroad Machine" 1997.
"Sausage Sliced V-1, V-7, V-803, etc. Engine Production Line" 2009.
"Rolling On The River" 1971.
"Rolling On The River" 1971.
    1931 Chrysler Imperial 8 CG Close-Coupled Sedan (22 Dec 2012)
    Merry Xmas 2012. (22 Dec 2012)
    Yaghting {yes - yaGhting!} 2007/8. (20 Mar 2013)
    Pencil (Tree) Saver ca. 2001. (20 Apr 2013)
    Get Well Wishes ca.-1960/2013. (21 Apr 2013)
    New Stan Mott Images (unindexed).
    Racing Steam Locomotives   added.gif (24 Apr 2014)

On this Stan Mott continuation page 6:   new.gif (22 Aug 2012)
    FLARED '50s FENDERS(30 Dec 2014).
    Bird and the Boyz... (26 Mar 2015).
    Lloyd-Wagen Poster.   new.gif (08 Jan 2020)

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger/sharper image;
for the full ~1.3Mb art click here]

(image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)


Yes, welcome to The Official Automobili Cyclops SpA Website, as demonstrated by Trebor Crunchog careening a Cyclops grand prix car through the Monte Carlo Casino (above - see the main Cyclops page for the full explanation of what that was all about).

BOOK!  Stan Mott has published a fabulous graphic paperback novel, "ABSOLUTE ALLIANCE"   new.gif (13 Nov 2014)

Single Cartoons and Illustrations - continued

Still More of Stan Mott's non-Cyclopean work -

FLARED '50s FENDERS - on the previous page, I had written, "Clearly, Stan's hand has never lost its skill!"  I wonder how many fans out ther realize just what skill he has maintained all these years.  On 29 Dec 2014, at the tail end of personal e-correspondence, Stan appended a drawing that meant precious litle to me at first glance, until I read his casual comment:   new.gif (30 Dec 2014)

" - - - it's my 1955 sketch that inspired Harley Earl to put wings on the backend of the 1958 Chevrolet."

Casual as all get out, eh?  Here's that sketch:

(1955 image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)

When I asked if 't'were true, could I quote him, Stan fired back. "Oh, you can definitely quote me on the '58 Chev backend design.  It happened in 1955, GM Styling, Herb Cadeau's Body Studio 2.  I was fed up with no progress on the '58 A-body program (Chevrolet and Pontiac).  So was everyone else, including Earl.  So I plastered walls and fullsize body boards with a design sketch every 30 minutes.  Earl caught this one, ripped it off a board and strode into Chuck Stebbins' Body Studio 1, next door.  He put the design directly on a fullsize clay model.  I was later called in.  Earl was sprawled in a Bertoia chair.  'What do you think of your design now, Stan?'  I retorted a snappy 'Geez, Mr Earl..'."

"A few days later I drew up a rear quarter side treatment for a Pontiac.  It was a big, chrome, spear rocket-like thingy with stars shooting {out} the back (instead of hot exhaust, get it?  NUDGE!).  Earl bought it too.  I could do no wrong, until a year later when Cambell Ewald ad man Barney Clark, Robert Cumberford and I proposed to Earl a long hooded, 4-passenger sporty car.  Such arrogance!  Earl hated it enough to can Robert and me.  A very similar long hooded 4-passenger sporty car design showed up in '63 as the Ford 'Pony Class' Mustang."

"Quote as you will.  It happened."

"Stan 'Flair-Fender Rocket-Man' Mott" [that flare had a flair! - SBIII]

O. K.  So I did!  If you love flared '50s fenders, get on your knees in praise and thanksgiving!  If you hated them (as I did, and still do), be in awe.


Thanks, Stan, for sharing this moment of creation with us ordinary mortals!

Bird and the Boyz... - on 26 Mar 2015, Stan sent along this 1955 oldie entitled "Bird and the Boyz...":   new (26 Mar 2015) and rev (11 Jul 2015)

(1955 image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)

This is "Bird", "that slow-flying but hung homebuilt by Sam & Medlo, those free wheeling fly boys in the delivery business -- out to do well by doing good.  It was proposed as a two-page monthly feature to Air Progress magazine in the '70s.  Never published.  Still wondering why...?" [Direct quotation from Stan Mott in quotation marks.]   new (27/28 Mar 2015)

"And here is Sam & Medlo and their pet orangoutang Herb.  Also a view of Bird's cargo door.  If this one is a bit too far over the edge - - - " [End of second direct quotation from Stan Mott.]:

(1955 image courtesy of and © S. Mott - all rights reserved)

That damned Soviet-era censor (see Soviet Aircraft Designer Igor Sokerov) somehow got into this act; to see the uncensored image in full, you must click here (if you are squeamish, remember, you have been warned!).   new (27 Mar 2015)

Lloyd-Wagen Poster - Stan treasures a large poster about the 1910-era Lloyd-Wagen; he has "an enlarged version in my studio and can never really see it enough".

After Wikipedia: Norddeutsche Automobil und Motoren GmbH (North German Automobile and Engines) was a German automobile manufacturer, created in 1908 and owned by the Norddeutscher Lloyd shipping company.  The factory was in Bremen.  Many of the products of the company and its successors were badged with the Lloyd marque:   new.gif (08 Jan 2020)


The first cars (1908-29) were licence-built Kriéger electric vehicles.  Petrol-engined models followed in 1908 but few were made.  In 1914, the company merged with Hansa to become Hansa-Lloyd Werke AG.  Most of the cars made by the new company were sold as Hansa with the Hansa-Lloyd name attached to commercial vehicles only (two cars, the 4-litre Treff AS and the 8-cylinder 4.6-litre Trumpf AS were badged as Hansa-Lloyds).  The company was integrated in the Borgward group after the purchase of Hansa by Carl F. W. Borgward in 1929, and car production ceased until 1950, when the company became Lloyd Motoren Werke GmbH - still in Bremen.

The very first postwar cars (the Lloyd 300) were wood and fabric bodied; thin, rolled steel gradually replaced the original fabric shell between 1953 and 1954 (Lloyd 400), however wood framing was still used within the doors and elsewhere.

The parent company failed in 1961 but cars were still made up to 1963; an Australian Lloyd 600 was assembled in Australia by a company formed as joint venture between Carl Borgward and Laurence Hartnett, introduced in Dec 1957 as the Lloyd-Hartnett and a total of 3000 cars were built before production ceased in 1962.

The poster, then:

[click on thumbnailed picture for larger image]
(image courtesy of S. Mott, 2020 - all rights reserved)

[The German Lloyd marque had no connection with the 1936-1951 British Lloyd Cars Ltd. company,
nor with the unrelated Carden-Lloyd Tractor firm (designers of very early military tracked vehicles built by Vickers).]

Stan stated: "It is one of the most glorious automotive posters ever made!  The art, the feel, the atmosphere, the motion, the arrogant confident gaze of the car's headlights, the right front wheel almost airborne, the driver's goggles shinning white, his scarf flying appropriately, the passenger's scarf keeping it company, it's all there, a masterpiece of automotive art...done during that glorious era of poster art, this one probably in the 1920s."

  [See also the Bosch Zündung (Ignition) poster, Singles image 19, on Stan Mott page 2.]

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