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[I'd also like to thank Will for his long friendship and his many beautiful cars, which have given me,
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[These Full Throttle pages were heavily reorganized on 30 Jan 2006 and again on 12 Jun 2008, featuring new releases and background information on the home (main) page and putting older material on the products page.  As the product line has grown, it has outstripped this format and so these archival pages were added, listing all the older models offered and providing links to the photos and descriptions of newer ones.  Because of the extent of the offerings (and the site pages), the master index was moved to this page; only the archived offerings were to appear on the archive pages.  Because these pages are now inactive, they will NOT normally be updated or cross-checked further.]   rev.gif (18 Apr 2013)

This Main Archive Page -
All-Time Archive Index).
WHAT'S OLD? (What Sold!)
  2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002
Archive Page 01 - 2007.
Archive Page 02 - Jan-Feb-Mar 2008.
Archive Page 03 - Apr-May-Jun 2008.

On this main Full Throttle Archives page:
  issued on 21 Jan and 18 Feb 06.

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  Peabody Coal Company Hopper Cars of 19 Oct 2005.
    (in the Regional Hopper series) of 15 Sep 2005.

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FULL THROTTLE ALL-TIME INDEX Most (2002-2008) releases have been of three main body styles:
  33' 2-Bay Hopper Cars
    Ribbed Side, and
    Offset Side
  45' 3-Bay Hopper Cars (90/100 ton)
  51' early ACF Center-Flow Cylindrical Covered Hopper Cars

[This index is presented in two ways:
    by WTW number (in numerical order), and
    by date of issue (chronologically, in inverse order)

Archive Page 03 - Apr-May-Jun 2008.

Southern Pacific 33' Open Rib-Side 2-Bay Hopper Car WDW #2017 (11 Jun 08).

PEABODY 33' Open Rib-Side 2-Bay Hopper Car WDW #2013 (11 May 08)
CONRAIL 51" Covered ACF Cylindrical Centerflow Hopper #1024 (11 Apr 08)
CONRAIL 33' Open Offset-Side 2-Bay Hopper #3009 (11 Apr 08)

Archive Page 02 - Jan-Feb-Mar 2008.

CMSP&P 33' Open Offset-Side 2-Bay Hopper WDW #3011 (16 Mar 08).

Erie 33' Open Rib-Side 2-Bay Hopper WDW #2015 (16 Mar 08).

French's Mustard Cylindrical Hopper WDW #1025 (11 Feb 08).
CoG 33' Offset-Side 2-Bay Hopper WDW #3008 (31 Jan 08).
CN 33' Rib-Side Open 2-Bay Hopper WDW #2016 (31 Jan 08).
Canadian Pacific (Script) 33' Open Offset-Side 2-Bay Hopper WDW #3006 (08 Jan 08).
Lehigh Valley 33' Open Rib-Side 2-Bay Hopper WDW #2014 LV (08 Jan 08).

Archive Page 01 - 2007.

Will introduced 33' Offset-Side and Rib-Side Two-Bay Hoppers in 2007.

CB&Q 33' Open Rib-Side Hoppers and
Penn Central Cylindrical Hoppers (22 Dec 07).
Chessie System B&O Open Offset-Side Two-Bay Hoppers (09 Dec 07).
Pillsbury Baking Co. Cylindrical Hopper (20 Nov 07).
UP 33' Two-Bay Rib-Side Hoppers (10 Oct 07).
GB&W 33' Open Offset-Side Two-Bay Hoppers (29 Sep 07).
WM 33' Two-Bay Rib-Side Hoppers (08 Sep 07).
CN Covered Cylindrical Hoppers (01 Sep 07).
B&O 33' Two-Bay Rib-Side Hoppers (19 Aug 07).
#3003 L&NE and #3004 AT&SF 33' Open Offset-Side Two-Bay Hopper (early August 07)
33' Two-Bay Hoppers (09 Nov 06 - 02 Jan 07).


  Covered Hoppers issued on 21 Jan and 18 Feb 06.

Covered Hoppers (21 Jan/18 Feb 06).


  Peabody Coal Company Hopper Cars of 19 Oct 2005.
    (in the Regional Hopper series) of 15 Sep 2005.

Peabody Coal Company Hopper Cars (19 Oct 2005).


An "Appalachian Drags" series, the first in a series of regional hopper sets, introduced in late 2004, followed with this Western Maryland 3-bay hopper decorated for MoW service (grey paint), and the third (second in the "Appalachian Drags" set) and fourth such cars were these L&N and Peabody hoppers:

WM 3-bay 100t Hopper L&N 3-bay Hopper Peabody
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)
[click on the thumbnails for larger images]


The series of 100-ton 3-bay hopper cars, manufactured exclusively for Full Throttle, first issued in 2003, starting with this AT&SF "Stealth" hopper:

AT&SF 3-bay 100t Hopper
(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

2002 {details to follow}

CHRONOLOGICAL INDEX of FT Releases (by date of issue, in inverse order)

    [The assistance of Anthony of the Zscale Monster Trains site is gratefully acknowledged for dating the earliest releases.]

2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002



2006 33' Two-Bay Hoppers (09 Nov 06 - 02 Jan 07)
Covered Hoppers (21 Jan/18 Feb 06).

2005 Peabody Coal Company Hopper Cars (19 Oct 2005)

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    Histories of the railroads represented by Full Throttle products can be found on Wikipedia at U.S. (current), U. S. (defunct), and Canada.


Full Throttle Logo

e-mail:  dewaa128@aol.com.

Z-scale aficionado William Dean Wright, d.b.a. "Full Throttle",
specializes in American prototype Z equipment.

Will has a large and constantly changing stock of in- and out-of-production
American prototype Märklin, PennZee, and Freudenreich
items, as available, plus products uniquely available only from, or produced solely for, Full Throttle.

Will can also assemble small regional USA train consists for you,
cleans and services locomotives he sells, and offers five-pole motor
retrofits for older Marklin American diesel locomotives.


(What Sold!)

Generally, the intent here was to move all product releases that have appeared on this site to these archive pages as they become dated, with this page having the oldest listings (2002-2006) and newer ones appearing on Full Throttle Archives pages 01, 02, 03, etc. 2006 And here's your Xmas/Chanukah {2006} present!  The Chicago and Eastern Illinois (AAR reporting mark CEI) was a Class I railroad that linked Chicago to southern Illinois, St. Louis, and Evansville, IN.  Founded in 1877, it grew aggressively and stayed relatively strong throughout the Great Depression and two World Wars before being purchased by both the Missouri Pacific Railroad (MP or MoPac) and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (L&N).  MoPac absorbed the C&EI corporate entity in 1976.

The models were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted a nifty rusty brown color inside and out with a slight sheen, and they come with custom Hay Bros. Garage loads in them.  They sport MT Bettendorf trucks with knuckle couplers and the printing is immaculate, tiny, and crisp:

(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)
#2003 C&EI 33' Two-Bay Hopper

These cars come in 6-packs, in three sets of road numbers,

    set 1 - 97260 and 97273,
    set 2 - 97263 and 97278, and
    set 3 - 97266 and 97280:

(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

This should make the Chitown Z Scale Modelers very happy, and indeed this Rail Line covers a good portion of the Northern-Midwest USA, supplying coal to both private and industrial businesses.  Please note that this run of cars is somewhat limited.

Here's your Thanksgiving {2006} present!  Uncle Will went back to the cylindrical hopper body style, the third in a series of oil/plastic company liveries, to bring you this gorgeous steel Gulf Corp. car, FT #1015:

(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)
#1015 Gulf Corp. Cylindrical Hopper

These cars come two to a box, in three sets of road numbers,

    set 1 - 31900 and 31923,
    set 2 - 31902 and 31926, and
    set 3 - 31908 and 31928:

(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

For Nov 06, Uncle Will presents new rolling stock, a new body style, the Full Throttle 33' two-bay hopper car!  Will worked very hard to bring this about and Bill Hay of Hay Bros. Garage has worked diligently to make this a really nifty new adjunct to the Z Scale hobby by offering many different styles of loads for the cars.  Most of these first two liveries have been distributed to dealers carrying Full Throttle products but he has a few sets left here and can offer them while they last.  If you should miss out, don't despair, as there will be plenty more to come (also the dealers may connect with you).

Some of the most common cars to ride American railroad tracks during the 20th century, the small, steel paneled, rib-side, two-bay hoppers, were instrumental to the growth of our nation.  During the Industrial Age of the USA, coal was "King" and our appetite for "black diamonds" was sated by these pert little dumpsters.  An improvement over "drop-bottom" gondolas, the true self-disposing, gravity-release hopper car became reality during the early 1900's, and fed the fires of our burgeoning economy until well after mid-century.  While no longer used for large commercial hauling, these mighty mites are all pervasive, found on every short-line, anywhere there are rails, still lugging coal, gravel, ore, sand, glass, and a variety of bulk materials.  An invaluable "workhorse" even for our contemporary railroads.  For your Z Scale enjoyment, "Full Throttle" presents a universal model of these small omnipresent twin-bay hoppers, complete with custom coal loads by "Hay Bros. Garage":

#2001 Black Pennsy 33' Two-Bay Hopper

#2002 ATSF 33' Two-Bay Hopper
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

These 33' two-bay hopper cars will fit the bill covering the 1920-1980 period of rail history and beyond, as many of these small cars are still found in use on our railways today.  They will be perfect for Steam, Steam to Diesel, and early Diesel modeling and will work out swell with the new GP-7s and 9s about to be released!  The models were manufactured with great details by Bowser Mfg., painted inside and out with a slight sheen, and there are custom Hay Bros. Garage loads in them.  They sport MT Bettendorf trucks with knuckle couplers and the printing is immaculate, tiny, and clean.

As usual, six-packs are offered for better pricing, such as:

(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Sep 06 brings us Full Throttle's #1012, Saskatchewan Potash Corp. Z-scale covered hopper in a two-pack with three sets of road numbers (24 Sep 06):


(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Potash (or carbonate of potash) is an impure form of potassium carbonate (K2CO3) mixed with other potassium salts; potash has been used since antiquity in the manufacture of glass and soap and as a fertilizer.  The name comes from the English words pot and ash, referring to its discovery in the water-soluble fraction of wood ash.  PotashCorp is the world's largest fertilizer enterprise, by capacity, producing the three primary plant nutrients (potash, phosphate, and nitrogen).  They are the world’s largest potash company, with 22 percent of the world’s overall capacity and 75 percent of the world’s unused capacity.  They complement this strength with operations that make them the world’s third-largest phosphate producer and fourth-largest nitrogen producer.  Their products are used by fertilizer, feed, and industrial customers on six continents and they have corporate offices in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Northbrook, Illinois.  They also have production facilities in five countries. In total, they employ approximately 5,000 people. PotashCorp is a publicly traded Canadian corporation with all shares listed and traded on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges (symbol POT).

It is a new car, representing a steel car painted salmon red with the original white PCS logo.

    set 1 - - reporting numbers: 1502 and 1506.
    set 2 - - reporting numbers: 1503 and 1508.
    set 3 - - reporting numbers: 1509 and 1523.

For Aug 06, Will announced a new Z Scale cylindrical covered hopper in black, the United Carbon Company car (1011) for carbon black (31 Jul 06):

(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

In Jun 06, Will brought out new Z Scale cylindrical covered hoppers, an aluminum UP unit (1016) and another yellow Chessie System unit (1017), but this time the latter carries C&O reporting marks instead of B&O, plus a GN unit (1013) (31 Jul 06):

covhopperUPal      covhopperChSysC&O

(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Will has released a few more cylindrical covered hoppers since Jan 06, namely the BN (1002A), ATSF (1007) and CPR (1018) reissues in April, and the PRR (1006) and SP (1009) reissues in May, all with new road numbers (31 Jul/01Aug 06):

covhopperBN2      covhopperSF2

covhopperCP2      covhopPR2

(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Will's latest, as of 20 Jan 2006, was an extensive series of Covered Hoppers {21 Jan/18 Feb 06, specifically} in Z!  Quoting him directly: "We need some new cars to start filling in the late 20th Century time period.  Well, here we go.  A super mid-sized, 51', harbinger of railcars to come, that will look great with the motive power from the 1960's and beyond."

"The Early ACF Center-Flow Cylindrical Covered Hopper!"

(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

"After WWII, US Railroads were increasingly called upon to haul new and unique 'modern' products over long distances.  In response, American Car and Foundry (ACF) designed a tank-type covered hopper car.  The cylindrical shape allowed a better weight/volume ratio than a 'rectangular' car, plus the elimination of interior ledges, combined with hatches and outlets placed along a center-line, led to ACF's trademark 'Center Flow' hoppers!  Through the 1960's the 'cylindricals' became omnipresent on our Nation’s RR tracks, with many styles of hatches and outlets devised according to needs.  Because the cars were compartmented, various loads could be carried in a single unit and some construction with aluminum reduced weight further.  Here was a 'Freight Car for the Future', ready to transport sugar, cement, sand, salt, fertilizers, many types of grains, coke, starch, feeds, chemicals and plastics!"

covhopperUP      covhopperPRR

covhopperBN      covhopperAT&SF

covhopperNYC      covhopperCPRail

covhopperChessieSyst      covhopperSoPac

covhopperArcoPolymers      covhopperShell
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Above, you will find the first ten offerings!  The first five, on the left side, are on their way right now to Full Throttle, where they will be packaged and marketed!  They will be offered as 2-pks., but when the first round of 2-pks. is sold out, there is another 2-pk. ready to take their place, with an additional two different reporting numbers.  So, if you want a succession of a certain Road or Leaser, you may accumulate them.  If not, you needn't buy a slew of them.  In fact, certain of these will be packaged together in adjunct 2-pks.  As an example, there will be a 2-pk. available from Full Throttle, with the ARCO and Shell cars together.  Two oil/plastic Companies, and for those Z Folk wanting just one car of a colorful pair, this is the way to go!  They will have yet another different reporting number than the cars appearing in the regular 2-pks.  The idea being to keep you all happy!  Some people will want a string of a certain car with many reporting numbers, and in the first year, you will be able to accumulate 5 numbers, if you so wish.  But some people will just want one car and collect all different colorful liveries.  This will also be possible, without having to break up sets of cars!

Will has done all that is within his power to keep the costs down, which seems impossible with everyone raising their prices from the plastic, to foam, to couplers, paint, paper, ink, boxes, and production fees!  Whew!  Still, he's worked hard to make a railcar that is very inexpensive despite a multi-piece mold having to be made for their injection.  Details on price and availability will be coming to you, shortly!  Give Will a little time for the packaging!  And don't think that these ten Rail Lines are the end of it... NO, just the beginning!  Sometime after Tax Time, there will be yet another ten liveries to chose from.  Will will send the drawings or they will be shown in Ztrack Magazine, as they come on tap.  He is trying to represent all areas of the USA in these first 20 offerings, and Canada, and the private sector as well!  So, be patient, as likely your favorite Road will eventually appear!  And, at the very least, there will be regional representatives!

Here are the first five closer up (click on the thumbnails for larger images):

covhopperUP covhopperBN covhopperNYC covhopperChessieSyst covhopperArcoPolymers
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

WOW!  The response to the cylindricals has been so overwhelming, that the first two road numbers for UP, BN, and Chessie System are SOLD OUT!, and as promised, there are two different numbers to take their place.  Instead of Will sending out endless blurbs, he has decided to approach the situation thusly:  he will be listing these cylindricals on eBay and in his ZeBay Store.  You can go into the Z Scale "Other Manufacturers" section of eBay's Hobbies and Collectibles area, to view these listings.  When you spot one of Will's auctions, there will be links in the listing to his ZeBay Store.

Will sends a great big "Thank You" for all the support customers have shown for this major new project from "Full Throttle!"  Response to the first five liveries of cylindrical hoppers has been nothing short of railfantastic!  He has been overwhelmed, literally, and very encouraged!  To bring you up to date; the UP, BN, and Chessie System models are all but sold out.  This presents a problem as it had always been Will's intention to have every model released to be in stock and on hand so that, at any time, anyone could get these nifty cars in the livery that they wished!  But never fear!  Will has asked the folks at Bowser to drop everything and do a re-release of those three roads.  There will be slight differences and two of the cars will have a different WDW (FT)* stock number.  This was always intended, just not so immediately!  In the case of the Chessie System car, the new release will be for the C&O instead of the B&O and have appropriate different reporting numbers.  As for the UP, he is having Bowser make the aluminum model.  Thus, it will be silver instead of gray, and have a black catwalk on top.  Again, the appropriate numbers will be used.  The BN model will be the same, except for the color.  There is an aluminum model to be created, but Will wants to hold up on that one, and instead is using a very slightly different green color in the next run of BNs.  This will signify a different paint lot, or weathering or bleaching, or road grime, if you will!  He has experimented with this concept on FR cars and the effect is really neat, giving prototypical variation to consists without the hobbyists having to "weather" their cars.  This is "factory weathering", if you catch the drift!  The reporting numbers will be from the same series as the first run, but different, of course (06 Feb 06):

  * - In case it isn't obvious, "WDW (FT)" stands for William D. Wright (Full Throttle)".

At this moment everything at the shop is in gear to present the next five liveries of cylindricals.  They are outstanding.

Here's what they look like:

covhopperPA covhopperSF covhopperCP covhopperSPAl covhopperShell
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)
    PRR [stock# WDW (FT)1006] - light gray with black lettering/keystone
    ATSF [stock# WDW (FT)1007] - mineral brown with white lettering
    CP [stock# WDW (FT)1008] - black with red and white "Pacman" logo
    SP [stock# WDW (FT)1009] - aluminum with yellow lettering
    SHELL [stock# WDW (FT)1010] - yellow with white and red logo All cylindrical hoppers are now available in 2-packs @ $52.00.  Please consider these and decide what would be appropriate for your collection/roster.  Will suggests that, if you want more than one 2-pack of any individual railroad or lessor, order just one presently and, when this first run is sold out, there will be another 2-pack of that same livery, but with two different reporting numbers!  These models are listed at Full Throttle's ZeBay Store, where you can check on available reporting numbers.

{more to follow}



{15 Sep 2005}

Will is so happy to present this "Collector's Edition" regional hopper set to you!  It's the second in a series of such sets, brought to you by "Full Throttle," intended to expand the scope of these historic and most useful three-bay railroad hoppers.  Obvious in omission, there have been no Southern USA three-bay hoppers produced for Z Scale!  So finally, for your approval, here is this most wonderful starter array of regional hoppers named "SOUTHERN DRAGS!"

SoDragL&N SoDragSBD SoDragSRR SoDragNS
[click on the thumbnails for larger images]
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Common on American tracks, yet today, over 130,000 of the 90/100 ton, 45 foot, three-bay hoppers were built since their introduction in the 1960's.  Extremely popular haulers, many rail lines and rail car manufacturers produced them with Bethlehem Steel and ACF supplying prefabricated kits to myriad railroads.

SoDragFrtL&N SoDragFrtSBD SoDragFrtSRR SoDragFrtNS
[click on the thumbnails for larger images]
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Full historic details about this series are given on Will's ZeBay OnLine store.

Will:  I sure hope you will enjoy this second regional offering of triple-hoppers from Uncle Will's "Full Throttle!"  I certainly enjoyed putting it together!  There are many perqs in this production.  One is the custom paint jobs of the cars.  Bowser has painted the cars both inside and out!  The printing is crisp and colorful!  Bill Hay of Hay Bros. Garage has also designed the loads specifically for this Southern Set!  There are four different colored hoppers and four different loads representing some of the natural resources of the Southern USA. These loads are easily removable and exchangeable.  I am, naturally, appealing to the collectors among you, but these hoppers are from the original PennZee molds and are weighted and have the great detail and tracking to which you have grown accustomed.  The cars feature MT knuckle couplers for realism, quality and performance.  So, don't be afraid to run them!  As for those concerned about reporting numbers, this second regional set is released with the L&N hauling gravel and wearing #193200, an alternate number than the L&N appearing in the first regional hopper set, "Appalachian Drags."  The Seaboard hauling woodchips wears #341453.  The Southern hauling sand wears #360453 and the N&W hauling coal wears either #131243 or #131245.  There is method in the madness and in several weeks* there will be adjuncts offered at my ZeBay Store for the N&Ws, Seaboards and Southern 3-bays, with two different numbers appearing in each two-pack.  There were only 40 such supplements made for each of these three roads but that should be enough for those that would like more than one of these hoppers for their rosters.

Will had problems obtaining proper boxes; he found his own boxes.  The boxes can hold two cars and they are crystal clear and stackable!  Inside, the cars are cradled in foam liners and there is model information printed on the liner sleeve.

SoDragBoxes SoDragBoxes2
[click on the thumbnails for larger images]
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Ordering details are on the ZeBay OnLine store site.

Adjunct sets for the "Southern Drags" 4-packs were als0 produced.  These were "extra" cars for the Seaboard System, Southern Railway, and Norfolk Southern, in case you would like to expand your consists.  They are all two-packs and the SBDs and SRs have two different reporting numbers from those that appear in the "Southern Drags" Set.  The NS set carries one repeat number across from the cars in the "Southern Drags" Set.  Here's what they look like:

SoDrag2SBD SoDrag2SRR SoDrag2NS
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

SoDrag2SBDHoppers SoDragSRRHoppers SoDrag2NSHoppers
[click on the thumbnails for larger images]
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

The Seaboards carry a load of woodchips; The Southerns carry a coal load, and the Norfolk Southerns carry a load of gravel.

{19 Oct 2005}

The 90/100 ton, 45 foot, three-bay hoppers noted above are also used extensively by the Peabody Coal Company, founded in Chicago during the 1880's and now the largest such industry in the world!  Fueling more than 10% of all electricity in the USA and 3% of the world's, Peabody hopper cars are seen everywhere, providing services to more than 300 generating and industrial locations in 35 States and 16 Countries!  Uncle Will has issued a run of them (with Bowser's inestimable help) in a quad pack of road numbers 9631, 9632, 9637, and 9639, with Micro-Trains couplers and Hays Bros. Garage coal loads:


PeabodyCarZ PeabodyTrain

(click on the thumbnails for larger images)
[photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved]

Full Throttle Background.

You can find out more about "Uncle Will" on eBay at:


and see his product line at his ZeBay OnLine store.

[Will is as American as apple pie and an earlier Germanicization,
"Onkel Wille/Willi", just didn't fit - SB,III]

William Dean Wright

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