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Will Wright has a beautiful Full Throttle site of his own at
These pages might occasionally be edited and or updated as I (SB,III) may see fit
but please use the Full Throttle site to keep current on Will'Z wonderful workZ!

[I'd also like to thank Will for his long friendship and his many beautiful cars, which have given me,
and continue to give me, great pleasure on my Berlinerwerke-Z.]

[These Full Throttle pages were heavily reorganized on 30 Jan 2006 and again on 12 Jun 2008, featuring new releases and background information on the home (main) page and putting older material on the products page.  As the product line has grown, it has outstripped this format and so these archival pages were added, listing all the older models offered and providing links to the photos and descriptions of newer ones.  Because of the extent of the offerings (and the site pages), the master index was moved to this page; only the archived offerings were to appear on the archive pages.  Because these pages are now inactive, they will NOT normally be updated or cross-checked further.]   rev.gif (18 Apr 2013)


[This site was heavily reorganized on 30 Jan 2006 and again on 12 Jun 2008, featuring new releases and background information on the home (index) page and putting older material on this products page.]

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Full Throttle Logo


Z-scale aficionado William Dean Wright, d.b.a. "Full Throttle",
specializes in American prototype Z equipment.

Will has a large and constantly changing stock of in- and out-of-production
American prototype Märklin, PennZee, and Freudenreich
items, as available, plus products uniquely available only from, or produced solely for, Full Throttle.

Will can also assemble small regional USA train consists for you,
cleans and services locomotives he sells, and offers five-pole motor
retrofits for older Marklin American diesel locomotives.

You can find out more about "Uncle Will" on eBay at:

and see his product line at his ZeBay OnLine store.

Heeeeeere's Will:

Uncle Will - Nov 2007

Your Webmaster never realized until too late that "Uncle Will" (as he is joshingly called by Zed-heads - Z-scalers) was in this line of business and so only got this gorgeous old 1995 Märklin #8230 Central RR of New Jersey (CNJ) caboose too late to display with the first production oil-electric (diesel), 1924/25 CNJ #1000, and four hopper cars, all in Z (1:220) and from Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik, at the 27 Oct 2002 CNJ Railfest in the old CNJ terminal now in Liberty State Park (Jersey City,New Jersey):

Märklin 8230 CNJ Caboose
26 Nov 02 photo by and © 2002 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

Z-Scale model railroading, at an incredible 220 times smaller than lifesize, or slightly under two-and-a-half times the size of the familiar HO scale, with rails only 6.5mm (~¼") apart, was started in 1972 by Gebrüder Märklin (Maerklin Brothers) in Germany and spread rapidly to the United States and elsewhere.

In Z scale, a scale ¼-mile is exactly (and only) 6 feet; in other words, a scale mile comes out to only (and exactly) 24 feet!

Z narrow gauge is still in that same scale, but the rails are even closer together [3 meters (39.37") is only about 3/16"in Zm!] and the locos and cars are correspondingly smaller.


(and items in the Will Wright collection)

Dates of manufacture of out-of-production items shown;
"current" means an item was in production
when this page was last updated.


The American-prototype locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars,
and assorted accessories of Gebrüder Märklin.

Photo sbm1 (left):
    Märklin #8807, Southern R.R. Mikado with tender, 1986-1994
    L&N "Dixie Line" gondola, from Märklin #8139 set, 1992
    Märklin #8679, Southern R.R. caboose, 1987-1989

Märklin 1 Märklin 2

Photo sbm2 (right):    Märklin #8809, F7A diesel units heading Southern Pacific "Daylight" 1991
    Märklin #8784, SP "Daylight" Passenger Coach, 1991
    Märklin #8785, SP "Daylight" Dining Car, 1991
    Märklin #8787, SP "Daylight" Dome Lounge Car, 1991
    Märklin #8788, SP "Daylight" Baggage Car, 1991
    Märklin #8789, SP "Daylight" Chair Observation Car, 1991

Photo sbm3 (left):
    Chicago, Burlington and Quincy R.R. Mikado with tender,
    from Märklin #81466 set, 2000
    Märklin #8224, CB&Q gondola, with cast resin scrap load, 1995

Märklin 3 Märklin 4
(photos courtesy of W. D. Wright - all rights reserved)

Photo sbm4 (right):
    Märklin #8832, F7 diesel ABA units rewired for independent running,
    Union Pacific R.R., 1994
    UP gondola, from Märklin #8206 set, 1994
    Märklin #8641, UP boxcar, 1984-1988


The freight cars and "Quickits", color-printed and prepunched cardstock
building kits, of Bob Olson.

Photo sbpz1 (left):
    PennZee ATSF1004, Santa Fe 3-bay hopper, 1999
  [also in the picture:
    Märklin #88601, blue ATSF F7 diesel, 1999
    Märklin #82301, blue ATSF caboose, 1999]

PennZee 1 PennZee 2

Photo sbpz2 (right):
    PennZee 2003, Wilson & Co. steel reefer, 2001
    PennZee 2004, Armour steel reefer, 2001
    PennZee 2002, Swift steel reefer, 2001
  [also in the picture:
    Rogue Locomotive Works Southern Pacific GP-38, 1998
    Freudenreich customized Micro-Trains F7 from SP commuter set, 1998]

Photo sbpz3 (left):
    PennZee PRR1001, red Pennsy 3-bay hopper, 1999
    PennZee PRR1011, black Pennsy 3-bay hopper, 2001
  [also in the picture:
    Micro-Trains 14002-2, tuscan Pennsy F7 diesel (current)
    Micro-Trains 14009-2, brunswick Pennsy F7 diesel (current)]

PennZee 3 PennZee 4
(photos courtesy of W. D. Wright - all rights reserved)

Photo sbpz4 (right):
    PennZee CNW2005, Chicago and Northwestern steel reefer, 2002
    PennZee custom steam switcher (0-8-0); shells available (current)
    Freudenreich customized Micro-Trains F7 from C&NW commuter set, 1998


The American-prototype locomotives and freight cars of Harald Freudenreich's
Freudenreich Feinwerktechnik.

Photo sbfr1 (left):
    Freudenreich Lehigh Valley boxcab from LV set, 1999
    (Freudenreich boxcabs available in many railroad names - special order - current)

Freudenreich 1 Freudenreich 2

Photo sbfr2 (right):
    #ZF316a, TTX Gunderson Husky stack trailer, 2000
  [also in the picture:
    #ZF316d, BNSF Gunderson Husky stack trailer (current)
    Rogue Locomotive Works Conrail GP-38, 1998]

Photo sbfr3 (left):
    #ZF318a Canadian National 48' Johnstown Aeroflo unit gondola (special order)
  [also in the picture:
    Rogue Locomotive Works Burlington Northern GP-38, 1998]

Freudenreich 3 Freudenreich 4
(photos courtesy of W. D. Wright - all rights reserved)

Photo sbfr4 (right):
    #ZF314a3, Green Bay & Western 24' 1-bay pellet/MoW hopper
    (sets of 3 - special order)

Here is an FR ZF310k C&O 33' USRA 2-bay hopper:

FR ZF310k C&O 2-bay Hopper
(11 Sep 03 photo by and © 2003 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

This car was from a run specially decorated for Uncle Will.  Here's another from Aug 2004:

FR ZF310k C&O 2-bay Hopper
(22 Aug 04 photo by and © 2004 S. Berliner, III - all rights reserved)

These special 2005 runs from FR for Uncle Will and Ron Ruddell's London Bridge Collector's Toys, Ltd. were somehow omitted (Lehigh Valley fishbelly hopper ZF319g in two road numbers):   new.gif (31 Jul 06)

FR FB Hopper LV 012    FR FB Hopper LV 015
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Uncle Will und Harald's latest is a fortuitous result of a mistake; Will got trapped by a similarity between two different Pennsy two-bay hoppers and Harald was already in production when the error turned up.  What to do?  Well, happily, Will turned up this photo by Ken Roble of a Pennsy 31' Class GL MoW hopper at a train museum in Hamburg, New York:

PRR Cl GL 2-bay Hopper
(photo by K. Roble - all rights reserved)

These 31' 50/55-ton cars date back to 1889, the Pennsy's first self-unloading gondolas (now called hoppers - there were some 60,000 built), and some were converted for MoW service and painted "Camp Car Yellow" ca. mid-20th century.  Presto, changeo, and we have a jewel!  Harald has recreated them for Z-scalers and they are simply magnificent:

FR/FT PRR Cl GL 2-bay Hopper FR/FT PRR Cl GL 2-bay Hopper train
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)
[click on the thumbnails for larger images]

Loaded with gravel/ballast and beautifully packed in one of Harald's clear jewel cases, a pair, numbered 494738 and 494739, come in a limited series with full historical notes as FR item #ZF325e:

FR/FT PRR Cl GL 2-bay Hopper set
(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

FR/FT Special Editions

Harald and Will teamed up to produce a series called "FR/FT Special Editions"; here is a pictorial "history" of these cars, with their dates of introduction:

NLPX 2003 / CHESSIE C&O 2004 & 2006 (3 road no's) / BN 2004 / FORD 2004

WADDELL 2005 / PRR MoW 2005
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

Full Throttle's Own Products

These are cars manufactured exclusively for Full Throttle.

The series of 100-ton 3-bay hopper cars, first issued in 2003, started off with this AT&SF "Stealth" hopper:

AT&SF 3-bay 100t Hopper
(photo courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)

An "Appalachian Drags" series, the first in a series of regional hopper sets, introduced in late 2004, followed with this Western Maryland 3-bay hopper decorated for MoW service (grey paint), and the third (second in the "Appalachian Drags" set) and fourth such cars were these L&N and Peabody hoppers:

WM 3-bay 100t Hopper L&N 3-bay Hopper Peabody
(photos courtesy of Full Throttle - all rights reserved)
[click on the thumbnails for larger images]

Will introduced 33' Offset-Side and Rib-Side Two-Bay Hoppers in 2007.

The rest of Will's current offerings are all covered on the home page under What's New?  Older offerings are now listed on an Full Throttle Archives Page.

This page was continued from the Full Throttle Home Page.

[Will is as American as apple pie and an earlier Germanicization,
"Onkel Willi/Wille", just didn't fit - SB,III]

William Dean Wright

128 Burma Island Road
Leesburg, Florida  34788-2914
Tel.:  352-589-0303


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Happy RailZ To You!

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